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Hello, I’m Lisa, from Primitive Gatherings.  If you are a regular visitor, or here for the first time…I welcome you to sign up to browse through earlier posts to learn more about me and my company…  If you like what you see and want to follow me in my quilting adventures, just enter your email in the box provided on the bottom right of this site…If you are an “old” friend, Welcome back…and thanks for hanging out with me…IMG_0619

Are you here today for the Friendship Quilt Along sponsored by Moda?…the best fabric company in the world…Okay…maybe I am just a little biased….I want you all to know what a joy it is to be able to work with such an “over-the-top” company such as Moda, United Notions…They truly are the best at what they do and support “us” who work with them in many ways to help grow our “little” pattern companies.

NNow on to the Quilt Along… My Friendship block features our newest line of fabric: Snowman Gatherings.  It is to arrive in our stores in April 2013.  What I love about this line is that it has 2 cute little primitive snowman prints, but then all the other prints are little “reproductions” of vintage fabrics in 5 color ways, a wonderful deep navy, a union blue, and then three tones ranging from cream to dark tan.  The prints consist of motifs that remind me of snow, swirling snow, stars and such…  Another bonus is the fabric “goes along” with my other lines…One of the union blues in my block is from “Old Glory Gatherings”.  It is nice to be able to collect fabrics…remember you do not have a “stash”…it is a Collection.  You never have to feel guilting of having a collection.  Collections are valuable!

Are you collecting all 28 blocks?  This next link contains the PDF directions for my signature block,  you can click and print…

Primitive Gatherings Block #4

I want to share some photos of Snowman Gatherings that were taken by Camille Roskelley for advertising purposes…They are so sweeeeeet!!!  Thanks Camille for your camera talents!


COR_1954COR_1947COR_1961370- Warm Winter Blessings-JDog

Warm Winter Blessing is a BOM that will be starting in April/May…depending on when the fabric arrives…I would love to post a link to my store site where you can sign up…but at this moment our site is currently down due to an upgrade….This is a real bummer when there is so much going on right now…The new site will have lots of nice features…but right now half of our pictures and prices are not there and it looks like we were hijacked…no logo and a bunch of random stuff going on…another issue is we didn’t realize our company that is upgrading us is in England! 6 hour time difference…so Please come back and visit when all is back up and running, we have lots of nice samples and wools and inspiration…and keep your fingers crossed it all works our and we don’t have to go back to our “old” site and rebuild it…  If you want to be sure to get a spot in this BOM you may call us…920-722-7233   Sorry for this inconvenience this may cause…I am going to share the link here but it may not work for you right now…but you will come back and visit later, right?  Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop

Now back to the Signature Blocks….

I just love signature quilts.  This is a signature block that I had framed and it hangs in my studio.  Back in the day…they had signature stamps.  I would love to have stamp created for me…I guess this is a lost art.  This was not a “rubber” stamp like we have today…I believe they were made of metal…and could be very finely etched…  In the second picture you can see how fine and detailed they were… I have attached a few signature quilts, that I have found, some are antique and some are new…some are little images but just so you can get another idea for a signature quilt.


What is a Blog Hop without a GIVE AWAY!!! Moda has generously donated some goodies…Two Layer Cakes and a Dessert Roll….Do you know what a dessert roll is?  It is a 5″ strip of 20 fabrics from the line….These are NEW to the Moda Bakeshop offerings………If you wish to have a chance at winning one of these “pretties” please leave a comment in my comment section!IMG_8840

If you missed any of my fellow designers posts or need to know where to go next here is a list of the dates and sites….

We also have a Flickr group for you to add your quilt blocks to the gallery.
Click here:

Remember to visit the Moda Cutting Table on March 1st for a finishing layout for all of your Signature blocks!!!

Thank you for stopping by today…and again if you wish to “sign up” for this blog…Please do so at the bottom right… I will pick winners on March 1st!!!  Take Care, Keep Stitching and Good Luck!   Lisa

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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

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  1. Wow, beautiful fabrics,,,,I just have to get some!…smile. I am patiently waiting for the upcoming new website. I go on your site at least 2x a week. Thanks for the opportunity to win some of the new fabrics.

