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Wow! Did you visit Ann from Bunny Hill?

September 7th Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill Designs
How and the heck am I going to measure up to these Moda girls? My post isn’t until Sept 30th…but i better start working on it now!!!! I think you all are in for a great time visiting everyone everyday…
I am in Madison and the Quilt Expo opens tomorrow and I have a couple of new quilts in the booth…one is a 72″x 72″ all wool applique quilt…the other is a scrappy vintage quilt using 120 fabrics…so I have holes in my fingers from finishing them…my summer BOW is off to the quilter…but I have been thinking about quilting…..
hmmm…this past month I taught a “big-stitch” hand quilting class at the shop…it was a huge hit…I thought with all these wool and wool applique quilts we are making…We need to hand quilt them!…using perle cotton and big 1/4″ stitches…These quilts don’t need to have tons of quilting on them…so why not do them ourselves…after all, the beautiful wools and fabrics don’t need a lot of fancy quilting on them…The cost of these quilts is easier to handle knowing that they do not have to be sent off to the machine quilter…so take that into consideration when pondering the price of quilt…there doesn’t have to be a $200 quilting charge also…So, back to the class…what is the best way to learn how to do something…to do it of coarse…so…in class i brought one of my wool quilts that needed to be basted, which is very important part of hand quilting….my students(who all passed this class)…learned how to baste properly to ensure the three layers were sandwiched good before the quilting….The quilt is one of the BOM we did designed by Maggie Bonanomi’s– Settlers Pride…first we basted…then we stitched…then we discussed quilting on some of the projects they brought in….It was a fun night and I think they all learned a lot and are not afraid to quilt their quilts now…sorry about some of these photos…but for education’ purposes only….I am letting you see them…My 8 students did well and the teacher went home with a quilt she could load on the quilting frame…who is the smart one?

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  1. Mary T. Salmon Avatar

    Oh what a picture! Beyond that, I think big stitches on wool quilts are so endearing…the quilts are romantic and take me back to a simpler time. Believe me, your blog at the end of the month will be wonderful!
    Thanks for sharing this photo!

  2. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    Only 1 photo came across…were there more? Looks like you were all working hard and you were the smart one for getting your students to baste your quilt!

  3. Jacque McGowen Avatar
    Jacque McGowen

    How would you hand quilt Hop to It? I really would rather hand quilt it – then to send it out to a long arm quilter. I just wish I lived closer so I could attend one of your classes – I live in Northern Lower Michigan – across the lake. It isn’t a quick trip to get to Menasha.

  4. Karen Avatar

    I also saw only 1 photo. The quilt looks beautiful. What color Valdani pearl cotton did you use.?

  5. Sue Schultz Avatar
    Sue Schultz

    Hope you have a great turnout at the quilt show. I am looking forward to seeing your booth and new quilts at the Georgia quilt show next month. Will you have this summers block of the week back from the quilter? I recently signed up at a quilt store here in Atlanta to take a big stitch quilt class. I had been wanting to take it since I saw it on your schedule. I think it will be great for my wool appliqué quilts. The class isn’t until the end of October.

  6. Mary Markert Avatar
    Mary Markert

    And will you be teaching this class again, especially for us out of towners? Maybe on a weekend? I would love to learn the Big Stitch technique. Mary from Brookfield

  7. Pam lam Avatar
    Pam lam

    hoping you bring the finished quilt to Houston. Love to see your quilting on Settlers Pride.

  8. Cindy Avatar

    Hi Lisa,

    I would pay for an on line class to learn the big stitch. Is this something you could squeeze into your busy schedule?? I think distant shoppers would take advantage of this opportunity. Wish I lived closer to shop and sew with everyone.

    Good luck at the show!

    1. Pam lam Avatar
      Pam lam

      the idea of an online course is wonderful. Certainly not a ‘hands on’ class, but maybe it would be a way for those of us to far away to attend your class.

  9. Kathleen Avatar

    What do you use for the batting for your wool quilts? I have your wool applique on fabric BOW from summer before last waiting….I want to use flannel for the backing…but for the batting? I so want to do it myself…and winter is the perfect time for wool!

  10. Pam Avatar

    I hope you bring that quilt to Houston this year. And I agree–an on line class would be wonderful! Not as much hands on from the teacher that I might need, but it would be a motivator. I’d sign up!!

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