Day 12

12 days...

It is now 12 days til Christmas…I hope this post finds you enjoying your preparations for the big days, ahead….  I love this time of year because it allows me to share what I have with others…I know I can and I do, share at other times of the year, but it just seems more on my mind on how to and when to share at this time of the year…last night was a no brainer…the 12/12/12 concert for victims of Sandy…if you called you supposedly could speak to a celeb…I wanted to talk to Whoopi, but no luck…it was cool to see all the “older” performers that I may not ever see in concert perform…We also went out to dinner last night and picked a family and anonymously purchased their dinner for them…I love doing this…this is my favorite thing to do…But lets get to another kind of sharing with you…Quilt Stuff…now this list I have compiled is in no particular order…so I am just starting with one of the most important things…

A ruler…If you do not cut accurately you cannot stitch accurately!  With that said this is the most necessary ruler I have, beside the 8 1/2″x 24″ that we all should own.  The 4″x 8″ Omnigrid ruler is by far the most accurate for sub-cutting.  You all know I love to piece “little” and this ruler helps me cut accurately.  See all those 1/8″ grids?  Yes…you need them….see how fine they are?  That helps not having a big thick line…what side of the line are you on? Am I in the middle?  With this 4×8 ruler there is no guessing…therefore…it is more accurate for piecing. It also does not have the extra 1/2″ that sometimes confuses people.  The Omnigrid rulers also come in 4×4 or 3×18, which I also have of course, but this is the best size for handling purposes also. I do not want to be swinging around an 18″ ruler when cutting 1 1/2″ pieces.

If you are interested in purchasing this ruler it is conveniently linked below to my site, however I have no problem with you supporting your local quilt shop and purchasing there.  If you do not have a nice local shop and want to purchase from me…you will receive a 25% discount off it now til the end of the year.  Please understand that your order may take a bit.  We do not know how many we will sell?  It might be 5 it may be 50, hopefully it won’t be 500, I don’t think my supplier would have that many!!!…lol, so we may have to order this for you.  We appreciate your patience and we will ship your order as soon as we have them in our store, if we run out of what we have in stock.  Stop back by tomorrow to see what you need to help you be a better Quilter!

If you leave me a comment, like…tell me you have this one and love it too!, tell me you are purchasing it now!!!, tell me if I drive you crazy, in a good way!!!…in other words tell me something and I will enter your comment in to win one of my prizes.  I will post the winner and the prize tomorrow along with #11!

Purchase 4×8 Omnigrid Ruler here

12 "Needlful" Things for better Quilting!
12 “Needlful” Things for better Quilting!


176 responses to “Day 12”

  1. Jill Avatar

    I do not have this ruler, but I am thinking I should put it on my Christmas list. I use my 6″ x 12″ a lot, but I can see how much nicer this would be for smaller piecing (which I have been doing a lot of lately). Thanks for sharing your success with this ruler.

  2. Audrey Bretz Avatar

    I actually have two of these rulers! And I agree – you can’t live without them!

  3. Pat Avatar

    Lisa, I love getting your emails. Have purchased and made several of your patterns. Hope to visit your shop next year – it’s on my bucket list.

  4. Diane Avatar

    I have this ruler and love it for all the reasons you say! Good choice!

  5. Rosemary Redhead Avatar
    Rosemary Redhead

    Own it, love it, and use it a lot!!!

  6. Pattywacks Avatar

    🎄🎄🎄Happy Holidays Lisa🎄🎄🎄.
    🎅🎅🎅Would like to find one of these rulers in my Christmas stocking🎅🎅🎅

  7. Brenda Avatar

    I am so looking forward to see all 12 of these posts. I do not own this ruler. I will have to look for it.

  8. Sharon K Avatar
    Sharon K

    Love mine. Looking forward to your post every day.

  9. Sherrie Avatar

    You’re right this is a great ruler for making smaller quilts. I love mine.

  10. Bev Avatar

    Hard to believe I don’t know about this ruler….I do have a 2 1/2″ x 6″ that I tried for small cuts and like. One of the highlights of our vacation in Sept. was visiting your shop! All I can say is WOW!

  11. Pamela Schmitt Avatar

    Do not have it but I am getting it. Lisa you are the only quilt shop owner that I know that is truly inspirational with your quilting. I love your blogs and can’t wait till you post a new one. Love everything about your shop which I get to at least once a year. But online is just as good. I want to say thanks to all the helpful girls at the shop too.

