Holiday Open House…

Thanks to everyone who attended our 3rd annual Holiday Open  House at  Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop…and thanks to my girls who worked on this Holiday Weekend, Nick and I appreciate all of your help and efforts.  Jess, Nancy, Char, Lori, Joan, Joanne, Jean, Amy and Norma thanks for being part of a great event!  Special thanks to the “warehouse girls” for getting all these kits done…850 pincushions and this probably will not be enough!!!

Whether you were able to walk in the door or participate on-line this event was awesome…there were tons of door pizes…treats and gifts, but the best thing was Joanne Blank’s Bed turning of her quilts.  The room was filled to the brim for each of her showings/turnings.   Since our online customers can participate in everything but this and you participated very well…(Jess thinks she broke our printer, printing all of those orders)…i decided to shoot all of Joanne’s quilts and share them here with you.

There is only one request…remember I will not know all of the names of her quilts, the patterns and a lot of these quilts are her own designs or have been past BOMs from the shop and are no longer available.  Some of these quilts are challenge quilts with her sister Frannie and group challenges with her mini quilting group and special quilting friend Colleen, so again there would be no patterns available for these quilts.  I have labeled  them to the best of my knowledge at this point in time.

If you have not had the pleasure of meeting Joanne..she first and foremost is a wonderful person, a very talented, award winning and prolific quilter and she works for me!!!!   Double click on the photos to make them larger if you wish to do so…Now this is just a sample of the quilts she has made in her less than 16 or 18 years of quilting.

Enjoy the show! LB

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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

24 thoughts on “Holiday Open House…

  1. Thank you for posting the quilts – wish I could have been there in person to see them. They are all so beautiful! Joanne, you have a very special gift!
    Happy Holidays Everyone!

  2. Wow … as an online particpant only, thanks so much for sharing the bedturning. Wow … just wow!

    (and I have some new items on my list!)

  3. Wow – the pictures were wondferful! Thanks for sharing… it couldn’t be as good as seeing them in person, but what a treat!!

  4. What a treat to see Joanne’s quilts. Thanks for showing them to the ‘onliners’ She is quite a prolific quilter!!

  5. WOW what an amazing quilter Joanne is. Thanks for taking the pictures so we could all enjoy them as well as the lucky ones visiting your store. She has a true gift.

  6. oh My! Wonderful work Joanne! This was the next best thing to being there in person. Thanks Lisa for taking lal those pictures and sharing with those of us who have to be content with our online experience.

  7. Thank you so much Lisa for allowing us on-line shoppers to see Joanne’s beautiful quilts. Please let Joanne know that I think her quilts are awesome! Again, Lisa, thanks for sharing.

  8. Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity – the bed turning was spectacular – lucky you to have such a talented person that “plays” in your shop. I do have a question regarding the quilting – I have also done Winter Wonderland and Over the River (Crabapple Designs) and have yet to have them quilted. Did she use invisible thread or a “background” neutral color thread? I noticed they were quited over the embroidery – does that make it look like tweed? Thank you for the opportunity to see some spectacular quilts with wow factor. Judy C.

  9. Thanks for the quilt show. I have done 3 of the quilts shown. Love your news. thanks, betty Forester

  10. Thanks so much for the beautiful quilt show. I have had the pleasure of meeting Joanne and saw her round crazy quilt mats. What a talent!

  11. Wow! Each and every one of the quilts is fantabulous!!!! Thank you so much for taking the time to take the pictures and post them!

  12. What a fun day it must have been. Wonderful quilts. What a gift and talent. Thank you Lisa for sharing with us.

  13. Absolutely wonderful! Thank you for sharing all the photos …what can I say – so outstanding and so nice to have been able to see them here at home. Congratulations to Joanne and her expertise – and to all of you at Primitive Gathering for always having the “best of the best”.

  14. WOW, Joanne is AMAZING!! Thank you so much for sharing with those of us in cyberspace. I would love to meet Joanne. She is absolutely amazing!!!

  15. Thanks Lisa for posting the photos of Joanne’s quilts, they are really awesome! I’m so jealous of the lucky ladies that were able to see them in person, but for the online shoppers, this was the next best thing.

    Looking forward to receiving my online purchases….thanks for a great sale

  16. I loved all the quilts…what a special talented lady. Question: the Sisters that a pattern that is available for sale or is it one of a kind? My sister does farm work and that would be a wonderful anniversary present for me to do for her. Please let me know. Thank you

  17. Lisa, Thanks for showing all of us the “bed turning” from Joanne. We all were able to have front row seats. I enjoyed the show. I wish I lived closer to attend in person. warm wishes, Debby

    1. Thanks for sharing the show Lisa! This really, really makes me want to take a winter trip back to the UP one day, with a side trip to PG! Now if I just get the “minions” I asked for for Christmas, I’ll be able to have a bed-turning show of my own some day!

  18. what a “TALENT”–thank you sooo much for sharing…was truly a “treat” to see such BEAUTIFUL work!!!! Never stop stitching 🙂

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