Madison 2012


Another Madison Quilt Expo is in the books…I hope everyone had a great time… I know I sure did! Our booth was so packed it was CRAZY!

My helpers Luke and Jake, had a blast and proved to their Mom that they can run a booth and sell our stuff! I left them to the wolves and taught an hour lecture each day, which really was about 2 hours each day by the time i left the booth and came back…I hope all of you had a great experience.  The Madison show is a really nice show… I love being able to meet the quilters and talk about wool. Next year I will do things a little different, so look for a change in my lectures…

Above is a sample of some of my favorite quilts from the show…(to be honest, I had about 15min to breeze through it, so I appologize for not getting everyone’s name w/quilt…my comments are what I liked about them)….click on them and they will enlarge.

We couldn’t leave our booth and spent any freetime before the show opened restocking!  We were beat…it was an intense 3 days.  I don’t feel so bad now…if the 20 year olds are tired too, then I am not doing so bad…

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  1. Redhead Avatar

    You must be so proud of your boys!

  2. Becky A. Wright Avatar

    Love that Blooming Baskets quilt! Very unusual baskets and great fabrics. Sounds like a great show. Hope you’re resting today.

  3. Debbie Goad Avatar
    Debbie Goad

    Hey Lisa
    I have never signed up for a lecture at the expo before but after taking yours I will definately do it again. Thanks for all the info and inspiration. I learned alot about wool and hand dying. Don’t think I am ready to try to dye it myself but why would I when your wools are so beautiful? I will be looking for a wool workshop by you in my area in the future. I also learned by watching you do the blanket stitch what I am doing wrong so hopefully my stitches will be better. Thanks.

  4. Leslie Avatar

    Hi Lisa!
    Could you please help me out? I’ve emailed now 5 times and called once about getting the wool Block of the Week, and no reply. When there was a concern about not enough fabric, I bought my own.
    Now I’d like a finishing kit, but just the wool and patterns please. I’ll even buy extra wool to make up the price.
    Could you please forward this to the lady handling the orders?
    I can’t call from work during the week, and the lady isn’t there on Saturdays.
    Thanks, Leslie Legros, Kenora Canada.

  5. Karen Avatar

    I have missed the show by a week – sometimes I catch it when I go to visit my daughter near Madison but I won’t be up there until the end of this week 🙁 I do hope to take a day trip this year though to see your shop! I will try to take a lecture sometime by you at the show if I can arrange my trip at the correct time! I am in Arkansas and try to visit at least once a year.

  6. 104 East Carlton, Frontenac, Kansas 66763 Avatar
    104 East Carlton, Frontenac, Kansas 66763

    I live in a small town in southeast Kansas —- not originally from here, but have been here so long that I do consider it my home town — I too love to work with wool —- thanks for the pattern —

  7. Beth Strand Avatar

    Hi Lisa, I’m Beth Strand and I live in Oregon City, Oregon (the End of the Oregon Trail.) I’m originally from Southern California and I love, love, love my home in Oregon but sometimes I have an overwhelming longing for the ocean. Oregon has beautiful coast, too, but it lacks the kelpy, salty smell of the warmer beaches.

  8. Bertha Mallard Avatar
    Bertha Mallard

    I live in North Richland Hills, Texas. My heart is in Fort Worth, Texas, just a few miles (blocks) away. I was born and raised in Fort Worth, but lived in many other cities and states as an adult–going to college, working, you know…living. I think it’s great to be what your town is known for.

  9. Rosemary Avatar

    Your little 9-patch is so sweet. Thanks for the opportunity to win some great fabric and learn about your hometown.

  10. Donna Avatar

    Hi from McCormick SC
    This is my home now for the past four years. Originally from a Chicago burb I am becoming a transplant. It’s not easy to lose my Yankee ways and adapt to “southern living.” I’m getting there and quilting is a big help. We have begun a Quilt Block Trail in our county and it’s giving me some feel for the people, traditions and history. Just shows an old dog can learn something new.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    Donna I

  11. Brenda Cornell Avatar
    Brenda Cornell

    I am like you – my feet in one place and my heart in another. I love living in Santa Cruz but miss my family in Canada

  12. Jean Fisher Avatar
    Jean Fisher

    My name is Jean and I live just North of KC, MO. But grew up in MN. So I would have to say that is where my heart is. Love going back every summer for a week at the lake with my kids and grand kids and sometimes spending a long weekend at Duluth. Love the little quilt. I will have to make that , wool & all. Thanks for the opportunity to maybe win a kit.

  13. Renee Welton Avatar
    Renee Welton

    Hello! I first saw you and your wonderful wares at AQS quilt show in Paducah. You were at the mall. I just recently was at your booth in Grand Rapids, MI. I live in Plymouth, MI. I grew up about 10 miles away in Northville, but my Grandmother lived in Plymouth and I always wanted too also. It is the home of the Daisy Air Rifle Company. We are 10 miles from Ann Arbor, MI home of the University of Michigan.
    I love primitives and civil war quilts. I have one of your books and two of your kits but I haven’t “jumped in” and tried it yet. I promise I will this month. Thank you for all you do!

  14. SueP Avatar

    My hometown is where I live now. I love the agricultural and small town feel with some bigger town ameneties.
    We are so close to the ocean or the mountains and have fairly mild weather.

  15. Patty D Avatar
    Patty D

    I live with my family here in central NC but I always think that my home town is Waldwick in NJ

  16. Erin Avatar

    I live in Maumee Ohio. I like it here well enough. I do have a choice of 4 quilt shops in the area so that’s pretty good! Thanks for the chance to win.

