Tree of Life

Just want to share this quilt which is fresh off the long arm frame of Linda Hrcka…. ( pronounced Hersh-ka) of This quilt will be overnighted and will arrive tomorrow for me to hand stitch the binding on…this quilt is actually very easy to make, I stitched it in a day…it will be in our newest book FLANNEL GATHERINGS coming out in July along with our wool & needle flannels from Moda, a July release also…hopefully your local shop owner will order our book at market or you can always pre-order from us…

The main reason I am giving you a peek at this quilt is….how AWESOME is that quilting! I can’t wait to hang it in the booth for all to enjoy….the Tree of Life… Is so Man-ly yet pretty at the same time…how did that happen?…the quilt is 100ish,x100ish…can’t remember if it is 102 or 106, but anyway it would be a great big quilt for a cabin or a young mans room…especially an “outdoors man” like our boys are…

My quilters work extremely hard to get me the quilts finished for shows…it always comes down to the last minute because we are always pushing to get more done, lots of next day shipping and late-nite binding sessions….thanks Linda and Val and Pat!

I will be posting more of the quilts from the book and other things…during the show…



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I live in Butte Des Morts, WI, Married to Nick, with 3 sons, Lance (forever 29) , Luke 30 and Jake 29 I am a quilter, rugger, gardener and I also love to cook when I get the chance...

31 thoughts on “Tree of Life

  1. Quilting indeed fabulous…………wow where do you find such talent.?? Perfect quilt for a guy and yet I would bet there isn’t a female around who wouldn’t want it. Have a good show, now I am going to preorder that new book.

  2. Ever since you “introduced” us to Linda’s quilting I have been following her blog. She does amazing work and you give her an amazing “canvas” to work with. Tree of Life is great!

  3. I just love this quilt. I don’t think I have ever seen one prettier. Can’t wait for the book. Thanks, Lisa for all you do.

  4. Absolutely love this! Know exactly who will get this. Will it be kitted and do you have any idea what the cost of the quilt will be? Can’t wait for the book to see what other wonderful things will be in it.

  5. WOW, the quilting is awesome!!!!!! She did a fabulous job. I love the quilt too. 🙂 Can’t wait for the book.

  6. Just gorgeous! I’ve been watching Linda share bits and pieces of it on Instagram. She is a very talented woman!!

  7. I love the quilting in this project. I wish I could quilt like that. I have a case of major envy! Again, great photo’s – show the quilting off!

  8. WOW, I can’t wait to see the others. You just keep out juices running, but never enough time. that’s what I love about quilting

  9. That quilt is so beautiful, simply elegance. I think I could actually make it 🙂 The quilting is so beautiful as well. How do you know how to make such good choices when it comes to quilting?!?

  10. OMG – just sat here with my mouth open at the gorgeous quilting on the quilt let alone the quilt itself – think I’m going to have to have this one.

  11. This is absolutely stunning and the quilting is fabulous. Trees are my favorite design and this one is tops! Can’t wait for the new book to come out.

  12. Wow…I cant wait for the new book…the quilts are amazing…your quilters are fabulous – can’t wait!

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