  12. sara Avatar

    Of course I own it and love it!

  13. Ditzy Dame Avatar
    Ditzy Dame

    What a great idea to pick someone out and “secretly” buy their dinner. I love random acts of kindness…you’ve inspired me to pass it on!!!

  14. Sandra Avatar

    I have an older ruler from Omnigrid and never noticed that they have updated it with the small 1/8 grids. I had a WOW moment! THANK YOU!

  15. Paulette Doyle Avatar

    I don’t own either of these rulers so thanks so much for the heads up! I am on the hunt!! Thanks so much for the chance to win your give away! Wishing you a very merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year! See you at Road to California!

  16. Renee Rettler Avatar
    Renee Rettler

    I am really looking forward to the list of 12 great things! You are the expert so I listen carefully to your suggestions. I have lots of rulers, but not this one. I will buy it the next time I am at Primitive Gatherings – which won’t be long as I am there often 🙂 And I love the idea of buying someone’s dinner unexpectedly. What a wonderful idea!

  17. Denise Avatar

    Happy Holidays!! I enjoy your emails! I also like the snow that is falling on this site!! I have this ruler and it is a really nice ruler to have!

  18. Patty F Avatar
    Patty F

    I have the 4×8 but my go-to ruler has been the 4×14.. am not sure why but am going to change it up and try the 4×8 more regularly.

  19. LeAnn Keenan Avatar
    LeAnn Keenan

    I’m really excited for all twelve days to see what you post. I’ve been much more aware recently of piecing with more precision. Thanks.

  20. Felice G Avatar
    Felice G

    We do not have a local quilt shop in my town…………..the closest one’s are 1.5 hours north or south, so I am thrilled to support your shop. Additionally many Florida quilt shops dont carry wool. I dont own the above mentioned ruler, but may give it a shot. Thanks for sharing your time and talents:)

  21. Libby D Avatar
    Libby D

    Absolutely one of my favorite rulers as well. I anxiously await for Day 11!!

  22. Angela Brady Avatar

    I do have this ruler and find it very helpful for cutting small pieces.

  23. debra Avatar

    Happy holidays, yes i do agree i do have this ruler. I am a big fan of omnigrid rulers and i wholeheartedly agree if you dont cut percisely you cant stitch percisely. Thanks for entering me your giveaway!

  24. Barbara Avatar

    I am looking forward to your 12 days of Christmas. I have to look for the ruler. Thanks for all your inspiration and the giveway. Merry Christms!

  25. Lorene Avatar

    I have the 6 x 12 i use ALL the time. But i think you might have talked into the 4 x 8!

  26. Bari Jo Avatar
    Bari Jo

    Thank you for the tip! I stopped using my old Omni rulers because all the yellow lines were so fat and the dashes so far apart that I had trouble. I like the looks of this one and now I am going to have to get it! :O) I think the next 11 days could be expensive for Santa! LOL I love your shop – I sure wish we had wonderful wools etc here in town like you offer. (closest thing here is the cheap felt from the discount stores :o/ Thank you for encouraging us to support our local quilt shops. We have a few here and I do love going in there and supporting them as much as I can. :O)

  27. njquilter24 Avatar

    I think buying a family’s dinner is just so amazing, what a very kind gift you gave them. Just warms my heart.
    I don’t have this ruler but looks like I need one! can we wait and place an order after we see all 12 days items so they can be combined into one order????? Kathie

  28. Linda L Avatar
    Linda L

    I have the 4×4 and the 3×18 and use them all the time but can see that the 4X8 might be a tool that I find really useful. I will have to put this on my “stocking” list. I know Santa isn’t done with his shopping.

  29. Julie Avatar

    I don’t have this ruler. I guess it just never occurred to me to make it easy on myself instead of using my big one for all of my cutting. Thank you for featuring it on your blog and opening my eyes that there is an easier way!

  30. Patti Wiggs Avatar

    Happy Holidays to the best site on the web! Starts any day out just great when there is an email from PG. Thank you for all you do for this wonderful world of quilting and wool.

  31. Debbie Avatar

    Love sewing itty bitty also!! I have the ruler and love it. Looking forward to seeing you in Illinois this Spring.

  32. Nancy J Avatar
    Nancy J

    I think I will have to try this ruler. I like the idea of the thin lines and the eighth inch markings. ANd yes your are so right about supporting local quilt shops. We no longer have a local shop and have to drive 35 minutes to another great shop, but it is worth it. I too enjoyed the concert last night. We have gone to the Jersey Shore every summer since I was a baby, 57 years , so this tragedy especailly hits home to me. Please support anyway you can.
    Thansk for the chance to win.

