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A primitive garden

Congratulations to Janet Knapp of Minnesota on her Victory Garden quilt… She received a Judges recognition award at the AQS show in Paducah KY, for her version of my quilt design… Janet did an awesome job on her quilt….hope this will inspire those of you who are still working on yours..

34 thoughts on “A primitive garden

  1. Gorgeous ! Incredible ! Beautiful ! Wish it were mine !

  2. still working on mine…but this is an inspiration. wonderful job!!! Very deserving of the recognition.

  3. All I can say is WOW!

  4. Love the flag addition. Where can we buy the pattern for it if we’d like to substitute the flag for the garden hose? Thanks so much!! Love working on this BOM!

  5. Going tomorrow – can’t wait to see it in person – and W-O-W!!

  6. Is this quilt pattern still available? I have loved this quilt for years!!!

    Gloria Smith

    1. Gloria,

      I’ve asked about the pattern too. No reply yet. Let me know if you get one!!!! Love it too.

      1. What are you girls looking for… A pattern for , A Primitive Garden? If so it is on our website… Under “our designs”
        If you at looking for the flag pattern that is Janet’s addition to my pattern… Her thing to make this quilt different from everybody else’s.

      2. Thanks Lisa. It was for your pattern.

  7. WOW it is amazing, congratulations

  8. Love the American flag on the side!

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  9. Well done on both of your talents! It is a beautiful quilt to see.

  10. This inspires me to finish mine. I bought the pattern in Paducah in 2008 and have about 2/3s of the blocks done but haven’t worked on it for 3 years. Maybe I will get it out. I had to use all cottons because they had stopped making the kits for it.

  11. I just love the flag. Is this part of the pattern. I don’t see it on the pattern on the website.

    1. No… She added the flag…

      1. Oh, how I wish you could add this block to the pattern ! I just love the flag and flag pole in the quilt ! Maybe, a bonus block ! PLEASE

      2. Yes please add the flag option!!! It would be awesome!

      3. PLEASE add the flag!!! It’s awesome!

  12. It’s beautiful!!

  13. I completed my last year and just love it. I like the addition of the flag, but I love my original quilt just as much!!


  14. Wow, what a beautiful job!

  15. Love It
    Kris Lindsay

  16. Oh my! It is amazingly beautiful. I can only hope that mine will be so amazing.

  17. Awesome! Job well done. I also like the Flag. Congratulations to Janet!

  18. Beautiful quilt and congrats to the winner! What is the name of this pattern Lisa?

    1. A Primitive Garden

  19. Is the pattern still available? Love the quilt, along with the flag!

  20. Congratulations Janet, just so beautiful.

  21. beautiful!!

  22. I love how she added the flag!

  23. it was great to see this quilt at the show…she really did do a lovely job!!it was lovely to visit your booth too Lisa – thank you for signing my bag 🙂 I am looking forward to getting my purchases back to New Zealand and playing with them all 🙂 Hope you had a safe trip home.

  24. Beautiful quilt! It started with a great design, of course. Congratulations to you both!

  25. WOW!

  26. where can I find the pattern for the flag block? I am working on the 11th block and prefer your interpretation with the flag on the right hand side border…thanks

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