Winner of Flannel Gatherings Post….

20130529-111722.jpgThank you ALL for the comments and the info on which quilts you liked…It helps me to know which ones to kit more or less of so I appreciate the feedback…and now the WINNER is…..ROSE…If this is your comment…it was #48 in the comment section…. please send me your name and  address and we will send you your bundle!!!

RoseMay 26, 2013 at 10:13 am

Well, that is like asking to pick your favorite child. But, because I have to, I will pick the star within a star.
They are all just lovely!

Thanks again everyone….I will be posting more MARKET giveaways in this next week…so don’t be too sad you didn’t win…there are more prizes to come!


8 responses to “Winner of Flannel Gatherings Post….”

  1. Teresa Avatar

    Congratulation Rose!!! Lucky you!

  2. Susan Avatar

    Congratulations! Happy sewing!!!!!

  3. Sharon Avatar

    What a lucky winner! The flannels are beautiful!

  4. Debbie St.Germain Avatar

    Congratulations to Rose!
    I actually have a pack that a friend gifted me for christmas, and then I got some yardage at our local store to make sure I had enough for a quilt, will be for a winter quit. Love the colors and feel of the flannels.


  5. Rose Avatar

    Lisa, I am the oh, so lucky winner of your Flannel Gatherings post. Rose #48. I’m having difficulty in replying to you to let you know my address. I would appreciate it if you could e-mail me and i will respond with my name and address. Thank you, Rose

  6. Cindy Avatar

    Rose, I love your comment…pick your favorite child…lol

    1. Rose Avatar

      Thanks for all of the congratulations. Today was definitely my lucky day!

      1. lisabongean Avatar

        Rose….did you send us your address yet?

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