Day 4….Needful things for Quilters…

4daysDay 4….Dovo Scissors…

Now this “needful” thing is one of my top three…The Dovo scissors are imported from Germany…they are awesome to say the least…they are super light…beautifully constructed stainless steel..and we have a scissors for just about anything…the 4″ for an embroidery or thread snippers…the 5″ for utility all purpose, I use this one the most for all my wool cutting.  The 6″ is nice too as it has larger finger holes and has a nice long shear for even cutting.  The 3 pack scissors come in this beautiful Italian leather zip case…I hid mine for years from my three boys because of this case.  They are on special now til the end of the year for $200….Now don’t panic…I know this is not going to be in everybody’s  price range…We do however sell them individually on our site too!  But you must beg, stash money away or whatever you have to do…to get these they are that good!  We do carry them to shows,  if this is not a good time…But they never go on sale…bummer…only the 3 pack is on sale now.

Now just another little ditty…I do not use a paper scissors…I cut all my wool appliqués with the fusible web on with my 5″ scissors…I have never had to have them sharpend and they are as nice , tight, and sharp as the day I opened them…If you do plan on purchasing this beautiful set…remember…I may need to order more so please plan on not getting them for a few weeks…that means we will not charge you

IMG_8333IMG_8334them either until we ship too…sneaky..right?  Also, if this If I have to help you justify it further…every Quilter needs an heirloom scissors!  These can be handed down through the generations….you will have to specify that in your Will!  I wish I had my Grandmother’s scissors!   See all the Dovo scissors here: Dovo Scissors

The winner of a small Rowenta Travel Iron from yesterday’s post is….Comment #  57…Nick picked this one…he is stringing lights for our party tonight!!  Congratulations Janet…please send us your address and we will get this out to you when the event is over or when we get them in!!!

JanetDecember 20, 2012 at 12:51 pm

I have got to get one of these irons … Actually I’m up to 4 of the items you’ve featured that I’ve got to get! I’m waiting until the end to order!

Thanks for all the great comments…You girls who comment have a pretty good chance of winning…we are only gettting about 150 comments at the most, I think…got to go…see you tomorrow back here again!

284 responses to “Day 4….Needful things for Quilters…”

  1. Terry Avatar

    Those look like cool scissors! I wish I had my grandmother’s scissors too! Merry Christmas! :0)

  2. Bonnie Larson Avatar
    Bonnie Larson

    I have always felt that the cost of a really good pair of scissors cannot be measured. If they work great, they are worth any price. These sound wonderful and I would love to try a pair. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jude Avatar

    What beautiful scissors!

  4. Brenda Avatar

    These sound wonderful!

  5. sueb Avatar

    Oh I want these scissors. I have one small pair that I do applique with and I love them..

  6. Bev R. Avatar
    Bev R.

    What a beautiful needful thing! I need these!

  7. Penny Avatar

    I have read about these scissors and always wished for a pair…..hummmmm. Merry Christmas to you and your family. Have a great party tonight!

  8. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    I purchased the 5″ size from you at the Long Beach show las July. I really like them but think I may have left handed instead of right. I’m not really sure, but they are great which ever side is up! I would really like to have the whole set because these scissors are really awesome!

  9. Kathy Y Avatar
    Kathy Y

    Will have to put them on my list. Might be a good purchase with Christmas money.

  10. Kathy Avatar

    Count me as comment # 151! Love you, your family and all your beautiful items. I’m working on one of your quilts now. Blessings to all.

  11. Mary Beth Pankratz Avatar
    Mary Beth Pankratz

    I would love to have this wonderful set of scissors. I have taught my teenage grand-daughter to quilt and I would love to pass this set on to her someday. I saw you on a Fons & Porter video talking about these scissors.

  12. KarenQ Avatar

    I already have 1 pair of these scissors and love them. The case display is beautiful! I may need to take a look at my Christmas $$ and go for it!

  13. Rose Hunter Avatar
    Rose Hunter

    Wow, being a lefty, I would love those left handed scissors!

  14. MeMe Avatar

    My dream to own this collection, once my granddaughter has graduated from college.
    Thanks for helping me add to my want list!!

  15. Dee Johson Avatar
    Dee Johson

    What a beautiful case they come in. Makes them so special. Thinking I may need to add the red mat to my iron list. Thank you for doing this Lisa!

