Kathy from Cottage at Cardiff Farms…

Cardiff FarmsNow… If you are not familiar with Kathy yet…I want to introduce you….Kathy Cardiff has one of the best decorated booths at Market…It is always perfect and very thought out…She has lots of new items  and this time and one of them is a new book of pincushions or as she calls them Pin Pals…We will be offering these pincushions as a BOM soon at Primitive Gatherings so look for this in a future email,….I love to help designers and the best way is to promote their offerings…Her site can be found here: Cottage at Cardiff FarmsFront CoverInside Front Cover


How many pincushions do you have?  Can you count them?  Do you ever have enough? NO!!!  They can always be considered a COLLECTION!

If you want to win Kathy’s new book shown here she has graciously given us one to give-away!  Tell me how many pincushions you have in your collection so far… and you will be eligible to win this book of pincushions…You have 3 days until June 20th to comment before we pick the winner!

If you think you will not be so lucky and want to purchase her book it can be done here…Cottage Keepsakes

I hope you visit Kathy’s site and see all her other creations…she truly is a talented artist and a good person!

Look for more talent from Quilt Market soon…and more goodies to be given away…

my best…LB

212 responses to “Kathy from Cottage at Cardiff Farms…”

  1. Becky Avatar

    I’m a new quilter. So far only two pin cushions! Can’t wait to add to my collection!

  2. Karen Dobbs Avatar
    Karen Dobbs

    Weellllllllll, I don’t have a collection – yet. I use one pincushion. Think I should start a collection???

  3. Diane Avatar

    I think I have 7. That is if you don’t count the arm of the couch or my pantleg when I don’t have one handy….sounds like I need to make a few more huh?!

  4. Mary C. Avatar
    Mary C.

    Nine so far but I’m a sucker for a cute pin cushion!!

  5. Gayle Avatar

    I have 18 pincushions in my collection – but the only one I actually USE is a magnetic one that I keep by my sewing machine – the rest are just for making my studio look fun! LOL I love her designs and it would be so fun to win her new book and make some of them….

  6. De De Avatar
    De De

    Well, I have NONE, just the container they came in 🙁

  7. Virginia Howell Avatar

    I have 8 pincushions… All given to me by friends. I need this book soIcanpay them back!

  8. LINDA Avatar


  9. Sharon nejedlo Avatar
    Sharon nejedlo

    I have four handmade ones of my own, but have made many,many more to give away! They are the perfect hostess gift, birthday gift, Christmas gift and just-for-no-reason gift for my sewing AND non-sewing friends and relatives. I try to make one that fits the receivers personality and everybody needs a pretty pincushion! I would love to win the book with even more ideas!

  10. Kay Mc Avatar
    Kay Mc

    I have I have 8 pincushions, but really only use 1 of them.

  11. Kathy Y Avatar
    Kathy Y

    Right now I only have about 6 pin cushions but I have wool and other UFO’s for at least another 6.

  12. Judy Balek Avatar
    Judy Balek

    I only have 4, but I have a great love of them and I could certainly see a collection in my future.

  13. CJ Avatar

    I have 4 pincushions. I looking forward to making many more. I have several packages of crushed walnut shells just ready to be put inside !

  14. JoAnn W. Avatar
    JoAnn W.

    I have 7 pin cushions, all styles it seems. We use crushed hazelnut shells here for filler. I love my pincushions and they all get used!

  15. harbourconstruction Avatar

    2 – I’m a beginner collector. One is store bought and one homemade. 🙂 I keep eyeing new ones to create. Would love some inspiration. Enjoying your blog.

  16. Kathleen C Avatar
    Kathleen C

    I have 3, and I’d love to make more and start a little collection , some to use and some to admire. I even have a pincushion in my kitchen (on a small bookcase) because I often hand applique and hand quilt at the table. What a nice price this is1

  17. Lisa Angel Avatar
    Lisa Angel

    I made the cutest owl pin cushion from wool and the other night my new dog got it and put a hole in it. This just made me sick. I guess I need to make some more. Love wool.

  18. Lynn Marcusen Avatar
    Lynn Marcusen

    I have 4 pin cushions which include a vintage “tomato” with the strawberry shaped needle sharp, a primitive counted thread that I made last year and a wrist cushion that works great unless I miss the cushion. But my most prized is a shoe- shaped, heavily beaded pin cushion made by my great,great Grandmother who was famous for her award winning quilts, 2 of which I have inherited.

  19. Jane A Avatar
    Jane A

    I have a couple– and can never find them. I definitely could use this!

  20. Kennette Blotzer Avatar

    Oh my gosh. How many pincushions do I have? I’ve lost count. From cloth to glass to wool to purchased here or on vacation around the world. Yes, I collect them. And they are collecting quilters dust all around my sewing area. Kennette

  21. Marianne Avatar

    Hihi,I have more than 15 pincushions…can’t have enough of them!!

  22. Terri Karasch Avatar
    Terri Karasch

    I have 8 pincushions so far. Some I’ve made, a couple are from swaps, and one a friend made for me. The wool ones are my favorites!

