Saturday at quilt market…

Today is the real first day of market…all the booths are finished and beautifully displaying all the newest designs for the upcoming year for shop owners to carry in their shops…I being a designer and shop owner am doubly overwhelmed by all the excitement all contained in this huge convention hall….I wish you all could just once see all of this. It’s truly amazing!

Today I stay in my booth…assuring shop owner they NEED all of my stuff, my wools, my patterns, my Moda fabric line, my Valdani threads…and so on…I want every one/shop to be as successful as Primitive Gatherings is… And I help them with everything they ask me about…How do I start wool in my shop? How should i display it, how much do I need to get started… How do I get all these samples made?..and the list goes on…I assure them wool is NOT a passing trend and it is NOT going to go away…

It is fun to see all the shop owners I have helped or taught at their shops or retreats in the past. They love me and think I am some kind of quilt goddess for sharing mu secrets and successes with them…and this is why I work so hard… This is why I am so driven…it is not just about me and never has been…

7 responses to “Saturday at quilt market…”

  1. Brittany Voigt Avatar
    Brittany Voigt

    Lisa, you are simply amazing!!!

  2. sharon h Avatar
    sharon h

    Just love everything I have ever seen your booth at the Int’l show in Cincy! Everyone should want Primitive Gatherings in their stores!

  3. Julie - Me & My Stitches Avatar

    I think anyone who knows you knows how extremely talented you are, but not only that…you are a very generous and giving person. Hope you have a great time at Market.

  4. Rachel Childress Avatar
    Rachel Childress

    Lisa, you are so welcoming and helpful….I love how you share your secrets! I can’t wait for you to return to Northern Va! I am glad to know that wool is not a passing trend…I just love it.

  5. Linda kaufmann Avatar
    Linda kaufmann

    Lisa, you are an amazing artist !

  6. Debbie Hanfbauer Avatar

    Thanks again Lisa! I really appreciate your help and I love your new line. I bought it all for my store!! Too bad we have to wait until April 🙂

  7. Wanda Avatar

    Love the snowman quilt and runner! A quick question though, is the Snowman doll one of your patterns? I couldn’t find it anywhere on your web site.

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