Opening day in Paducah (Quilt City USA)

I can’t wait to see everyone today…remember we are on Kentucky Ave in the Fincle building were the AQS hurt book sale is…that means $5 books…..This is one of the top 3 of our favorite shows…so much to do here…and the quilt channel is on going… I wish that was a real channel on our national programming…can anyone out there make that happen?

Just a peek into our booth…
We have these cool travel items the shop girls made and kitted one is a caddy the other a portable ironing pad that also holds your warm travel iron…and then little accesory bags that can be used for sewing notions…or jewelry or snacks…endless possibilities….


We also have the Snowman Gathering fabric!!! We have pre-cuts as well as our half yards, which are buy 5 @ $5.50 each and get the 6th free! And yes this includes the new fabrics!!!!


There might also be a few more new things in here…just saying…

For those of you who cannot come….we will be “showing the new market designs” soon….
Stitch a little today….I will do the same before the show opens here…

16 responses to “Opening day in Paducah (Quilt City USA)”

  1. suejean1 Avatar

    Have fun in Padukah Lisa. Wish so much I could be there. Looking forward to your new projects and book. Getting close to the summer BOW.

  2. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    Love the new line… love the blues!

  3. Rosemary Redhead Avatar
    Rosemary Redhead

    Have a great show!!!

  4. Gloria Parsons Avatar

    I miss you… I’m having a Lisa “withdrawal”!!!!! Have a super show and make bunches!!

    Hugs to you and Nick! Gloria

  5. Joanne O' Avatar
    Joanne O’

    Looks awesome! Wish I could be at the show!

  6. rosa Avatar

    Have an awesome show.wish I be there!

  7. Princess Stash-a-Lot Avatar
    Princess Stash-a-Lot

    Hey Lisa, your booth looks awesome! Brings back memories of our first exposure to PG a few years ago when you were in the Mall in Paducah…our last stop for the day and we couldn’t believe what we saw…jaw dropping! YKES! We selected and checked out and went back and bought more…couldn’t hardly leave we were so in love with your wools and designs! My 2 friends and I look forward to seeing you in Hershey and taking your class…laughed at ourselves over the stress of registering…all hooked on-line and on the phone together so we could get in the same class…sew funny! Thanks for all you do…best therapy around!

  8. Krus Lindsay Avatar
    Krus Lindsay

    Wish I was there. Next best thing is we are going to your shop Thursday
    Kris Lindsay.

  9. kalynn Avatar

    Wish I was there!! 🙁

  10. lorraine clarke Avatar
    lorraine clarke

    Thought you might like a sticky beak at this….

    Sent from my iPad

  11. Teri LaVoy Avatar
    Teri LaVoy

    I have heard so much about this show…someday!! Have a fun and successful show.

  12. rachelfriedrichs Avatar

    Jealous! Wish I was there! Can’t wait to see the ‘new market designs” Don’t tease us for too long!

  13. nancy potter Avatar
    nancy potter

    Have a great time, we so much meeting you in Cincinnati. We are trying to get to Paducka next year. I t will take me that long to finish what I bought

  14. Janan Avatar

    Oh how I wish I were in Paducah! I would love to visit your booth.

  15. Danette Avatar

    It was a great pleasure to see you and Nick again this year in Paducah! I only look forward to the quilt show just because of your booth! You have the most BEAUTIFUL pieces! Can’t wait to see you next year or possibly again this year if we are able toddle a trip to your shop!! You and Nick are wonderful people!

  16. Lorraine Isaac Avatar
    Lorraine Isaac

    Love Love Love the snowmen, my local store just got the fabric and pattern for the table runner, can’t wait to get my hands on it, Lorraine

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