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Good morning everyone! This is my sewing suite for the next 10 or so mornings… This is the view from my window… If you are at the Hilton come join me I am on the 11th floor I will be here every morning avoiding the snore festival in our room. I am so excited to be here in Houston!!!



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  1. Chris Beresford Avatar
    Chris Beresford

    The best part of a hotel is having coffee delivered! I love room service! Enjoy your stay. Have fun! I am jealous. Chris Beresford

  2. Kitty Avatar

    We are so excited that you are in Houston! Hope to make one of your sewing sessions in your beautiful “suite”.

  3. Anna Avatar

    pretty nice digs for sewing! and the room comes with some nice white noise….lol

    1. Sharon Rosen Avatar
      Sharon Rosen

      Wishing I was there! Looking forward to seeing Quilt Mkt. photos & reading all about the show! Thanks for setting to tone & moo

  4. kim naylor Avatar
    kim naylor

    Who is snoring?????
    Looking forward to what you are bring home from Market…..

  5. Sharon Avatar

    Have fun! I’m off to The Homestead this weekend!

  6. Nancy Dey Avatar
    Nancy Dey

    I’ll be right there:)

  7. Ames Avatar

    I’m coming with Nancy!!!

  8. KrisL Avatar

    Howdy and welcome back to Houston ! We’ll be at the show next weekend, never miss it, can’t wait !!

  9. Vicki Avatar

    If I didn’t live in Washington state I would be there in a heartbeat!!!!!!!!

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