  2. I’m a sucker for 5 inch squares. I may need to start a new collection for my stash – dessert rolls.

  3. I’m glad a website update is in the works to make it easier to view and shop. However, by my bank statements, it appears I’ve done quite well with with old one! LOL! Love your fabrics and my sewing machine is reving up for the next project from Primitive Gatherings. Thanks.

  4. Absolutely love your block — and the fabric…….. way too cute. Definitely on my “Need List”. Thanks

  5. Thanks for another great block. I would love to win. Love signature quilts. They leave a piece of history,

  6. I am a big fan of everything you do. This new line is great! Love your shop, get to it every chance I can.

  7. Love Primitive Gatherings! While I don’t usually go for specific holiday prints, I really am intrigued by the snowmen. It would be great fun to use.

  8. Lisa, I love waking up to a fresh cup of coffee and your blog. Last night for the first time I watched a youtube where you were showing off your amazing quilts AND the dessert rolls. I look forward to seeing the website up and running again, as I check it out every morning for new things too! Thanks for making my day. Judy

  9. Thanks for including all the wonderful photos of the signature quilts … The one with the wedding photo. .. what a great idea! The fabrics you show are really nice …. love the idea of 5 inch strips …. a great size option. Can’t wait to see the new site. I visit your website at least once a week for inspiration !

  10. Hi Lisa, I am lovin your new line of fabric! Well to be honest I love all your fabric and designs. This is right up my alley! Thanks so much for all your hard work and all the great ideas.

  11. Good Luck with the website update….I thought that might be the case as I clicked on it yesterday. I am excited about the new flannels book.

  12. Love your blog! And I am with you on the signature stamp , maybe I am old fashioned but love it! Thanks for sharing your lovely creations! And love the new dessert roll….oh the possibilities!

  13. I’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Snowman Gatherings ever since I first saw it a few months ago! I’ve already bought the patterns…now just need the fabric! Love your fabric lines and patterns. Thanks for the chance to win!

  14. I feel like a little kid in a candy store when I see your emails. I always look forward to seeing what is new with you. Thanks for another chance to win.

  15. You are soooooooooo talented! I can hardly wait for your new Snowman Gathering fabric to arrive…it is darling! Thank you so much for all you do in the quilting world. You are indeed one that I follow:) Have a super day Lisa!

  16. What a lovely warm and welcoming invitation to your home and sewing space….I love every piece you have on display. Traditional patterns make me feel very connected to quilters, past and present. Thank you Lisa

  17. Love this project, Lisa! I would love to win your fabric give-away… such a great idea all of us to get to know Moda and all the talented designers! I’m happily quilting along…

  18. I love your new fabric line and I’m always amazed when I see pictures of your studio how neat and uncluttered it is:) Hoping to see you in Lakeland:)

  19. I was glad to hear you are having problems with your site (sorry)….. I thought it was me and my computer! I go to your site almost every day and I really like the look of your original “brown” site. I love the snowman! Anxiously waiting for the fabric! Luv your BOM’s and BOW’s!

  20. Looking forward to shopping on your updated website. The new fabric line is wonderful, as are all of your fabrics! My sisters and I use your primitive muslin line (especially pie crust and paper bag) as our go to staple in every little quilt we make. Thanks for your block pattern and a chance to perhaps win some fabric!

  21. I love the new fabric line and so pleased I didn’t miss it. Our local awesome shop is closing and I am in a panic. She carried all your fabric. I am new to this blog thing and can’t believe all the fabulous information it contains. As always love your patterns etc etc
    I hope to do another from the hop using your new line

  22. Love your new fabric line! I will start planning what quilt to make with them! Also your framed signature block is lovely.

  23. Lisa, I was fortunate enough to see the Warm Winter Blessings in person. It is beautiful!! Good luck with your website upgrade!!

  24. Love, love, love your site! I haven’t been disappointed with anything I have ordered. Keep up the fabulous work!!

  25. Can’t WAIT for the Warm Winter Blessings BOM to start! And of course would love to win some of the Snowman Gatherings! Thanks for the opportunity, Lisa!