  16. Betsy Avatar

    Scissors are so important to any sewing project! You don’t realize how important until you try to cut with something inferior!

  17. wendy Avatar

    Well, these sound like some scissors that I need to order!!! I can’t tell you how many pair I have….:) They are an addition with me, just like fabric and patterns!!! Love all your tips!

  18. Mary Burchyett Avatar
    Mary Burchyett

    Just might have to put these on my shopping list for Paducah!

  19. Betty Lockhart Avatar
    Betty Lockhart

    Maybe I will get a gift card for Christmas! Sounds like a good investment.

    1. Mary Jo Avatar
      Mary Jo

      Those look like some fabulous scissors! Would love to have a set of good scissors for my very own!!

  20. De De Avatar
    De De

    I love your 12 days of Christmas. All the little things I don’t take time to notice, or don’t know why one thing is better than the other. Here’s to 2013, my year to finish more!

  21. Mary C. Avatar
    Mary C.

    I’m not sure if I’ve been good enough to ask Santa for these but i might have to figure something out, they sound wonderful. There’s nothing like a good pair of scissors. When I was a kid my Mom used to hide her good scissors too!

  22. Janet O. Avatar

    Wow, those are serious scissors!
    I can’t wait to see you next month in northern UT–I’m signed up for a class and the dinner/trunk show.

  23. Mary Burchyett Avatar
    Mary Burchyett

    May just have to put them on my shopping list for Paducah!

  24. Jennifer K. Avatar
    Jennifer K.

    I would love to pass these scissors down to a granddaughter some day!

  25. Kathy O in GA Avatar
    Kathy O in GA

    Wow – these scissors sound wonderful – I am a scissor junkie – so they will be added to my wish list for sure!

  26. Deborah from Valparaiso Avatar
    Deborah from Valparaiso

    I want one of everything so far! I have tried these scissors. They are very nice.

  27. Sandi Avatar

    This has been fun, waiting to see what each day brings. You are right Davos scissors are the best. I have ordered 2 of the items shown. Thank you.

  28. JoAnne Konkel Avatar
    JoAnne Konkel

    Love your suggestions! I can’t wait to see the top 3, as the rest have been so good. You’re totally right about needing good scissors for wool work. Thanks for the wonderful “sheepy” ornament on the blog hop — my favorite!

  29. Shirley Avatar

    Would love the scissors, I think I will put that on my christmas list.

  30. Holly h Avatar
    Holly h

    New scissors? Now that’s a concept!

  31. Kathy Avatar

    I love scissors! And I have been looking for a good pair to use in cutting wool so this would be just perfect. Thanks so much! Merry Christmas!

  32. Cheryl Rudnytsky Avatar
    Cheryl Rudnytsky

    I have one pair of Dovo scissors, but I really want to get that set. That case is gorgeous! Soon. Very soon.

  33. Bridgidk Avatar

    I LOVE my dovos!!! I take them everywhere. These are a must have!!!

  34. Sharon nejedlo Avatar
    Sharon nejedlo

    In April I will be getting these from my husband instead of another Pandora bead that I love. The case sold me, if not just the testimony on the scissors! Keep these fun tips coming…I am enjoying this so much!

  35. marie Avatar

    For now the scissors need to be on my bucket list. Can’t wait to see what your #1 is.

  36. Mary Kastner Avatar
    Mary Kastner

    I’ve always coveted these scissors but they are so pricey. I know they are wonderful. Thanks for the chance to win and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  37. Barbara P Avatar
    Barbara P

    I bought a 4″ and 6″ pair from you and love them. Great to work with!

  38. Linda Avatar

    I am really needful of these amazing scissors

  39. Kitty Avatar

    Lisa, I LOVE the Dovo scissors, I have 3 pair and since I’m a lefty, I am going to try a pair of the left handed ones soon!!! Guess the blizzard has you snowed in???

  40. Sherrie Avatar

    I have heard great things about these scissors. Hope to own a pair in the future.

  41. janet Avatar

    What beautiful scissors! This will definitely go on the husband’s “things I’d love you to buy me list.” jmh

  42. Maddy McCaslin Avatar
    Maddy McCaslin

    I took your lecture at Expo this year and as soon the the lecture was over I went right to your spot and bought a pair of the 5″. And I can’t believe the difference, they are everything you said and more.

  43. Julie A. Avatar
    Julie A.

    Will have to start saving for these — also love the case they come in 🙂

    1. Laurie in Iowa Avatar
      Laurie in Iowa

      Dovo scissors are fabulous.

