A Primitive Christmas…welcome

A Primitive Christmas…

First off you must all ‘THANK” our host Stacy, for this Christmas blog hop with 12 cookie recipes and 12 new ornaments for your tree…It takes a lot of time to organize and get everyone on the same page for one of these events.  Please let Stacy know how much of a gift this was this year…her blog post is on the 21st.

Now I know a lot of the designers have talked about their traditions…As a kid growing up…with all brothers there are a few highlights I remember from Christmas…One was the time when I got a DOLL for Christmas…I was in shock!!! I didn’t want any stupid doll…I wanted a bb gun and big Tonka trucks like my brothers…why did Santa bring me a Doll?…I was so mad I opened the basement door and tossed her down…hoping she would go away!…lol…Another is my Mom is and was a great cook…she would spend days making all kinds of candy and cookies and then freeze them in the freezer for the Big day and the family parties…well one day I heard this scream from the basement…I went running Mom was in the freezer looking at empty candy boxes…One of my brothers ate the whole box!!!  I know I have lots of pictures from Back in the Day…I wish I had time to look through the pictures…but maybe we will do this again…and It is on my list to go through my pics in 2013 so I will be ready for next Christmas…

Here is a peek at our Home decorated for Christmas…A Primitive Christmas explains it perfectly….I love to use lots of quilts.  Someday you will be seeing all these quilts most of which are antiques.  Maybe a calendar, maybe a book, recreating them… or using them for inspiration that may spark a new design or even a fabric line.  Ever since I have been a shop owner I have been collecting them…Mostly because I think these orphans needed a good home…but partly because once you become a shop owner, going to big quilt shows is not the THRILL is used to be…which was all that excitement of what you are going to find, seeing the new fabrics, kits and gadgets that all the shops have to offer.  For me…I seen most of it 6 months ago at Quilt Market and what I loved I bought for our shop…do you kind of get what I am talking about?…so at each show I attend I try to do my part to stimulate the economy by bringing home an orphan antique quilt.  Now antique quilts are kind of like kittens or puppies…you can’t just go home with one is all I am saying…so thus I have a nice collection of antique quilts started….I mostly love scrap quilts…but lately I have been buying red/green appliqué quilts.  The prices of appliqué quilts have come down a bit…usually they were out of my price range…

So take a bit and browse through my pictures and hopefully you can get a couple of ideas for your own decorating…I am a small town girl, living in a my primitive world and loving it.  Double Click on the pics to make them bigger if you wish for a closer look…there are two galleries here…make sure you click on both of them for a close up of the last three pictures…

Hey Everyone!!! Glad you stopped by to see what Christmas is like in our Wisconsin Winter wonderland…we are in for a doozy of a storm tonight (Wed)…like 11″ is predicted…just in time for a nice White Christmas…the kids will be able to go sledding and build snowmen and ice skate!

My recipe…I try something new every year…this year I picked a cookie that is supposed to better for you…no flour, no butter/oil…If you didn’t know it my son Jake is getting married next July and I would like to trim a little fluff off this bod, if you know what I mean….I found this on Pinterest, of course….Let me tell you they did not disappoint!…soft, gooey, chewy even the next couple days after they are baked….good thing it only makes about 24…I ended up with 27 so that means they are even less calories!!!..lol…



And now…for my ornament…Well now what should I do??? It is kind of hard being one of the last ones…I have to admin I did several, but I will save them for a book on ornaments or something like that!!! After decorating my tree I noticed I did not have any sheep on it!  How can that be?  So here is my Sheep ornament decked out in her poinsettia corsage…Click on the PDF here: Sheep ornament

If you would like a kit for this ornament your may also order it here:  Sheep Kit  for $7 per kit.