  33. Ann Hudson Avatar

    Great ruler, I agree it’s an essential one to have in the sewing room. I do already have one though! Happy Hollydays, Ani in NC

  34. mbjones2012 Avatar

    I don’t own it. Have been usung a 6×12 from Creative Grids that I like a lot but will check yours out at the Tiger Lily tomorrow. Enjoy the Christmas holiday and so nice to hear of your giving!

  35. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    How much do I love the same ruler? I have TWO! Why I don’t know … Must have seen it in my fab shop and thought ” who couldn’t love that ruler?” … TWICE!

  36. Melva Lang Avatar
    Melva Lang

    I do love the 4 x 8. And the 8 x 24. Another that I have and would not be without is the Easy Angle for putting binding strips together and joining at the end of binding. Have a great holiday!

  37. Juanita Avatar

    Like most quilters, I’m sure, I have many, many rulers, but always go back to the same old few. This is one of them! Thanks for your advice about all things “quilty”!

  38. Susan G. Avatar
    Susan G.

    I will definitely look for this ruler at my local quilt shop.Thanks for the tip.

  39. Brenda Wyatt Avatar
    Brenda Wyatt

    I live your blog! I do not have this ruler, but thinking I need one now. Hoping my name is picked.

  40. Jayne Avatar

    You make a couple of very good points about having rulers of varying sizes to do different types of cutting. Thanks for the chance to enter a drawing! I’ve just begun reading your blog in the last few weeks – it has been a pleasure to read and get to know you!

  41. Melanie Eiswerth Avatar
    Melanie Eiswerth

    I do not currently own this ruler, but do agree that there is a need for a ruler to conveniently handle those smaller sizes accurately. This is going on my wish list. Thanks for sharing

  42. Nancy Benolkin Avatar
    Nancy Benolkin

    I also have that ruler and use it alot. Merry Chrismas to you and yours and all your followers. A special shout out to your mom Terry. Craving some of her home cooking.

  43. Laurie in Iowa Avatar
    Laurie in Iowa

    Even though I’ve gotten away from quilting I love reading your blog posts and getting your shop e-mails. I know one day my Bernina will be humming again.

  44. Kathy Yano Avatar
    Kathy Yano

    I’m putting this on my Christmas list. I don’t own this size but see the benefits when subcutting.

  45. The Lockharts Avatar
    The Lockharts

    I’m happy that you included a picture – it helps to see what you are talking about!

    Betty Lockhart

  46. Edwina Avatar

    I have this ruler and use it often.

  47. Paula Avatar

    This is one of my favorite rulers….I learned about it doing Dear Jane.
    Paula in KY

  48. Holly Howard Avatar
    Holly Howard

    I, too, love my omni grid rulers. I think my favorite to take to workshops and retreats is my little 3 x 8. merry Christmas!

    1. Amy Avatar

      My favorite ruler as well. I recently replaced mine since they were old and actually cut slightly from so much use. Merry Christmas!

  49. Joanne O Avatar
    Joanne O

    I have this ruler and LOVE IT!!!!! Could not live without it!

  50. Kim Kopac Avatar
    Kim Kopac

    I actually was just using this yesterday!!! Love it.

  51. Kary Heck Avatar
    Kary Heck

    I have so many rulers and going into my local quilt stores I would get confused on what i have and don’t have. So, now I let technology work for me. I put a list of all my rulers on my tablet (in NOTES if you have an Ipad) and take my tablet with me to the stores, so now I purchase the rulers I don’t own. Also, I take pictures of the fabric or wool I am trying to match on my tablet. This way I don’t get distracted with all the beautiful colors!!

  52. Joyce Beenes Avatar
    Joyce Beenes

    I have this ruler and LOVE it! I also your emails – keep them coming. I also appreciate that you want us to support our local quilt stores. We need to support all of our small local businesses. They are important to our community.
    Thanks for all you do for us and making us better quilters!

  53. Shirley Avatar

    I don’t have this ruler and will definately get it, like the point about acurate cutting. Thanks for your blog love reading information

  54. Jan Avatar

    You are the energizer bunny!

  55. Sharon Avatar

    I own several Omnigrid rulers, in different sizes. A MIST for accurate cutting!

