Houston Eve….

20111026-200804.jpgIt is the night before I have to leave for Houston Quilt Market and Festival..It is only 8pm and my binding is finished on my Home for the Holidays quilt for Market made with part of my Seasonal Gatherings line that will be shown at market on Saturday!!! This quilt is 64×64 and is a remake of a small little quilt that had 4 1/2″ blocks….This quilt will not be available until the fabric comes in, sometime in April, 2012….I can’t wait to show you more projects using this line of fabric…speaking of which….I need some help…I am calling out any veteran hand appliquer who considers her work to be better than average to stitch a block for a quilt.  My block is shown below…it is about a 22″ block, so big easy applique…If you want to help me out and would like us to send you a block please email me at the following email…primitivegatheringsquiltshop@yahoo.com  and we will send one out to you, I will take the first 12 people…and if I know you….tell me if I have met you at our quilting house or at shows or classes, where ever…… I will not get home from Houston until November 8th and would like them back by the middle of November…Amy will send them out as soon as we get the blocks cut…make sure you send us your address too!!!!!

20111026-200832.jpgI want to say Hi! to all of my students from the Atlanta quilt show and everyone else I met in GA….

Now a little shop info….Due to the volume of internet orders lately we will need up to a week to get them out.  We have hired more people, but it takes time to get them trained and some of my girls are off on vacations also…So please if you place an order do not call after 3 days and ask where your order is????lol….So from now on we need a little more time to process and get your orders out to you.  Just a few more growing pains…that is all…

Hope to see all of my Houston girls at Festival and look forward to hanging out in the Moda booth at Market….Its been a hectic last month and I need to have some FUN!!!!!!!

Later LB

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  1. Theresa Avatar

    Lisa, your quilt is beautiful!! I wish so much I was going to Houston to the International Quilt Show. I went a few years ago and absolutely loved it. Have lots of fun!

  2. Julee Avatar

    Love this quilt…..made it in the small size. Have fun at market.

  3. Kitty Avatar

    Lisa, look for us Wednesday night! Cindy (the tall brunette), Elaine (the short white haired girl) and Kitty( the in between redhead). We will be in your booth as fast as we can get down the aisles! You are the highlight of Houston!

  4. kathie Avatar

    omg I am so excited that your doing a fabric line in reds and greens, my favorite color combo’s!
    I can’t wait to see this fabric in person, April I don’t know I can wait that long! can we see a close up of the fabrics!!! I love this quilt will look great hanging in our living room!
    Have fun at market and hope you will be doing reports each day, pictures too of course!!!!

  5. Chris Beresford Avatar
    Chris Beresford

    I would be glad to do a block for you but I am sure you have already had lots of offers by now. If not…….consider me! Chris Beresford, Clarkston, MI

    1. lisabongean Avatar


    2. lisabongean Avatar

      We just putvthis on send us your address!

  6. Jennifer O'Connor Avatar
    Jennifer O’Connor

    Beautiful quilt and fabric line. I can’t wait until April! I would be willing to help out with your applique blocks. It looks pretty simple.


  7. Carrie P. Avatar

    Oh, that quilt is so great.
    Have fun at the show.

  8. Pam lam Avatar
    Pam lam

    Your Christmas quilt is wonderful and can’t wait for a close up look at Festival.

  9. Karen Sikes Avatar
    Karen Sikes

    Your finished quilt Is beautiful. I enjoyed the class in Atlanta, think I am falling in love with wool applique. Also, I am so happy that I splurged and bought the Dovo Scissor Set. They are wonderful!!!!

  10. Brittany Voigt Avatar
    Brittany Voigt


    You should do this Christmas quilt as a BOM!! LOVE IT! I to have it in the small version, but would love the bigger one too!

    1. Norma Applegate Avatar
      Norma Applegate

      I would love to do an applique block for you.

      1. Norma Applegate Avatar
        Norma Applegate

        I have met you at shows and have been to the Gathering as well as to the last warehouse sale. My email address is njapple@hotmail.com I am in several of your BOMs.

        Would love to be chosen.

        Norma Applegate

  11. Liz Armstrong Avatar

    Hi Lisa, I will applique a block for you and can have it back in time, unless you send it to me the day before due date…..You know me too and have my address. SewsewLiz…..in Arlington Heights, Il. Ask Judy I am sure she has it. Or I can send the whole thing to you again. I am assuming this is hand applique…????

  12. bgdebord Avatar

    Love seeing your new quilt in Houston, can’t wait to make it.

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