  26. Lisa, as usual, your blog is “over the top.” I look at your blog first thing in the morning and several times during the day, as it is my favorite. Thank you for all you do for quilters and your family too.

  27. I love the block you have created for this Quilt Along. Thanks too to you and Moda for a chance at some great fabrics to win.

  28. Hi Lisa, I love signature blocks! I share your wish that those fine stamps would be made again by someone who knows how to do it. Perhaps some reader got inspired by this post and gets to work…That would be something, wouldn’t it? I love your snowman line. thanks for a chance to win.

  29. My local quilt shop is going to do your snowmen as a BOM and, like you, we are all chomping at the bit waiting for the fabric so we can get started. Love the snowmen!

  30. Hi there. I want to you know that I’m a fairly new quilter, and, until recently, hadn’t sewn using any of the more traditional fabrics. This past summer, I picked up a pack of Old Glory Gatherings, and LOVED it, so I am anxiously awaiting the Snowman Gatherings release. Thanks!

  31. I was really not very aware of signature blocks/quilts, but what a fabulous story they have to tell. Thanks for showcasing them, your lovely fabric and the fun block! I also love the idea of the dessert roll – leave it to Moda! Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. I love your Snowmen! I fondly remember what snow and ice are like, and now that I live in Florida I can enjoy making them out of wool! Thanks for all your inspiration, I love your designs!,

  33. Oh, thanks for sharing! I simply adore the Snowman Gatherings collection…too cute! I also enjoyed seeing all the pictures of the signature quilts. What I would love to see is a post with a ‘tour’ of your studio. Not sure if you have done that already but I don’t remember seeing one since I’ve been following.

  34. I luv luv luv your snowmen! Even tho we rarely have snow here, (Houston) when I see a snowman, I always think WINTER:) & it makes me smile! Thanks for the blog!

  35. Lisa, just love everything that you design! So happy to hear that you are coming to the Pittsburgh area later in the year. Your snowman gatherings is just lovely as usual. Have done several of your patterns including the Primitive Garden and love them all. Would be wonderful to win something, anything.

  36. I love snowmen and your new fabric is terrific! Thank you for the opportunity to win some. I would love to win!

  37. Once again you’ve designed something so amazing.!!!! You are truly one of my favorite fabric and pattern designers. Thanks for sharing a view of where you stitch, too. Can’t wait for the fabric to hit the stores.

  38. Totally in love with the new fabric line and all the patterns you’ve designed to go with it. Will be adding to my snowman collection soon. Can’t wait to see all of it in person. Thanks!

  39. Thanks for the great pictures of signature quilts Lisa. I saw the one with the large stars at the Internation Quilt Museum in Lincoln, it is a wonderful quilt. The block you are sharing is great, I may have to go back and print the rest off.

  40. Lisa, your designs are so amazing. There isn’t anything you design that I don’t feel like I just have to have!!! Thank you for your beautiful fabrics, wool, summer BOW which I am already salivating over … and now the chance to win your special dessert rolls & fabric packs! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Love your signature block & the snowmen collection! Hugs & blessings to you & your wonderful shop gals!

  41. Thanks for sharing the pictures on signature quilts. The quilts are lovely. I have signed your email subscription, and will be waiting for your BOM. I have to agree with you that Moda is the best!

  42. LOVE your CUTE! But then all your stuff is wonderful! First booth I run to when visiting quilt festival in Houston. Thanks so much for sharing.

  43. Can’t wait for snowman gatherings to get into stores,,,,,,,,,,,,,just love it!! Thanks for sharing your creativity with us!!

  44. Hi Lisa, your snowmen are so cute, blues, tans and creams my son would LOVE this. On a different note I love your hair, great cut and style. I think I’ll be bringing in your photo next month, for a new do. Thank you! Toni Anne ;->

  45. LOVE, LOVE, Love the Snowman Gathering fabric line and can’t wait for it to be available! I have all ready signed up to make the Warm Winter Blessings quilt at my favorite quilt shop. Would love to win the beautiful fabric! Thank you for all that you do for the world of quilting!

