Optional Finishing kit for Summer Blooms…our freebie project for 2013

Hey all…sorry to bother you three times in one day…but I must have a lot to say today…

I hope your summer is going well…I have been swamped!!! That is the reason for no blog posting…but here I am and you are not getting an email from me everyday( only 3 in one day) so hopefully you are not bored with me and just delete them without even reading them…who does that? not me…ok…maybe some emails….but back to the REASON for this post…

If you are collecting our free blocks we are giving out with a weekly shop purchase….I have the Summer Blooms (25″x25″) done!  Here are the details for the OPTIONAL finishing kit….If you like how mine turned out you can order a kit with the pattern, wools and fabric and binding…Now please do not think this was hard to do…there is no needle turn applique going on here…this is so SIMPLE you are just going to LOVE it….so no worries….We need to know how much fabric to order and how many to make…so please if you would like a finishing kit for your FREEBIE please email us and then you do not  have to enter all of your info in the cart or you can place an order on the site…If you have paid in full for your SBOW kit-we will still have your cc number to apply this finishing kit to it, just let us know by sending us an email here:   EMAIL SHOP CLICK HERE  make sure in the email you include your full name as some emails have double top secret identities…lol….If you are ordering the whole kit, blocks and all you must go to the site and place an order as we do not have any of your information…you cannot just email the order…we need you to go to the link below and order from the site…

freebie finishing 2013

If you want this kit it will be $30.

Now if you did not participate in the SBOW and did not get any FREE blocks this summer we may have some extras to sell as FULL kits with 13 blocks…borders, binding and pattern…They are $75. Order it in the dropbox  HERE

Let me know if you like how this turned out…If you order a finishing kit and leave me a comment, we will give a finishing kit away FREE to one lucky person!!!

Hope this inspires you to get them fused down and ready to STITCH…

stitch everyday…LB

87 responses to “Optional Finishing kit for Summer Blooms…our freebie project for 2013”

  1. Elaine Petrik Avatar
    Elaine Petrik

    It’s GORGEOUS Lisa!!

  2. Sandra Avatar

    LOVE IT!!!!!! Lisa, you have out done yourself again. It is up there as one of my favorite quilts of all time. Your summer BOW’s and freebies are the best!

  3. Cooking Karen Avatar

    Hi Ladies, I’m sitting on the South Carolina beach and I so want the summer blooms finishing kit please. Our address changed on June 1. Please use this address for this purchase and the Japanese fabric club and wool gathers club Karen Lyon 3211 Chesapeake Ave Hampton, VA 23661 Home 757-864-0519 Cell. 703-581-3687

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    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Please send us an email… Do not leave messages on the blog…

  4. Carolyn Avatar

    It is so very lovely–I just ordered it via an email!—-but it would be even more lovely to win this!


    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Someone will!

  5. Lara Avatar

    LOVE IT!

  6. Nancy D. Avatar
    Nancy D.

    That is just stunning!!!

  7. Diana Tatro Avatar
    Diana Tatro

    I love it !!!!……and I am ordering mine right now !! I do hope to win, however !! pick me….Diana in sunny Northern California !!

  8. suejean1 Avatar

    Your Summer Blooms finishing kit is beautiful. Love it. I sent an email to order the kit. Thank-you for always creating such wonderful designs for us.

  9. Lu Avatar

    I love it! Already emailed in an order for the finishing kit. Can’t wait to put it together!

  10. Mary Thom Avatar
    Mary Thom

    The best part of participating in your SBOW and freebie is the time I get to spend with my Woolie friends ( Sue, Laura and a few others ) Thanks for bringing us together 🙂

  11. Pat dubois Avatar
    Pat dubois

    I love the way you finished these little blocks! I wasn’t sure how you could top last years freebies! I like this one just as much. Tanks!

  12. Clara Chandler Avatar

    I am so enjoying the SBOW and summer freebie. Appliques with wool is new to me. I do love the finishing kit and will be ordering one, for sure. The burgundy border with the scallops is eye-catching!! Thanks, Lisa.

  13. Shirley Nelson Avatar
    Shirley Nelson

    I love the finishing kit for the freebie block of the month. Pick me, pick me. Thanks, Shirley Nelson

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  14. Jane Hansen Avatar
    Jane Hansen

    Love it! So far I have them all done. Can’t wait to finish it!

  15. Debbie Thormahlen Avatar
    Debbie Thormahlen

    Absolutely beautiful. Another creative and unique design. Can’t wait to get mine done.

  16. Lisa Avatar

    Hi, this is so nice. I just ordered my finishing kit, but my financial picture would look better if I were to win it. Thanks for such great patterns. Love Primitive Gathering.

  17. Nancy Pleimann Avatar

    I love it. I have some of it ironed on. And a little stitching. As always I enjoy you projects. Thanks, Nancy P.

