Four legged visitor

Otto… visited out booth during the show… Next month he will be going to his new owner… He was so sweet and a little tired…I loved him!!!!

6 responses to “Four legged visitor”

  1. Audrey G. Avatar
    Audrey G.


  2. pdroberts Avatar

    What a wonderful dog. He must be a real darling. I lost my dog on Fri. to cancer and I miss him so much.
    Bless Otto’s new parents. Pat

  3. Denise Avatar

    What A Sweet and Gentle Dog!! Hope Otto’s Has A Good Life.

    P.s Sorry Pat about your dog, they are like family…

  4. Cindy Avatar

    He is precious! God bless the families that train these specialty dogs!!

  5. Kathy Avatar

    These dogs are amazing as are their owners!

  6. Janan Avatar

    Such a beautiful dog!

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