Jennifer from the Woolen Willow..

I had this scheduled to post and it didn’t…so here it is now…IMG_1889Do you know Jennifer?  She and her Sister and Sister In-Law (I believe )are the magic behind Primitive Quilts and Projects!!!  Not ME!!! So many people think this magazine is mine…They see Primitive and think that it must be mine…I am sorry but NO WAY do I have any time or energy to be putting out a magazine 4 times a year!!!   Now I do have projects in them but I do not own or run this awesome magazine…so hopefully that clears it up and I don’t get anymore credit for it!

Well back to Jennifer…she also, besides running the magazine, has a shop in Williamstown WV and a pattern company… We have many of her patterns that we have kitted in our shop and we also will be doing Log Cabin Garden shown behind Jen here….as a BOM…again…look for it later in the year…when we get out stuff together… Her website to visit the shop…The Woolen Willow

I have a pattern to give away for Log Cabin Garden from Jen…now lets see what can we do for a give-away….OK…how about this…I have a confession…I have never made a “true” log cabin quilt! right??? what is wrong with me??? I have made courthouse steps and so on but not a true log cabin….How many log cabin quilts have you made?  Are you a loser like me? or have you made many?  Comment to win Jens pattern…maybe to redeem myself I will do the sample for this BOM???

my best…LB

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  1. JoAnn Avatar

    I have made several log cabin blocks to put in a quilt, but never a complete log cabin quilt.

  2. Marsha Gardner Avatar
    Marsha Gardner

    None, zero, zip! I’ve made blocks but never a quilt… 🙁

  3. Judy Avatar

    Log cabin is my favorite quilt of all. Add wool and I am in heaven. Would LOVE to do this quilt.

  4. Stacey Larson Avatar
    Stacey Larson

    I have also wanted to make a log cabin quilt which is why i have a set 3 rulers that shockingly still have the tags on. Maybe if I won the pattern it would help me get the tags off the rulers and make me use them. LOL. It’s amazing how many different ways a log cabin can look. I get the Primitive Magazine and have done so since they started. There’s always beautiful projects.

  5. Brenda Avatar

    I have only made 2 log cabin quilts but I do really love the pattern.

    1. Robin Haught Avatar
      Robin Haught

      I think I am a loser too. I have never made a log cabin quilt. I made few log cabin pillows at one but I don’t think that qualifies. This pattern maybe just what I need. Being from West Virginia, I just want to say I am very proud of those girls for putting together such a great magazine that is now well known in the quilting world. Love the magazine and their shop…so inspiring!!!

  6. CJ Avatar

    Well, I have made only one log cabin quilt (acutally a wall hanging/tablecloth size). The barn raising layout. It was one of my very first quilts. I have never even thought about making anotherone.

  7. Audrey Avatar

    I have made a couple log cabins and one courthouse steps quilt. I’d love to give this one a go. It looks great!

  8. Libby Avatar

    It just so happens that my very first quilt was a log cabin done as a “quilt as you go”. We used it ’til it was almost worn to threads. I so enjoyed making it and using it that my 2nd quilt was also a log cabin but done in the traditional pieced top and then quilted. I especially love Jennifer’s log cabin with the wool appliques.

  9. Cheryl Rudnytsky Avatar
    Cheryl Rudnytsky

    My very first quilt was a log cabin quilt. I very carefully followed the lessons in Eleanor Burns’ Quilt in a Day Log Cabin. My success with that first quilt inspired me to keep going
    and learning.

  10. Becky Kohn Avatar
    Becky Kohn

    My very first quilt was a log cabin. I have made little ones but want to make a bed size one in my favorite country colors someday.

  11. Janet O. Avatar

    Well, at least if I am a loser for having never made a real log cabin quilt, I am in good company. : )
    I have used some log cabin blocks as a round in a medallion style quilt, but I’ve never made an entire quilt of log cabin blocks.

  12. Nancy Aydlett Avatar
    Nancy Aydlett

    Love the log cabin block but have never made a quilt! Everything else but the Log Cabin!

  13. gatay Avatar

    I made one log cabin quilt – the third quilt I ever made. I had a stencil of a little house that I put in the center block which was red, and the cabin strips were greens for the darks and creams for the lights. I just finished a top for a courthouse steps quilt that is similar to a log cabin.


  14. Julie A. Avatar
    Julie A.

    I have made only 1 😉

  15. Marian M Avatar
    Marian M

    My very first quilt was a log cabin from Eleanor Burns’ book. I’ve since done many traditional and ‘liberated’ log cabin quilts. What I like most is the variety of settings you can choose from to create a unique design.

