Snow from my hotel room…

Salt Creek Quilters in IL, are you coming to guild tonite to see me? I hope so…I have goodies for you all! Don’t let a little snow stop you, just drive safely…see you later…LB


8 responses to “Snow from my hotel room…”

  1. Debbie St. Germain Avatar

    I want snow, so I guess we won’t get any, lol.


  2. Mary T. Salmon Avatar

    Oh my goodness! And I thought it was cold here in Texas!

  3. Brenda Avatar

    Looks really cold!

  4. Diana Tatro Avatar
    Diana Tatro

    I bet they will as excited to see you as we will be, here in Yuba City, CA in a few weeks !! I can guarantee you that there will be NO SNOW here.

  5. Cincy Avatar

    I will be there on Friday! Save some goodies for me! I haven’t been able to go to the Gathering so this is the next best thing…

  6. Kathy Avatar

    Loved your quilts tonight, Lisa! So glad I didn’t let the nasty weather keep me away.

  7. Carol J. Avatar
    Carol J.

    I bet you are looking forward to the quilt cruise next month. I am excited to be in your class.

  8. Vicki Wright Avatar
    Vicki Wright

    That is beautiful! Wish you could send us some! We aren’t even getting rain in California!

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