  56. Mary Marcontell Avatar
    Mary Marcontell

    enjoying your stuff!

  57. Pat Avatar

    I have this ruler, good one.

  58. blaquilts Avatar

    You can’t beat an Omnigrid ruler! Thanks for bringing it back to everyone’s attention! I find you extremely motivating, Thanks for doing what you do!

  59. Karen in Breezy Point Avatar

    I don’t have this rule but I’m putting it on my shopping list! I’ve been purchasing the Creative Grids rulers lately because I like the textured dots that helps keep them in place, but the eighth inch markings on the Omnigrid you show is a definite plus!

  60. Debbie T Avatar
    Debbie T

    I also love this ruler. Have a great holiday!

  61. Sue Kraft Avatar
    Sue Kraft

    I already have this ruler in two sizes. At first all the yellow lines were a turn off, but now I appreciate the accuracy.

  62. Maria do Carmo Avatar
    Maria do Carmo

    Nunca tive essas ferramentas,faço todos os moldes de blocos no papelão ou acetado risco e lá vai tesoura…Gostaria muito de ter,facilitaria a minha vida.Obrigada.


  63. Alice Borge Avatar
    Alice Borge

    1/8 inch increments are the BEST!!!!! I think a 4×8 may be the only ruler I don’t have. What a great suggestion!

  64. Sandie Pike Avatar
    Sandie Pike

    I have this ruler and use it all the time. Love it

  65. Susan Avatar

    I’d love to find one of these in my stocking on Christmas morning!

  66. Mary Avatar

    I’m doing more small stuff so appreciate the advice on this. Love your buying dinner for someone as a gift. How neat.

  67. Maddy McCaslin Avatar
    Maddy McCaslin

    I love the ruller. I used it when I made 26 blocks of Nearly Insane, Dipped Chocolate. Also it packs well for traveling
    Lisa, I love your blog
    Quilty Hugs,

  68. Lorrie McD. Avatar
    Lorrie McD.

    Good to know! I will have to add that one to my collection! Looking forward the other 11 days!

  69. Marj Avatar

    I don’t have that ruler, but have the creative grid three and a half by eighteen and a half. May have to find the one you showed.

  70. Julee Avatar

    I don’t have one but it sounds like I need one as I do many of your projects. I will check out our local quilt shop first. Glad there is many people like you as to giving of yourself to help others. Have a Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year!

  71. Karen Qualls Avatar
    Karen Qualls

    I have the 4×4 and the 3×18. Sounds like I need to get this one too!

  72. martha mumaw Avatar

    yes you drive me crazy! I want to do all the projects and I do not have the time nor the energy! AAGGHH!

  73. Jan tjerne Avatar
    Jan tjerne

    I have all those rulers and love them all for different reasons. I use the 4×8 a lot. Happy holidays!

  74. Rita Avatar

    Omnigrid rulers are great! I have several but not this one.

  75. Elaine Petrik Avatar
    Elaine Petrik

    Love the Omnigrid rulers…my favorite is the 4×8 inch. I would love to purchase them in centimeters ! Merry Christmas!

  76. Anne Bryson Avatar

    I love all my many rulers. You definitely drive me crazy because I want everything you design!

  77. Terrie Ruiz Avatar
    Terrie Ruiz

    Love this ruler !!! All mine are big and the one I use the most has lost alot of the smaller lines due to wear & tear so it would be really nice to get a small new one ….christmas gift to me :)!!!!!

  78. buntyw Avatar

    I don’t have this size ruler – mine is 6 x 12!
    gillwatson at mailbox dot co dot uk

  79. Lindi Avatar

    I think I have 2 – 3 of each ruler they make, but this one! I think I use the 6″ x9″ the most. Rulers to me are just about as bad as being addicted to Chapstick….can’t have just one!!!! Love your designs!

  80. Cindi P. Avatar
    Cindi P.

    I don’t have that size but will definitely purchase it!

  81. Donna Avatar

    I think I ought a get this because just last week, mine jumped off my cutting table, onto the wood floor and the corner chipped off… Am missing like a 1/2 ” at he corner… :). Just saying…t would be nice… Thanks

  82. Tina witherell Avatar
    Tina witherell

    It’s one of my favorites too! That and the 4×4. Love your shop!

  83. Sandy M Avatar

    I love my 8×12″… Omnigrid is it for me too.