    2. Mary Jo Jones Avatar
      Mary Jo Jones

      Your Needful things blogpost has been most enlightening! I have never heard of these scissors and can see that I should definitely have a pair…or two. Thank you for all the good information…and have a Merry Christmas:)

  44. carol Avatar

    Carol L
    I bought the 5″ scissors from you and love it. I cut all my wool with it and it works GREAT! Sitting at home snowed in.

  45. Linda Wilkinson Avatar

    I too LOVE the Dovo scissors! I have purchased two pairs in the past six months and they were well worth the price. They make cutting the wool applique pieces much easier.

    Merry Christmas to all!

    Linda – in snowy MN

    1. Cindy Witheft Avatar
      Cindy Witheft

      I bought my first pair from you a few years ago and LOVE to look at them as well as use them…Would Love to have the entire set maybe in the future…..enjoy your winter wonderland. Cindy in Windy IL

  46. Ladona Mordecai Avatar
    Ladona Mordecai

    OMG I have been on an eternal search for the perfect scissor, and consequently have about 20 pair (all crummy) Not even happy with Ginghers.(too heavy)and they all are forever needing sharpening. By the time you pay for sharpening over and over, you will have paid for the scissors, so off to your site to order . My christmas gift to myself.Yippee. You have a very Merry Christmas…

  47. Cheryl Barkdoll Avatar
    Cheryl Barkdoll

    I have my grandmother’s stifle scissors and I cherish them. Your scissors set will be an item that will go on my someday wish list.
    Cheryl Barkdoll

  48. Sue Kraft Avatar
    Sue Kraft

    I’ve heard such good things about the Dovo Scissors. I think I will have to try the 5″. Now, I’m getting excited to see what number two and one are. I’ll hate to see it end.

  49. Joyce Avatar

    I need at least the 5″ pair….decisions, decisions……..

  50. Cindi Avatar

    Never had a pair of these scissors, but it seems everyone loves them. Looks like I need to go shopping!

  51. debra Avatar

    I really enjoy your tips and selling points from your point of view on the tools we use. thanks for the opportunity to win . happy holidays

  52. Christine S. Avatar
    Christine S.

    Lovely scissors for my wishlist….Thanks for sharing all your tips with us!

  53. Julie - Me & My Stitches Avatar

    Stop with the temptation! I really think I need some of these!

  54. Judy Galligan Avatar
    Judy Galligan

    Every since I heard you talk about these scissors I have lusted after them, A treat they will have to be
    The 5 inch would be wonderful for my wool. Appliqué.

  55. Debra Caillier Avatar
    Debra Caillier

    Good scissors do make all the difference! I told Santa I need (have to have) the small pair. Thanks for sharing all your favorite things with us!

  56. Karen Avatar

    I have never heard of these sicissors. I will be checking into them.

  57. timberlandsjs Avatar

    Never heard of those scissors but they are beautiful! I agree…..there is nothing like a great pair of scissors! You are really tempting me with all these “have to haves!”

  58. Janice M Avatar
    Janice M

    I have heard about these scissors before. They must be wonderful.

  59. Ann Avatar

    Thank you Lisa for all the wonderful ideas. Wish that I could afford to buy all of them. Great scissors are a must. Absolutely love the case they come in. Looking forward to the rest of your posts (and maybe winning).

  60. lynnrodby Avatar

    I just love Primitive Gatherings!!
    See your Facebook for my BOW 2011 that I finished.
    Merry Christmas to your mom! We had a great time being guests at your house in Sept.

  61. Paula Bergan Avatar
    Paula Bergan

    This will be one of my have to haves! Along with the iron from yesterday.

  62. Cheryl W Avatar
    Cheryl W

    I have one pair, guess I should get more!

  63. Julee Avatar

    The scissors sound so wonderful, may put them on my list.

  64. Karen Shackleford Avatar
    Karen Shackleford

    Those scissors look terrific. Guess I’ll be saving up my pennies for some of those! So enjoying learning about so many swell “needful things.” Hope your party is terrific!

  65. Sally from CA Avatar
    Sally from CA

    I really really really want these scissors! I will probably have to save up for them unless I win them, as I’m over my budget for Christmas gifts. The case is wonderful, too!

