Building wool pennies…


Going home today… I am in SanFran… Going to Chicago then home to Appleton… Going to try and get all my pennies stitched…

15 responses to “Building wool pennies…”

  1. Kitty Avatar

    Lisa, they look great,but then, all your work does! Cannot wait until November and my
    chance to spend a Wool Weekend with you!
    I know you must be ready to get home and see your Guys!

  2. Melanie Scaife Avatar

    I am in the wrong business! I would love to travel around and meet the people that you get to and also see the USA! The pennies are cute, thanks for sharing!

  3. Debbie St.Germain Avatar

    I love to make up pennies for travel, easy to do in a car and all you need is black floss and a needle.


  4. Avatar

    And what are you going to do with all those pennies?

  5. Beth J. Beal Avatar

    I love the fabric and thread colors on these!

  6. Cincy Avatar


    This was one of the projects you showed us in Hinsdale, IL. Really nice!! Thanks for all the helpful info while you were in Hinsdale, Il. I feel liked I picked your brain the entire time…lol. I tried to learn everything I could in one day, because you’re the best!!

    A big thank you to the Salt Creek Guild for having a non-member participate.

  7. Larry Avatar

    Are they going to let you board the plane with that wicked needle in hand?

  8. simplethymeprims Avatar

    Love the pennies!…have a great weekend..

  9. Sue Schultz Avatar
    Sue Schultz

    Safe travels!! Love the pennies.

  10. Diana Tatro Avatar
    Diana Tatro

    We certainly enjoyed Lisa here in sunny Yuba City, CA. She shared with us a wonderful Trunk Show at our guild meeting and taught and inspired a lot of my friends the next day@class. Thank you, Lisa for coming. It was wonderful. I believe you made many new “Wool believers” out of the crowd.

  11. Carmen Avatar

    Lisa…..It looks like you are using different thread colors, even on the same penny. Do you have a general rule on which threads you use ?

  12. Jane Avatar

    I am a” wool a holic” and love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    It is a wonderful pastime and great feeling working with wool..
    I have spent my morning looking at this web site.
    I am truly inspired once again with wool. Thank you Lisa!!

  13. Paula Trobridge Avatar
    Paula Trobridge

    Love the pennies, just bought a bunch of wool on our coupon day to do just that! Love the new wools at Primitive Gathering!!! Safe travels.

  14. penelope10 Avatar

    Keep us updated with your Pennies! What pattern will you be using for the shape? Stunning!

  15. Dianna Ballinger Avatar
    Dianna Ballinger

    I’m new to wool applique and am already addicted. Have a pile of projects I can’t wait to start. Already own most of your patterns. Love your stuff.

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