  16. Raewyn Avatar

    I’m the same – I have made log cabin blocks but never a quilt from them. Gosh that is a gorgeous pattern!

  17. cheryl unger Avatar

    I am thinking that the quilt I made is also like yours, even though it was said to be Log Cabin, but then again I have a terrible memory and could have made it as a Log Cabin. All I know is that it is beautiful. Thanks for your shop, I love what you do and the Primitive Quilts and Projects!!

  18. De De Avatar
    De De

    I have made just 1. I give most of my work away, this went to a postal worker on her retirement. It was a beautiful blue & white, with red stars at the corners. I smile at the thought of my friend opening this when she retired.

  19. Jan Reliford Avatar
    Jan Reliford

    Well, I’m almost right there with you Lisa…..I have MANY logs, but NO Log Cabins!!!!!!

    And I have many STEPS as well, again, not made up into the Court House Steps! One day the steps will meet the Cabins!

    And I have met Jennifer and her Sisters – they are wonderful gals….

    Take care and keep on keeping all of us busy stitchin’!



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  20. Karla yakesh Avatar
    Karla yakesh

    None for me. But they are one of my favorite quilts.

  21. Emilou Ely Avatar
    Emilou Ely

    Ack, i too have not done a log cabin quilt. Always have planned to but, maybe this will be my incentive. Thanks for the giveaway. Blessings and smiles, Emilou 🙂

  22. Sherry Avatar

    I must admit that I have only made log cabin blocks but have yet to put them together in a full size quilts. They are one of my continuing UFOs. I do love this wool one — it could turn out to be my first completed log cabin quilt (and what a beauty it will be. Thanks for the chance to win this pattern. Love the magazine.

  23. Linda Horn Avatar
    Linda Horn

    I have never done a true log cabin quilt either, so don’t feel bad. We can all be losers together. I made a runner with a few blocks, but that doesn’t really count. I would love to make this one, as it has applique as well. That’s makes all quilts better!

    1. Laura Kissel Avatar
      Laura Kissel

      I’ve made one, but I guess it is technically court house steps! I love these, though, and am working on getting my leaders/enders organized so that I can create these blocks while doing other things. And I so love the addition of the qpplique on this one!

  24. Lisa Angel Avatar
    Lisa Angel

    I’m a loser also. I do want to make one one day. Thanks for the give away and your awesome shop.

  25. Rebecca Avatar

    I have made a few quilts with the log cabin block, the last being Broken Star by Laundry Basket Quilts. It is a test of the piecing skills!

  26. Mary C. Avatar
    Mary C.

    I absolutely LOVE sewing log cabin blocks and have made several quilts over the years……something so satisfying in the production of the blocks and also a great way to use up those 1 1/2 strips left over from other projects that seem to reproduce in the middle of the night when the lights in the sewing are off!

    1. Karen Avatar

      I love log cabin blocks but I never seem to make them. This pattern would be a great reason to make log cabins.

  27. Susan Cook Avatar
    Susan Cook

    I have made two log cabin quilts. My beginning quilt class had a log cabin quilt as the project and it was great. Just completed a curved log cabin quilt for a wedding quilt in purple and greens. Love them.

  28. Kathy A. Avatar
    Kathy A.

    I have only made log cabin quilt but I hope to make more one day. I have Woolen Willow’s BOM all wool quilt, the one with the sheep on it. Gretchen, one of the sister’s taught me how to rug hook when she lived a short time in MN. I have been hooked ever since. They are a very talented pair of sisters. One of my favorite parts of the day is visiting your website Lisa, and looking to see what’s new on the NEW tab. Love your wool applique especially and have made many wool mats designed by you. I am keeping my fingers crossed in hopes of winning Jen’s pattern!

  29. Tina from Pendleton Avatar
    Tina from Pendleton

    Lets see……I’ve made one bed size (hand quilted no less), a couple wall sized and several minis. There’s at least one more in me sometime!

  30. martha mumaw Avatar

    I have only done one true log cabin.

  31. Vicki Hyatt Avatar
    Vicki Hyatt

    Absolutely no losers if you love quilting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Log Cabin quilts are one of my favorites! My first Log Cabin was made in 1992 for my son, I even hand quilted it!!! The binding had worn out on his quilt so I just finished new binding. I have been busy making Courthouse Step baby quilts from 30’s reproductions….I really do need to keep one for myself even though my grandchildren are older..maybe keep it for great-grandchildren! One of these days I am going on a road trip to your shop!!! love it love it love it!!!