  66. carol l Avatar

    Beautiful scissors, hope Santa can read.
    Carol L

  67. diana north Avatar
    diana north

    Lisa — I think every time you say you need these I sit here saying OMG I need these. I have heard only good things about these scissors.

  68. Cheryl Avatar

    I love all your needful things…some I have, most I need! Your blog is the best, thank you so much for all you do for the quilting world.

  69. Nancy Fitzpatrick Avatar
    Nancy Fitzpatrick

    Do any of the other Dovo scissors come in a left handed version besides the 3 1/2 ” version? Would love a set of left handed ones!!! Love your wish list!!!

  70. lbosma Avatar

    Love my Dovo scissors. Got them at the Oct Expo after your suggestion during your visit to our guild. I will have to save my pennies to acquire the complete set. I would love to have a pair that strictly lived upstairs! Luv your suggestions and I am digging on the painters nozzle for sizing!!! Works great!

  71. suejean1 Avatar

    I love the dovo scissors. Last year my daughter and I bought each other the scissors at your booth in Atlanta. We gave them to each other for Christmas. They are awesome. Now I have another daughter doing the wool appliqué. I will have to buy her a pair of left handed ones.

  72. Kathy Avatar

    These look like another great thing I need. Hope I get some Christmas money!

  73. Sharon Smith Avatar
    Sharon Smith

    Love these scissors. I have one pair but would love three.

  74. Sharon Avatar

    Love these needful things! I have the4″ Dovo scissors and totally love them. I had always been a Gingher gal, but these rock!

  75. Janet Avatar

    I’ve been drooling over these scissors for a while and I’ll get a pair someday. Love all if your hints and really love your wool. Wishing you all a great holiday season and over the top 2013.

  76. Elaine S. Avatar
    Elaine S.

    I have 2 pair from you and they are wonderful! Thanks for the recommendation.

  77. Ladona Mordecai Avatar

    OMG, I have been on a perpetual search for the perfect scissors. I have now accumulated at least 20.(all crummy) Even Ginghers are not what they are cracked up to be (too heavy) and they all need sharpening over and over and over. By the time you pay for all that sharpening, you can pay for the scissors.. Soooo its off to your site to buy a Christmas present for me. Yipee.. Have a merry Christmas.

  78. Terri Agan Avatar
    Terri Agan

    May have to use my Christmas Bonus for the scissors!

  79. Paula Abay Avatar

    Thank you for doing this 12days of Christmas. It’s not only been fun but also very informative- learning how to use some of these items. As for the scissors, a gal can’t do much of anything without a good pair of scissors. And these aren’t just good, they’re divine!

  80. Beverly Lawler Avatar
    Beverly Lawler

    I have been wanting to get a pair of those scissors. I hear that they are really great to use. Enjoyed seeing your Christmas decorations in your home. Loved it! Wish I could come to your shop! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  81. Susan G. Avatar
    Susan G.

    I would love to get a pair of those scissors. I just need time to convince my husband. I’ll wait until after Christmas when things have settled down and bills paid.

  82. Felice G Avatar
    Felice G

    I’ll have to get them when you come to Lakeland………already spent all my Christmas money:) I did get my magic size and handle this morning! No snow here…..yeah:)

  83. Renee Rettler Avatar
    Renee Rettler

    Oh these sound and look really nice! I like the case too. Another item for my wish list 🙂

  84. Patti Avatar

    I have read about these scissors, and I think they may have to go onto my wish list. The case for them is beautiful. Happy holidays!

  85. Teri LaVoy Avatar
    Teri LaVoy

    Having good scissors is a must for cutting wool. Found that out the hard way. Can’t wait to see what the top two items of must haves that you like. Thanks again for your postings.

  86. Connie Kelly Avatar
    Connie Kelly

    I loe your photography as much as the tips!! I love to sere the little quilts in the background and the beauty you add to each picture!! Your many talents amaze me!!

  87. Lynelle Avatar

    Oh my, I’ve always wanted to get a dovo scissors. I’ll have to look into getting them – after I get the travel iron of course…..;)

  88. Mary Avatar

    A good pair of scissors is worth its weight in gold. And what a beautiful case! I would love to pass these on to my granddaughter some day.

  89. Pat Avatar

    You are so lucky Lisa – what a beautiful set of scissors to own. I wil have to put them on my wish list.

  90. ritainalaska Avatar

    i, too, have put these scissors on my wish list! love my scissors collection; each has its use. would love to add them to my scissor drawer.

