Hey –how is everyone out there?

I am supposed to be doing new design pattern directions…but i am going to take a break, write a post and eat 2 dove dark chocolates…want to see my sewing studio?

here is a fish eye look at part of it…see the new black furniture?  just what this primitive girl needs…black…look how it makes my room look so much bigger? Can you see where my computer is?  Just barely to the far right corner…i am sitting there right now…too bad it doesn’t look this clean…lol   it is never clean…and why should it be…i am always creating messes…well…here are the two quotes from the “dove” goddess…”Do what feels right.” and “Be the first to hit the dance floor”…I think that one was really meant for Nick…so I will have another…”Let your sensuousness shine through.” Hmmm…it is my 14th Wedding Anniversary today…that is all I am going to say about that one…I was going to show you all a pic of all of the fabric that came in to the warehouse the last 2 days…My Seasonal Little Gatherings is here…but I can’t find the pic on my phone..oh well…trust me it was a lot…hope you ordered some because it is HERE!!!

more…later…on my next break…LB

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  1. Skye Avatar

    It is beautiful, Lisa!!!!!!
    Happy Anniversary! Boogie on!

  2. Mary Jo Avatar
    Mary Jo

    It looks wonderful! Are the cabinets custom? I’m about to have a new sewing room added to my house and have been looking at furniture but haven’t seen anything but white or natural wood.

    1. lisabongean Avatar


  3. Beth Cole Avatar

    Happy Anniversary !

    Love the peek into your studio ! Thanks for sharing. Nice to get some ideas, as you see, I am in the midst of planning mine…….


  4. Rosemary Redhead Avatar
    Rosemary Redhead

    Is this at The Gathering? I can’t picture where your studio is in the house? It looks great! What is the quilt on your quilt frame?
    Happy Anniversary!

  5. Peggy Avatar

    Looks great. Very cozy and inviting 🙂
    Is your cutting mat 2 squished together or one big one? I have a new cutting table much like yours but the mat could be bigger….if it’s one, where did you get it?
    Peggy in NJ

  6. Linda W. Avatar
    Linda W.

    Love the new furniture! Tracey’s Tables? Happy Anniversary to both you and Nick!

  7. Debbie St.Germain Avatar

    Happy Anniversary!


  8. Sandi Avatar

    Happy Anniversary! I just had my 2 pieces of Dove chocolate also. I love the pictures of your room.

  9. Janet Avatar

    Happy Anniversary! I just love your studio….!

  10. Pat Doyle Avatar
    Pat Doyle

    How does anyone stop at only two Dove chocolates?! Happy Anniversary, Lisa and Nick! One of my favorite quotes is “Love life, and life will love you back.” You and Nick ARE that quote!

  11. KrisL Avatar

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your studio ! and how DO you stop at just 2 Dove chocolates ?? I sure can’t ! Love that you have a quilting frame … so many quilters today don’t even know how to hand-quilt or applique (unless they’ve seen your patterns !) …. we have to keep the OLD ways going too !
    Now, get back to WORK on your wonderful designs … and I’m heading back to MY sewing room too … I’m reorganizing !

  12. Lorrie McD. Avatar
    Lorrie McD.

    Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful room! I have a smaller room, but it needs some tuning to make better use of the space. Love the “rolling drawers” especially.

  13. KrisL Avatar

    oops forgot to wish you a Happy 14th anniversary !! We have our 27th this May 🙂

  14. Jan S. Avatar

    Happy Anniversary! Your sewing room looks wonderful. Love those dark floors, and am really envious that you have room for a quilting frame to stay set up. You are very disciplined to just have two pieces of chocolate & it is nearly always more fun to do what you want vs what you should 🙂

  15. Judy Renner Avatar
    Judy Renner

    Gorgeous room. I’m envious of your space!

  16. Patti Wiggs Avatar
    Patti Wiggs

    Absolutely gorgeous — congratulations and now, for sure, those wonderful Lisa creations will continue. Enjoy! pwiggs@embarqmail.com

  17. Carrie P. Avatar

    Beautiful studio! thanks for sharing photos and Happy Anniversary.