  32. Peggy Brown Avatar
    Peggy Brown

    No, but it is own my list of quilts that I really want to make.

  33. Stella s Avatar
    Stella s

    I have a stack of strips I’ve been hoping to use one day for a log cabin quilt. I’ve never made one. It’s on my bucket list of things I hope to make.

  34. Sher Avatar

    I have made only one log cabin block so far and it’s for a mini. I think they are beautiful though.

  35. Jacque Wright Avatar
    Jacque Wright

    I’ve made three log cabin quilts–all big ones. Love this pattern with the pieced blocks combined with wool appliqué. Would love to have the pattern.

  36. Cheryl Barkdoll Avatar
    Cheryl Barkdoll

    The log cabin is one of my favorites also. I have fabric purchased to make one but have not started it yet. There are so many wonderful patterns available so I doubt that I will stop at one!

  37. Jan Avatar

    I have made one quilt and two wall hangings. They are fun to make.

  38. Melissa G. Avatar
    Melissa G.

    I absolutely LOVE this quilt!! Melissa is Greek for honey bee, so I am drawn to the beehives (skeps). I, too, have never made a log cabin quilt, and I can’t wait for this one!

  39. Becky M Avatar
    Becky M

    I have never done a log cabin quilt either. Made a block or two, but no quilt.

  40. Donna Brewster Avatar
    Donna Brewster

    I have only made one full-size log cabin, but I have made several minis. I just did 2 minis with embroidery and tiny buttons in the borders. Cute if I say so myself.

  41. Beth Avatar

    I’m new to Quilting, and I haven’t yet made a log cabin Quilt! I want to add it to the list of “to do” items, which incidentally is growing exponentially! I think I have to quit my day job, but how will I pay for everything I want to quilt! lol

  42. Bonnie Avatar

    I have not yet made a log cabin quilt but I recently bought two patterns. I own the full set of fat quarters of your fabric Little Gatherings and have been trying to figure out if it will work for either pattern . I would love to win this pattern. I subscribe to Primitive Quilts and Projects.

  43. Pam U. Avatar
    Pam U.

    I have made Log Cabin placemats and did some paper piecing with this block. I love the way it looks…graduation of color.

  44. Lynn Lahr Avatar
    Lynn Lahr

    I absolutely love log cabin quilts, but I must confess, I am also a loser and have never made one. Wouldn’t this be the perfect first log cabin quilt to make??? We could do it together Lisa! The pattern is just my style.

  45. Terri Karasch Avatar
    Terri Karasch

    I would love to win that pattern! I have made one traditional log cabin (queen size) and am always planning to do another, but haven’t gotten to it yet. Primitive Quilts & Projects is an awesome magazine; I’ve let all my other subscriptions lapse, but this one I’ll keep because I love everything in it! Jen and her sisters (?) do a wonderful job with this publication.

  46. Jennifer G Avatar

    My first bed quilt was a Log Cabin and my first wall hanging was a log cabin arranged to look like a Christmas wreath… So I guess I have already paid my dues! Thanks for the clarification on your companies and for the giveaway!

  47. Yvonne Avatar

    I have made couple they always turn out beautiful but after each one I say never again ha!!!

  48. Julie - Me & My Stitches Avatar

    You definitely need to make a log cabin quilt! Log cabin is one of my very favorites and I have made several. The very first quilt that I ever made was a king sized, log cabin. King sized? What the heck was I thinking?

  49. Carolyn Avatar

    Two log cabins over the years–one is very “tired” at this point the other has a lone star in the center and is queen size! hand quilted—now THIS log cabin has much more to love–cats..crows..and lovely flowers–It might just have to be the third!!

  50. sandy Avatar

    I have really made a log cabin quilt. It was long enough ago that it is actually hand quilted with perle cotton and fits a double bed. It had about two inch wide strips though but it’s still a log cabin!! It’s still one of the best ways I know to use leftover scraps not matter what version of the pattern you use, court house steps or whatever.

  51. Miriam Leech Avatar
    Miriam Leech

    My first quilt was a log cabin. I was so unsure of my quilting abilities that I would come home from the quilt shop throw my fabrics in the wash, dry them, iron them, then cut 2 1/2 inch stripes….thinking I would never be able to do anything but log cabin….I made everyone in my family one….I soon ventured out and have done alot more than log cabin…but recently I started to cut our 1 1/2 inches of all my fabrics for another log cabin…There is something so homey about this pattern. I would love to win this pattern. PS…I have just started to learn how to applique wool onto cotton backing..through Lisa’s BOW…How about that…Still learning something new everyday.