  91. Pam Mickey Avatar
    Pam Mickey

    I’ll have to ask Santa for a pair of those scissors!

  92. Christelle Avatar

    I am what we call in French a “caederophiliste” I looked in the dictionary and didn’t find the english word for that!
    I ‘ve got many brand, size and style but not this one …. I guess my whish list is getting longer 🙂

  93. Jane Avatar

    What a great set of scissors. These are a great item to be handed down in the family. Love the tips and looking forward to getting the traveling iron soon. 🙂

  94. Andrea Miller Avatar
    Andrea Miller

    I have the Dovo scissors on my wish list, but unfortunately I believe the elves chose something else:(

  95. Audrey Avatar

    There is nothing like a good pair of scissors. This will go on my someday, wish list. Thanks for all the tips!

  96. Linda Avatar

    Scissors are definitely and item that every quilter needs a good pair of…………..
    Love the 12 days of Christmas.

  97. Karen Schultz Avatar
    Karen Schultz

    I have seen these and would love to have some. Did you hear me Santa!!!

  98. Skye Avatar

    Ooooooh, good scissors are, indeed, a must & now you have me intrigued. I am off to check them out.
    I am also really enjoying these Twelve Days of Christmas posts, Lisa. Thank you.

  99. Diann Avatar

    What nice scissors. I’ll have to put them on my wish list. Thanks You.

  100. Becky in Georgia Avatar
    Becky in Georgia

    Now, I want new scissors. I’ve started a wish list for DH for next year:) Merry Christmas!

  101. CJ Reed Avatar
    CJ Reed

    Well, those lock wonderful. I have been really thinking about getting new scissors. I love hearing this is a set for life. Thanks for telling about your must have’s !

  102. Avatar

    These scissors are beautiful! I have thoroughly enjoyed these posts Lisa, can you continue them post Christmas?!? Christie Merry Christmas!

    Sent from my iPhone

  103. Linda Guzman Avatar
    Linda Guzman

    I love good scissors! I borrowed a pair of Dovo;s from a friend during a class, and I was sold too! I am going to order some for my own Christmas present! I am enjoying your 12 days of Christmas. Lot of fun and new information. Thank you.

  104. Terry Licitar Avatar
    Terry Licitar

    I’m really enjoying your posts! I have found several of your needful things that I need to purchase! Thanks for your insight.

  105. Arlene Tribble Avatar
    Arlene Tribble

    You convinced me that I NEED the 5″ scissors. I am still working on your pattern “The Primative Garden” and these will come in handy!

  106. Carol Caraccia Avatar
    Carol Caraccia

    What a great idea to purchase these scissors not only to use (of course) but also as a family heirloom! Oh, my list is growing longer each day! Thank you for sharing your ‘needful things’ list!

  107. Dee Dalton Avatar
    Dee Dalton

    I have a pair of these scissors, but I have never cut paper with them. Interesting????

  108. DebrafromMD Avatar

    I have a pair of Dovo embroidery scissors. They are indeed heirloom quality.

  109. Sandy Kipphut Avatar
    Sandy Kipphut

    Thanks for all your wonderful posts, Lisa. Many things I need to add to my wish list.

  110. Shelly Avatar

    Love, Love these scissors. Also thank-you for posting the 12 days of Christmas. Lots of neat things, and tons of great ideas. Of course I will need one of everything. Can’t wait!!!

  111. Peggy Dalberto Avatar

    Lisa, I remember my ma and grandma always had these steel sharp sharp scissors. No idea who got them. I was really sad when fiskars had to stop making their product line in Wausau and Athens WI and have China make them. Sad for the plants closing and locals losing their jobs but also the quality on fiskars is lost. I bought up a bunch of the Wausau made before they were gone! We need good tools! Thanks for letting me know about another quality alternative.

  112. Marj Avatar

    I love a good pair of scissors! I am also waiting til the end to make my order of “needlful” things. I am sure that I can spend some of my Santa money for some….

  113. Jeanette Avatar

    I’ve heard those are good scissors and that case is gorgeous!!

  114. Susie Brown Avatar
    Susie Brown

    The case is so beautuful too! I only wish you carried all sizes in the left-handad version!

  115. Pamela Avatar

    I too hide my scissors from husband and family. Love a good pair of scissors! Please enter me into the drawing.

