my jeter must have been stung by a bee…..raced to find some benadryl…luckily the neighbors had some…he ate with a little peanut buttter and in about an hour he look normal…i was really scared

This week has been a busy one…like them all only slightly different..I have been making flannel quilts with my new flannel line…I have finish 3- two are already at the machine quilter… one is still sitting on my table and I am going to try like heck to get a 4th done before the weekend is over…now keep in mind that these are simple quilts…and yes…these are “quilt in a day” type of quilts…maybe I could re-write a true quilt in a day book! Got to love Ms. Burns…she is a hoot…I have 12 women at the house this weekend most of them from CA, then one from WY and one from MI..they are a blast…they are experiencing WI to the fullest! Just finished making a Layer Salad for my son’s engagement/housewarming party today at 1pm then we have Nick’s 25th class reunion tonight…so that should be a fun time…or we will make it one…time to get on with the day but I thought i would give you a peek at a quilt…just because…it is my tribute to the Red/White quilt show in NYC…that I am still bitter about, that I knew nothing of it until it was way over!!!!!!!! So to ease my pain I used my flannels and made one of them…also a few other pics from the week…have a great day and make sure you stitch a little at least! LB

30+ boxes of moda flannel delivered to the shop this week!!!! yipppiee!!! now I can back these quilts I am making…
comfy flannel quilt…so easy to make…quilt in a day…no lie

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  1. Sharon Avatar

    When will the flannels be in stores?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      It is in the stores already…some got it before I did!

      1. Lisa Avatar

        I have purchased 1/2 yard of all the flannels, and have been looking for a pattern that would utilize all of them….do you have any suggestions.


      2. lisabongean Avatar

        Soon….I am working on them…this line was released earlier than originally planned…so I did not get my flannels until a week before they shipped to the store…back to stitching!
        Thanks for buying them all!!!!!!

  2. Sara Avatar

    No lie….flannel can’t be beat and that Star Quilt is simply cozy looking awesome! I have to go make one……

  3. Sandy Avatar

    I can’t wait to see the other flannel quilts – happen to be looking for one to do in a day. The red and white is really striking.

  4. Cindy Boehm Avatar
    Cindy Boehm

    Yep, that happened to Harvey too. We were at Point Beach and he got stung on the snout! The ranger told me to stop at the grocery store and get some Benedril and a sausage stick! Those dogs are just always sticking their nose where it doesn’t belong!


  5. Rosemary Redhead Avatar
    Rosemary Redhead

    Poor Jeter…glad he is on the mend!

    Two more sleeps and we will be at The Gathering for our week long retreat!! See you soon Lisa and team!

  6. Pattywacks Avatar

    I saw the new coverage for the Red/White quilt display too … after-the-fact just like you. Your flannels look great!

  7. Mary T. Salmon Avatar

    OK, I give…How can I make that gorgeous flannel star quilt in a day??
    Hope your baby doggie is ok.

    1. maddy403 Avatar

      If anyone tells you let me know!

    2. lisabongean Avatar

      its really simple…the center star is just one block…how long does it take to do a block? Then there are 60 half square triangles and then the rest are borders….I will be putting together a book of instuctions on the flannel quilts….comming soon at your favorite quilt shop!

  8. Phyllis Limiero Avatar
    Phyllis Limiero

    Love, love, love the red and white quilt. It is glorious. I don’t know when you have time to eat or sleep. My goodness you wear me out.

  9. Liza S Avatar
    Liza S

    Aww poor Jeter. when our boxer was yong she had an allergic reaction to the hay feilds she was running through. Her face swelled up like a balloon. Our daughters were so upset they couldn’t even look at her. Thank God for benedryl.

  10. Robyn Avatar

    I love the quilt you’ve got on this posting, ti would be a great one to whipup in a day ! Will it be realeased as a pattern or part of a book

    1. Lisa Bongean Avatar

      I was going to do a book…but don’t think I will have enough time before market…so they may be individual patterns…

  11. Tina Avatar

    I can’t tell if I am leaving a coment or not it’s too dark. I Love this fair blog hop and have been enjoying all the posts I can’t read most of yours but am sure it was great.

  12. Jo Avatar

    Lisa, I have 3 bee chasing Australian shepherds. I keep the benadryl liquid capsules with other doggie supplies. Puncture the shell with anything from earring post to needle/pin and squish it into dog’s mouth. Aloha, Jo
    PS: The thread catcher pattern is so cute.

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