  46. Your new line reminds me of a snowfall – snowing from early morning to nighttime, a beautiful snow that makes one want to sit and quilt next to a window.

  47. Cant wait till your site is up. Your block is beautiful and I love primitive work. So glad I found the Moda block series. Would love to win some fabric, like you I think Moda is the best.

  48. Awww… I was looking for the one we (your employees) made for you one Christmas! You might have it packed away where you can’t get to it, tho. That’s ok. The ones you posted, tho, are Very vintage looks, that’s for sure.

  49. Love your new snowmen fabric line and the BOM looks great. I can see that this snowmen collector is going to have to sign up. Thanks for the chance at the giveaway.

  50. I have a soft spot for snowmen-haha–and can’t wait to buy some of the new line. i’ve been collecting all of the quilt along block patterns and cant wait to start them—i’ve got a “collection” of reds and creams that will look good in all the blocks. ok-gotta run–kids safely on the bus enroute to school, husband off to work, fire stoked and the house cleaned (not really) and now i’m off to sew—a perfect “ME” day.

  51. I am so excited about Snowman Gatherings. I recommend your blog/shop to everyone!!!My dream is to make it to yur shop or at lease a class with you. Thank you for all you do!

  52. I am never disappointed in any creative idea you pass on . I am a primitive girl at heart. I look forward to your posts. I wish I could stitch,sew,knit as fast as you produce. Thanks for the giveaway

  53. I can not wait for this line to come out in the stores!!! EEEKK!! And the bom is one that I will just “HAVE” to do! Thanks for sharing!!

  54. This is the neatest block. I have been having fun collecting and will be making all of the wonderful friendship blocks from theblog hop. Thank you for sharing your block with us and giving all your followers a chance to win those layers cakes and the dessert roll. I just imagine what a warm winter quilt I could be making.

    Sandi Timmons

  55. I’m totally in love with the new fabric line! I think I see a Snowman Gatherings FQ bundle in my future…it will look awesome on my shelf next to my Seasonal Gatherings bundle!

  56. I like the new line, and cannot wait until it is available. And I will check out the snowman block of the month since I love snowmen. Thanks for a chance to own some of your fabric.

  57. Love Love LOVE the way you design! Your fabrics are my favorite. I’m especially a fan of blues and it’s hard to find just the right shades but you’ve nailed it! I really enjoy and appreciate the way your lines all coordinate.

  58. Wonderful signature quilts and thank you so much for sharing. Wonderful opportunity and hop. Judy C in NC

  59. I Love the new fabric line, I have already signed up for the BOM, and I can’t wait to start. Everybody loves snowmen, and Blues, they are my favorites. Thank-you for designing such beautiful and fun projects to keep us inspired.

  60. The fabrics are beautiful and thanks for showing us the signature quilts. Hoping to meet you and take one of your classes in Hershey, PA this year. Wish your shop was closer to PA but online sure is convenient because I cant find most of the things you supply near me. Hope to be a winner!

  61. Love the idea of signature blocks. I have my grandma’s autograph book and hope to transfer the signatures to quilt blocks

  62. I love the snowman quilt and your fabrics. I can’t wait for you to be in Raleigh, NC, I plan on being there.

  63. Great block and thanks for the history and photos. I am looking forward to your bom at our LQS. Thanks for the chance to win your lovely fabric.

  64. I’ve been waiting oh so inpatiently for the new line! Can’t wait to use it and touch it!

  65. I so enjoy your blogs and look forward to them every time I turn on my computer. You so inspire me with wanting to do more. I cannot wait until you are in the area close enough I can either take a class or visit at your booth. Your my primitive favorite. Keep up the good work and designs. Birdie

  66. Lisa
    Love Love Love it. Your blog is the first one I started following and I just love listening to you. I love your ideas and they way your things turn out. Thank you so much for allowing me into your little world. I will be signing up for this new snowmen your going to do. I cannot wait. Thank you so much for your help…

  67. I love the blues in your line! Camille did a good job photographing your fabrics-thanks so much for the block and the chance to win!

