Wool Summer Block of the Week-2012-Evelyn’s Album

Good morning everyone!  I am back from North Carolina where I taught and met a bunch of really nice ladies…a few of my favorites were Hillie and her friend….it went kind of like this, this is Hilda’s side of the conversation….Now, what is this?…I need that…and what about that?  that too…and what else can you show me?…got to love a woman possessed by our stuff…then their was Stacy and her friends…(sorry girls, but Stacy gave me her card) can’t remember the friends names…they treated my like some kind of Rockstar, and I think soon realized that I am just like them and could be in their sewing group…but honestly….I love being HOME!!!         My two buddies like being home also….they helped me decide what wools needed to go on the borders of our Summer Block of the Week (SBOW)…and then proceeded to snuggle in it…they know what the good stuff is!

Here is the real point of this post….I am nervous about the finishing kits for the SBOW and having enough of them…we have twice as many participants than last year!!! YEAH!   So I want to get things rolling as fast as possible to get as much red fabric for finishing as possible and then order what is not in Moda’s warehouse…but here lies the problem…how many of you are going to want the finishing????  See my dilemma?  So here is what we are going to do …This post is the REVEAL…and we are going to start taking names of you who want the finishing kit… They will be specially priced at $85, nice summer deal…this includes: two pieces of flannel, which will include the binding…and the wools for the 6 center blocks and the wools for the border…and instructions. This price is over 25% off of what it should actually be…

I know right now I have enough for about 2/3rds of you who signed up …so first come first get…and then if we run out you will still get the finishing kit but it might not be  until October?  The only difference here is the wait for the finishing, which I don’t think it will be a problem for some?  Because I know you collect these? but I also know some of you stay right up with this and will want them as soon as you can get them… The one good thing here is, this is a Moda basic…but… lol…they are having a hard time keeping these basics in stock! …who would have thought…everyone would like this dark stuff…lol…

So please sign up for the finishing kit if at all possible on our website:  www.primtivegatherings.us/shop and look under NEW or Blocks of the Month and you will be signed up!

If you have to call the shop that if fine…but if all you call…our phone will be ringing off the hook and we won’t get any work done!  lol

Thanks for your understanding and I hope you love the SBOW as much as I do….and how about those freebies?   Now I have to finish them…

PS…I used 4 balls #8 O196 so far and have not stitched the borders yet…I think I will use a 5th and hopefully not have to go into a 6th…I do not stitch really tiny…so adjust according to your stitching…

All for now…keep on stitching everyday…you know you deserve it!

21 responses to “Wool Summer Block of the Week-2012-Evelyn’s Album”

  1. Julie Avatar

    I LOVE the finish!!! This is even better than I expected! I signed up!
    I love the doggies too. 🙂

  2. Nancy Avatar

    It is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous Lisa!!!

  3. stacey larson Avatar
    stacey larson

    Lisa, You crack me up……..you are our “Quilting Idol” – you can be a Rock Star if you want to be but definately a designer//primitive gathering/sewing-quilting Star- we had the best time with you, Nick and your Niece in law! Thanks for such an awesome experience in the classroom and shopping! Great seeing pics of pups 🙂 lol I bet they were so excited when you got home.

  4. Jacque Avatar

    Beautiful! So great to see it all together. I can wait until October for the finishing kit. No not just collecting. Getting the blocks together but not getting them stitched yet. Just a lot going on.

  5. Sharon Bennett Avatar
    Sharon Bennett

    OMG!!! So totally gorgeous!!! I wish I had signed up for this in time! And yes… luvin’ the freebies too! 🙂 Face it… you really are a Rock Star! 😉

  6. Elisa Avatar

    Will there be a finishing kit for the freebies?

  7. Gloria G Avatar
    Gloria G

    Beautiful…no words to express how awesome the quilt is. Can’t wait till I can start on mine!

  8. Debbie McClarence Avatar
    Debbie McClarence

    I would like to sign up for the summer block of the week – 2012 –
    evelyn’s album – how do I do it? thank you

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Great question….YES, but first I have to finish them…lol…LB

      1. Debbie McClarence Avatar
        Debbie McClarence

        please let me know when and how I get on the list thanks deb

    2. lisabongean Avatar

      Sorry we are full…:( We will be offering it as a block of the month…so what for it then…Lisa

  9. Sally Ann Schroeder Avatar
    Sally Ann Schroeder

    sooo, you teased us poor souls who didn’t know about it? dang… I want that kit. NO chance at all?
    If possible, I’d sure buy one. thanks

  10. Linda Avatar

    Don’t kid yourself…you ARE our Rock Star!! What? Me collect? Others do that too? Thanks for keeping us on The Dark Side! We need all the help we can get in that regard!

  11. Karen M Avatar
    Karen M

    Wow! It’s beautiful. I better get busy so I can get mine done,
    Thanks, Karen M

  12. Diane K Avatar
    Diane K

    I am thinking ahead – how would you suggest washing this quilt with the red and blue flannels? I would hate this beautiful quilt to bleed. It is lovely as always.

  13. Leslie Avatar

    I would love a finishing kit, but only with the wools, if that is any help. If possible, a colour other than red would be great for me, maybe the blue? If a colour other than red is not possible, no background colour is ok with me!
    Thanks, Leslie Legros, Keewatin, Ontario Canada

  14. Blogless me Avatar

    It is an absolutely gorgeous quilt – love the colours and the way the vines run not only in the borders but in the finishing triangles.

  15. Nancy Brandt Avatar
    Nancy Brandt

    I love it! Wishi would have signed up this summer! You ‘gotta get the moda red for sure!

  16. Gloria G Avatar

    Absolutely gorgeous and with all my favorite colors. I am a collector but I think this one will be one top of the stash! You just keep outdoing yourself that it makes us quiters how to keep up. I wish I had your energy level.

  17. wendy martel Avatar

    did i read somewhere that the thread set that went with the kit will not be enough?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      The thread kit that was sent was for the first 4 weeks…we have will update the list when the project is completed…The project is not complete when we start, therefore I have no idea what threads or how many…we will send out an updated thread list for weeks 5-12, when the quilt is complete..it is almost done…thanks LB

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