  23. Jackie Sennish Avatar
    Jackie Sennish

    I’m sitting here in my sewing room counting and I don’t nearly have enough..LOL. So I would love to win the book to make more. Total Count as of today=7 (boy I do need more). Thanks, Jackie

  24. Linda Avatar

    I’m thinking about 10 pin cushions, however that doesn’t include all those I’ve pinned on my pincushion board on Pinterest. In my heart I count those as mine too.

  25. Lori Neisler Avatar
    Lori Neisler

    I estimate that I have about 50 pincushions because I just can’t resist a cute one, especially one that’s different than any I have, and well to be honest they just make sewing and quilting more fun. I love to sit down with handwork and a cute pincushion. I’d love to have her book to make some for our quilt show and quilty friends.

  26. Emilou Ely Avatar
    Emilou Ely

    Hi Lisa, I currently have nine, and am in the process of making three more as I do give them as birthday gifts to the ladies in my quilt group. I love them all. Thanks for the giveaway. Blessings and smiles, Emilou 🙂

  27. Sandra Avatar

    I have one wool pin cushion (Primitive Gatherings kit, of course) and three magnetic plastic ones. Great book!!!! Would love it.

  28. Debbi Avatar

    I probably have 20 or so, but you never have enough! These are too cute!

  29. Susan Avatar

    I only have 2! I have made more but keep giving them away as gifts! I need to keep some for myself. I’d love to have this book to make more.

  30. Jan Bos Avatar
    Jan Bos

    I have 5, but lots of scraps to make more.

  31. Lisa LK Avatar
    Lisa LK

    Is two considered a collection?

  32. Rina Avatar

    I only have one but that’s because I keep making them and then end up giving them away. Would love to have this book as it would give me more ideas for more pin cushions that I would probably end up giving away. Maybe I could keep a couple for myself…..lol.

  33. Kathy O in GA Avatar
    Kathy O in GA

    Hmmm, I think I have about 5 pincushions…but would like so many more, tee hee. Thanks for the chance to win th book!

  34. Vicki H Avatar
    Vicki H

    I can count mine on one hand. I have four, one of which I just made a couple of days ago. I surely need lots more, I would love to win the book. Thanks for the chance.

  35. Teresa Avatar

    Oh my gosh!!!! Pin cushions are one of my weaknesses!!! I love them. I probably have 5 that I use all the time…. I have lots of different work stations! LOL And…. maybe 5 that are used for display!
    Please enter me in the wonderful drawing!!!

    1. Krislovesfabric Avatar

      I have 11 pincushions 🙂

      1. Miriam Leech Avatar
        Miriam Leech

        My friend Nancy made me a pincushion in 1988. It is the one that has a little thread catcher connected with velcro straps…and holds on to the table with a hidden tile…..She made it after all my kids were in school, and she wanted to entice me back into quilting….she placed a note in it with $20.00. We made a date to go to the quilt shop to go buy some fabric….That’s back when $20.00 would buy a few yards of fabric….Great memory….PINCUSHIONS…smile……….

  36. Sandi s Avatar
    Sandi s

    I love pincushions. I have 30 pincushions. Some have been given to me by friends and some I have made and others I have bought. The book looks great. Thank you for the chance to win a book.

  37. Janet O. Avatar

    I have 2 magnetic pincushions, 12 “fiber” pincushions, and a couple of your kits to make more, and lots of patterns ready to go. : )
    I recently saw some of the designs in this book online–Love them!!

  38. Patti Wiggs Avatar
    Patti Wiggs

    Striving for an even dozen — there are nine in my collection at the moment. A quilter/stitcher can never have TOO many!

  39. Carole T Avatar
    Carole T

    I only have 4 pincushions but would love to make a few additional ones to add to my collection and for my friends. They look wonderful.

  40. Mary Ellen Avatar
    Mary Ellen

    It is so nice of you to promote other designers Would love to win Kathy’s book!

    1. Mary Ellen Avatar
      Mary Ellen

      I probably have about 10 pincushions!

  41. Sharron Avatar

    I’d love to win this book – it looks wonderful. I only have six along with a couple of magnetic bowls. I am gravitating more to the wool ones so have started a collection of wool thinking the embroidery would make a good project for riding in the car. This book would help. Thanks for the opportunity.

  42. Dianek Avatar

    I have five pincushions and would love to make more. Thanks for the chance.

  43. Betsy Avatar

    I have 10

  44. Zane Avatar

    Hey Lisa,
    I have 4 wool, 4 woolfelt, and 1 cotton pincushion and am hooked on making them. They are so much fun! Would love to see Kathy Cardiff’s book. My friend talked to her on the phone, and she was so pleasant and nice to her. Now my mother buys little knick-knacks at thrift stores to be made into pincushions. I am anxious to try that. I also have PG pincushion patterns and kits waiting…

  45. marie Avatar

    I have 8 -three are store bought and the rest I made myself. Would love to win this book.

  46. buntyw Avatar

    I have 3 pincushions and a magnetic pin dish!

  47. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    I have only 4, but they are special. One from a friend who moved away, one from Hawaii, and two from Sisters, Oregon outdoor quilt show. I haven’t made my own and would live to win this book and get started. It would put a dent in my wool pack-of-the month collection!

