4 days and counting….

ok…I am losing it… i guess i need to take a break…4 more days until we leave for KC Spring Market…i just sat down for a bit to design my “freebies” for this summer….drew a bunch of little blocks…went in the other room to find some fabric…came back and do you think I can find those little blocks???  Nope…still haven’t so I guess I will just talk to you guys for awhile until maybe they just show up…. here is what’s left for me…I have one more pattern to write…i should be doing that now, but I am not in the mood…I have written about 7 patterns in the last couple of days and that is too much computer and not enough stitching…I have to get 2 more quilts back from the quilters…so that is 2 bindings plus one I have stitched on but not hand sewn…so three bindings…but those can be done on the drive to KC…I will be handling out needles after the seat belts are snapped….the booth is looking fantastic…I actually really like how it is turning out…it will be a feast for the eyes…all that wool and thread and then the quilts….here is the quilt I have to write the directions for…do you recognize it?  It started out as Garden of Stitches…we shrunk the blocks and added the new setting…on one of my black flannels…The girls stitched it all and did a fabulous job…Linda Hrcka did the quilting again a fabulous job…you have to see it in person…so much better…I will post more of the “new” designs later…I have to design and print the brochure with all the new design, but I seem to always be doing that the night before we leave when I should be packing…today we cut wool for “sample spree” and started to pack the Valdani threads…we are so low on them…hope our shipment comes in before we leave…I need to make a pillow case for the bed in the booth and 2 curtains that will “go with” the red/tan/blue of my new fabrics…I think that is it…Nick wants to take me to get flowers for Mother’s Day tomorrow…hope I have most of this done so I am not crabby and can enjoy picking out flowers for Moms…

“Summer Pieced block of the week”-Carole is going to stitch our pieced blocks again this year…it will be so cool…this is her  sample block…To sign up click here  www.primitivegatherings.us

Here is all of the info on this:  72 pieced 6″ blocks….6 blocks per week…scrappy no repeat fabrics, includes sashing and cornerstone fabrics.  It will finish approx. 60″x 70″ after the outside border(which is not included)  $12.50 per week…1 1/2″ thangles suggested for piecing blocks.

2 Responses to “4 days and counting….”

  1. May 11, 2012 at 8:30 am

    Your booth always looks fantastic! Hope you have a chance to enjoy looking at real flowers for a moment….

  2. May 11, 2012 at 5:17 pm

    be still my heart…when I saw the first photo I thought that was the freebie quilt and I was doing the happy dance…now I have to wait to buy this pattern…so get writing and enjoy market…wish I was there with you!

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