  68. A Moda Dessert Roll! What a great idea. This will make cutting some patterns so much easier. And another way to own the “Whole” line of fabric.

  69. Thank you for sharing all the signature quilt eye-candy. Very cool. Love the fabric in your block–lovely!

  70. Thank you for the beautiful block and for sharing all the signature quilts. Your fabric is very pretty!

  71. Hi Lisa, I am such a fan of your work. I have been looking forward to buying some of your new fabric line,Snowman Gatherings, since you introduced it a few months ago. The quilt shop in my town is going to supply it. I can’t wait until it comes in.

  72. I love the Snowman Gatherings. Can’t wait to see it at the Chicago Show in June. Love your stuff!!!!

  73. I took your Snoman Gathering appliqué class in Utah. Loved it. Can’t wait for the fabric to be released so I can finish my quilt. I love the little Snoman all over print. It is my favorite. I also finished my 12×12 mini quilt you so generously gave us at the trunk show. It was fun to make, too. Thanks for some fun quilts time.

  74. Thanks for the beautiful fabrics and awesome quilt photos. Can’t wait for the new line to be in stores!

  75. I’m new to your blog, and what a pleasure it is to visit! I’m going to stop by often. The photos are just gorgeous, and the fabric line is completely lovable, as are all those snowmen!

  76. I love your block and I really love the fabrics in it, those are gorgeous prints.
    I have some signature squares from our group, now I need to get going and put them into a quilt.


  77. I love snowman gatherings. Thank-you for the opportunity to win some of your beautiful fabric. I made my niece a signature quilt for her wedding this past summer. I made all the signature blocks and guests signed them at the wedding. I used the pattern of the last signature quilt that you showed here. She loved it!

  78. Love the Warm Winter Gatherings, may have to sign up for it one the site is up. I’ve always been attracted to blues and tans and know I will be needing some of this fabric.

  79. I can’t wait for your new line to become available… winning some would be sweet!!!! Thanks for the giveaway Lisa…….I just love everything you do!

  80. You have a great website. I am anxious to see the new one! I really, really enjoy working on your wool appliqué kits and patterns. The high quality wools and fabrics make them great for the hand stitching that I love to do. It’s always great fun to see your new designs. Thanks!

  81. You fabric line is just wonderful. I love the blues and all the patterns you have created to use that line. thanks

  82. I love the new fabric! Can’t wait to find it in my favorite shops! And thanks so much for sharing the photos of the signature quilts – I can feel another project coming! I can’t believe someone hasn’t picked up on the idea of a signature stamp – that would be so awesome!

  83. I am so looking forward to the snowman gathering line. Love, love, love your fabrics and I am crossing my fingers that I could be a lucky winner. See you soon in Florida.

  84. Hi, I’m visiting for the first time and am enjoying seeing your fabric. The snowmen are such fun. Thanks for the information on the signature quilts and the opportunity to see so many love examples.

  85. Your snowmen pics are adorable and your new fabric line will be perfect for the season!! I will definitely be back for the BOM!! Thanks!!

  86. I’m excited about this line! So many possibilities – the BOM is great, I may need to make it!
    You’re right about Moda – best fabric out there! Thanks for the chance to win some.

  87. I love the yellow and white signature quilt. There is something about yellow and white. I also love the different shades of black and white. I need to win some rolls of fabric bits so I can sew, sew, sew!

  88. I’m a sucker for a cute snowman. These guys are adorable. I’m wondering how difficult the Warm Winter Blessing quilt would be for someone who has never done an applique quilt.

  89. Hi! Love your projects here,especially the “Snowman Gatherings” ones! Thank you for your inspiration+a neat giveaway too!

  90. The snowmen are adorable. Thanks for taking the time to share the signature quilts, the are very interesting. Do you have a pattern for the cute valance in your sewing room? Is it made from wool? Always enjoy what you share. Thank you.

  91. Love the new fabric collection, blue and beige play so well together. Very sweet snowmen. Thanks so much for the chance to win this lovely giveaway.