  116. Rose Avatar

    I agree the case is beautiful, will have to think of something to convince my hubby I need those.

  117. Sheila Plock Avatar

    Those scissors sound absolutely wonderful and the case itself is just gorgeous. Hoping I have a Christmas angel out there to bring me a set for Christmas.

  118. Glynis Avatar

    Enjoying your tips so much, will have to purchase some of the scissors. Thanks for all that you do

  119. Jennifer H. Avatar

    I use Dovo scissors for my cross stitching. I love them so much that I won’t kit up a project without them. Maybe one day I will save enough for a large pair to keep with my quilting projects.

  120. Jan Avatar

    Would love to have Dovo scissors. Will have to save my spare change.

  121. Becky Mudge Avatar
    Becky Mudge

    i look forward each day to see what your new needful thing is. Thanks for all the info on how you use each item, so helpful, so fun!

  122. Nancy Avatar

    I want some Dovo Scissors….I already have lots of scissors….a girl can’t have too many nice tools. I want the travel iron, the ruler, the snips…..all that good stuff. Why? I LOVE to sew….and all the stuff that goes with it!!!
    Thanks for all the great tips, Lisa.

  123. Alice Tignor Avatar
    Alice Tignor

    Your tips are great! Thanks for your inspiration.

  124. Karen Borsheim Avatar
    Karen Borsheim

    You are right about these scissors, I have a tiny pair that I use for applique, and they are the best!

  125. Debbie T Avatar
    Debbie T

    I’ve aways used gingher scissors. I’ll have to save my pennies and give these a try. Thank you for all the hints.

  126. Judy Berna Avatar
    Judy Berna

    I bought a pair from you when you were in Naperville a few years ago and it just dawned on me that I put them away. Where or where did I put them – probably in a special place. Will have to look when I return to IL. Could always use a pair down here in AZ.

  127. Sarah Avatar

    Over the years I have collected many if the items you’ve highlighted but not the Dovo’s. TRUE STORY: My son lived in Leipzig Germany while he worked on his masters degree and the only thing I wanted him to bring back was Dovo scissors! He rode his bike, toured by train and even ended up at a sewing studio, but alas, he could not locate the scissors. He did however hang out with the older women while they stitched and collected some awesome “recycled” buttons. Picture that! 😀

  128. Rhonda Avatar

    I want these scissors in the worst way…They are on my list so if you see my husband POINT him in the direction !!!!

  129. Debby C Avatar
    Debby C

    Some of my quilting friends have the Dovo scissors. I too have always used the ginger. Time to start saving

  130. Nancy Thomas Avatar
    Nancy Thomas

    I have one pair and wish I had all three. Great scissors and easy on the hands.

    1. seeshesews Avatar

      Maybe the beautiful case would keep Georgie’s hands off them! Dovos have a wonderful feel. I would love to own a pair. . .or even better, a set. I have my mother’s Singers scissors. She even engraved her name in them so they wouldn’t get ‘lost’.

  131. Rosemary Redhead Avatar
    Rosemary Redhead

    I bought the dovo set when visiting your shop last year and gave them to my husband to give to me for Christmas last year. Unbeknownst to him I snuck out the 5″ scissors so I could continue on one of my wool projects. I then “snuck” them back into the case … he was none the wiser and my project was better because of the scissors!
    Merry Christmas…can’t wait to see what is highest on your list!

  132. Lynn Avatar

    I have one pair and love them, but the more the merrier!

  133. Sharon M Avatar
    Sharon M

    Oh I want these scissors so bad. I hope Santa is listening!

  134. Kathy G Avatar

    I have a small pair and they really are the best. i will eventually get the whole set.

  135. Kathy B. Avatar
    Kathy B.

    Wow – these scissors sound wonderful. Your tips are really useful. I didn’t realize there were so many nifty things I “needed!” Thanks again for the ideas!

  136. Diane B Avatar
    Diane B

    Oh how I love scissors! I have to admit I have quite a collection of Ginghers. I would love to give these a try! Maybe Santa could put an I owe you in my stocking this year!

  137. Lianne Avatar

    Lisa, I thank you for your favorite things. And so does my favorite quilt shop! For the items I didn’t already own, I shopped locally! I hope she has Dovers!

    Merry Christmas!

    Lianne Halling
    St. Charles, IL

  138. Mary Avatar

    Boy, if I was loaded, I’d ask for one of everything so far! Wouldn’t that make an awesome quilting gift bag?

