Quilt to Share…

Here is a my design 45 & Life to go…done in red and white…it is just stunning…and the quilting…wow…does’nt get much better than that….

This is Maggie Honeyman’s quilt and I want to thank her  for sharing her quilt with me (us)…This quilt is 55×55, those are 1/2″ squares in the center of those blocks.  The pattern also comes with a 110×110 King size version with 1″ squares.

Do you have anything that I have designed but tweaked it to make yours different?  Send me a photo and I will share it with you all…

16 responses to “Quilt to Share…”

  1. Janet O. Avatar
    Janet O.

    I’ve got a couple of the Primitive Picnic Quilts that I enlarged with an extra row and also added a few borders. What email address do I use to send the photos?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      thanks we would love to see them!

  2. Nancy Dey Avatar
    Nancy Dey

    45 and Life to Go in red and white……why didn’t I think of that? The quilt is beautiful!!!

  3. Tammy Avatar

    Beautiful Quilt in Red & White! Just Stunning!~

  4. Beth Cole Avatar

    Love it ! ! !

  5. Tina in Nevada Avatar
    Tina in Nevada

    Oh my goodness! This is just stunning!!!! Love it!

  6. Fran Avatar

    Absolutely Stunning…..it would be perfect in my “red room”

  7. Nora Avatar

    Absolutely gorgeous

  8. Peg Gilham Avatar
    Peg Gilham

    The quilting on this quilt is beautiful. I love the red and white so very crisp and clean. Lovely!

  9. Gloria Avatar

    This is beautiful. I’m trying to find a pattern to make a Red and White quilt. Would maker of this quilt tell me where to find the pattern? Thanks,

  10. STLQuilter Avatar

    it’s gorgeous! The quilting is fantastic also. Do you know who her quilter was?

  11. Gloria Avatar

    Duh, I just realized this is Lisa’s pattern! !

  12. Maggi Avatar

    Thanks for all the wonderful compliments! It was tons of fun to make. Thanks Lisa!!!

  13. Julie K. Green Avatar
    Julie K. Green

    This red and white quilt is soooooo lovely !!!

  14. Maggi Honeyman Avatar
    Maggi Honeyman

    Thanks to everyone for the kind words. The quilt was a ton of fun to make! Maggi

  15. Joyce Weeks Avatar
    Joyce Weeks

    Love the pictures… especially of Nick stitching!!! Have a good day!

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