  92. Such a lovely signature block! and I enjoyed seeing the pictures of so many sweet ones. I especially love that metal stamp idea. Thank you for the sweet giveaway. I would love having a a dessert 🙂

  93. Oh my, fabric, and fabric, and fabric, oh my. Sure like your blues and creams in your new fabric. Thanks for the block, great!! Thank you for your generous giveaway. Blessings and smiles, Emilou

  94. Love the idea of signature blocks and the intricate detail of the antique block! Thanks for the giveaway!

  95. Love the new Snowman Gatherings collection. Can’t wait to get some of that beautiful fabric! Enjoyed seeing the signature quilts, too. Thanks, Lisa!

  96. Of course I want a chance to win! Thanks for asking :0).
    Lovely designed quilt , I have always love looking at inked blocks’and wonder how they have stood the test of time. If only they could talk! Doesn’t everyone want a snowman quilt….love yours and hope to make one for myself one day soon.

    Happy Sewing

  97. Good morning. I am a first time visitor and I love your blog. r u the same primitive gatherings that goes to Houston each year?

  98. How cute the Snowmen are!! The “petite” prints in your fabric line are very adaptable to any project. And the colors…I love your fabric, Lisa. Thanks for the block pattern and the chance to win some fabric.

  99. Hi Lisa! Loved your blog today! I would love to have some snowmen come and live with me here in Alaska! We have lots of quilters here who, just like you, continue to inspire us all. Snowmen Gatherings would be right at home here with me! I would love to win!!!

  100. I love the signature quilts you posted pictures of. Thanks for the giveaway and thank you to Moda also. Have a great day!

  101. Love all of your old stuff….especially the quilts!!! ( I saw your Christmas pics.) I love old stuff too!!! And your snowman line of fabric and your patterns are perfect for the winter we are having here in Wisconsin.

  102. I am really enjoying the variety of blocks in the Moda Quiltalong-with a new puppy my quilting time has vanished-but I can seem to be able to pull fabric for one block at a time🐶

  103. I love blue – just my absolute favorite color, so I love your fabric. And the snowmen are adorable. Thanks for the giveaway.

  104. I love your shop and your BOW’s and BOM’s. Wish I could do them all. I can hardly wait for your snowman fabric to arrive. It will be so much fun to use in projects. You are so creative and talented.

  105. Looking forward to the snowman collection coming out. Love your quilt ideas. Thanks for the chance to win some beautiful fabric!

  106. Thanks for sharing the pictures of the quilts and the information on the stamps. I am so excited to know that in less than a month, myself and 2 of my “quilty friends” are planning a trip to P Gatherings!! HOORAY!!! Finally and it will be a first for all 3 of us. I have recently been dabbling with wool so am anxious to pick up some things to support what I am afraid is one of my newest habits! Now I just hope the weather here in WI will cooperate.

  107. Thank you for the wonderful block pattern. When I looked at the fabric on the Moda website, I did notice only two snowman prints and the others were wonderful fabrics that can be used for other blocks. Thanks also for seeing the signature quilts. I do find the signature stamps to be an interesting way to sign a quilt block, but I also like seeing the signature “embroidered”. I once saw a signature quilt with the name stamped, and the signature embroidered under.

  108. I also love signature blocks. I loved everything you posted about today! The fabric “Snowman Gatherings” is wonderful! I would love to win it!

  109. I appreciate all the pictures of the different signature quilts. It’s on my list of quilts to make, but I haven’t settled on a pattern yet. With this blog hop, I’ll get some great ideas. I also liked the pictures of the Snowman Gatherings fabric. I’m really looking forward to this coming out in April – and so is my mom!

  110. Love this line of fabric, can’t wait until it comes out. Got to make that BOM snowman quilt. Love your signature block, printed off and on my To Do list. I actually have signatures of relatives that I got at a family reunion and need to make a quilt with them, not the right size for your block but did get some ideas from the quilt s you showed.

  111. I love the fabric! I hope most of it will be around after Easter as I have vowed I would not by fabric during Lent. Now is I would win fabric it would be different

  112. I love your signature blocked framed like that. Love all the signature quilts too.
    Please enter my in your giveaway. I’m a primitive kind of gal.