  48. pdroberts Avatar

    When I saw the sunflower pincushion awhile ago I asked Kathy is she was going to do a book and here it is. It’s wonderful. I love pincushions and look forward to seeing her book. I would love to win her book.

  49. Elizabeth McDonald Avatar

    I have one pincushion – made by my dear daughter! I would love to be able to make her one!

  50. Julie Forslev Avatar
    Julie Forslev

    I don’t happen to have any pincushions. Guess I should join the BOM so I can fix that!

  51. Denise Cabral Avatar
    Denise Cabral

    I have 5 or 6. Most we’re given to me. The last pin cushion I made I gave to a friend. I love cute pincushions though!

  52. Kris Hebbring Avatar
    Kris Hebbring

    I only have one 🙁

  53. Arnette Jasperson Avatar
    Arnette Jasperson

    I only have six so I NEED sew many more….this would be a great to win. Thanks Kathie for designing and Lisa for doing this!

  54. Carol Avatar

    Too many to keep track of, but my favorite one is a very fine crocheted top, stuffed with my great grandmothers hair.

  55. Margie Avatar

    I have 7 pincushions and I love all of them but I can’t wait to make the one’s in Kathie’s book! They are GREAT! When does the BOM start?

  56. Judy galligan Avatar
    Judy galligan

    Oh, to win Kathy’s book would be wonderful, looking forward to pincushion offering.

  57. amyjgm Avatar

    I have two in use that I use for different pin types but a number of redundant ones now adopted into other roles, e.g. mushrooms now in my forest Christmas decoration collection, two little birdhouse ones I use to decorate at Easter and my pumpkin for Halloween. My baby shoes (adapted into a pin cushion) will always stay with me on my sewing table though.

  58. Sue Bozarth Avatar
    Sue Bozarth

    I tend to use my favorite…a black crow, but I do have several others (some in the cut out stage, some in the stuffings take and a couple in my plans to do. Finished six.

  59. Charmaine Avatar

    I have 2, but I think it’s time to get this book and start a true collection!

  60. Kathleen Avatar

    I only have 9 at the moment, I am glad to hear that I can say I am really “collecting” these, as I do not use them. Pincushions are so much fun to make that it is hard to say enough! This looks like a fabulous book.

  61. Meme Avatar

    I have about 8, but would really like more! For me, pin cushions are kind do like fat quarters, never enough.
    I would love the new book. Thanks Lisa for introducing us to Kathy.

  62. Cindy C Avatar
    Cindy C

    I have 13 and that’s just unlucky, so I’d love to win the book and make one asap to revise that number!

  63. Diane Emanuelson Avatar
    Diane Emanuelson

    I just love the Sunflower on the cover. I have quite a collection of sunflower things. It will fit right in. I love your designs. Thank you for the inspiration. Diane

  64. teresa Avatar

    I love pincushions. I love making pincushions. I have so far made 14 of them. different styles. All kept in a wire/wicker basket I got at a flea market. Can’t wait for the BOM for pincushions.

  65. Ann Liebner Avatar
    Ann Liebner

    WOW! An entire book of pin cushions…I have just three,…one is an old tomato : ) Would love to win Kathy’s book…it’s wonderful! Ann in PA

  66. Mary Jean P Avatar
    Mary Jean P

    I probably have at least 25 pincushions. A few are utilitarian but most are for show and are made of wool including a few Primitive Gathering ones. Obviously I would love to win this book…..thanks for the chance!

  67. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    I have 2 pincushions, one is magnetic and one is cloth. I’m liking the cloths ones better these days. Although I have a few patterns and kits, I can’t seem to find the time to make them. The pin pals on the cover of Kathy’s
    book are so cute, that I think I need to start a collection!

    Congratulations to Nancy for winning the Heart to Hand pattern. Lucky girl!

  68. Brenda Avatar

    I have 2 pincushions. One is handmade. This looks like a very cute book.

  69. Lori Szolwinski Avatar
    Lori Szolwinski

    You can never have enough! Only about 10 right now (not counting the patterns to be made!). Would love to win the book and increase my ‘collection’.

  70. Mary Jane Avatar
    Mary Jane

    Well, I went to count and I surprised myself, looks like I have 19, I use them all. They are spread throughout the house, most are in my sewing room. My husband thinks I am crazy every time I make another or buy one. Love all of the ones on the cover, can’t wait until you offer them as BOM.

  71. Marcy Avatar

    I have only been doing the wool for a year and half and have 12 pincushions. If I had been doing a pincushion a month I would have 18, so I’m 6 short. Love them all and would love to have the book.

  72. Joyce Avatar

    I presently have 12 completed ones in my collection…6 more in the works. I love them…they are among my favorite things!

  73. Liza Keating Schultz Avatar

    I have 7! I am a sucker for cute ones. My husband is always so glad when I use them instead of the arm of the couch.

  74. Rhonda Avatar

    I have 12 so far.

  75. Gina Avatar

    There are at least eight in the sewing “room” some that were my Grandmother’s and those that have been added by me along the way….

  76. Carolyn Bahl Avatar
    Carolyn Bahl

    I have 11 (5 are vintage) so far and patterrns to make 6 more. Would love this book.