  18. marlene Avatar

    I love the finishing kit and HAVE to have it. Your tip on doing the prep work when the blocks come is great. I have started doing that and find once I dive in its no big deal. The best thing about the BOW’s is that I feel as if I have a birthday every week – when the mail comes I drop everything and grab the white envelope and drool for about a hour before I do anything else. Sooo much fun. Thanks, wish I were creative but since I’m not I don’t mind copying your lead.

  19. Mary Jane Avatar
    Mary Jane

    Would love to win the kit but will order if I don’t. This is my first appliqué experience and have them all done so far and love wool appliqué. keeping up with Evelyn’s Album that I signed up for as well. This finishing kit is gorgeous!

  20. Val K Avatar
    Val K

    Love it! Can’t wait to see it in person! Val

  21. kathelmn Avatar

    Love, love, love it! Just can’t imagine how you keep coming up with these wonderful ideas. The scalloped border with flowers on the edge is extra special. Thanks Lisa for always helping me find a spot to spend my $$$$. Keep up the dynamite work.

  22. mtneedle Avatar

    Wow, Lisa! I absolutely LOVE the setting of “Summer Blooms”! Good job!!!

  23. Amy Avatar

    You have out done yourself, yet AGAIN! Can’t wait to finish it! Thank you!

  24. Carrie Avatar

    I love it Lisa,

    I knew those leaves on the blocks would really come together, but the red, wow. Thanks for all your fun creative summer projects, they are fun to do. I ordered my finishing kit, now I have to get stitching.


  25. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    I was totally blown away when I saw the picture, it’s just beautiful. I have been quilting for 20 years and have
    never done a scalloped border so this should prove interesting! I have already ordered my finishing kit online
    and will be anxiously awaiting its arrival. Thanks for yet another great summer project.

  26. Michelle Pratt Avatar
    Michelle Pratt

    I love the finishing kit…its so CUTE!! I have been having so much fun with this. My husband even asks me every Friday now what did you square look like today when he gets home from work. Pretty soon he is gonna start helping me cut them out I think! 🙂

  27. yvonne Avatar

    I really love this one ! every year I participate and always very happy. I love your creativity!!!!

  28. Rose Jeter Avatar
    Rose Jeter

    Love, love the finish to this little quilt, will get busy now for sure. Sent an email requesting the finishing kit, thanks.

  29. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    Well I am not ordering the finishing kit since I punished myself by not ordering the kit since I did not finish last years! Now that I see it I should thought of a different punishment! If I won the finishing kit then I could reward myself with the blocks … but alas it seems I am not eligible!!!! 🙁

  30. Kerry Avatar

    Love the way you’ve set the little blocks together into a little quilt. I’ve just ordered my finishing kit, how could I not? LOL.

  31. Babs Williams Avatar
    Babs Williams

    Love it! Sending an email now.

  32. Tana Rhine Avatar
    Tana Rhine

    1. I would like the sbow weeks 5-13threads for ‘both’. 2. I would like the summer freebie finishing kit also

    Tana Rhine

    Sent from my iPhone

  33. mtbr hardy Avatar
    mtbr hardy


    I thought you might like to see.

  34. Mary Avatar

    I absolutely love the SBOW and the little free blocks. It has been such a treat to look forward to each week. I ordered everything. Blocks, finishing kit and threads. No surprise there to my friends. Thanks. Mary Kinsey

  35. Sheila Avatar

    I am up to date on these blocks and love them. Would love to win the finishing kit! Keep up the good work Lisa!

  36. Rebecca Avatar

    Very nice! Makes me super glad I “trust” you!! 🙂

  37. Juleee Avatar

    Love it…but I love all your stuff. Already ordered the kit.

  38. Pamela Blasy Avatar
    Pamela Blasy

    Ok-I just ordered my 2 finishing kits-1 for me and 1 for my sister (i am giving her this for her birthday)-I have talked 4 people into doing the SBOW this year and everyone is soooo happy with them-you did it again Lisa!!!

  39. Ann Wissbaum Avatar
    Ann Wissbaum

    Hey Lisa, I just sent an email to pre-order the freebies finishing kit. I LOVE the way it looks. Maybe I will be lucky enough to win it. I’ve been trying to stay caught up . Doing pretty good so far. I take my blocks to work with me and stitch them during my lunch. With the limited number of colors of thread it makes it really easy to pack around.

  40. Mary Avatar

    Love, love, love this kit! Please make it mine– the red and green fabric is one of my all time favorites. I have a large supply of it. The quilt is absolutely stunning. Thanks for all your creativity. It makes the rest so easy to do.

  41. Lauren H. Avatar
    Lauren H.

    Love, Love Love it! I have done the previous 2 other summer projects and just think you and the quilts are amazing. Didin’t think you could top last year’s but you did.

