summer freebie…finishing

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer “freebies”.  (the freebies are included in any $12.50 purchase- excluding bom’s from the shop or with an  online order- 1 block is offered each week.) Missed freebies can be purchased for $5 per week…

I am getting ready to leave for LONG BEACH for Summer Quilt Festival and need to get my stuff together to stitch…Hope to see all my CA Friends at the show!!!!
I also am teaching a Workshop at Stars & Scraps in Corona,CA next  Monday the 30th…take a sick day and come learn all my secrets of working with wool…Call Raquel, I know there are a few open spots left….  Here is the phone number…(951-737-3959)

I am showing the finishing kit option for  2012 Summer Freebie….The finishing kit will include the sashing, corner stones, wool circles, black border/binding and wool for the words: my favorite things… and the pattern….That is the finishing kit for $20.  The quilt finishes 31×37.

Then I want you to personalize the borders to fit YOU!,  add things that are important to you… I am showing you how I am finishing my quilt so you get ideas or why you do not want Jeter and Presley on your quilt.  It is not stitched , so it is not that exciting yet….but I am going to encourage you to design the rest…you can do this…don’t think you cannot…I could have designed a generic border and charged a lot more, but that is not what this little quilt is about…so please understand why I am not sharing “my” quilt with you, only the basics…My photos on my blog always seem to be brighter than they are in true life…so keep that in mind when picking your wools…

Some things that are my favorite things: Boating/summer and Warm hands in winter….Sunflowers, Basket full of penny flowers, tulips in spring, “quilting” will be big stitched quilted and Jeter & Presley of course….I also am going to stitch my favorite saying…Bloom where you are planted…

I am sure you can think more things that are important to you too…like your grandchildren’s hands, books for reading, angels for people we miss…knitting needles and so on…if you have a pet…go to google, type in your kind of pet and search images and look for a silhouette….endless possibilites…

Make a fake paper border and design your border…I have included mine, so you can see that this is how I do it…

I am waiting to hear from my Canada girls…are you impressed I didn’t send you the american flag?…if anyone got the american flag instead of the canadian design…let us know…

time for me to pick up my studio…it is a mess from all this tracing, stitching, cutting, peeling of fusible web and so on….wish the wool fairy could wave her wand and it get put away….lol…LB

18 responses to “summer freebie…finishing”

  1. Nancy Avatar

    Such a wonderful design again and inspiration for the rest of us! Thank you.

  2. Sandra Avatar

    Lisa, you have outdone yourself again!!!! LOVE IT!

  3. Sandi H. Avatar

    The design is just lovely, I’ve not received all my blocks yet, the mail is slow. I’m hoping for another group to arrive this week.

    I’m guessing you made us a Canadian Maple leaf flag! Thanks for the inspiration of the borders. Can’t wait to make it myself.

  4. Ramona Schreiber Avatar
    Ramona Schreiber

    To date, I have just received the first 4 blocks. Being from Canada, I was wondering how I can personalize my project but it sounds as though you have worked this out for me. I look forward to seeing more blocks. Great Project and I am so glad I signed up to participate.

  5. Colleen Avatar

    Just love this, Lisa! So glad I have been doing them. On #7, keeping current for a change. LOVE your border. Good idea for the doggie silhouettes. Going to do that. Thanks!

  6. Debby Avatar

    Great finish to this cute little freebie. It really shows how the sashing and borders really add so much to the personality of this little quilt…now for my own border, where did I put my thinking cap??? 😉

  7. suejean1 Avatar

    I love the finishing on the summer freebie. Such a fun quilt. I have been enjoying quessing what else you would add as a favorite thing. I am doing the SBOW with friends and we had talked about how we hoped you would have your dogs on the quilt. It is perfect!

  8. Janan Avatar

    I think you have another winner! Your Summer BOW freebies border is such a great idea.
    I love the dog silhouettes! This has been sew much fun! I love your borders. I think I will have to add
    sunflowers, birds, birdhouses, rabbits, sewing, quilting. . . . . . . . .

  9. Liz Armstrong Avatar

    Oh dear I am surprised, I thought sure you would include food/ recipes, something related to the “men” in your life, gardening for sure and maybe the retreat house. I like your offerings however, you always do the unexpected. After all Lisa it’s not rocket science as you always say. How now, do we order the finishing kit for this one. I appreciate your keeping the price down that shows you think of those of us who are retired. I thank you very much. I want my finished freebie quilt to look something like yours but more like mine. I have such strange favorites…..LOL……….Liz A.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      You can order finishing kits online under block of the month…. 🙂 LB

  10. Barbara York Avatar

    I love this and recently subscribed to your magazine but just now saw this. If there have been 7 so far can I pay $5 for each to get them? I love this quilt.

  11. Teri LaVoy Avatar
    Teri LaVoy

    I also love the finishing kit you did. I have already thought of a few of my favorite things to put on it as well. But, I have to admit, I have not started my SBOW project. I had an embroidery piece that I took back and forth to Michigan over the last two years that I needed to finish. (The snow men in it have more frequent flier miles than my husband). So, I finished the embroidery this last weekend at a quilting retreat and am now ready to begin!! So looking forward to working with wool again. BTW – can you add one of the My Favorite Things finishing kit to one of my SBOW orders? Thanks.

  12. Laurie Foley Avatar
    Laurie Foley

    How do I get the patterns for the summer freebie? I love, love, love it. Is the pattern for sale on the site somewhere?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      The summer freebie kits…are still going on…so you would have to place an order for $12.50min and you will receive the rest of the freebie kits for august…or
      you can wait until it is a pattern for sale

      1. Laurie Foley Avatar
        Laurie Foley

        So, if I order from the site will I get the entire pattern or just a part of it

      2. lisabongean Avatar

        If you order now, you will get the 4 free block kits and patterns for the 4 weeks in august…if you want all the block kits you missed you will have to pay $5 each for them…if you want to wait until later and order the pattern and the whole kit at once you can do that…your choice…I do not know the price of the pattern and kit now…it will only be sold as a kit/pattern in October….hope this is clearer????

  13. Darlene D'Eon Avatar

    Beautiful quilt!

  14. Vicki Avatar

    My hometown is Yakima , Washington….great place to live…an hour drive from the beautiful forests…a 5 hour drive to the Pacific Ocean…I have been here all my life but dream of living at Cape Meares, favorite place to visit…been going there for 25 years!!! We are known for our wines in the lower valley, my uncle being one of the wineries called Hyatt Vineyards…

    You are such an inspiration Lisa….one day my friends and I are going on a road trip to your shop…sad to say but we just don’t have great quilt shops here in Yakima…Seattle is 150 west of here so I visit there quite often…lots of shops there…

    Keep up the wonderful work you and all of your staff do…

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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