  77. Barbara D'Antonio Avatar
    Barbara D’Antonio

    I love pincushions and have just started my collection. I have about 10 now but would love more so please pick me!!
    Barbara D

  78. Sheila Plock Avatar
    Sheila Plock

    I can’t help myself from making pincushions for myself and friends, so much fun! Will definitely put this book on my wish list! Right now I have 36 pincushions and the number keeps growing.

  79. Sharon Miller Avatar
    Sharon Miller

    Pincushions are a wonderful collectible….I have 14 that I can find, but would love to make more!

  80. Mary Grable Avatar
    Mary Grable

    well since I can’t even find them all I obviously need more!!!!! Adorable!!!

  81. Darlene D'eon Avatar

    Only two for me, three if you count the cushy arm of my lazy girl chair!

  82. Lana Cadwallader Avatar
    Lana Cadwallader

    I have 13 so far. Love to make them. I know I will be signing up for the block of the month. I need a pincushion with each project I’m working on— I have a lot of things going at one time– sticthing, binding, embordery , sewing , quilting, traveling kit and some to look pretty. I do believe new pincushions inspire me to finish my projects.

  83. Debbie G Avatar
    Debbie G

    I only have 3 that I have made but there are so many cute ones out there that I see more in my near future.

  84. Cathy Avatar

    I love pincushions! I just counted 54 in my sewing room. I love to make them!!

  85. Karen Avatar

    I have about 15 pincushions, working on 3 new ones and about 12 patterns waiting to be made. Her patterns look adorable!

  86. Kathy Bahn Avatar
    Kathy Bahn

    I am the lucky recipient of 3 pincushions – all three gifted to me by my “sisters” in our Stitching Hive!!
    Kathy’s book looks great and I would love to win it!! m(I’m way behing on gifting my Stitching Sisters!

  87. Nancy Avatar

    log cabin chicken-gifted by a friend, my 105 yr old Grandmother’s that i treasure and-one i bought. not sure if that’s enough to call a collection

  88. Sara Avatar

    I have 4 pincushions, but more is always better! Thanks for the chance to win the nice looking book!

  89. Jo moore Avatar
    Jo moore

    If you can count the primitive gatherings pin cushion kits I still have to make I have 40 but if you can’t then I have 35

  90. bonnie larson Avatar
    bonnie larson

    I think I have 6 now, but I am always looking for more unique ones. Thanks for sharing and for the opportunity on the draw.

  91. Ann Knuth Avatar
    Ann Knuth

    I only have 3 pincushions, but I love them. I’ve been making them for friends out of Homespun Fabric with Wool Flowers. I would love to try some new patterns. My oldest granddaughter would love the sunflower one – maybe then I could get her to start sewing.

  92. Kim Avatar

    Oh I only have 5 pin cushions……isn’t that an adorable book and what a clever idea!
    Thanks for the chance to win it!

    Happy Sewing

  93. Terry Avatar

    What a wonderful book! Thanks for the chance to win it! I keep trying to not add to my pincushion collection, but I can’t help myself! I think right now I have 24 of them, but I think a few might be hiding! LOL

  94. Jill Avatar

    I must sadly say that I only have one pincushion. I love all that I see, just no time to make any for myself.

  95. Jackie Duerden Avatar
    Jackie Duerden

    I only have about 4 pin cushions. I’m sure I need more!

  96. Colleen Avatar

    I have three and all were gifties :o)

  97. Tanya Quilts in CO Avatar
    Tanya Quilts in CO

    I think I have 5 and they were all gifts.

    1. Peggy Smith Avatar
      Peggy Smith

      Well, I guess I’ll tell it like it is. I grew up when the only pin cushion around was the (dare I say “unattractive”) red tomato pin cushion. When I saw the lovely, prim sunflower pin cushion on the cover of Kathy’s book it spoke to me…loudly! I would love to make that pin cushion…and I would even use it! You shouldn’t award me the prize because of how many pin cushions I have, but because of how many I don’t have. I have 0 (zero, zip, nada) pin cushions! Because of those old red tomato things, I have put my pins in clear plastic boxes and they are screaming to get out. From a position of lack, not abundance, please consider the plea of my straight pins…they’re keeping me up at night with their mournful cries.

    2. Tanya Avatar

      I only have about 3 myself, but some I’ve given away. I do plan on making lots more!
      Prim hugs,

  98. Kristy Avatar

    I love all of my pincushions………..and I also have a collection of thimbles. Each and every one tells a story and means the world to me.

  99. Debbie Avatar

    I have 7 so far but plans to make many more… love to give them as gifts too!

  100. Colleen Avatar

    Apparently I do not have enough pincushions! I only have 7 and I suppose I need more! Thanks for the opportunity.

  101. Carolyn Vogel Avatar
    Carolyn Vogel

    I currently have about 25 and consider myself a collector, but 90% of mine were made my me. I love trying a new pattern or a new challenge.

  102. Sara Avatar

    I have 2 pincushions. I would love to make some cute ones to start a collection!

  103. Amy Avatar

    I have a total of 2! Lisa, help e start my collection. 🙂

  104. Nancy D Avatar
    Nancy D

    Ohh, I am addicted to pin cushions! I have several I have made and a couple on my list waiting to be made. I picked up some walnut shell pieces to try in my next pin cushion. I’ve heard the walnut shell is wonderful to use. I think I really need this book! Win or lose 🙂

  105. Vikki Branum Avatar
    Vikki Branum

    LOVE her little pin cushions!