  84. Jude Avatar

    I have used this ruler since I started quilting in the late 80’s and am still using my original one, even with a corner chipped off! I did purchase another one last year but the original one is still going strong. Have tried other ruler companies but still prefer my Omnigrids.

  85. Michelle S. Avatar
    Michelle S.

    Hi Lisa,
    I am looking forward to your 12 days of Christmas posts. It is always interesting to see what the people you admire find to be useful. I am going to go check my local quilt store — Quilt Country in Lewisville, TX — which I was thrilled to find does carry a bit of your line.

    I absolutely love your idea of buying a family dinner. I think I am going to have to try that out also.

    Merry Christmas, Michelle S.

  86. Mary C. Avatar
    Mary C.

    I love gadgets and when I saw this a couple of months ago I grabbed it. Use it all the time for all the reasons you list and it’s great. Merry Christmas Lisa for all you do……….you are a great shop owner and teacher and your enthusiasm is motivating. Your website is one of the few I look at almost daily. Plus I like the snow falling on your blog!

  87. Charlotte S Avatar
    Charlotte S

    Just finshed your mini star quilt – the one with 372 pieces and finishes at 11 1/2 iches. I need the ruler!

    Charlotte S.

  88. Linda E Avatar
    Linda E

    Have it, love it. Love your blog and the snow.

  89. Bridgidk Avatar

    Can you send some of the snow down to me? I have NEVER had a white Chritmas. WAAAA!!!!
    I have this ruler and Love it!!!

  90. Sue Schultz Avatar
    Sue Schultz

    Thank-you Lisa for taking the time to share these posts with us. I am really looking forward to your top 12 quilty items. I do not have the omnigrid in the size you prefer. Will look for it at my next visit to the local quilt store.

  91. CJ Reed Avatar
    CJ Reed

    Merry Merry Christmas — I love your 12 days of Christmas emails. I sure could use the small size ruler. Hoping I win !

  92. Sandy Kipphut Avatar
    Sandy Kipphut

    I would love this ruler. Merry Christmas!

  93. Cindy Avatar

    Lisa, you always share good tips to help us along. I like how your personality comes through on your blog. It makes me smile and keep sitching away! I need to keep smiling & your two dogs help with that too. We need a Christmas photo of the dogs. Thank you!

  94. Terry Licitar Avatar
    Terry Licitar

    I use Trudy Hughes rulers, but would love to try the new 4×8 omnigrid ruler. Love your posts. Merry Christmas! Terry Licitar

  95. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    I love Omnigrid rulers, they are the best! I actually have this ruler and didn’t remember it. My go to ruler for smaller cuts is the 4×14 which I just had to replace because the lines are wearing off! I will have to give the 4×8 a try. Thanks, Lisa for all the inspiration!


  96. Sally from CA Avatar
    Sally from CA

    Most of my rulers are Omnigrid ones, and they are the best! I don’t have the 4 x 8″ one, but would love to win one. I do like the 4 1/2″ square Omnigrid one for small pieces. The extra 1/2″ doesn’t both me, but can sometimes be a little confusing, I agree. Thanks for the chance!

  97. Sally Avatar

    I haven’t seen this ruler size before, and can see that it would be very useful. Rectangular rulers seem to give you more options than squares.

  98. carol l Avatar

    I, too like to make small items. Did not there was a 4×8 ruler.
    Carol L

  99. Barbara Tunestam Avatar
    Barbara Tunestam

    Ha ha ha so true about swinging that 18 or 24″ ruler around! At quilt retreats I often have to watch it while my head is bent on what I am cutting and don’t always look up when my ruler meets with another quilter doing the same thing on the other side of the table. Great idea. I am going to purchase one.

  100. marie Avatar

    I have the small ruler and love it to cut small pieces. Thanks for a chance to win one of your prizes, love everything you do

  101. Sharon Heirholzer Avatar
    Sharon Heirholzer

    I agree this is one of my most used rulers. After I cut a strip I use this to sub cut my smaller pieces.

    Love your work. Living in Michigan it was good to see you again at Grand Rapids. Friends & I have taken a couple of road trips that included your shop. The last time we ended up at “The Gathering” for a few days.

    Keep up the good work & have a Merry Christmas!


  102. kelley Avatar

    I have tons of rulers and can never find them when I need them…since I hand piece it’s not too often, only when making templates…love your blog and your online store…so much prim inpsiration…my local shop stinks!!!

