Down in Georgia








Nick and I finished the booth early yesterday and the only thing I wanted to do was visit Little Quilts before meeting some friends for dinner…the shop did not let me down… A quaint building stocked to the brim with quilting and stitching projects… MaryEllen and Wanda showed us around and made us feel welcome….it was a nice day…now it’s time to work…I hope to see all you Georgia girls at the show this weekend…we got the goodies come and get em!!!!

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  1. Patti Liles Avatar
    Patti Liles

    Great photos……….have fun!

  2. Judy Ebbert Avatar
    Judy Ebbert

    You have the best, most organized booth I’ve ever seen. Have a great show. See you in Paducah!

  3. Kim Avatar

    I have loved their patterns forever……I don’t think they have ever made anything I did not love. What a treat to get there in person. thanks for sharing the pictures, I visit through their blog too.

    Happy Sewing

  4. Cindy Avatar

    The new Wool Turn Dash quilt is adorable. Is this an appliqued quilt?

    Thank you.

  5. Emily Gail Wyett Avatar
    Emily Gail Wyett

    Lisa and Nick… Love the pics of Little Quilts. I had talked to my Mom the other day and she was having problems with her sewing machine… She lives in Marietta and I live in Huntington Beach CA…. I told her to go to Little Quilts and ask them where to take her Machine to be fixed. What a surprise when I saw her picture on your blog this morning. How funny is that!
    Lots of Love
    Emily Gail (took your class at Road with BFF Cindy Crowell)

  6. Cheryl Monroe Avatar
    Cheryl Monroe

    This is my favorite shop!! I feel so fortunate to have it right down the road. Everyone there is so friendly and helpful. So glad you were able to get out and visit it. I would recommend it to everyone!!

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