And so it begins…

I know I have not posted in a few days, but I am trying to get ready to leave for teaching in California and Utah…two very different climate changes…I must say….packing is a nighmare, but I am getting it done….One suitcase for Cali and Utah, one for when I fly back to Cali from Utah for the Roadf to California 2013 Quilt Show in Ontario CA, that Nick will bring along with him…that is 16 days of clothes!!!! But I am packing something NEW for this year…..I have to admit this was a little awkward at first to me…but my DH wanted this done and has talked about doing it for a couple of years…and sometime you just have to go along with it…Here is Nick’s Idea for our Upcoming 2013 show season….If you look close (or click on the pic) you will see our 31 “tour” locations and dates…that we will be traveling to this year.  Are we coming close to you!!!!   Our “rock concert” T’s are  super soft  will be available for $20 in our Show Booths all through the year.   I hope we didn’t waste  $$$ on these, but if we are stuck with them I won’t have to pick out what to wear…I could sleep, eat, and work in this T all day it is so comfy!  Let me know what you think, Was this a good idea or are we (Nick) a little over the edge on this one?….but it is not your average quilting t-shirt I have to admit that…

PS I personally will not be going to all 31 shows….that would  really put me over the edge…or anyone for that matter…We have 3 different “Roadie” crews going to shows this year…Please come to visit us….LB

Quilted Journey- 2013 US Tour...Primitive Gatherings..
Quilted Journey- 2013 US Tour…Primitive Gatherings..

71 responses to “And so it begins…”

  1. Lorrie McD. Avatar
    Lorrie McD.

    So cool! Love the shirt!

  2. Redhead Avatar

    I’ll be getting mine in Grand Rapids … So save me one. Fun!

  3. Denise W Avatar
    Denise W

    This was a cool idea! Shirts are nice!

  4. Brenda Avatar

    The shirts look nice.

  5. Peggy Dalberto Avatar

    I love the tour t-shirts!!!!
    Nick is soooooo on the money on this one!

  6. Michelle Avatar

    Fun! I will see you in Portland, OR at Spring Quilt Market. I am wayyyy excited

  7. Patricia Mayer Avatar
    Patricia Mayer

    I was filling my calendar out and Looked up the Long Beach Show, I didn’t see anything listed. Would Love to Know. AND I think the T shirts will go! Especially to the younger quilters among us!!! Good Idea!

    See ya at Ontario in a few weeks. It has been cold here. Patty Mayer Laguna Niguel, CA

  8. Mary Hilyer Avatar
    Mary Hilyer

    The T’s are really cool looking. Is the design a symbol for something?

  9. Candee Avatar

    Absolutely hysterical! Any V necks?

  10. Becky in Georgia Avatar

    Great idea! Too cool 🙂

  11. Peg Avatar

    Loooove the shirts!!!!!! Make sure you have some when you come to Des Moines!!!

  12. randy Avatar

    I want one now. I don’t’ want to wait for the Cincinnati show. Can we get them from the shop

  13. Ann Avatar

    Wow – these look great! I think they will go fast. Is Spring Market just for vendors? I have a son that lives in Portland. Wouldn’t this be a great reason to go visit during that time?

  14. Katie Avatar

    See you in Raleigh! 🙂

  15. Jane Knoll-Tenney Avatar
    Jane Knoll-Tenney

    You are entirely too ambitious! Good thing you’ve got a crew!

  16. Connie Kelly Avatar
    Connie Kelly

    I love the shirt!! Great idea Nick. I’m sure you will sell them all. I want one and will be sure to attend one of your shows, not only for the shirt but for kits, patterns, wool and your wonderful booth!!!

  17. Melissa Glynn Avatar
    Melissa Glynn

    Ha! I love the humor behind these shirts! Very cool! 🙂

  18. quiltygirl1 Avatar

    Cute, cute!

  19. Diann Selke Avatar
    Diann Selke

    Love the shirt……sound fun to wear not only to shows but local quilt shop hops.
    See you in Florida……hope you still have some left.

  20. Cindy Avatar

    It looks awesome!

  21. Ann Hudson Avatar

    I LOVE them!! They WILL sell! I’ll be your first customer, how can I purchase one? Ani

  22. Steph Avatar

    Very nice….Great idea Nick!! Quilters always need something different to buy!! Have fun on the tour!

  23. Kennette Avatar

    Nick. I love it. Can’t wait to get mine

  24. Rosemary Avatar

    I like the looks – are they all the same color? Good job.

  25. kcanute Avatar

    I live this shirt! Finally a quilting shirt that isn’t “frumpy”! Tell Nick thanks! Can we order then online? I hate to wait until Houston!

  26. Mary Jo Avatar
    Mary Jo

    Love the shirt! I hope they won’t be sold out before I see you at the Grand Rapids show.

  27. Linda Avatar

    Can’t wait for Cincinnati ! Woohoo!

  28. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    Yeah Nick! A few years ago my husband attended the Lancaster PA show with me and told me he would never appear in public with me if I wore one of the pastel “old quilt lady shirts” …. especially one that is more than one size too small… you know the look! I hope you printed shirts in sizes x-small to xxx- large so that everyone gets the right fit! Every quilter is a rock star. Now we can look like one!

  29. Jakey Avatar

    The rock T’s are a clever idea! Speaking of T’s, I received 2 of the shop T’s listed online for Christmas, and I LOVE how soft a comfy they are!

  30. Andrea Wellman Avatar
    Andrea Wellman

    Hi Lisa- I’m writing on behalf of three of us in your class in Orange County on Sunday. Our course materials said that we would be purchasing kits-are you bringing them for all students? Or do we need to let you know beforehand? All of us definitely want one! We’re really excited to meet you.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      They have been shipped to CA!