  106. Sue singer Avatar
    Sue singer

    I probably have 2dozen pincushions, pieced, pool, animals, flowers, etc

  107. Janet D Avatar
    Janet D

    I have one pincushion given to me by friends and I purchased a primitive gatherings kit to make as a gift for my Aunt. The book would be a great addition to start my pincushion collection.

  108. Donna Brewster Avatar
    Donna Brewster

    I have 11 treasured pin cushions. I made some as small projects at our quilt guild. A very close and dear friend made one for me. They are so much fun; they put a smile on my face. I can’t wait to make more for my collection.

  109. Barbara Williams Avatar
    Barbara Williams

    I have 3 but would love to add to my collection.

  110. Marilyn Avatar

    I have 4 pin cushions that were gifts, 2 are hand made. I would love to win this book. Thanks for the chance!

  111. Pam M. Avatar
    Pam M.

    I have maybe 4 pincushions. I love the idea of doing a BOM with pincusions. Her book looks like it is fabulous.

  112. Tina W Avatar
    Tina W

    I’d LOVE to win Kathy’s new book! I could make another pin cushion to add to my “collection” of 13 already in my sewing room!

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  113. Tina from Pendleton Avatar
    Tina from Pendleton

    I’d LOVE to win Kathy’s new book! Then I could make another pin cushion to add to my “collection” of 13!

  114. Fay Avatar

    I have several pin cushions, guess I’ve never counted. There are some I use and some are just fun to have.

  115. Mary Jo Avatar
    Mary Jo

    Do unfinished ones count? I have 16 and about 4 unfinished ones, Can’t get enough, they make the best “Little” projects to sew inbetween those quilt projects. Love, Love, Love PINCUSHIONS! PS I don’t have any like Kathy’s so I would need them in my quilting room.

  116. Christi Pike Avatar
    Christi Pike

    I have a lot! They have become my new favorite thing to make. Probably 10.


  117. Roberta Avatar

    I had more than I thought–7! Thanks for this giveaway. ~Roberta

  118. Melissa Avatar

    I sadly only have one! I would love to win to start my own collection! Will check out her site immediately! That are sooooo cute!!

  119. wendy Avatar

    I currently have 22 pincushions!!! Two of the groups I belong to exchange them at Christmas time! I LOVE them all and can’t wait to collect more. I saw Kathy at the Country Loft last weekend….she was teaching a pincushion class from her book. I’d love to own this book!

  120. Kathy S. Avatar
    Kathy S.

    I only have two pin cushions and a magnetic pin tray (which isn’t very cute). I could really use this book!

  121. Barb E Avatar
    Barb E

    I only have 3 pin cushions (2 from Primitive Gatherings). I love these little projects that are quick & creative inspirations. Little Pinnies are satisfying feeling of accomplishment plus add to the creative decor that surrounds a quilter’s house… Also make great gifts!

  122. Stephanie kluk Avatar
    Stephanie kluk

    I have 24 pincushions in my collection so far! Always room for more!

  123. Jane O'Neal Avatar
    Jane O’Neal

    I’ve got 5 or 6 but would love to increase that number with these cute patterns!

  124. Susan J Avatar
    Susan J

    I have 4 pincushions but have made several for my friends-this book is really great and would love the chance to win!

  125. Michelle Devitt Avatar
    Michelle Devitt

    Lisa, I think I have about 23 pincushions now, everything from an old red velvet one of my mom’s to the ones I have made with your kits. Big and small, wool and cotton. I am thinking one for each day of the year would be a good place to start. See you soon Michelle

  126. Sue Dollhopf Avatar
    Sue Dollhopf

    I only have 2 pincushions – the red tomato and a wool handmade one that was a gift from my dear friend. Time for me to begin a collection!

  127. cathie in everett Avatar
    cathie in everett

    Ah, so I’m not the only one with the addiction!?!

    A relatively close shop has a pin cushion of the month offering and everytime I’m in their shop there are two or three that are just too cute and come home with me. I FINALLY made them all this winter….up to 18, they have their own shelf. And I just made it up to there shop a few weeks back and two more I had to have!!!! Smaller than my stash but equally compelling 😉

  128. Jenny Huntly Avatar
    Jenny Huntly

    I am lucky enough to live in San Diego and have been taking Kathy’s classes for several years, I did the pin keep for many months and have quite a collection, I also did her wool mat of the month, she is a great teacher and a talented person, kind and generous, just like you Lisa. I was also fortunate to take a class from you several years ago, it was when you picked up Jeter and Elvis. I recommend this book.

  129. heartsease57 Avatar

    I think I have upwards of 20-25. I adore pincushions and have several that are antique.

  130. Jan Harritt Avatar
    Jan Harritt

    –I have about 17, and enough patterns for about 30 more! I have them all over the house and in every sewing bag and basket. Several are grouped together on my treadle machine in the living room. One very treasured one is a knitted cushion that has 5 or 6 gradually enlarged double “rings”. It was in my mom’s knitting basket for years, and I received it when she died . It holds several pointy tools, a thimble, bobbins stacked on a crochet hook , my drafting pencil, sewing machine brush, and, of course, pins. One can never have too many sewing tools or pin cushions! Appreciate all your inspiration!

