My stuff in Moda’s booth


8 responses to “My stuff in Moda’s booth”

  1. Avatar

    Looks awesome Lisa!!!

  2. Caroljmagnuson Avatar

    I saw pics of her booth at market. Really like the black and white one too. Can you imagine the enormity of it all? Did you see the trailer in the booth. Huge spaces to fill, tolbe in. Overwhelming. No, thank you. Too huge. Of course Texas would do it that way. Me, C

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  3. Robin Reilly Avatar

    Lisa, are you offering kits of the snowman kit? Actually, what I mean is, will I be able to get kits from Moda to sell? LOVE this quilt! 🙂

  4. Karen Avatar

    I love the snowman quilt.

  5. Susan Avatar

    Love it!!

  6. Darlene D'Eon Avatar


  7. Judy Ebbert Avatar
    Judy Ebbert

    I want it all!

  8. Ann Avatar

    Wow! I can’t wait till these are available.

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