  31. Sue Dollhopf Avatar
    Sue Dollhopf

    This is the first rock concert tour shirt I “MUST” buy in 25 years. Love it!

  32. Tara Avatar

    Love it!!!

  33. Cathy Avatar

    Great looking shirts! What show is in Baltimore, MD in May? I’m excited!!!

  34. Renee Welton Avatar
    Renee Welton

    I think it’s a great idea and I like the design. I predict that you sell them all !!!

  35. sharon h Avatar
    sharon h

    Love the shirt! Can’t wait to get one…will see you in Ohio! YAY me!

  36. Sharon Bennett Avatar
    Sharon Bennett

    OMG! I absolutely LOVE this idea and the shirt! Makes packing for long trips easier for you too! Brilliant! The rock star logo is awesome!

  37. Karen Avatar

    What a neat idea. My only negative comment is — you spelled Pittsburgh without the ‘h’. Here in PA we definitely have an ‘h’ at the end of Pittsburgh. Hopefully I will see you then.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      bummer…but thanks for letting us know…I will have to see if it was wrong from the start or if the graphic was typed wrong..

      1. Linda Wilkinson Avatar

        The Pittsburg(h) show is also listed as being in Augusy.
        Love the shirts. Good job Nick! (don’t you hate it when men have good ideas! JK)
        Hope there are some left in November when you get to Minneapolis.


      2. Karen Avatar

        Oh my…I hadn’t seen the Y, instead of T at the end go August. I hope all of this is not an omen for Pittsburgh. It really is a great place!! Love the shirts.

  38. rosa Avatar

    Super cute.Sure you `ll seel all them!!

  39. Pattywacks Avatar

    Great looking shirt!

  40. Patricia D. Roberts Avatar
    Patricia D. Roberts

    Yes, yes and yea you will be in Cincinnati, O. in April. Can’t wait to see you all. Love your booth. I am an admirer of all that you create. Good luck on your tour. See you soon.

  41. Pam Huggins Avatar
    Pam Huggins

    Those are great! Good idea Nick! Hope we will be seeing you both in Grand Rapids, MI.

  42. Mary Eisele Avatar
    Mary Eisele

    I won’t be able to make the shows this year … can I get one from the shop? I think they “ROCK” and are a great idea! How cool to collect them from each year … I can see them up on EBay selling for millions!!!!!

  43. Karen in Breezy Point Avatar

    A hilarious idea–love it! I;m sure you will sell a boat load of these–I know I will have to have one!

  44. Molly M Avatar
    Molly M

    Awesome design!

  45. Janet G Avatar
    Janet G

    Love the shirt. Great idea Nick. Must get one when you come to Georgia. Can’t wait.

  46. iamaquilter2 Avatar

    Great idea. I always get a shirt when my favorite band comes to town. Now I will need a shirt from my favorite quilter!

  47. Kathy Avatar

    These are really cool, Lisa! Did you ever think back in your Darting Needles days that you would have your own road crews??

  48. suzanne riley Avatar

    I think they*re fantastic and if I were able to attend any of your shows I would buy one. Good luck at all your shows,

  49. Cindy D Avatar
    Cindy D

    Great idea! Hope I get one at some point this year. Tell Nick – great idea!!!!

  50. Gina Avatar

    Cute shirt and great idea…now if I can only find a show that I can get to!

  51. Becki Pender Avatar
    Becki Pender

    From the picture the shirt looks great. If a person does not get to any shows can we still purchase? Nice work NICK!

  52. Elaine S. Avatar
    Elaine S.

    They are too cool! I will have to get one!

  53. linda Avatar

    I like the t-shirt. I will want one maybe two.

  54. Janet Avatar

    Love the shirt! All that travel would make me crazy, but I’m sure glad you do it! See you in Sunday’s workshop!

  55. Jean Nolting Avatar
    Jean Nolting

    You know we will have to order that cute shirt!

  56. Brenda Y Avatar
    Brenda Y

    Very nice shirts, would these be available on-line or in your shop?

  57. Rachelfriedrichs Avatar

    Love the t-shirt!!! I think that it is great that they are
    not your typical quilters shirt, a little edgy! When packing for CA
    be prepared for some colder weather, it has been chilly!

  58. Janan Doster Avatar
    Janan Doster

    Great idea Nick! We all love the shirts. Glad you are coming to Alabama!!!!!!!!

  59. Gloria Parsons Avatar

    Hey chickie…I think they are the cutting edge. Tell Nick he did OKAY… I would love to wear them at each show and not have to worry about what in the heck to pack!! And you both look so good in BLACK!!! (it’s all about the presentation .. you know!)

  60. Gloria Parsons Avatar

    oh… and yea… it’s right up there with the “branding” concept for the company!!! You know what I mean.. seeing that pink shopping bag in the mall… “yep…they’ve been to Victoria Secret!” Now we’ll see these t-shirts and they’ll be saying.. “yep…they’ve been to Primitive Gatherings booth”!

  61. Julie K. Green Avatar
    Julie K. Green

    I agree, it does look nice !!! Will look for you and Nick and the crew to be wearing them when I see you !!!

  62. Judy Ebbert Avatar
    Judy Ebbert

    Love the shirts. Will you personally be at Lakeland or Cincinnati?

  63. Sue Howard Avatar
    Sue Howard

    Too cute-see you in Paducah! Hope there are shirts left by then.

  64. Evette Avatar

    love it! so glad they are in black, be sure you have those
    larger sizes! Tell Nick it would make a great tattoo! See you in

  65. Lorraine Isaac Avatar
    Lorraine Isaac

    Love the T

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