  131. Karenquilts Avatar

    I imagine I have about a dozen pin cushions. Probably have about half a dozen books about making pin cushions too. What fun. I love making any type and often given them as gifts. Would love to win the terrific new book. It looks wonderful.

  132. Cathy Weatherford Avatar
    Cathy Weatherford

    Just one “good one” And it is a bird one from Primitive Gatherings. 🙂 I’d say I need to make some more.

  133. Pamela Miller Avatar
    Pamela Miller

    One can never have too many pincushions, in my opinion. My husband claims he is a human pincushion, or magnet, as he has picked up several pins/needles with his feet. Ouch! I have plenty of the standard red tomato ones. I have made several-mostly calico chickens, but my favorite, so far, is an antique one my grandmother gave me many years ago from her “variety store” in New Orleans, La, It is a china shoe with a red velvet cushion filled with many rusty pins. Just for show, of course. Reminds me of her everytime I look at it. I would love to have this new pincushion book, so I could add to my collection. I am constantly looking for little odd shaped glass/ceramic items to make unsual pincushions. Thank-you.

  134. Diana Kiehl Avatar
    Diana Kiehl

    I only have 1 pincushion but last year I made each of my 13 friends a pin cushion from the summer gathering book! It was fun and even the friends that don’t sew loved them! I loved making them.

  135. KarenB in OR Avatar
    KarenB in OR

    So far only 4. But one of them is my very first pincushion from when I started sewing – over 50 years ago! I do think it’s time for something new. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  136. Patricia Streeter Avatar
    Patricia Streeter

    I have 7 one of which was my Grandmothers. She had it hanging by her treadle machine which I have. If living she would be around 120.

    Would love to win!

  137. Cheryl Bousley Avatar
    Cheryl Bousley

    I just LOVE pincushions! I also love to do wool work, so this book is a must for me! If I don’t win it, I will be purchasing it the next time I am in Primitive Gatherings :-). My “collection” is 16 strong right now, but there is always room for more!

  138. Nonnies Cedar Chest Avatar

    I have three pincushions which were all gifts ~ not counting whatever shirt I have on that day. I’ve been known to have needles and pins hanging from me when out in public! (much to the embarrassment of my girls!

  139. Nonnies Cedar Chest Avatar

    I have 3 pincushions which were all gifts ~ not counting whatever shirt I am wearing at the time. I’ve been known to be in public with threaded needles and pins hanging from me ~ much to the embarrassment of my girls.

  140. Rachel Childress Avatar
    Rachel Childress

    I have about 12… I think I may have another one, but can’t find it right at the moment! I would love to have more…nothing is cuter than a pin cushion! :-). Rachel

  141. Sharon Knauer Avatar
    Sharon Knauer

    I have 6. I have started looking for vintage pin cushions. Would love to add to my collection. Sharon

  142. Lauralee Avatar

    I counted 11…there might be a few more, but I can’t put my hands on them at the moment. would love love love to win the book!

  143. my3kitties Avatar

    To be honest – i never thought much about pincushions before…so i decided to look around on pinterest at some, i just might have to get into collecting as there are some really cute ones out there! Tammy

  144. Janice Avatar

    I have (that I can think of) 7. Love them, have several of them in my mind that I would like to make. Wish me luck.

  145. Kim Avatar

    I have 3 pin cushions. One of the tomato style ones, one of the magnetic ones and one that I charish from my husbands maternal grandmother that is a little ceramic shoe with stuffing and a terry cover. Maybe if I win this book it will inspire me to start a collection!!

  146. pdroberts Avatar

    I started making pincushions after seeing all the wonderful ones on the internet. I saw Kathy’s delightful sunflower and wanted to make it. I wrote her to see if she was going to do a book and wala she did. I have a very large collection of pinkeepers and make-do’s, probably close to a hundred. I have one with all my various projects. I have been waiting for Kathy to publish her book and I would love to win her book so I could add to my collection. Patricia Roberts of Ohio.

  147. Ann P. Avatar
    Ann P.

    I have three so not a collection yet. This book look like so much fun. I want to get a copy of this and start my collection

  148. Anne in Deerwood Avatar
    Anne in Deerwood

    Whew! At least I’m not alone with my obsession! A quick trip to my sewing room clarified my count at 13 finished and 2 in the works. Thanks for the introduction to Kathy.

  149. Dee Avatar

    I WOULD LOVE THIS BOOK! I probably have about 15 – love to do pincushion exchanges. This book looks like the ticket and I think a BOW would be fun fun!

  150. Twink Avatar

    You are so generous with your time to inspire us. Thank you. Pin cushions; there are about a dozen, a few quite old and some I have made.

  151. Kerry Avatar

    I only have 3, but I’m always looking for pins and those pincushions are just never in the right place when i need them! Need to make some more.

  152. Janis Avatar

    Maybe 13. If I can’t find a pin when I need it, I make another one.