  103. Jane Knoll-Tenney Avatar
    Jane Knoll-Tenney

    I love those Omnigrid rulers…and have several. The 4×8 is my most used ruler! Love your blog…and the snow…we don’t get much of that in the desert. Jane

  104. Janice Avatar

    Never knew about the 1/8th inch mark. Thanks for the must have.

  105. SueAnn Wirick Avatar
    SueAnn Wirick

    This is a ruler I don’t own………..going to check out my local shop and may end up ordering from you. You couldn’t possibly drive us crazy.

  106. Edith Avatar

    I have all three sizes. If you have the right tool for the job you will improve your accuracy. The 4X8 was the one must have ruler I told my Dear Jane students to get because it also has 1/16 th tick marks around the edges.
    See you in February .

  107. Christelle Avatar

    I just realized that even the 1/16 ” are marqued … that’s a ruler I need for sure because I have some patterns with 1/16″ template ….Crazy don’t you think?

  108. Sandy D Avatar
    Sandy D

    No I do not have this ruler.I do have 3 1/2 by 24 and 6 by 12 both Omnigard. Thanks for the heads up on this one.Nope have not drove me crazy yet.

  109. rosa Avatar

    I don´t have this ruler.I do have the 30×15 cm ruler.Merry Christmas!

  110. Kathy C. Avatar
    Kathy C.

    I like their rulers. I don’t have this size–I guess I’ll just have to buy it!! Thanks

  111. Jackie Avatar

    This ruler “RULES.” Will be checking my local quilt store for this ruler. Starting to do more mini quilts so this ruler will be perfect.

  112. lynelle ussery Avatar
    lynelle ussery

    love your blog! merry Christmas!

  113. Susie Brown Avatar
    Susie Brown

    I too love the 4 by 8 ruler for smaller cuts! It is one of my most used rulers!

  114. Rebecca Avatar

    Yes, accurate cutting sure matters. Happy holidays to you! You are definitely one of the most generous Santa’s elf’s!!

  115. Colleen Taylor Avatar

    I do own this ruler…along with many others but this one is always within an arms reach when I am at the cutting table!!!

  116. Virginia Howell Avatar
    Virginia Howell

    I will purchase this ruler soon! I think it will be easy to work with and very accurate! I have a question for you. DO YOU EvER SLEEP???

  117. Penny Avatar

    Know what you mean about swinging that long ruler. It’s either that long one or the 12 1/2 inch square which is interesting too squaring up small pieces.

  118. Suzie Avatar

    I LOVE this ruler. It is the perfect size for cutting small pieces!

  119. Rose Avatar

    I loved your random act of kindness story, what an inspiration. Can I just say also that I LOVE your patterns, your ideas, your online shop (live to far to visit the real store, would love to one day though) your blog, okay I know I am beginning to sound like a stalker, but love your stuff. I do have several of the omnigrid rulers, I agree they are a must have.

  120. DianeK Avatar

    I do not have this ruler but now I want it!! I agree with you about the rulers that have the extra 1/2 inch – it always makes me have to think just a little harder.

  121. Barb Glaeser Avatar
    Barb Glaeser

    I don’t have this ruler, but do use the 6 x 12 frequently. Love your shop, love you and what you stand for. I believe one person at a time can make the change the world needs. Thank you for your role in that process. Will be at the shop next month on the way to the Clearing, can’t wait! Thanks for everything. Barb

  122. Kathy B. Avatar
    Kathy B.

    I have several sizes of Omnigrid rullers, but not the 4″ X 8″ (yet.) I do like the markings that help me cut more accurately (now if only I could sew more accurately.) Lisa, you do drive me crazy in a great way – your creativity is beyond compare. I love reading your blog and newsletters, and perform a daily check on your website under “NEW” items. Thank you for a spectacular online shop – wihtout the opportunity to order items through Primitive Gatherings, I’d be lost, as there aren’t any quality local shops nearby.

  123. De De Avatar
    De De

    I love your recommendation, however I DO already own this one. It is one of my favorites, but I HATE pieceing little things.

  124. Cheryl Barkdoll Avatar
    Cheryl Barkdoll

    I have most of the Omnigrid rulers also but the one that I will always take with me on retreats and use the most at home too is the 4″ x 8″. I agree that it is the best for cutting smaller pieces. I would be lost without it. I just received my packets with the free patterns and the kit to make the small quilt. That will have to wait until after the holidays. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  125. Margo Langer Avatar
    Margo Langer

    I have so many rulers, I can’t believ this isn’t one of them

  126. Janet Avatar

    This would be handy size … and I thought I had them all! Thanks for the heads up on this.