  42. Julie Forslev Avatar
    Julie Forslev

    I ordered the finishing kit. What a gorgeous little quilt!!

  43. Becky Avatar

    Colors are simply devine. Love the “presents” each week as I run to the mailbox!

  44. Karen M Avatar
    Karen M

    Wow! It is beautiful. You are so amazing. I can’t wait to get mine finished. Thanks for a fun summer of stitching.

  45. Karen Avatar

    Love the finished freebie SBOW….I keep thinking you can’t top last year…but you do…love them all!! Would be thrilled to win the finishing kit…thanks for always being so generous!

  46. Pamela Miller Avatar
    Pamela Miller

    Lisa, I have had the best time with the SBOW-the blocks are stunning! And they are so fun to do. I am not quite caught up with preparing the blocks , but that is a great idea you gave us to prepare them ahead of time to work on later. The freebie blocks are precious and I love your finished quilt. I definitely want a finishing kit for my blocks. I get so excited when the mail comes each week and it is my new blocks. I got two blocks prepared today and my husband was so impressed with how pretty they are. I do have to find time to get a little sleep, though. Ha! And housework can wait! This is my first BOW and I have enjoyed it SO MUCH. I sent an email to your shop regarding the finishing kit-would be great to win one. If we go ahead and order it, are we still eligible to win the one you are giving away? Thanks. Pam

  47. Gina Avatar

    It is beautiful, I love it!

  48. Sharon Bennett Avatar
    Sharon Bennett

    Oh my! This is simply gorgeous! I’ll be sending an email for the finishing kit… but, since I was slow to sign on for the BOW, I missed weeks 1 and 2 of the freebie… hopefully I can get those?

  49. Judith Avatar

    The finished quilt looks so pretty! Would be such a pretty wallhanging or table topper. I have ordered the finishing kit.

  50. Tana Avatar

    Each time I prepped one of these little gems, I would lay out the group and wonder what the final layout would be….knowing that I would love it, but wow! this is even more gorgeous than I imagined! Of course, I will be ordering. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the finishing kit for the big blocks, however I am quite content to let your vision come to life in its own time….knowing it will be worth the wait.

  51. Janis Avatar

    This is my first BOW and I have only been working on the freebie. They are so cute. Love them. I have been keeping up with your suggestion of the prep. It’s working!

  52. Joyce Weeks Avatar

    Love the blocks and I will order a finishing kit! You are one busy woman! I’m trying to get everything fused so I can do more stitching. Thanks friend!!!!! Just got back from The Woolen Willow.. it was fantastic.
    It won’t hurt my feelings to win! Take care!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Nice hearing from you Joyce…I will be blogging about you this week…

  53. Cheryl Monroe Avatar
    Cheryl Monroe

    Lisa, The finished product is beautiful as usual. You never fail to amaze me with your creativity. I’ve just ordered mine!

  54. Cheryl Keown Avatar
    Cheryl Keown

    I absoluately love the Freebie and the SBOW. I am just kicking myself because I did not start the very first week. I will never make that mistake again. Oh well, better late than never as they say. Would love to win the finishing kit. Thanks!

  55. Debbie Durham Avatar
    Debbie Durham

    I sent in the email to order the finishing kit today. This is a great summer project and can’t wait to complete the project. So excited!!

  56. Angela Avatar

    Just ordered the finishing kit. The final layout is beautiful. I was so disappointed when I missed last years SBOW, I didn’t want to make that mistake again so I joined this year and I’m so glad I did. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Angela in Southern California.

  57. mel2quilt Avatar

    I sent my email to pre-order this finishing kit! And I thought I posted comment yesterday immediately after sending my email, but I don’t see it. Alas, I will just tell you again how much I love my first experience with the SBOW and the cute little freebies. I am so excited to receive my new blocks every week and your hint to do all the prep work as I as receive them has helped me keep up. I will definitely participate again in the future.

  58. Brenda Avatar

    Love it, inspired me to get off my lazy hinder and get going.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      lol…I haven’t heard that word in awhile….(hinder)…lol

  59. L Zook Avatar
    L Zook

    I have so much doing your projects. when I get my projects for the week its Christmas every week. I’m so glad I found Primitive Gatherings and some day when I get up north I’m coming to visit!!

  60. Laurie Smith Avatar
    Laurie Smith

    I sent an email to pre-order the finishing kit for Summer Blooms. I am enjoying the SBOW and the cute little freebie blocks. I am almost staying current 😉 This is the first time I have participated in a SBOW from your store and it has been very fun. I have 3 friends that are getting the blocks too. We are so excited every week to see the next one arrive. Thanks, Laurie in Utah

  61. Brenda Avatar

    Very pretty. The finishing kit is very stricking.

