See me at fat quarter quilt shops blog and win…mini charms

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15 responses to “See me at fat quarter quilt shops blog and win…mini charms”

  1. Lisa Zeller Avatar
    Lisa Zeller

    Loved your interview on Fat Quarter Shop Blog! I tried to enter the contest, but the “Rafflecopter” is tricky for the less technically trained quilter such as myself. Guess I will try again tomorrow. Thank you for your inspiration! I love your new fabric line!

  2. Sue Avatar

    Loving the framed oak leaf and reel block in the backgroun. Just wish I could see what your sewing.

  3. sue singer Avatar
    sue singer

    I would use the packet to make a hexagon mini quilt.

  4. carol o Avatar
    carol o

    I would use the charmed and dangerous pattern for these sweet prints!

  5. Julies Avatar

    OMG it is soooooo cool. I will take a road trip just to see it (on the way to the shop that is). Exciting. Is the shop done with the remodel? Need to see that too.

  6. Janet Avatar

    The highway sign looks GREAT…wish I was headed your way 🙂

  7. Marcia Porcelli Avatar

    I was a Gilligan’s Island fan too! I loved MaryAnn. 🙂

    I bought the Seasonal Little Gatherings charm pack from you at the Sewing and Quilting Expo in Atlanta. I am going to make a table runner out of it–I’ll send you a pic when I finish 🙂

  8. Kathy Avatar

    Love what you’ve done in your studio Lisa, but where do you get such large spools of Aurifil? I really could use large spools like that.
    Great picture too. 🙂

  9. suejean1 Avatar

    Great photo Lisa.

  10. Cathy Avatar

    Oh Lisa….it looks great. If only I could visit in person! I’ll just have to remain your online BFF 🙂

  11. Sheila Avatar

    Wish I lived close enough to be able to see the sign in person! LOL Glad I can keep in touch and shop via the internet. Oh, by the way, LOVE the sign!

  12. Sally Marshall Avatar
    Sally Marshall

    Hope the police don’t hang out by it and ticket the quilter. Wish I live closer.

  13. Kathy Avatar

    OK, OK. As I mentioned your Auriful CONE I saw in the photo above to cousin, Patti J. a few minutes ago she told me again what she often tells me. . . .GOOGLE IT, KATHY, GOOGLE IT! I had not seen the thread offered in a cone before. Well, google, I did and I now have three cones on their way to me!! You see Lisa, you help us out even when you just sit there looking cute. Have a great weekend. KATHY

  14. Joanne Toetz Avatar
    Joanne Toetz

    Love the picture, great smile, and you have alot to smile about!! Love your shop, patterns and fabric!!

  15. Joanne O Avatar
    Joanne O

    You look so happy to be at the sewing machine!! Makes me want to stop what I am doing right now and go work on a quilt!

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