  17. Janice King Avatar
    Janice King

    Lisa, your comments about your hometown are so funny! I was born in Nashville, Tennessee, but have lived for the past forty in Lebanon, just thirty miles east of there….so, kind of know what you are! Lebanon is however, home to the Cracker Barrell Old Country Store restaurants. The very first store was here and now their corporate office boasts beautifully landscaped grounds. We are proud of it. Love your pattern and I am also partial to those nine patches! Love this blog hop….

  18. Lisa in Texas Avatar
    Lisa in Texas

    Hi, my hometown in Clear Lake Texas…but my heart is where I live now, in Boerne Texas. I just love your nine patch kit and would love to win! Lisa in Texas

  19. Jacque Avatar

    I love you site. I love in a small Oklahoma town where nothing goes on. I would love to live in alot of the places I am seeing on this Moda hop – some really enchanting places out there! Hope I win!

  20. Sue Brooks Avatar
    Sue Brooks

    Hi Lisa, The Madison show was a blast! You had the longest line for check-outs almost the whole show!! Thanks for liking my quilt, the redwork barns. I took a chance and submitted it for acceptance to the show. The show was wonderful and I can’t wait until next year already! I also have purchased almost everything in your booth! Can’t wait until your next pattern/ideas come out!

  21. malinisquilts Avatar

    I’m originally from India but I call the North Andover (suburb North of Boston) as my hometown now. I have live here for the past 8 years and feel like home. This is perfect place to raise kids and my favorite quilt shop is next door in New Hampshire.

    I’m eyeing on the fat-quarter bundle. I never win anything. It would be awesome if I win this ;).

  22. vicki boschman Avatar
    vicki boschman

    thanks for the entertaining post! and I love that fabric!!! I live in a little mill town on Vancouver Island and have for about a year. we have great ocean view which I am enjoying but it is hard adapting to life here as there isn’t even a drug store.

  23. Heather Seibel Avatar
    Heather Seibel

    I enjoyed reading your post! Like you, and others, where I live (Calgary, Alberta, Canada) is not my hometown, but even my hometown doesn’t feel like ‘home’ anymore. My spirit truly wants to live near the water – preferably the large kind – Vancouver Island or Santorini, Greece would do it!

  24. Katie Y. Avatar
    Katie Y.

    Hello! I live in Vestavia Hills, AL (right outside of Birmingham). I have lived here my whole life, but will be moving to Mobile early 2013. While I am sad to leave my family and friends, I am excited to begin my new life at the coast!

  25. Katie Y. Avatar
    Katie Y.

    I accidentally left my comment on the wrong post :/ Sorry about that!

  26. Karen L Avatar

    I live in Bentonville, AR, but my hometown in Charlotte, NC. I do like Bentonville, though. We’re famous for being the WalMart headquarters, plus we have Crystal Bridges Art Museum. And 19 different Thai restaurants fairly close by. Yes, I do love the area!

  27. Avon Avatar

    I do like my home town but it has really changed. I like my current home town it has been a wonderful place to raise 6 boys. I did however say, when driving through it before getting married. I would hate to live in a po-dunk place like this. Little did I know the wonderful memories I would have of this town. Love the fabric. I might have to buy some whether I win or not. 🙂

    I live in Bothwell, Utah. And Love it.

  28. Toymum Avatar

    Thanks so much for sharing your home town story. When I was reading it the book The outsiders by SE Hinton came to mind. I live in Melbourne Australia, which is a city not a town. We live in the outer suburbs. I love Melbourne. It’s a great place to live and bring up a family. Sport is very big here, especially football. Australia was founded on the wool trade. We have lots of sheep here so I love your project, thank you for your generosity. Toymum

  29. TX JennyWren Avatar


  30. elizabeth Avatar

    i really wouldn’t live in many other places than up in the hills in the rains and bushfire prone area am I stupid but we love it i think your block is the best so far in my opinion

  31. Jim Nielsen Avatar
    Jim Nielsen

    Change to address email thanks Jean

  32. Donna Wheeler Avatar
    Donna Wheeler

    I’m an Iowan but my grandchildren live in North Carolina. I wish I lived there too. Love making quilts for friends and those baby kids.

    1. Pam Avatar

      I love my hometown of Chico California. We even have bumper stickers here that say “Chico is my Hometown”. thanks for the chance to win!

  33. Pam Avatar

    This has been the best blog hop – goes to show you that creativity and great humor can reside anywhere. I have to live by a BIG body of water, get claustrophic living inland. Chespeake is right between the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay. It’s great except for the occasional hurricane that threatens. Thanks for sharing a part of your life with fellow quilters.

  34. Lauren aka Giddy99 Avatar
    Lauren aka Giddy99

    We moved a lot during my childhood, so I don’t feel like I have a hometown, really. I live in Dickson, TN which is about 35 miles west of Nashville… I spent a lot of my 20s and 30’s living and working in Nashville, and my grandparents lived there for nearly 40 years, so that’s probably where I feel most comfortable. 🙂

  35. Angela Cruz Avatar

    Hi, I am Angela and I am in Warner Robins, GA. I have only lived here just over 5 years but I feel as if this is my home town. We are built around a military base and I love being able to meet so many different people. I am quite new to quilting and I am loving it.

  36. Kathleen LeMere Avatar

    Loved the Madison show. Really enjoyed your class. Again a big thank you for the gift!

  37. judy Avatar

    I live in a small town in east central Il. We came here for my husband’s job and planned to stay for 3 years….26 years later..we are still here. There isn’t a thing here…but we are close to several large cities, so cannot complain much! Love the opportunity to win your project–very nice. thank you

    Judy heartland stitcher

  38. nanbon44 Avatar

    I now live on the Florida Gulf Coast and just love the great weather here…

  39. Avatar

    This website was… how do I say it? Relevant!!
    Finally I have found something which helped me. Kudos!

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