Sheep ornament from Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings
Sheep ornament from Lisa Bongean/Primitive Gatherings

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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

108 thoughts on “A Primitive Christmas…welcome

  1. Loved the photos of your home x especially your Eldreth pottery! I collect it too; we go to the Eldreth Open House in Lancaster PA at least once a year (there are 2) … 8 hour drive so we stay over and visit all the lovely quilt shops there as well.

  2. What a lovely home, and thank you so much for sharing your joy with us. Love the lamb ornament.

  3. I loved the tour of your house! It looks so warm and inviting – and comfortable too! Thank you for the sheep ornament, and happy holidays!

  4. I’d love to have a better look at the red-green quilts! Your house is so nice!! Thanks for sharing

  5. You never disappoint! Love the little sheep ornament – I’ll be making a few to add to my “homemade” gifts for friends. Your home is beautiful. Thanks for allowing us a peek inside. Merry Christmas. (Looking forward to that ornament book – and many other new ideas from Primitive Gatherings!)

  6. That was SO fun! I love to see other people’s homes. Your decorating is beautiful. I could feel right at home there. Merry Christmas to you, and those you love!

  7. This is totally awesome……………and a great inspiration. Thank you for sharing. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  8. Just having my morning coffee and touring your beautifully decorated home. Thank you Lisa for sharing. You are amazing.  I look forward to whatever you do next. Calendar – Yes,  Ornament book – Yes Count me in! from a fellow – fox valley girl – waiting for the big snow storm perfect time to quilt or bake!

    Merry Christmas Bonnie Olsen


  9. Great sheep ornament. Will add it to my list of things to sew for next Christmas. Your youse is lovely.

  10. Thank-you for the darling sheep ornament pattern. It was fun looking at all your photos. Love the Santa collections. I bet Eldreth pottery will have some new customers after today. Love the red ware crow platter with the Eldreth santas. You have such a gift of seeing things that inspire your designs. Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas. Oh, also loved seeing Nick’s first quilt. Awesome!

  11. Lisa…. you are the most generous sharing designer! I thoroughly enjoyed the virtual trip thru your home… especially the peek at those red and white applique quilts. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  12. Loved the tour thru your home. Everything looks so neat! You have a nice collection of Red and White quilts.

  13. Thank you! I was looking for a gluten-free cookie recipe for my son and voila’ – there is yours! Thank you!

  14. Your home is beautiful! Love the way you have decorated for the season! Thanks so much for the sheep ornament pattern! And to answer your question on the previous post… yes, I’m sure we would all enjoy some Youtube videos/tutorials.

  15. Your home looks so inviting & cozy. Of course dogs always make a home inviting…love the pics! Thank you for the pattern & cookie receipe! I forgot I have the gingerbread guys in my sewing room waiting to be stitched…lol

  16. Your home is beautiful, thank you for taking the time to share with us. I am jealous! I want a white Christmas so bad but is doubtful I will get that wish since I live on the NC/SC border on the coast, we are semi-subtropical so lots of sand, no snow! We did have a very white Christmas in 1989, 16+ inches and zero degrees – an all time record for Wilmington NC! All was not good though since the town had no way to deal with all that snow, we were trapped in our homes! Still was great fun – Merry Merry Christmas to you and yours! Ani

  17. The Christmas decorations and quilts are wonderful! Thank you for sharing. I have more ideas now to decorate!

  18. Oh my gosh…I love all of your decorations…when are you coming to decorate my house? Lol – glad the puppies are getting in on the action – I bet they will like the snow that’s coming your way! Love your sheepy too – I need to whip one of those up (I think those are my famous last words!).

  19. Oh thank you Lisa for sharing your home with us. I just love the way it all looks. You have collected Santas, I am collecting snowmen. Have a small pic on my facebook page…just need to get some snow under it – will look better. Thanks for the sheep ornament as well. Looks like one for the tree before Christmas.

  20. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful primitive home with us. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  21. Well, I don’t need another ornament but I do need that sheep. SEW much for resolutions!

    Love your prim decor! So warm and homey!

    Charlotte S.

