Mr & Mrs. Gerald Bongean…50 Years Together…

Can you imagine making it to 50 years!!! WOW…Saturday night we had a small celebration with Nicks parents…We cooked them Steak and Lobster with all the other fix-ins and they talked about when they got married…They were married at 9 in the morning…The neighbors cooked lunch and supper in the Hall for them.  The neighbors kids were the waiters and waitresses…They had a dance after the dinner with all of their family and friends attending….things were a lot different back then…
Congratulations Mom and Dad…Hope you have many more…
PS…I hope I can get 50 roses someday, I know I will have earned every damn one of them!!! lol…
Posting about Christmas Open House tomorrow…can you wait that long to see your presents?   LB

14 responses to “Mr & Mrs. Gerald Bongean…50 Years Together…”

  1. Cindy Crowell Avatar
    Cindy Crowell

    Congradulations on 50 years of marriage!!!
    That is very special. Sending you special wishes from California. Cindy Crowell

  2. Betty Avatar

    Fifty years is quiet the accomplishment. My Mother and Father were married for 60 years and yes they earned every one of those roses!

  3. Damenana Avatar

    Oh Nice day for them… Good day And very good anniversary…

  4. Redhead Avatar

    Cheers! Congratulations! 50 years with your best friend…here’s to many more.


  5. Julie - Me & My Stitches Avatar

    Happy Anniversary to them!

    Presents?????? You know I love presents!!

  6. Linda L Avatar

    Congrats on the first 50 and best wishes for many more.

  7. Linda Kaufmann Avatar
    Linda Kaufmann

    That is so cool Lisa. God bless them !

  8. Woolie Avatar


  9. Jan Avatar

    Congratulations to your in-laws. 50 years is amazing.

  10. Melva Campbell Avatar
    Melva Campbell

    I love reading your blog and all your designs.
    We have been married 62 years.

  11. Maria do Carmo Avatar
    Maria do Carmo

    Congratulações!!!Deus os ABENÇOE.

  12. njquilter24 Avatar

    wow 50 years can you imagine! what a MAJOR milestone, I think you deserve those 50 roses NOW!

  13. Dave and Elaine Avatar
    Dave and Elaine

    best wishes on your 50th and i hope you have many more happy years together

  14. Lori Avatar

    Adorable! 😉

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