  127. Becki Pender Avatar
    Becki Pender

    I look forward to your emails/blogging. Always good information and creative ideas. THANKS. Happy HOLIDAYS to you and your staff.

    Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2012 13:35:19 +0000 To:

  128. Lynda Johnson Avatar
    Lynda Johnson

    Just received my package the other day with my free patterns and some other things. Love, love, love your shop!! I will be ordering the 4 x 8 ruler. It sounds like one I’ve been looking for for a while. Thanks for sharing!

  129. Vicki Avatar

    One of my very favorite rulers!!!!!!! A must have if you don’t own one!!!!

  130. Mary Avatar

    I don’t know the brand of the small one I have but i don’t like it. It has black lines and it’s really hard to use. I usually end up having to put a strip of masking tape on the line I want. I need one of these!

  131. Nancy D Avatar
    Nancy D

    I need rulers! I need to learn how to use rulers! I’m terrible with rulers! I do have a small omnigrid and a somewhat larger ruler from a different company that claims “precision”, but I dunno! Maybe it’s the measurer and not the ruler! I don’t even want to talk about rotary cutters!

  132. Lisa K Avatar
    Lisa K

    A new ruler is on my Christmas list. Hope Santa brings one of these!

  133. Carol Avatar

    Useful ruler – sadly mine is now sporting a broken end. 🙁

  134. Lisa Newman Avatar

    Merry Christmas from one Lisa to another!!
    I love this ruler so much that I actually own 3. I keep my favourites in my travel kit and I have one in my studio. Well I guess you can tell where this is going…. I lost my one from the studio so I immediately bought a new one and of course within two days found the missing ruler!!

  135. Beverly Lawler Avatar
    Beverly Lawler

    That is one Omnigrid ruler I don’t have! Would love a chance to win!

  136. Bonnie Novak Avatar
    Bonnie Novak

    You are just too funny and in a good way.. What a great idea to buy someone’s dinner. You are the best. I too use the rulers for everything..When I first started quilting, trying to decide if I was to the right of the line or left of it made me crazy also. I love your patterns fabric and ideas to explore my skills..i.e. the summer freebee kit. I’m still working on it but I know it will be great. Have a wonderful holiday and hope to see you in PA in Mar 13.

  137. Jody Randall Avatar
    Jody Randall

    I used to use a different brand (will remain nameless) and had the exact issues that you described. I have switched to all Omigrid and LOVE them. My quilts go together so much nicer now and I know it’s due to the very fine lines on the rulers.

  138. Katherine Avatar

    I have the 6×12 ruler, which I love and use all the time. I didn’t know about this one. A ruler with eighth inch markings would be so helpful.

  139. k. wiley Avatar

    I love my ruler with 1/8 markings – I wish more rulers came with them. I am trying to clear out projects so I can start on the 9 patch quilt kit I got from your shop at the PA quilt show! Would love to win 🙂 thanks for a chance at it!

  140. Sabrina Avatar

    Love the 4X8! Purchased an additional one so that I have one that can travel when I go to workshops.

  141. wendy Avatar

    I have the 6″x12″ one and love it…..sounds like the 4″x8″ would be a good one to have too. I have lots of rulers!!!!

  142. Jean Nolting Avatar
    Jean Nolting

    Iwill head for the QUILTED LADYBUG in the am to purchase the ruler ( maybe I should wait to see if I am the winner.Bet you made the family happy.

  143. Jill Bodwin Avatar
    Jill Bodwin

    You “rule” Lisa!

  144. Darlene D'Eon Avatar

    I love the Omni grid rulers but thats one I don’t have. I’m gonna add it to my Christmas list. Thanks!

  145. Caroline Avatar

    I do have this along with a few others and love them all. Happy Holidays!

  146. Betty Price Avatar

    A girl can never have to many quilting gadgets

  147. Linda Cates Avatar
    Linda Cates

    I like the omni grid rulers.

  148. Nancy Avatar

    Love your blog and am looking forward to following this 12 Days. I have many Omnigrid rulers, but not this one; so I guess it will be my next purchase. Am always looking for advice on what to buy that is useful for quilting and I really like the 1/8″ markings on this. Merry Christmas!!

  149. Swish Avatar

    Have one similar to this and love the markings on it for little quilts!