  52. Loris Mills Avatar

    I love log cabins…and I must say, especially the one hanging behind Jen! I have made straight on log cabin but a few courthouse steps…love that variation. I would absolutely LOVE to win a pattern to make this one! The appliques are wonderful! Thank you for throwing my name into the hat!

  53. Kay Mc Avatar
    Kay Mc

    Does it count that I have a log cabin quilt started? I started it several years ago in a workshop using 1″ strips. I really do need to get back to it so I can say I made one, too.

  54. Sharon Avatar

    I, too, have never done a log cabin. This looks like a great one to start with!

  55. Lynn Lahr Avatar
    Lynn Lahr

    I absolutely love log cabin quilts but have I confession, I’ve never made one. This one is beautiful and just my style. Lisa, we could make it together!!!! Thanks for the chance to win the pattern. I’m hoping some day to visit your shop, I always see you in Des Moines at the AQS show and manage to find a thing (or two) I need to take home with me!

  56. Patti Wiggs Avatar
    Patti Wiggs

    Log cabin is my most favorite of all patterns and I have made four to date. Love The Woolen Willow and the gals putting together this great magazine with just the best projects. Thanks for the chance to be a winner!

  57. Sandra Avatar

    I have made many quilts, but not the log cabin yet. It is on my bucket list. Love the Primitive Quilts and Projects magazine!!

  58. Debbie St.Germain Avatar

    I admit, I have never made one and I love them. I saw Jennifer’s new log cabin quilt and I love it and would love to have it be my first log cabin.


  59. Pam Mickey Avatar
    Pam Mickey

    I have only made one log cabin quilt but love all the different ways you can put the blocks together to get a completey different look!

    1. Carolyn Boutilier Avatar

      I have a gold and black log cabin quilt all ready to be quilted on a long arm. the other log cabin is in the process of being built, several of the blocks are done. I love Primitive magazine and did the flower pot & flowers in wool and it hangs in my kitchen. Never thought of applique on the log cabin quilt but would love to win this design. It has all the primitive things I love.

      Carolyn Boutilier

  60. Avatar

    One with Mom… and one for a donation .

    F rom: “Lisa Bongean’s Weblog” To: Sent: Wednesday, June 26, 2013 1:59:20 PM Subject: [New post] Jennifer from the Woolen Willow..

    lisabongean posted: ”  I had this scheduled to post and it didn’t…so here it is now…Do you know Jennifer?  She and her Sister and Sister In-Law (I believe )are the magic behind Primitive Quilts and Projects!!!  Not ME!!! So many people think this magazine is mine.”

  61. Connie Morgan Avatar
    Connie Morgan


  62. Melissa Avatar

    I made my first log cabin quilt last year using your line little gatherings. I did it in black and brown and used a red center. It turned out so nice. I cant wait to make another.

  63. Randi Leinen Avatar
    Randi Leinen

    My very first quilt was Elanor Burns Log Cabin in a weekend. What a mess! This was before rotary cutters. I didn’t quilt again for over 30 years. I would love to try a new “version” of a log cabin.

  64. Judy Balek Avatar
    Judy Balek

    I have made a couple of log cabin quits for two of my boys but I love the way she has added the appliqué. I love the magazine and dream about what I am going to make. I did realize you have some kitted. I will have to look at those.

  65. Ann P. Avatar
    Ann P.

    My first quilt was a log cabin. It was for my oldest son. That quilt has been washed to many times. I really want to make another one. So it is on my ‘to do’ list.

  66. Kathy Avatar

    I have made a log cabin table runner……..and I have a box of “logs” cut from leftovers. I just need to start sewing!!

  67. Sally from CA Avatar
    Sally from CA

    I have made only one Log Cabin quilt, a miniature one in fall colors, which I love. I have been itching to make another one.

  68. Cindy Avatar

    Funny story….my first quilt/sewing project was a long cabin quilt that you were to finish in one session….you started in the afternoon and sewed into the night….I was so nervous as I had never done anything like this, did not even know how to thread the needle etc. I did finish but was a nervous wreck…I have it hanging in my bedroom to remind myself to never give up…since then I have done two smaller Log Cabin projects….Cindy

  69. Avatar

    I’ve made 2 log cabin quilts and have an odd assortment of blocks that didn’t make it into either of them. I was thinking of making a third, with really skinny logs, but haven’t moved on that. One of these days…

  70. Nancy D Avatar
    Nancy D

    I love this magazine! I’ve only recently discovered it. I don’t know how I could have missed such a excellent magazine! I’ve done log cabin blocks before, but never a entire quilt of them.

