Secret Quilt

This is for anyone doing our pieced BOW this summer….Carole wanted to share with you her little quilt made from the extra 2- half sqaure triangles that are left over after piecing the blocks together.

Make sure you save your light squares and sashing for the actual quilt, but see the stack of the extra triangles below, these are what Carole pieced together for this little secret quilt.  This has a soft green border that isn’t showing very well…just thought you might like this info…LB

5 responses to “Secret Quilt”

  1. kathy roloff Avatar
    kathy roloff

    love this!! thanks for the bonus!!

  2. Linda Avatar

    What is a BOW? Sorry, I’m new at this.

  3. Leslie Rozum Avatar
    Leslie Rozum

    Love the 1/2 square triangle quilt!! I’ve been saving all of mine from various projects to do the same thing

  4. LORI Avatar

    very cute!! Can we see how the shop is looking?

  5. Debbie Moore Avatar
    Debbie Moore

    Will the fabric and colors be similar to the one in the picture. I love the colors because they will match so many different outfits.

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