  18. LONA Avatar

    All that I can say is, “WOW”. Your studio is amazing. Happy Anniversary:)

  19. Mary Jo Avatar
    Mary Jo

    Well now I have drooled all over MY computer after looking at your studio! I love what you have done with it! Happy Anniversary to you and Mr. Nick!

  20. tammy whaley Avatar
    tammy whaley

    I wish my sewing area looked as inviting as yours does! Love the star valances – you need to make a pattern for those!

  21. Deb Diedrich Avatar

    Happy Anniversary! We are celebrating our 30th in July. Enjoyed your pictures of your sewing room. And had a blast at my Pocket Full of Posies class. Have a good time celebrating!!!

  22. Melanie Scaife Avatar

    Your room is beautiful!
    Just wanted to wish you andNick a Happy Anniversary!

  23. Marcia Porcelli Avatar

    Lisa-your studio is to die for! Everything is so neat and organized. I am drooling over your wool stash.

    Happy Anniversary to you and Nick-many you have many more happy years together.

  24. Donna Avatar

    Posted on the wrong post…. Oops! Again… Absolutely gorgeous!!L!

  25. Fran Avatar

    Congratulations on your Anniversary, hope you do something fun and romantic…like your Dove wrapper suggests! Love your sewing room, it’s really a beautiful space.

  26. Ann Avatar

    Beautiful room! Wow! Happy Anniversary. Hope you had a wonderful day. Can’t wait to come to the shop soon.

  27. Charmaine Avatar

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful new studio and Happy Anniversary to both of you !!

  28. Gloria Parsons Avatar

    Ok…now you know how to make a girl JEALOUS!! LOVE the black furniture… mine is primitive stuff… LOVE your floors too. Happy Anniversary to you and Nick… Have a super fun time !!! See you soon!

  29. Nancy Brandt Avatar
    Nancy Brandt

    Love your studio!! What are the dimensions of your space? We’re looking for a new house and it has to have space for my sewing studio.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      700 square feet and that includes a full bathroom…

      1. Kathy Avatar

        That would make it a MASTER STUDIO!!! LOL Love your studio by the way. I’ve been cleaning mine ever since I saw your setup yesterday.

  30. CJ Avatar

    Your studio is a dream come true!! You work so hard and deserve the best!! Happy anniversary…always enjoy each other every day…

  31. Lara Avatar

    Do you remember the name of the yellow/green quilt hanging in the background??

  32. Shelly Taylor Avatar
    Shelly Taylor

    Love your studio! What is the yellow flowered quilt hanging to the left in the room? Love it, too!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      It is a quilt i made for our marriage 14-15 years ago…so our wedding quilt!

      1. Shelly Taylor Avatar
        Shelly Taylor

        Would you mind sharing the pattern name?

      2. Shelly Taylor Avatar
        Shelly Taylor

        Can I ask what the name of the pattern is?

  33. karen Avatar

    Beautiful sewing room – a great place to be tucked away in. Thanks for sharing

  34. Lori Avatar

    Love, love, love your sewing studio — want to trade? Is that Koala furniture?

  35. Maggi Honeyman Avatar
    Maggi Honeyman

    Happy Anniversary! Your space is amazing! Love the black furniture. I bought an old tv stand and painted it black. It is my favorite piece. Now to tackle the book shelves… Thanks for sharing.

  36. Debbie Sievert Avatar
    Debbie Sievert

    Where is your sewing machine?

  37. Gail Guggisberg Avatar
    Gail Guggisberg

    I too just love your space and especially the penny valances! Are they made of wool or flannel? The black furniture really looks sharp!!

  38. Gale Gibbons Avatar
    Gale Gibbons

    Pinned this today (and announced that I joined the summer BOM) – so far – 16 repins and six likes! Love your work!

  39. Gale Gibbons Avatar
    Gale Gibbons

    I meant that I pinned the summer BOM entry and not your sewing room…I think I better retire for the day!

  40. Elaine Petrik Avatar

    Happy Anniversary to you and Nick!! Love your studio… It’s fabulous!!

  41. Becky A. Wright Avatar

    Wow! Love your studio. It’s only 4-5 times the size of mine! Lol. I dream of a room like that someday. Thanks for sharing yours. Happy Anniversary, enjoy!

  42. Lori Avatar

    This makes me want to come and play with you Lisa! Love it!!!!

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