  71. Lori Neisler Avatar
    Lori Neisler

    I have only made log cabin blocks as part of BOM’s, but would love to make one. It’s such a versatile block that can have so many different patterns by varying the colors. I’d love to have the pattern !

  72. Norma Carter Avatar
    Norma Carter

    The very first quilt I made as a teenager was a log cabin – two, in fact, to go on the two twin beds in my room. I did not quilt again until 3 years ago when I was much, much older than a teenager! I would love to do a log cabin quilt again, now that I know what I’m doing!

  73. Jody Avatar

    I have only made log cabin blocks once and that was for a border on a Christmas quilt I made a while back. Very pretty pattern!

  74. Cathy W. Avatar
    Cathy W.

    I made one king sized Log Cabin with Eleanor Burns, original pattern. I also made two with her Star Log Cabin pattern. I did one miniature Log Cabin with half inch finished logs and also a Courthouse Steps in the same size.Yes, I love them and they are fun to do. Lisa, you should do a miniature!

  75. Lisa B Avatar
    Lisa B

    I have never made a Log Cabin Quilt yet, but I will be incorporating some of the different Log Cabin quilt blocks into a cowboy quilt I’ve designed for my dad! I have always loved the way the Log Cabin Quilts turn out…they are so beautiful! I would love to win this pattern and try my hand at it, as I have plenty of fabric stash to use as well! I would definitely try doing it scrappy and with coordinating fabrics!

  76. Rose Jeter Avatar
    Rose Jeter

    My first “official quilt” (first one was a panel) was a log cabin made from the Eleanor Burns quilt in a day series. I do love log cabin quilts, and particularly love this one with the wool applique, so cool. I have several issues of the magazine, always happy when I can spend an afternoon drooling over the new issue with a cup of coffee or tea. Always drool over your stuff too, though.

  77. Mary Kastner Avatar
    Mary Kastner

    Way behind the eight ball on log cabins. I’d love to make a little one with 1 inch strips. Someday! Thanks for the chance to win.


  78. Kerri Avatar

    My very first quilt block was a log cabin but I have never made an entire log cabin quilt. It is definitely on my “to do” list!

  79. Sandy Steinke Avatar

    Log Cabin is actually one of my most favorite quilt patterns. The first one i made was for a wedding gift for my son’s friends. It was queen sized and contained 1400 pieces! It was all from my scraps and very small yardage. Oh, how I wish I had kept that quilt for myself and made them something else. Any pattern with a log cabin in it always gets a second or more look from me.

  80. Marj Avatar

    I must confess also I can’t remember ever making even one true log cabin block quilt. I would be proud for Jen’s log cabin garden to be my first.

  81. Sharon Knauer Avatar
    Sharon Knauer

    I have made one traditional log cabin and one not. Would love to try with the wool . This will have to go on my list of projects to do. Love your blog. Thanks

  82. Brenda Avatar

    Have only completed one, but two others are in progress!

  83. Susan Avatar

    One small one only, but would love to do this. Thanks for the opportunity.

  84. Nina Christman Avatar
    Nina Christman

    I saw a great log cabin in a store while on vacation. I bought it and got it made 4 years later. It was so big(108×108) that I never quilted it. I will never make a another large log cabin quilt-maybe a little one. Nina Christman

  85. irene lazari Avatar
    irene lazari

    I have made one that needs quilting and a smaller one with houses in the middle. Also if a sampler quilt counts, it has a logcabin block in

  86. Linda Biondo Avatar
    Linda Biondo

    the link to comment does not work! I have made 7 log cabin quilts!

    “The kind of life you will have isn’t determined by what happens to you, it’s determined by your reaction to what happens to you.”

  87. Terry Brown Avatar
    Terry Brown

    Lisa, I made 6 for Christmas one year for nieces and nephews ( 26 years ago to be exact and tied) and swore I would never make another. This new one looks different and neat with the appliqué thought. Teri

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  88. Barbara Avatar

    I have made 5 or 6 log cabin quilts as it is one of my favorite patterns. Would love this with wool.

  89. Jan Tracy Avatar
    Jan Tracy

    I too have never made a log cabin quilt. This pattern entices me to make one because it is combined with my first love…..appliqué!!!
    June 26, 2013

  90. Angela Brady Avatar
    Angela Brady

    Add me to the loser list too! I’ve made only blocks never a whole quilt but that will change after seeing that beautiful quilt behind Jennifer with the appliqué ( which is my favorite thing to do). By the way she has a great shop too, stop by on my trip to Ohio to Amish country.