  139. Cooking Karen Avatar

    I’m loving your twelve days of Christmas! Saving now for a set of these scissors!

  140. Mary Schreiner Avatar
    Mary Schreiner

    Like everyone else, I love all of your choices for favorite “things”. Santa is usually very generous with quilting supplies so I’m hoping he sees the post about these fantastic scissors. Thanks for adding to my holiday spirit with your daily postings! Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    PS…I sat a row in front of you and Nick at Minute Maid Park for the Moda party at the fall quilt market (2010, I believe) and felt like I was sitting right by my favorite “rock star”! Thanks for that “brush with fame”!

    1. seeshesews Avatar

      Maybe that beautiful case would help keep my Georgie’s hands off them! Dovos do have a wonderful feel. As a leftie I know how sore my hand can get with the wrong pair. I have my mother’s coveted set of Singers. She even engraved her name in them so they wouldn’t get ‘lost’. I have been enjoying your posts. Wish you had time to do it all the time. Merry Christmas.

  141. Robin Burton Avatar
    Robin Burton

    A great scissors makes quilting more fun than it already is!

  142. Amy McC Avatar
    Amy McC

    The scissors look wonderful. Maybe some day…… 🙂 soon I hope!

  143. Amy McC Avatar
    Amy McC

    PS…thanks for sharing all these wonderful ideas. Got my snips in the mail today. Thank you!

  144. Janet Kay Avatar
    Janet Kay

    I love the 3 1/2 ” Dovo scissors. It’s great for all needs! All your suggestions are so helpful for all quilters. Janet Kay

  145. Molly Avatar

    So tempting … A scissor that may not need sharpened….putting it on my Christmas list. Please Santa!

  146. Marlene Avatar

    I agree Lisa, these are the best! My mother got me a pair when I first started sewing and they are like new and it has been many years. Thanks for the tips. A small pair of embroidery scissors would be all I want for Christmas. Thanks, M

  147. Barbara Avatar

    I only wish I could win the lottery so that I could buy all the things you have told us about. I guess you have to play the lottery first though. I am thinking of buying at least one of the pairs of scissors.. I am wondering if they make them in the type with one large blade for cutting close when appliquing?

  148. Cindy D Avatar
    Cindy D

    I have the medium size pair and I love them. They are very light and cut soooooo well. Might have to consider getting the other sizes also. Thanks, Lisa for sharing!

  149. Vicki Avatar

    I have had my set of Dovo scissors for about 10 favorite scissors to use..I have also used them for cutting wool with the fusible web…never had a problem with the scissors dulling…if you have never used them I gurantee you will love them….

  150. Nancy D Avatar
    Nancy D

    Wow, maybe if I’m a good girl Santa will put some good scissors in my stocking! I am always in need of sharp scissors!

  151. Joanne O Avatar
    Joanne O

    Oh my gosh! These look beautiful! I must start saving my money for these!

  152. Joan R Avatar
    Joan R

    Another great bit of advice. I will have to save up for these! Hope you feel better quickly.

  153. Nicole Avatar

    These are great scissors and on my Christmas list!

  154. Susanne Elson Avatar
    Susanne Elson

    As I’m fairly new to quilting, a really good pair of scissors seems like a good investment, but would be wonderful to win, as I’m saving for the biggest investment, a new sewing machine!

  155. Pamela Schmitt Avatar

    Having the right kind of scissors helps for the small details of wool or for my embroidery and hand sewing. I have never heard of this kind of scissors. Will have to check them out when we come to your retreat house in February.

  156. Michelle S. Avatar
    Michelle S.

    Oh, I am so excited! I have these on my Christmas/Birthday List (my birthday is in December). I have wanted them for a while. Thank you for the discount. Merry Christmas, Michelle S.

  157. Mary Avatar

    This is tempting! I could use a super good scissors! Hopefully, there will be a little money left in the bank account next week.

  158. Mary flynn Avatar

    Wow! Gorgeous! I lived in Germany and never thought about scissors then..I missed out. Tomorrow is my bday…a girl can dream.

  159. Robin T Avatar
    Robin T

    I too do not have my grandmother’s scissors, but I am blessed to have my great grandmother, Moggie’s featherweight sewing machine, her thimble and 2 quilts she made and used. She was in my life until I was 19. Someday I would like to own the scissors you feature today. It’s just not the time right now. Thank you for all the great information.

