Quilting with the Stars/ interview with Mary Fons…Love of Quilting

Hey..this is for all my quilting buddies who wanted me to let them know about this interview…this is really exciting for me, this is a first…but if you cannot sleep and are bored surfing the web, you can watch it here…..this is the first part of three parts…click the link below:   http://www.fonsandporter.com/articles/Lisa_Bongean_talks_with_Mary_Fons___Part_One

I needed to download the flash player and sign in …you might get some wool tips if you have not been able to take one of my classes…do you have the current issue of Love of Quilting?  Part 3 explains the project on page 62.

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  1. Nancy Dey Avatar
    Nancy Dey

    Hey Lisa, I just finished watching all 3 episodes and LOVED them all. You are a born natural in front of the camera…..watching and listening was just the same as it is when we are hanging out together sewing. It was fun to watch!!

  2. Rebecca M Avatar
    Rebecca M

    You are scheduled to come to our guild and I hope I can take a class from you then. Loved watching the interviews. Love your work.

  3. Gina Avatar

    Thanks! You did a great job and it was so much fun to see you in action.

  4. Michelle Avatar

    Just finished watching all three episodes. It was so nice to finally get to see you. I am a big fan of yours and haven’t had the chance to make it to any quilt shows or classes to meet you, yet. Keep the projects coming!!

  5. Kim Avatar

    Lisa; You did a fantastic job on the show. Loved all the Eye Candy you provided us with. Always love to see what new things you are coming up with. Your way of explaining how to do wool applique just makes me wish I was taking a class with you. Not only for the information you would provide but the fun of being around you.
    As always can not wait to see what fabric and patterns you come up with next.

  6. Debby Avatar

    Hi Lisa, I just watched all 3 Quilting with the Stars with you Mary Fons, You did great interviews. You were just like you are when I attended your learn how to stitch a wool matt class about 2 years ago. I look forward to The Quilt Expo in Madison. see you in Sept. 🙂

  7. Bari Jo Avatar
    Bari Jo

    I just finished watching the 3 interviews. This was so much fun to see you talk about the quilts and wool applique! I wish I lived close enough to come to a class – thank you for what you shared in these interviews! I learned a lot! Your work is beautiful and I love your wools and books and patterns. I’ve always been very pleased with my orders from your shop! :O) Some day, if you ever do a video tutorial of what you teach in classes, I would love to purchase it!

  8. Janan Doster Avatar
    Janan Doster

    You did a great job on the videos. It was nice to have a refresh class. I took your class over a year ago. I think it would be a great idea if you made a video of tutorials And added a special tour of your quilt shop and gatherings place!

  9. Gloria Parsons Avatar

    Hey Miss “Super-Star”!!! I just watched your 3 interviews…you were awesome chickie… and you looked so darn pretty!!!! You rock sister! Gloria

    1. Lisa Bongean Avatar
      Lisa Bongean

      Hey..thanks! It was different is all I can say… LB

  10. Liz Armstrong Avatar

    Oh dear, it was the real you. I am assuming that was your lecture audition and it was good. Very well done and you will be soon nominated for the Emmy. Now how to get in touch with Amy. everything I am sending to her is coming back MailerDemon. Please send me her new address if she has changed. Thanks. Liz Armstrong

  11. Linda Reiter Avatar
    Linda Reiter

    Lisa, loved your interviews with Mary Fons. Have you ever considered making videos of your methods so that those of us who aren’t able to attend your classes can benefit from your expertise.

  12. Teresa Avatar

    I’m new to quilting and my first quilt show I found your beautiful books, felt, etc. and well…I’m in love with
    E V E R T H I N G! Then I just viewed your 3 tv interviews, great job you ROCK! Just placed my first order!

  13. Janan Doster Avatar
    Janan Doster

    You did a fabulous job in the videos! You have so much talent designing projects and working with wool.
    Your passion for stitching is so inspiring!

  14. Liz A Avatar

    Sold out workshop tonight at guild…..and now a list for waiting………….told ya!!!!!

  15. Gloria G Avatar
    Gloria G

    Awesome interview! Will be going to Houston Quilt show in November. Can’t wait to see you. Will you be showing any of your wool applique tricks/techniques?

  16. Gloria G from TX Avatar
    Gloria G from TX

    Awesome interview! Looking forward to seeing you in Houston. Will you be giving an classes? Would love to learn some wool applique tricks/tips.

  17. Michelle Avatar

    Oh, I agree with Gloria G from TX. I would love to take one of your classes. I am always hoping that a quilt shop in the Dallas area will have you in for a class when you come to Moda to work on your next awesome line of fabric. In the mean time, I study your pictures and place my orders online. I love your style and textiles. Michelle S. from TX

  18. Cindy Avatar

    Hi Lisa, what a great way to start my quiet Saturday morning, cup of coffee and learning more about wool! You did a great job…really down to earth…so natural (the way we all know you)! Love your patterns & fabrics!

  19. Mary Eisele Avatar
    Mary Eisele

    What an awesome interview! Great job, Miss “Quilting with the Stars!”

  20. Brenda Van Wert Avatar
    Brenda Van Wert

    What a great interview Lisa! Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to see you and your booth in October, Des Moines to see what is new!!!

  21. stacey Avatar

    Loved all 3 parts! Is there anyway to get how many yards of each red and each green we will need for the pattern you have coming out in November that you previewed in Part 2?

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