2013 Summer Block of the Week…

Summer 2013 BOWI have lots of information to share with you on this post…so PLEASE…take the time to read and make sure you understand it if you are interested in signing up for our 2013 Summer Block of the Week…Starts June 3rd…2013….I will try answer all of your questions here.

Words to Live By…will be the “theme” of this years event…Each block will contain an “inked” word and flowers, birds and so on…This will be the only peek you will get of the blocks, so it will still be kind of a mystery…The quilt will consists of 13 blocks…12-12″ finished wool applique blocks on regular cotton backgrounds and then a 13th block-24″ center block is what you will commit to buy in all.  The finishing kit-or the setting will be an optional purchase.  When the quilt top is together we will reveal it and you can decide if you want to purchase the finishing kit and the price will also be listed then.  I do not know exactly how it will be right now…but I can give you a “rough” idea.  The 12 blocks will surround the center block on point.  So everything in tan shown here you are getting in the 13 weeks this summer.  Everything in red is still to be determined….now don’t think that this is how it will look…the red can be pieced,  contain applique and be many different colors and so on…this part  is not designed yet….just the tan blocks…

If you would like to order the finishing without knowing all the details, so you don’t miss it…you are more than welcome to do so…we don’t know the price or the shipping price…but I know to some of you this will not matter…you will order it anyway….

Rough draft of SBOW Layout

COST: We will be charging $12.50 per  week  for weeks 1-12….$25 the center block.    We have included some of the cost of the center block in each of the weekly blocks so it will not be a huge expense for the last block.

If you want to pay in full for your BOW we have given some discounts….$220.50 Wisconsin customers, $210.50 all out of state customers…this includes all the blocks and shipping and sales tax for WI residents.   International customers will have to be adjusted for shipping and dealt with on one on one basis.

SHIPPING: Now for the shipping we will charge  a straight across the board $3.50 for everyone in the US.  International orders will be determined by where you are located…and we will be in contact with you about your SBOW shipping.  We will be shipping the SBOW out a little differently this year…In order to keep up with our regular internet orders we are going to be splitting up the shipping alphabetically throughout the week.  This is a tentative schedule but it would go something like this…Last Name/Alphabetically

Monday-Paid in fulls and Internationals and A-H domestic

Tuesday-I-O domestic

Wednesday-P-S domestic

Thursday-I-Z domestic

Please remember that this block ships by itself and cannot be added to a previous block of the month or internet order, only items pertaining to the block of the week will be shipped with it.

*If we can will will get more out each day…but this is the first weeks schedule to see how it goes…

THREADS:  I will post the first months worth of threads used before we start…Please check your threads and order accordingly…there will not be a lot of different colors used this year….Order as soon as you can, so we can order the threads accordingly, and get them in, in a timely manner…..I will be using some #8, #12 and some 3 stranded Valdani threads for the blocks and the freebies and will list all the threads as soon as I have the blocks done.

We will have the Black Permenant Pens available too…working on the price for them direct from the company and should be really resonalble…the one I used is awesome!!! It is from the same company who makes the Frixion pens…but is permanent.  I was never a fan of my pigma pen….

Now WHY do I really want to sign up for the BOW……the freebies!!! This years freebies will be 4″ appliqued wool on regular cotton backgrounds….there will be 13 blocks and then an OPTIONAL finishing kit….Please remember to order your finishing kits when we give the details.  So many forget or when they see it in person it looks so much better and they change their minds… and then they want to order one…believe it or not…customers are still ordering  last years!!!   LOL…. Please TRUST me….I will not let you down…   Freebie blocks 2013

Hope you are happy with this years SBOW….I work really hard to try and figure out something different and awesome…If I forgot anything or you have any questions that I did not answer already, please reply and I will answer it if it isn’t already in my text here..


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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

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  1. Lisa, please sign me up for your Summer Block of the Week plus the finishing kit. Please bill weekly to Something To Crow About. You should have all my information. Thanks, Kennette Blotzer

  2. All my friends around here have been asking me…………”Have you heard anything, have you seen anything, when did you last speak with her? etc,etc, So now I am busy sending out” go to the site now notices”,, As I will likewise scurry after t finish. here. Look forward to seeing you in June and so are lots of folks around these parts.
    The BOW looks great……….I would bet the freebies are great also. They are always special. Take care. Liz A.

  3. Signed up before you posted on your blog!! Love it. Will there be a cotton BOW this year?

      1. Great!! I’m currently sewing my blocks together from last summer. I kept up with making them but they fell by the wayside after I finished them. I enjoyed meeting your son & Jess at the Worcester, MA Sewing & Quilt Expo a few weeks ago.

  4. Lov’em both !!! I’m signing up today….thanks for letting me peak at these in Paducah, remember I wanted to sign up that day….Thanks Lisa

  5. I am getting the little charms from you every other month, will you have my info on file or is there somewhere I need to go to do the actual signing up.

  6. I LOVE all your projects, so I will have to do this one also, You are so creative…Thank You for all you do…Love your fabrics also, snowman gathering is awesome!!!