  22. OOh, can’t wait to make those chocolate cookies!!! They look scrumptious! And your house is beautiful with all of it’s quilty decor! Love it! Thank you for sharing the pictures with us.

  23. Thank you for the virtual tour. I love seeing how others decorate. I am going to give the cookies a whirl. They sound yummy. The little sheep ornament is very sweet. Thank you again. Merry Christmas! Michelle S.

  24. Your designs and your home reflect your wonderful talents. I am envious. Ready for the big storm! It’ll be a great day to sew.

  25. Thank you for sharing your house with us. I just want to come knock on the door and hang out.. You have have made your home very homey.

    Thank you for the ornament. I have a friend who will just love it.
    Merry Christmas

  26. Your home is beautiful! Just love all the little “primitive” touches everywhere. Good job. Merry Christmas to you!

  27. So much to comment on, your decorations are beautiful, but my favorite part of your posts all year long is Presley and Jeeter. I have dogs and they lay on everything that hits the floor or drapes over a chair. Even when I’m careful, my quilts end up with dog hair. They are part of my family and that’s all there is to it.

  28. Thanks for sharing your beautifully decorated home. I get a warm and fuzzy feeling just from looking at the pictures. Thanks for the free ornament. This has been fun!

  29. I love to decorate with quilts, too. If I don’t put up any other holiday decorations, I put quilts all over the house.
    Thanks for the fun Christmas stories and for sharing your knowledge with all of us.

  30. Thank you so much for the wonderful tour of your home–I wish I could move in! The cookies sound yummy and the ornament is adorable, as usual! You’ve awaken the Christmas spirit in me–I’m finally going to get going on my decorating!

  31. Lisa, your home and your decorations reflect you and your warmth!!! Good job. Thanks for sharing, from the heart!

  32. Thank you for sharing your Christmas decorations with us – I wish I could go out and get 1/2 those primitives. I’m a collector of antiques, but haven’t started the antique quilt thing, yet… Love the ornament.

  33. The pups are such glamour boys! Love your decorations….especially all the greenery. Have fun in the snow!

  34. Love the ornament!! Can’t wait to make it & the cookies! Thank you. You have a lovely home, I enjoyed seeing the pics.

  35. Thank you so much for the sheep ornament and the tour of your home…it’s beautiful,. Can I come for Christmas?

  36. Lisa, thank you for sharing the sheep ornament pattern, what a fun Christmas gift from my favorite wool teacher !!! Hope your Christmas is fun filled and the New Year fruitful. See you in August in Grand Rapids, Mi. Julie

  37. I loved seeing pics of your Christmas decorations. And thank you sharing your darling ornament pattern.

  38. Your home and decorating is just beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us. Very inspiring. Thanks for the adorable ornament. It is so cute and the cookies look so yummy.
    Karen M
    Merry Christmas

  39. Thank you for sharing your home with us. It is just beautiful. I also collect Santas but did not know about Eldreth pottery. I checked out their website and I have one of their Santas on the way to me!! Lol Thanks for the cute sheep ornament. Can’t wait to make one. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  40. Love the photos of your house. Presley and Jetter are just adorable. Interested in the red cutting mats, they would cheer up my room. I am wondering if they make it easier to see.

  41. What a fabulous home – I love the sheep ornament and I shall be trying your recipe!
    Thank you
    gillwatson at mailbox dot co dot uk

  42. Thank you for that delicious sounding recipe. Also, l love anything sheep…love our ornament! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed these days of Christmas postings.

  43. Very Pretty!! A Simple Old Fashion Christmas. A home where you could feel at home! Thank you for the Sheep Ornament!!

  44. I have total home envy! It’s beautiful. Love the pups too. Thanks for the inspiration and the cute ornament!

  45. I loved all the pictures of your home. Great decorating, I might borrow a few of your ideas! Loved the red and green quilts, made me want to start one right away…I’ll have to add it to my list. Thanks for sharing!

