wedding in less than 8 months…

It was nice yesterday to take a break and go wedding dress shopping with my son’s bride to be, her mother and her two maids of honor…Sister Emma is too young to sign the legal docs…so Lauren has two MOH’s to help her…I had know idea what it is like to go shopping with girls as you all know I have three son’s…Lauren had a picture of the dress she liked in a magazine…but tried on about 5 dresses and of course she chose the one from the magazine ad…she will go one more time, just to make sure she has picked the right one…she said it was too easy…I said thats when you know you picked the right one…but I want to thank her for allowing me “in” on this most sacred event…  I have been busy stitching the Gifts for the “Christmas Open House”…I will let you know soon what they will be…all for now…THANK YOU…SOLDIERS….for this life of FREEDOM!  May GOD bless you all…

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  1. Peggy Aront Avatar

    Lisa, my daughter is getting married April 27th and we had the same experience with the dress. She went in armed with a picture and in the end only tried on maybe 5 or 6 dresses but KNEW right away she got the right one. I thought we’d be in the shop for hours and in reality 45 minutes was all it took. We got the bridesmaids dresses yesterday so now it’s just me 🙂 eek…..
    Good luck with all the wedding prep….
    Peggy in NJ

  2. Avatar

    You do have a customer who owns a bridal shop . . . Let me know if I can help!

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  3. SueAnn Wirick Avatar
    SueAnn Wirick

    Almost 10 years ago my daughter was that kind to her future Mother-In-Law. I was so proud of her for doing that. Her future mil was very grateful too. You are very lucky to have someone so caring!

  4. Karmen Avatar

    How fun! We had two weddings this summer. I was able to dress shop with one of my now daughters-in-law, and I was so excited about it. Now two of my sons (oldest and youngest) are married; the middle son invited a girl from Seattle to his big brother’s wedding and she stayed and moved in with him. Three boys and now three delightful girls are in the family. We are so blessed!

  5. vlrbates Avatar

    are you ever going to have patriotic fabric? i have been waiting for it. good luck with the wedding.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      We have it! It has been in since right before we left for Houston…
      Look under fabric, primitive gatherings and then old glory!

  6. Connie Matter Avatar
    Connie Matter

    Lisa This is Connie last night I took you class and when I got home my quilt with the two trees and Santa were not with me. I will call the shop but I do not remember seeing it on the table.

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