Here are photos of the Shop on Christmas Open House day…I hope you like our “new” shop and it remodel…make sure you “notice” our new carpeting…this is by far the biggest thing for me…no more teal….There is nothing like seeing it in person…so keep in mind these picture do not do real justice to being in the shop… and remember you can make a trip to Primitive Gatherings…and stay at my house…the Gathering…Enjoy!!!

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  1. Jane Lemm Avatar
    Jane Lemm

    OMG I want to come visit you so much!!!

  2. Woolie Avatar

    I would have to leave retirement, return to work if I lived anywhere near your fabulous shop…as it is my online purchases are a big part of my budget! LOL

    1. Marie Avatar

      I totally agree with you Woolie. Most of my budget goes here also!

  3. Nancy Avatar

    Loved the tour! Thank you.

  4. Ann Avatar

    The shop is gorgeous! I can see I need to make another road trip. Would love to stay at your house. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I am sure you are getting ready for Christmas. Thanks for the free patterns from the holiday open house.

  5. Sorcha girl Avatar
    Sorcha girl

    The shop looks very inviting. I love the soft brown used on the walls. So many enticing projects are displayed. It is a good thing that I do not live close by. Wishing you the best!

  6. Sue Schultz Avatar
    Sue Schultz

    What a feast for the eyes!! I really enjoyed looking at all the photos. Wish I lived close enough to have been there. I will have to plan for another trip to the shop.

  7. Mary Ellen Avatar
    Mary Ellen

    Your shop is awesome! Hoping to make a trip up there some day from Tennessee.

  8. rosa Avatar

    wow,it is absolutely wonderful. I would lose myself there!

  9. Pattywacks Avatar

    Geeeeeezzzz, the shop is gorgeous … On my list to visit … Thanks for sharing the photos for all your fans scattered around the country.

  10. Denise Avatar

    All that fabric, wool, patterns!! So Little Time!! Someday I want to make a trip to vist the shop!!

  11. debby Avatar

    Love your shop, Lisa!! Am hoping to come up there someday:) Am SO glad you come to DM AQS show so we can shop your booth. Thanks for inviting us in:)

  12. Pat Avatar

    After seeing these photos I could kick myself for not visiting your shop in Sept. when I was in WI for the show in Madison. I won’t make that mistake again. What an awesome shop – the kind I would spend hours in. Thanks for sharing the photos. Pat in Minnesota.

  13. Linda Avatar

    Beautiful store. I hope to someday make a road trip. Thanks for all the beautiful photos. I want to make everything I see on your wall!

  14. Elaine Avatar

    Wow! What a shop! You’re on my bucket list to visit. Merry Christmas!

  15. Marcia Porcelli Avatar

    This is what Heaven looks like!

  16. Becky Avatar

    Oh my…so much eye candy, love it! I’ve never been to WI but might have to plan a trip there just so I can visit your shop. Thanks for including your distant customers in your open house.

  17. Angela Brady Avatar

    Oh I just love the pictures of your shop. I so hope I can visit and stay at your Gatherings house. Until then I look forward to seeing your booth in Raleigh NC next summer.

  18. suejean1 Avatar

    I love the quilt that is hanging above the door in the shop photos. What pattern is it? Is there a kit?

  19. Donna Avatar

    Heaven!! You need to open a shop in CA, and I need to manage it for you!!!

  20. Robin Avatar

    I loved the tour, I wish I could visit the store in person. I’ll have to be content to go online. It makes me wish I could display my stash like a quilt store so I could see everything I have at all times.

  21. Elizabeth Bryan Avatar
    Elizabeth Bryan

    Oh my, what a beautiful shop. How I wished I could just hop in my car and drive over, but, I think that will be a bit impossible to do from New Zealand. I will just have to shop online.

  22. Pam Miller Avatar
    Pam Miller

    Lisa, I just received my package a few minutes ago from the after Thanksgiving extravaganza. I couldn’t wait to tear into it! Thank you so much for the free patterns and pin cushion kit. I have been “touring” your beautiful shop this morning-had to look at the pictures several times. That was alot of fun. Wish I lived closer so I could visit in person. Well, I can do the next best thing-shop on line. God bless you, your family and staff and I hope your Christmas this year is the best ever!

  23. Cindy Avatar

    Lisa, you are too funny…now it’s snowing on your blog…I love it! I truly enjoy my hobby of sewing with wool!

  24. Cheryl Keown Avatar
    Cheryl Keown

    Hope to make it to your shop someday. It looks wonderful.

  25. Jean Nolting Avatar
    Jean Nolting

    Jean Nolting
    2305 Fairway Drive
    Moorhead,Mn. 56560

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