  91. Louise Avatar

    I have not made a log cabin either but I would like to sign up for the block of the month to make Jennifers quilt. It is quite lovely.

  92. 8machines Avatar

    No, I have never made a log cabin quilt! And that quilt is stunning! Thanks for the chance to win this lovely pattern.

  93. Janice Fish Avatar
    Janice Fish

    I love log cabin quilts and always admire them, but have only done the log cabin wall hanging in your Prairie Women’s Journey One. Maybe I need a complete pattern to be challenged enough to make a complete quilt. I have seen some nice ones with applique added.

  94. Colleen Avatar

    I have started one but didn’t finish it. Well, actually I made a Christmas Wall hanging that was a center medallion surrounded by 12 log cabin blocks…I guess that counts!

  95. Nicole M Avatar
    Nicole M

    I have not worked on a true log cabin quilt yet, but I have been it in the list for a future project. This one looks amazing and will be looking forward to this as a BOM later in the year!!

  96. Barb E Avatar
    Barb E

    Sad to admit… My first quilt attempt was a lap sized red, white and blue log cabin which unfortunately I never finished due to impatience of youth. Over the years, I have thought about this ‘Project’ but it still lies in the UFO box. And there it will probably stay since it was not my best attempt at sewing. The Good News is… now I have more patience and quilting/sew skills that I would relish to start a Primitive Gatherings BOM :o)

  97. marie Avatar

    I have only made one log cabin and it’s only a table topper size. Thanks for the chance to win Jennifer’s pattern.

  98. Marsha B. in Kansas, WI native! Avatar
    Marsha B. in Kansas, WI native!

    I’ve made two log cabin quilts, one was from the “Little Quilts” book. The other one is only a top so far. Would love a pattern, especially with wool applique!

  99. Renee S. Avatar
    Renee S.

    I have made one log cabin quilt. It is one of the first quilts I ever made and I took a class where we put our strips in a bag and whatever we pulled out was what we used next. It was a fun way to learn to not over-plan my quilts or agonize over fabric placement. Now I love scrappy quilts!

  100. Cathy Cavagnaro Avatar
    Cathy Cavagnaro

    I made one 15 years ago. I think it’s time to make another. I would love to win Jennifer’s pattern and make that one.

  101. Angela Cruz-Garcia Avatar
    Angela Cruz-Garcia

    So far I have not yet made one but I love the look of them and want to try one myself someday.

  102. Christie Avatar

    I made a log cabin and quilted it with all the pretty stiches on my sewing maching . I’d love to try this one!

  103. Jan Gezon Avatar
    Jan Gezon

    While I can only claim 1 log cabin by you “rules”, it was my first real quilt. A wall hanging that still hangs over my fireplace mantle today…10+ years later. I have done several lately with a version of court house steps that make the cent block look like it is on point. It is one of my favorite settings, even though it is a bugger to layout. I just got week 4 of th wool bow… It is amazing. I love this block! I am currently caught up and have all e blocks done for both the bow and freebie! I was going to take a break to meet some other deadlines, but you are tempting me!

  104. Ruth J. Avatar
    Ruth J.

    I made a flannel log cabin many years ago before we had gorgeous flannel fabrics to choose from. My family has just about worn it out – it’s the favorite “nap on the couch” quilt. May be time to replace it………..

  105. Cassandra Collins, Brigadoon, West Australia Avatar
    Cassandra Collins, Brigadoon, West Australia

    I’ve made one only – king size. Took ten years to complete! I began when I was pregnant with my daughter and gave it to her for her 10th birthday. It was the first quilt top I ever made and was hand cut with scissors – didn’t know anything about rotary cutters and rulers back then! My daughter is now 21 and that quilt lives permanently on her bed so I consider all the work it took as well worth the effort!

  106. Marlene Avatar

    I have never made a log cabin square or a quilt but would love to.
    I’d like to start with Jennifer’s Log Cabin Garden. I’ll be looking for it when it’s a BOM.
    Thank you!

  107. Linda Witt Avatar
    Linda Witt

    You can add me to the loser column. I have one small table topper that is an adaptation of a log cabin, but I have yet to quilt it. Now if you had asked about applique. . .

  108. Patti Avatar

    I like log cabin blocks and the variety of settings the block offers. I have one miniature log cabin quilt. Would love to make a queen sized quilt. Thanks for a chance.