  62. Rebecca H Avatar
    Rebecca H

    I left a comment yesterday, but it seems to be missing. I love the layout and ordered the finishing kit…

  63. Jo moore Avatar
    Jo moore

    Your summer quilts just get better every year

  64. Jan Gezon Avatar
    Jan Gezon

    Lisa you have out done yourself! This turned out beautifully. This is my first time doing you SBOW, and I am having a blast! Thank you for being such a creative designer. BTW. I love the floral gatherings. Especially the shirtings. Good call.

  65. Nancy R Avatar
    Nancy R

    This is just too cute. I just ordered mine by email.

  66. Ann Clinton Avatar
    Ann Clinton

    I ordered the finishing kit because this quilt is so stunning. This is the first time I’ve done a SBOW and now am addicted to wool applique. I teach morality so the SBOW is such a delight to stitch and reflect. Looking forward to your class at Hershey.

  67. Norma Applegate Avatar
    Norma Applegate

    Love how this is turning out. Proud that I have been keeping up with the blocks this summer.

    Norma A.

  68. Kathy B. Avatar
    Kathy B.

    Lisa, just got back from a “mini vacation” to Amish country in Ohio with my two sisters. We took along the blocks for the freebie that goes along with the SBOW to stitch at night while in the hotel room (glad we did – the weather at night was very warm and humid!) We all love the small blocks and were wondering how they would be put together. Your design is fabulous! I’ll be ordering the finishing kits as soon as I finish writing this comment. We would love to win another kit for our “fourth sister” (my friend since second grade) who would love the quilt (of course we’d have to make it since she has a difficult time sewing on a button.) Thanks for such fantastic designs!

  69. Beth Esser Avatar
    Beth Esser

    Of course I love the finishing kit and I must have it and will order it! I am wearing my PGQS/LB “groupie” T-shirt as I’m typing this for good luck hoping I’ll get picked to win it free!!!! Hee Hee!

  70. Betty Forester Avatar
    Betty Forester

    LOVE LOVE it. Did not think you could top last years, but maybe ……….

  71. Teresa Whisson Avatar
    Teresa Whisson

    Hi Lisa ~ your finishing looks great. I placed my order but it would be sweet to win! Thanks for the giveaway and all the freebies!

  72. Kim Avatar

    Love how you finished this, maybe after seeing yours I will have the inspiration to go home tonight and prep a few blocks. I will be sending my e-mail shortly to order this kit, thanks so much for all of your great designs!

  73. Pam Hintze Avatar
    Pam Hintze

    I ordered the finishing kit along with more threads. Looking forward to getting mine finished! Love the layout.

  74. Ann P. Avatar
    Ann P.

    This kit is definitely a WOW! I have ordered mine and can’t wait to get it. Looking forward to coming to the shop.

  75. Chris Teague Avatar
    Chris Teague

    This is my first woolie project; I am keeping up to date on the little ones and have completed 3 of the large ones as well… really love how they look! Just ordered the finishing kit and can’t wait to see it up on a wall.

  76. Denise G. Avatar
    Denise G.

    The finished quilt is just beautiful. I ordered it as soon as I received the email! I’ve been keeping up with my weekly blocks for the freebie and the SBOW as well!

  77. Kathy Reed Avatar
    Kathy Reed

    Just ordered the finishing kit, it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I love the SBOW !!!!

  78. Barb C Avatar
    Barb C

    Lisa,you are amazingly talented, i love it and ordered the finishing kit,its beautiful, can’t wait to put it on my table! I’m all caught up on the freebies and working on the BOM thx again BarbC

  79. Carleen Avatar

    Love it!!! You are a phenom, Lisa!

  80. Mary Thomas Avatar
    Mary Thomas

    I just ordered the finishing kit…just beautiful can’t wait to finish it!

  81. quiltwhinny Avatar

    Hi Lisa. I’m just getting going on this, but wondering if the suggested threads came with this, (I did buy the finishing kit) or do I just figure that out on my own. If so, that’s fine. I just wouldn’t have the Vilvadi Threads, but probably have plenty of colors in my DMC threads. Keeping you and your family in my prayers. God will sustain you. With love and admiration,

    Barb Jansz Elizabeth, IL. President of Friendship Quilters, Elizabeth <\__~ /\

  82. quiltwhinny Avatar

    Oh, I just found the threads In a separate pack, even including a pen to mark the vines! It does say that it is missing #199 and # OS75, which will be shipped when they come in. Not sure those ever arrived? Thanks again. Barb

    Barb Jansz <\__~ /\

  83. quiltwhinny Avatar

    Found 0575 in another pack. I will presume that #199 is also tucked away on another plastic bag I haven’t explored yet. So sorry to have bothered you. Sincerely, Barb

    Barb Jansz <\__~ /\

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