  113. Lisa–I purchased a mini Snowman Gathering kit from Sew Graceful Quilting. I love the pattern!!! Thank you for the signature block quilt tour.

  114. I love your snowman gatherings. The problem is whether to make the full quilt or the smaller one. Decisions, decisions.

  115. Your blues are so perfect for January quilts of snowmen. Thank you for your great books and designs. I always look forward to your booth at quilt shows.

  116. Your snowmen are so lovely and I can’t wait for the collection to come out!!! Thank you for sharing with us!

  117. Really like your block and am anxious to see the Snowman Gatherings fabrics. You’ve always got something interesting!

  118. I just love your entire line and am anxiously awaiting snowman gatherings! I can’t wait to get started on my friendship quilt. Thanks for the pattern…and the chance to win some of your wonderful fabric 😉

  119. Lisa – congratulations on your new line! The colors are my favorite blues, they’re so soothing with the creams and tans. I may wait until the fabric comes out in April so I can make these blocks, won’t it be a beautiful quilt!

  120. I love the Snowman Gatherings fabrics and have already preordered some of it. Like your signature block too.

  121. I love your block Lisa and can’t wait until the fabric gets in. I already bought the patterns! Thank you so much!

  122. Really enjoyed seeing your Friendship quilt collection. Your newest line looks so fun and snowmen are among the best winter designs. Thanks to you and Moda for the chance to win these beautiful fabrics!

  123. Lisa, your Snowman quilt is beautiful! Will be watching for it. Love your block you have selected, also, that wedding quilt! Oh, my! What a beautiful keepsake! That’s what making quilts is all about for me….providing someone with a tangible proof of your love and caring. Thanks for sharing.

  124. I love your block and your new snowman block of the month! It’s so cute! It was fun to see all the signature blocks – thanks for sharing! And, thanks for the chance to win some of your wonderful new fabric!

  125. I do love your antique-feel prints and quilts. I’m not a user of wool, but the whole look of your things just delights me. Carol in Texas

  126. Thankyou for the wonderful Parade of Friendship quilts they were all special. The wedding quilt was like a big hug of friends and famiy
    Love you new fabric range. 🙂

  127. Lisa, I cannot wait to get a hold of your fabric line. I always lean toward the blues and this is right up my alley. If you ask me, there are never enough winter quits to cuddle up with. Looking forward to getting your new line. Great job, we love it!!

  128. My mom always loves your fabrics. She has a very country/primitives house, would love to make her something with these fabrics.

  129. Thank you for this beautiful block pattern, I really like it alot! And an awesome giveaway to boot! Moda rocks!

  130. Your snowmen fabric is perfect for the day that we have been having. Plenty of the white stuff to make several snowmen. Love your fabrics and colors! I am collecting all of the blocks with the hopes that our Loose Threads group will make the blocks together.

  131. Thank you for sharing pictures of your beautiful quilts and designs. They are very inspiring. I have had to put my stitching on hold due to studying for my Physician Assistant recertification exam scheduled March 1. Can’t wait until it is over so I can back to doing what I love.

  132. I can’t wait for your snowman fabric to arrive. I am all ready signed up for the BOM at my local quilt shoppe!! jmh

  133. I can’t wait for your new snowman fabric to arrive. I’m already signed up for the BOM at Primitive Gatherings and have ordered the thread kit from you shop…very excited!!

  134. Although I do not like the cold weather and snow…..I love snowmen. Yours are delightful! Thanks for the block and a chance to win!

  135. Love your new fabric and the BOM snowmen. I have a friend who LOVES snowmen. Just might be using this fabric to make her a quilt. It would be perfect.

  136. I am so excited about the new fabrics coming for Warm Winter Welcome and signed up for the BOM! I enjoy your blog soooo much! Thank you, thank you! Love the Lakehouse!

  137. Hola Lisa, qué felicidad conocerte. Desde La Plata, Argentina te mando un beso grande, grande. Gracias por el bloque, me encantan tus trabajos!!!! Desde aquí se nos hace un poco difícil la compra de telas pero a veces nos damos unos gustitos. Otro beso enorme