  109. janice king Avatar
    janice king

    I have made two log cabin quilts.I made one for my dad and our new neighbor,that built a lovely log cabin home.I need to make one for our home. Janice king

  110. babareeba Avatar

    I am a beginner and have done many quilts yet, but the Log Cabin is definitely on my to do list for the near future.

    1. babareeba Avatar

      OOPS! I haven’t done many quilts yet.

    2. Alice Carter Avatar
      Alice Carter

      Meant to say match every room. Just home from work-the brain is foggy

  111. Alice Carter Avatar
    Alice Carter

    I started with a small one…then became hooked. With all the different colors you can make one for every season or even to make your rooms. Just love making them

  112. DebrafromMD Avatar

    I love log cabin designs and have a whole file folder full of different settings. However, I have only made one LC quilt.

  113. wendy Avatar

    The log cabin was the first quilt I made (Quilt in a Day) many years ago! I have made about 6 log cabin quilts. They are so versatile as to the pattern arrangements.

  114. Jane A Avatar
    Jane A

    I haven’t made a log Cain quilt yet, but I have admired many! Would commit to make this one if I win! Jane

  115. Vicky Avatar

    I’ve only made one, but boy, was it ugly! My Daughter kept it (since it was my very first quilt), and I just hate to even look at it now…we all started somewhere, right? And, no quilt police…

  116. Doreen Brannan Avatar
    Doreen Brannan

    I haven’t done a log cabin quilt either, but it is one of my favorite patterns. I do wool applique, so this pattern would be great for me!

  117. Tana Avatar

    I wish I could say that I had made a log cabin, but not yet. I have noticed this quilt in posts from market and really like it! And it is definitely my favorite magazine. Thanks for the opportunity

  118. marg Avatar

    One of my first quilts was the original quilt in a Day log cabin by Eleanor Burns. Believe it or not, the directions had you tear the strips of fabric! I did a couple more after that when I found out about the rotary cutter and mat. I really enjoyed each of them and use a different setting for each one.

  119. Kathleen C Avatar
    Kathleen C

    I’ve made two: The first was years ago, in pink and green, and i tied it. My daughter uses it as a beach blanket! The second is much nice–I made it for her bed. But I’ve never embellished or added applique to a log cabin-that would be pretty. I also hope to make a courthouse steps some day. Thanks!

  120. Susan Avatar

    As a “young married” in the early 80’s and living far from home in Rockford, IL, I took a class at a local quilt shop. We made a log cabin Christmas tree skirt.

  121. Janet D Avatar
    Janet D

    My very first quilt I made was log cabin (Quilt in a Day) back when I was a teenager. That is when my love of quilting began.

  122. Sandra Pierson Avatar
    Sandra Pierson

    Your page is not working,… leat not for me…:-(

  123. Marsha Burwash Avatar

    What a gorgeous pattern, I would love to win it. I have not made a log cabin quilt yet, I have made a block and some types of variations, but never a true log cabin. I love log cabin quilts, if I win, I will have to make this one!

  124. donna fuller Avatar
    donna fuller

    I have done parts of log cabins, and i love the process. i am still looking for a perfect wool quilt for my vermont bound son to keep him warm . would love to win. donna fuller

  125. Susan McGirr Avatar
    Susan McGirr

    No – I’ve done a few blocks for a sampler quilt but not a whole log cabin.

  126. Donna Oelfke Avatar
    Donna Oelfke

    Loser here –but it’s definitely on my “Bucket List”! This one is gorgeous!

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  127. Leanne Avatar

    I have made one log cabin wall hanging and 2 quilts. The wall hanging was my very first quilt and fell in love with the pattern. I have admired Jennifer’s quilt, I just love the applique.
    Enjoy your day,

  128. Melanie Avatar

    Easy question -easy answer— I’ve made two log cabin quilts. Each given away when my kids were exchange students for the summer. one to France and one to Mexico. In fact – the french quilt was the first quilt I ever gave away. I learned a ton of lessons about making quilts and letting go of them, about sharing your love of quilting with others…. I am a fan of Jennifer and the magazine… Tons of talent in both.

  129. Gale C. Avatar
    Gale C.

    I have made 3 log cabins, but it was over 25 years ago! Would love to make another one…

  130. Beverly Lawler Avatar
    Beverly Lawler

    A Log Cabin quilt was the first one I made. I have made 5 more. Fun to do! Thanks for the chance to win.