  150. Pam Hintze Avatar
    Pam Hintze

    I love the Omnigrid rulers also

  151. Sheila Plock Avatar

    Also have this ruler and you are right on about the smaller markings. Looking forward to hearing about the next 11.

  152. scrapperdeb Avatar

    I don’t have this ruler, but it certainly looks like it’s very useful. I love your snow coming down on my screen!

  153. Janet Salcido Avatar
    Janet Salcido

    Use this ruler all the time to teach! My name is Janet Salcido and I teach at the Orange Quilt Bee in Orange California. Love all you do for us, just need more time in a day.

  154. tammy Avatar

    I am a quilter wanna-be and have been reading your blog and shopping your store since the beginning of time. My real passion is hooking! Someday I will learn to quilt!

  155. heartsease57 Avatar

    I have a couple of Omnigrid rulers, but the ones I use the most are my Creative Grids rulers; although I basically use the best one for the job at hand. I have a bunch of Olfa Frosted rulers too.

  156. Kristy Avatar

    You live farther north than I do…could you please tell Santa I have been good and deserve that ruler?

  157. Steph Avatar

    I don’t have this size ruler, but do own a few of the Omnigrip rulers.
    I really enjoy this time of year. It is all about generosity!! Happy Holiday’s!! (I would love to have the generosity you are offering of a surprise gift)

  158. Debby Avatar

    I too love this ruler, one of the best!!

  159. Sancia Avatar

    I am a beginning quilter and I would love to have This ruler 🙂 I can’t wait for tommorow’s item.

  160. Susan Vicary Avatar

    Don’t have it but would love to…love the easy to read lines, have a few others others… think my 24″ is only 6″ wide..have to check bed reading on my ipad..can’t wait to see your other posts!

  161. SheriBeri Avatar

    I don’t have that size ruler but….
    Love the anonymous dinner purchase. Does that make you a santa’s elf? 🙂

  162. Cathy Avatar

    I have this ruler. It is not too big, not too small, but just the right size ruler.

  163. Marcia Porcelli Avatar

    Lisa, I have several dozen rulers and my 8 1/2X12 is my “go to” ruler. But, on your recommendation, I am going to buy the 4X8 and give it a try. You can teach an old dog new tricks. 🙂

  164. Karen M Avatar
    Karen M

    Hi Lisa, Happy Holidays! I have this ruler and I am on my second one. My first one wore out from overuse:) I will say that you do drive me crazy. Crazy that I want it all. I want to do all your projects because I love them all and because my stash in wool has increased tremendously ever since I visited your shop. I can’t keep up! How do you get everything done?

  165. jan Avatar

    Always enjoy your writings and use the ruler for my small cutting/piecing.

  166. Teri LaVoy Avatar
    Teri LaVoy

    Well, I don’t have this ruler and probably should. I do have the 6″ x 12″ and use that a lot. But on another note, I love your blog and love working with wool. I am still doing my favorite things wall hanging and hope to finish it soon. Thanks for keeping us up to date on things and sharing your love of wool too.

  167. proudspirit57 Avatar

    Wow Lisa what a response and no I do not have this ruler but thanks on the info because I often wondered if this size would be one to get….You do not drive me crazy…you have always shared wonderful info with us…thanks and Merry Christmas.

  168. Ellen Sharp Avatar
    Ellen Sharp

    You would never drive us crazy!! Love your blog!! I am going to order..just waiting to see what else you offer and combine my order!! Cutting is the hardest thing for me!!!


    1. Kim Avatar

      I also love this size ruler, I use it more than any other. Looking forward to the other “11 days”. Thanks and have a great holiday.

  169. Rose Hunter Avatar
    Rose Hunter

    Love hearing what you consider necessary. Accurate cutting really makes the assembly of my quilts easier.

  170. Janice M Avatar
    Janice M

    I have never seen a ruler this size. I’ll be looking for it ’cause it is definitely time for some new tools at my house.

  171. Nancy Avatar

    I have two pair of these snips…Love them.

  172. penelope Avatar

    I would love to win the ruler. I have one but it is badly cracked! My fault, stepped on it, while picking up my scraps!

  173. Sharon U Avatar

    That’s one of my favorite rulers too!

  174. Mary Hilyer Avatar
    Mary Hilyer

    I have the Omnigrid but have a hard time ,for some reason ,seeing the lines. I like the finer lines on the rulers. But what I really love is these blogs with such useful information. I’m finding them very helpful. Thanks for sharing.
    Mary Hilyer

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