  160. Susan Bish Avatar
    Susan Bish

    Nothing is better than a great pair of scissors. The Dovo are definitely on my wish list.

  161. Leanne Avatar

    There is nothing that compares to a great pair of sissors! Thanks for sharing your favorite….

  162. kcanute Avatar

    These scissors are beautiful! I would love to own a set and also love the idea of passing them down!

  163. Kim Friesen Avatar
    Kim Friesen

    These look really nice – too bad so close to Christmas. The gift budget is broke!

  164. Gina Avatar

    Having purchased one pair I agree they are something special! The tips/products you have been writing about have been very useful!

  165. Pattywacks Avatar

    🎄The Dovo scissors were already on my wish list-saw you talking about them in one of your videos. Like how you say you use them to cut ‘paper’ as well as wool. My Mom was always scolding me to not cut paper with her ‘good’ scissors. If ‘The Claus’ does not come through, I will be ordering a set🎄

  166. Lisa K Avatar
    Lisa K

    These scissors are on my wish list. I just began venturing into wool and they would be a great addition to the sewing box. Hope the party is great, Merry Christmas!

  167. jmniffer Avatar

    I’m saving all your suggestions so I can add as the budget allows. Thanks for sharing these items with us.

  168. Diane Q Avatar
    Diane Q

    Love the scissors, well worth the price if they last!

  169. Brenda Sanders Avatar

    I had not heard of Dovo scissors, so I’m happier than ever that I have had the pleasure of following your “needful things” posts. I have a pair of Ginghers that I’ve had for around 30 years, and love them, but I’ve been wanting another pair of GOOD scissors for quite awhile…My birthday is in April, I may have to tell my husband that I’m ordering my present!

  170. Charlotte S Avatar
    Charlotte S

    Will definitely have to consider buying a pair. Thanks for all your great hints/suggestions.

    Charlotte S.

  171. Jodi Avatar

    Good scissors make a big difference, I learned that from my mom, she had to hide her good sewing scissors from us kids, we didn’t know any better!

  172. Penny Avatar

    Good scissors are essential. Quality counts. I have Ghinger embroidery scissors and love them, but have not heard of Dovo scissors before this.

  173. klwheelerfeathersandloops Avatar

    Oh! I love these scissors and the beautiful leather case! Sure wish I could afford a set this year but my funds are limited and yet I can wish and maybe, just maybe I will find a set under my tree!

  174. Cindi P. Avatar
    Cindi P.

    A complete set of scissors seems like the perfect gift to give myself! Thanks for the great hints!

  175. SheriBeri Avatar

    My list just keeps getting longer and longer. I am finding that I tend to ‘put up’ & ‘make do’ with what I have. I believe this is the season to update my sewing equipment. Dovo scissors, here I come; especially since I got the gift card in the mail yesterday (way to go Lisa’s elves) that my hubby got me using the coupon book!

  176. Sandy Avatar

    Calling these an heirloom adds to my justification reasons, that’s just plain sneaky. My list goes on, thanks.

  177. Sheryn Avatar

    I am going to need to try a pair of these. They look great and I love the case. Thanks for all of the great tips!

  178. Char Hackett Avatar
    Char Hackett

    i am blessed to have three sizes of these scissors. i treasure them. good choice. Char H.

  179. Lori Neisler Avatar
    Lori Neisler

    Love the Dovo scissors, and quilters can’t have too many scissors.

  180. Rita Avatar

    I have a small pair of Dovo scissors and just love them. This set looks wonderful!

  181. Paulette Doyle Avatar

    EVERY woolie needs scissors like these…and that includes ME!! I am loving your favourite/needful things!!

  182. Wanda Avatar

    Sounds like a great set of scissors to try.Love it when my scissors cut through fabric like “butter”!

  183. Sandy Avatar

    Your tips have been great, very helpful. Thank you for thinking of our local shops, I love your concern for America. You have sold me on several items. Many I can really use, as I need to do something with this stash I have so lovingly worked to build or should I say my husband worked, I built! Merry Christmas and have a Blessed New Year.

  184. Twyla Avatar

    The case is worth the price it’s beautiful.

  185. Linda L Avatar

    What beautiful scissors these are. I have misplaced my good shears, can’t find them anywhere…darn. Maybe I need to look at the Dovo as my replacement. Don’t really need dressmaker shears so much