  153. Beth Esser Avatar
    Beth Esser

    I have at least 4 that I use that are sitting in various spots around the house where I may need one! I also have at least that many little kits to make more! Love those kits! I plan on doing pincushions for my Christmas gifts this year for my best Buds. Besser

  154. Patti Avatar

    I currently have 6 pincushions, and I use each of them. As you can see I have room for more. Thanks for a chance.

  155. Maddy McCaslin Avatar
    Maddy McCaslin

    I have 15, one being a chicken and one an acorn. Can’t wait to see the BOM
    Having fun doing my BOW

  156. Brenda Avatar

    I might have a zillion, but I don’t really know because I try not to count my favorite things. I would have to say that this little pattern book fits in 3 categories of things I don’t seem to have enough of: pincushions, patterns/pattern books, and calendars.

  157. Sharon M. Avatar
    Sharon M.

    I haven’t started using my toes to count but pin cushions are the sweetest things. Let the collection begin!

  158. Judy Struve Avatar
    Judy Struve

    I have 17 pincushions and want at least 17 more. Many of my friends (we’re called the Old Crows) also have collections and I love to give them as gifts. Would love the book!!!!

  159. Sheri in Iowa Avatar
    Sheri in Iowa

    I have at least 6 different ones that I can think of…..so there are probably more. One of my favs is a tiny chick made by one of my quilting buddies….so stinkin’ cute!

  160. Debbie Avatar

    I counted 27, but might have missed one or two. Love pincushions and cant wait to have this book of them!

  161. Donna W Avatar
    Donna W

    I found 10 pincushions, but there are probably more hiding around the house. Can’t seem to get enough of them.

  162. Sandy Avatar

    If I can remember correctly, I have 5..

  163. Marsha B. in Kansas, WI native! Avatar
    Marsha B. in Kansas, WI native!

    Thanks for sharing info / other designers that we might otherwise not find out about! I have one old faithful pink velvet tomato pincushion with marching strawberry needle cushion. So I could really use this book! I have made a couple plain red velvet ones for gifts.

  164. Ava Avatar

    I know of 13 pincushions off the top of my head. Now if kits that are not finished yet count then there could be 5 or 6 more. I have printed off patterns for even more that some day I will take the time to stitch together. If you have not guessed I reallllllllly like pincushions.

  165. Mary Avatar

    I have 10 and my favorite so far is the big watermelon one that is pieced with dark red fabrics.

    1. Vicky Avatar

      I never win anything, so this would be a real treat! I have 2 pincushions, and use them both all of the time…

  166. Ruth Avatar

    I have an accidental collection of pin cushions that began many years ago with a beautiful porcelain and velvet pin box/cushion from Scotland. I now have about a dozen but my current favorite is a little ball of wool in an acorn shell that I use for tiny applique pins on portable woool projects. My husband told me not to forget his two feet in the count. Why is it whenever a pin hits the floor the only way to find it is to have your husband walk by?

  167. Lisa Bierman Avatar

    I only have one pin cushion!! And I definitely need more!!

  168. lbierman937 Avatar

    I only have one! But would love to make some more….they look really country beautiful! Thank you for highlighting other designers for us to get more ideas from to add to our learning process!

  169. Lorna Cordrey Avatar
    Lorna Cordrey

    I have a unfinished collection of 36 pincushions and looks like I will be making more…….Lorna in So. CA

  170. Michelle S Avatar
    Michelle S

    I have approximately 5 hand made pin cushions and one magnetic (used for traveling). One of my quilting friends and I made 15 Frog pin cushions with legs for a quilt retreat. The other quilters loved them. We stuffed them with wood shavings from my dear hubby’s wood working shop. Love to get some new ideas!

  171. Elaine S. Avatar
    Elaine S.

    I believe I have 6….but always looking for more!

  172. W. Waasdorp Avatar
    W. Waasdorp

    I have 2 wool pincushions from your shop. I would like more to place around my rooms to use and decorate with. The book looks fab!!!

  173. Connie R. Spalding Avatar
    Connie R. Spalding

    I have about a dozen but have never considered them to be a “collection” but rather “necessities.” You are correct though, one can never have enough of them. Would love to win the book and add some new ones to my “collection of necessities.”

  174. Cindy Avatar

    Mercy! The one and only pin cushion I have is the strawberry…blah…blah…blah! It’s good luck and I can’t part with it, but would like to add on. Thank you.

  175. sara higginbotham Avatar
    sara higginbotham

    i have 14 ,one is a dog my granddaugher got me in paris and another on is a crochet heart gotten at garage sale
    i love pin cushions

  176. Rachel Friedrichs Avatar
    Rachel Friedrichs

    I love Kathy’s creations for Cardiff Farms and this new book is no exception! I am new to quilting and only have made 1 pincushion, but am eager to make more!

  177. Terry K. Avatar
    Terry K.

    I love the sunflower pin cushion. I only have three pin cushion.

  178. Mary Graff Avatar
    Mary Graff

    I have six pincushions and they all have a special memory. Would love to make some for stocking stuffers this Christmas!

  179. Tana Avatar

    Seven, I think! I have made some and given them away. A cute pincushion just makes a person smile….but of course so does that tattered tomato (very worn and not so cute) that bring to mind memories of my Grandma. Thanks for the opportunity. I am enjoying the market highlights.