  46. OMG!!! I Love your adorable little lamb. I may have to make a few as gifts for next year. I just dont have the time to get them done this year. I cant wait to see you at Road to CA. Have a GREAT CHRISTMAS!!!!

  47. Thank you for the pictures of your beautiful home. I hope to fill my house with lots of beautiful quilts and small primitive wool pieces. I have gotten started but still have a long way to go! Merry Christmas!

  48. I love how you have decorated you home. The santa quilt is on my list to do. I collected the fabrics quite a long time ago and maybe this will be the year. I don’t know how you keep up and also find time to quilt, amazing. Thanks for all your creativity.

  49. Ok…had to comment a second time as I made your Sheep ornament from my scraps (some of the scrap wool from My Favorite Things wall hanging). I just loved making him and showed off by finishing him right before our Quilting and Fiber Arts Christmas Party was to begin. But, I could always use another kit…this could be a give-a-way to one of my friends who loves working with wool also. Thanks again for your blog. Hugs

  50. Thanks for sharing your home pictures. Very inspiring…..I have some ideas!! 🙂 The ornament is adorable!!

  51. Thank you for sharing your beautiful home. I love the sheep ornament and can’t wait for the snowman fabric to arrive!

  52. Thanks for sharing your holiday tips with us and for sharing your traditions as well. Your store looks amazing as does your home. You can tell Christmas is very special to you and your family. Many happy wishes to all for an amazing new year!!!

  53. How inspiring and oh so lovely. Thank you for sharing your home and ideas with us. The cookies look and sound yummy.

  54. Your house is beautiful. I knew it would be. The little sheep ornament is really cute too. Thanks for great blog postings.

  55. Your sheep ornament is soooo cute! I love so many of your wool projects and have made several or have a few in progress! Love your shop! We miss WI, thanks for sharing your photos…a little bit of home. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  56. Thank you for sharing the Primitive Christmas Sheep ornament. I have some primitive ornaments, reindeer, and snowmen, but NO sheep! Too cute. Thank you for sharing. Merry Quilting.

  57. Thanks for the ornament pattern. My daughter showed sheep in 4-H, so that one will be hanging on the tree next year. Just wondering… do you ever sleep?!? Between your lovely home, your shop, your fabulous designs, and the great tips you’ve been writing I don’t know how you do it!!

  58. Just enjoying a cup of tea and soaking up sounds of the season by listening to some Christmas music (Amy Grant…… The best!) And catching up with your blogs! After seeing your pictures of your home, my sister now also wants to collect the Eldreth santas….she loves them! At least I now have a jump on next years gift 🙂 thanks for the help…… Lol.

  59. Love looking at the pictures of your house decorations, they are great inspiration. Your cookies look good, I will have to try the recipe.

  60. I made the cookies and took them to our Christmas. We have a gluten free family member so she was tickled to have cookies she can eat- boy if you like dark chocolate, these will fix you right up!

  61. Hi Lisa — I cannot get to the PDF containing the directions for the sheep ornament. Could you send it to me please? My e-mail is marshmarin@aol.com. This is Tay Satterfield — I was in your House on the Hill (with sheep) on the cruise in Feb. 2012. Your home is gorgeous and I love your dogs. They are having a blast in all that snow !! Many thanks!!

      1. Hi Lisa !! Silly me. I did read that you were in Utah (LOVE that snowy pic from the plane) and enroute to CA for the Road to CA show. Obviously there is no rush so whenever you can send it would be fine. Wishing you and Nick a great show !!  Tay

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  65. Have been going through my small Christmas project files and can’t find my pattern and instr. to make this ornie. Could you repost because the link no longer works. Thanks! Merry Christmas!

  66. Love your designs. I stumbled across the Primitive Christmas Blog Hop and wanted to try making your sheep ornament but the link may be broken or moved, so I wasn’t able to access it. Would still love to try it if possible. Thanks.

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