  131. Sheila Plock Avatar
    Sheila Plock

    I have never made a log cabin either and dont know why! I bought a ruler especially for log cabins but haven’t used it, hopefully someday.

  132. Betsy Avatar

    I am guilty of never having made one either. Thanks for the chance to win

  133. Karin Avatar

    I have made one. In 2010 a tornado went through and I made log cabin for my niece who lost her home and another (jelly roll) quilt for friends who too lost their home. They were both awesome to make in a hurry and to give them something to help brighten their day.

  134. Ann C Avatar
    Ann C

    Two. The one was in reds, greens and whites with little black seed like shapes appliqued on it. Looks like watermelons and is the perfect picnic blanket.

  135. Rachel Friedrichs Avatar
    Rachel Friedrichs

    I love the look of a log cabin quilt, but have never made one. I would be willing to try something new though and the pattern would be a perfect place to start 🙂 On another note, I am a huge fan of the Primitive Quilt and Projects magazine. It always has a bunch of amazing projects and ideas.

  136. Jean Lange Avatar
    Jean Lange

    Well if you are a loser than I will join your club. I have never done a log cabin quilt. As beautiful as they are, I have no idea why I have never done one. I guess I need to get in on that BOM when your shop is ready to start it!

  137. jeannehop Avatar

    I too love the log cabin quilt. i think i have made 5, but would always love to make another.

  138. barb Avatar

    Log Cabin was the first quilt I ever made in 1987. Since it said “Quilt in a Day” I went with it! Glad I have branched out. Still do like the variety of patterns that can come from one pattern.

  139. Pam Walton Avatar
    Pam Walton

    I love the log cabin but I have never ever made a quilt. As I sit here and think about passed projects I have made log cabin place mats for a house warming present. Primitive Quilts and Project is one of my favorite magazines. Thanks for the give way (I’m keeping my fingers crossed)

  140. Colleen Avatar

    Someone told me starting out that log cabin was the easiest quilt to do and that I needed to start with that. That was my very first full sized quilt. So I have made exactly one. :o)

  141. Mary Avatar

    Just a wall hanging size one but this pattern looks very fun. People that do them say they are a bit addictive.

  142. Jackie Baumhauer Avatar
    Jackie Baumhauer

    I have made four log cabin quilts. One was for my brother and another for hospice. I also made a small log cabin wall hanging for a local shelter and one for me… that was done in red and cream fabrics.

  143. Darcy Avatar

    I have made four! It was my first quilt and has been a ‘go to’ since. I would love to win this pattern. It’s so beautiful!

  144. Charlene Avatar

    I have never made any quilt!!! Am new to wool applique and just started the
    BOW blocks and am so thrilled!! Charlene George

  145. Jane Avatar

    Loser here. I’ve made a variation but not the real thing.

  146. Sue Avatar

    One queen size, in the early 90’s, made with not so good fabric so it didn’t last long as I washed it to death. Live and learn. 🙂

  147. Sharron Avatar

    This pattern could be the start of something wonderful because, I have never made a log cabin quilt either.
    Sunflowers Around the Courthouse Steps was the second quilt I started (still a UFO after 9 years). Thanks for the opportunity to win this beautiful pattern.

  148. heartsease57 Avatar

    I have made one, this was one of the first quilts I did. It is huge, a king size and I had it custom quilted. It is on my bed. I started it as a retreat project and from start to binding, took almost a year (6 months to piece). This one was done in the recommended colors and fabrics from the retreat organizer (Jane Quinn from Bozeman, MT), but if I were to do another one I would choose totally different colors. That being said, the quilt is beautiful and fits my bedroom perfectly.

  149. Sandi s Avatar
    Sandi s

    My first quilt was a log cabin. Thanks for the giveaway.

  150. penelope10 Avatar

    I have made 4 log cabin quilts. One for my bed and 3 lap/baby quilts!

  151. Sue Dollhopf Avatar
    Sue Dollhopf

    I haven’t made a true log cabin either. Probably time I do. Sue D.

  152. Avatar

    I made a log cabin quilt and loved the patter so much that I made a table runner.

  153. Pat Neyens Avatar

    😥😥😥 Big fat zero for me … Made 0 Log Cabins 😥😥😥

  154. Mary Samaniego Avatar
    Mary Samaniego

    I have made lots of Log Cabin quilts. It’s one of my favorite patterns. I can’t say how many thought since I get the tops done but still have to sandwich them up (soon I hope). Getting ready to make up another one that is called the Watermelon Quilt by Black Mountain.

  155. Mary Ellen Avatar
    Mary El