  180. Steph M Avatar
    Steph M

    I can count 10 pin cushions that I have in my ‘collection’…….there can never be too many! I love all the different patterns out there for these fun creations! Thanks for sharing!

  181. Carla Alexiuk Avatar
    Carla Alexiuk

    I have about 20 in my collection. Some were given to me as gifts others I’ve purchased because they were just to cute.

  182. DianeM Avatar

    What a beautiful booth! I only have a couple pin cushions – still using the arm of my chair – which is not the brightest idea ;P I would love to have a chance to win Kathy’s book since today is the last day at my school job I’ll have plenty of time to create some pin pals 🙂 Thanks for your generosity <3
    Smiles, DianeM

  183. Maria R. Avatar
    Maria R.

    I have 2 pin cushions. One my grandmother gave me when I was 8 and one my husband’s grandmother gave me about 10 years ago. I really need to add to my collection! Keeping my fingers crossed. Thank you.

  184. Jane lemley Avatar
    Jane lemley

    I have about 20 pincushions but need more!!! I recently bought a box of jello molds and metal tart
    Pans so I will soon have more!

    Love your patterns!


  185. Carol Larson Avatar
    Carol Larson


    I have about 25 pincushion in my collection, but probably have made another 25 for my family and friends. You can never have too many, I love making and collecting them.

    Would LOVE to have more!

    1. Diana Tatro Avatar
      Diana Tatro

      I have several because I scatter them everywhere ! I think they make the greatest gifts so, I would love to win the inspiring book !! Thank you for the chance from beautiful Northern CA. !!

  186. Teri LaVoy Avatar
    Teri LaVoy

    Six and obviously I need more. Would love to win this book. One cannot have too many of anything when it comes to sewing and wool items. Thanks for sharing a designer in your blog…love meeting new people.

  187. Louise Avatar

    I only have two and both were given to me. Oh…. and I have one that is a work in progress

  188. Colleen M Avatar
    Colleen M

    I have none, so far, but have been thinking of making some.

  189. Betty Jo Chaplin Avatar
    Betty Jo Chaplin

    I don’t know the exact number of pin cushions that I own, but there are enough to call it a collection, yet a small enough number to enjoy seeing them each day in my quilt room.

  190. Cathy Avatar

    I have a few but would love to add these to my sewing room! Thank you!

  191. nancy murphy Avatar
    nancy murphy

    I think I have about 15 I keep making them cause they are so darn cute. Last retreat a friend and I had a pincushion challenge. it was a lot of fun and a lot of great pincushions were entered. thanks. Nancy Murphy

  192. Carol H. Avatar
    Carol H.

    I have only 3 pincushions. Obviously I need this book. Thanks so much for the chance to win.
    So many cute pincushions, great gifts for friends.

  193. Sally King Avatar
    Sally King

    Believe it or not, I have 27, but several of those were my Mom’s and Gram’s. Treasures that their hands touched each day that I could not bare to part with. Pincushions can speak volumes.

  194. Danette Knoth Avatar
    Danette Knoth

    I have about 74 pin cushions. I’ve been collecting them for many many years. Most are priceless as the were given to me from my grandmother. She started me out with sewing when I was in the 5th grade, im 46 now, and its something I still do to this day, all because she left me with a special gift. Sewing, machine and hand, is my passion. I need this book so that I can add more to my collection!!

  195. Debi Avatar

    I do not have any pin cushions! Time to get that changed, looks like a great book

  196. Donna Pierpoline Avatar
    Donna Pierpoline

    I have more than 3 dozen. Only three of them are full of pins, the rest are displayed around my work area.

  197. Toni Avatar

    I have 8…many hand made and definately used every day! But I can definately add a few more and the ones from this book look wonderful, Keeping my fingers crossed.

  198. Ruth J. Avatar
    Ruth J.

    I have an accidental collection of 7 unique pincushions including the original tomato from my “home economics” class in high school! My husband insists that I also count his two feet which would bring it up to 9. Why is it the only way to find a fallen pin is to have your husband walk by in socks?

  199. DaisyS Avatar

    I have 4 and 3 of them are from Primitive Gatheriings! I love pincushions and want to make many more for gifts (and for me 🙂

  200. Mary Lee Avatar
    Mary Lee

    Never enough! I have four pincushions but never in the right place. I’m always fascinated by the cute pincushions at the shops and shows but am intimidated about making them, especially stuffing and finishing them. Time to tame this fear and make a few fun and practical gifts for me and my friends. They’ll be delighted! What fun!

  201. Denise Avatar

    I have 8 pin cushions. Some old and some new! The book looks great and I would be a happy person to win it!

  202. Pat Mosley Avatar
    Pat Mosley

    I don’t have any pretty or unusual pincushions, only functual. I would love to have the book to make pincushions for gifts. What a special reminder of friendship to give to special people. They already know how much sewing has always meant to me. A small way of sharing that love.

  203. Jennifer Kralik Avatar
    Jennifer Kralik

    I have made three log cabin quilts. The first one I even hand quilted for my Aunts 60 th birthday. I believe the log cabin block is one of my favorites!

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