    1. The inside of the quilt will be 68×68 without the borders…don’t know exactly how big my borders will be…I am thinking about 8″ and then the quilt will be about 84×84…this is just an estimate…thanks for asking good question!!

  7. I signed up for the BOW at the shop on Wednesday. I would like the finishing kit and also the #8, and some 3 stranded Valdani threads for the blocks and the freebies and the Black Permanent Pen and the optional finishing kit for the freebies. I would like this on my credit card that you have on my sign-up sheet. I want to pay in advance for everything. If there is an order form that I need to fill out please let me know. Thanks so much for all the help you gave me when I was at Retreat and in the shop. You guys are the best.

    Kind Regards,

    Marlene Mason

  8. I just ordered mine, I noticed you mentioned the threads and you would be posting which ones to use, where will you be posting these? Thank you in advance. 🙂

  9. I’m off to sign up!!! LOVE THESE PICTURES 🙂

    Can you share the exact name of this Frixion permanent pen? I think I might already own it and want to be sure.

  10. Gorgeous! I’ll wait until you post the cotton BOW and sign up for both! You always designs such wonderful projects to keep us happily stitching!

  11. I can’t wait for the SBOW. I tooked your lecture at Expo lasst year and I have been waiting for this all year.

    1. I will be blogging and using the shop email to get this info to everyone…so it will be in two places…and they will be listed in your pattern when you get the first block…but we are hoping to get this to you before hand so you can get them ordered


      2. It worked and now I have ordered and paid 210.00 for my kits and this includes the finishing kit right? Twelve months plus 25.00 doesn’t come to 210.00

      3. Finishing kits are not included. I have stated this in my blog and email.
        Here is the math
        12 weeks at $12.50=150.00+25 for the center block =175
        Plus 3.50 shipping each week.=45.5
        =220.5 total cost for the 13 blocks
        Means you save $10.5 by paying all at once
        But you are really saving more because we are not charging our full price this is a summer special and you will get the freebie project too.

        Hope this is clear…I know there is a lot of info in my post and that is the reason for the first sentence…of please read carefully so you understand…

  12. Ok, I keep doing the math, and I can’t get it to work out! 12 blocks at $12.50 plus one block at $25 = $175. I signed up for the all at once for $210. Have I already ordered the finishing kit? Was that price including my shipping?


  13. I love it!!! I am going to have to do this and as you know I DON’T HAVE TIME..can’t wait to see you at Market!!

    I have lots of new stuff!

    See ya soon!


    1. I don’t know what you mean by it wouldn’t let you…if you put it in your shopping cart, you then need to click on your shopping cart if you are done with your order and complete your purchase…

      1. When you choose your payment method, it looks like it repeats the screen and you are stuck. There is a really small circular box you have to click to select and then it will let you move on.

        Hope this helps you order!

        Sent from my iPhone

  14. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT!!!! So sorry that many of the comments are from people NOT reading the ENTIRE post and paying attention to what they read! You have lots and lots of patience. So excited for June 3!! You are amazing with the great designs you come up with!

  15. Lisa-I am signed up-can’t wait-this is the 4th year I have done this and have NEVER been disappointed-it’s a wonderful program and I get a fantastic quilt with your wonderful design talent—Thank You-Thank You!!!

  16. Meanwhile back at the ranch.. I need to ask one more question………….who designed the embroidery BOM and are all of the backgrounds gold or do they vary. They are scheduled to begin in July, is that correct?. Please reply at your convenience. Back to baking those fabulous chocolate cookies from your shop recipe. OMG Liz A.

  17. Can’t wait to see the samples for the “freebies”. I have really enjoyed working on last summers BOW and freebies.

  18. I notice on your booth pictures a stacking snowman head wall hanging. Where can I purchase the pattern for this??

      1. I must be bad at searching your website because I can not find that pattern for the stacking snowman head wall hanging. Could you possibly post a link?

  19. Hi Lisa   I am very interested in your Summer Block of the Week.  Can you tell me what the cost is to ship this to Ontario, Canada.   Thanks, Sharon


  20. Hi, will we be inking in the words or is it pre printed? And are the background fabrics all different? I love a mixed up scrappy look! It looks like another beautiful project.

    1. The words will be drawn on by you using a light box( or some source) , using a permanent ink pen…I have listed a new one on my website… Yes the backgrounds of the blocks will all be different

  21. I’ve done your wool SBOWs but thought I’d try the cotton SBOW this year … do the freebies (LOVE THEM!) come with the cotton SBOW? THX.

  22. I have your Summer BOW and Freebie quilt from last year, and I highly recommend to anyone trying to decide about this project. . . just do it. You will love Lisa’s BOW projects, fabrics are very generous, easy instructions, they are a nice little surprise in your mail box each week!! You will love them!

  23. Hi Lisa!!
    Just talked to Ann at your store and signed up for the summer wool weekly series 🙂 Ann was most helpful and kind!! Looking forward to starting my collection of threads…I’m a newbie for that brand! Looking forward to seeing you when our paths cross-hopefully this summer some time !!

    Lois Wilhelm

    1. excellent points altogether, you just gained a logo new reader.
      What might you recommend in regards to your put up that
      you just made some days in the past? Any positive?

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