And we r open for business HOUSTON!!!!


16 responses to “And we r open for business HOUSTON!!!!”

  1. Synthia Avatar

    Lookin’ good! You’ve done a lot of work getting it all ready. Hope you can have fun now.

  2. Denise W Avatar
    Denise W

    The Booth Looks Super!!!

  3. Becky A. Wright Avatar

    The booth looks great! Wish I was there.

  4. Mary Jean Price Avatar
    Mary Jean Price

    Your booth looks terrific. Oh how I would love to be there. Love everything you do!

  5. Elizabeth Bryan Avatar
    Elizabeth Bryan

    looks fabulous. How I wish I was there

    1. Stephanie Walk Avatar
      Stephanie Walk

      Your booth looks awesome! 🙂 Have fun.

    2. Judy Ebbert Avatar
      Judy Ebbert

      Ditto Becky!!!

  6. kathy Avatar

    Booth looks great and Nick looked fab in Quilt Market Photo for Halloween………….;)

  7. Debbie St. Germain Avatar

    The booth looks wonderful with all of your beautiful quilts.


  8. Peggy Dalberto Avatar

    Wow, what an incredibly inviting booth! I do art and craft shows, so I realize what hard work you all went thru to get it that way!
    Hope it empties out of product!

  9. Pam Avatar

    I sure hope you don’t sell out of EVERYTHING before I get there on the weekend:)

  10. Vanessa Emmons Avatar

    I was there, it was awesome, you guys are so helpful and friendly. I had to come back three times to get more “stuff”!!! Your designs are wonderful. I will be showing everyone in San Angelo the wonderful work you do Lisa, you are very talented and I predict will have lots of wonderful years in this business. Thanks for your advice, it’s going to help me a lot with my work.

  11. MaryAnn Bernshock Jalbert Avatar

    The booth was awesome! I made 3 trips during Festival!

  12. Tanya Smith Avatar

    So nice to meet you Wendsday night. I was the girl who mentioned the info about your new fabric line. I told several of the online groups that your designs were based on original Civil War prints and just had an aged look. – Tanya

  13. janan Avatar

    Loved your youtube video! Is that the current BOM on the wall behind you?Flower Penny Garden

  14. Susan Avatar

    I really enjoyed visiting you booth in Houston!! I know that my friends & I were there at least 3 times if not more! It was my first time attending the Houston show & I had an absolute blast!


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