Finishing up in MI

Here are a few shots of how much these talented ladies got finished in the two day workshop…take a peek…






17 responses to “Finishing up in MI”

  1. Elaine S. Avatar
    Elaine S.

    I have this kit. Wish I had been at the class. Beautiful!

  2. pdroberts Avatar

    beautiful project, sure would love to take one of your classes. maybe some day. Thanks for all the wonderful pictures. Pat

  3. Brenda Avatar

    Looks like they all did a great job. These are going to be so beautiful. Love this pattern.

  4. Sharon Butvilas Avatar
    Sharon Butvilas

    Lisa, this pattern and design is so beautiful. Is this a class project only or do you have it a wool kit and pattern available in the store or online? Sharon Butvilas Oswego, IL

  5. Fay Avatar

    Lucky ladies,sooo much fun. Would love to have this pattern/kit.

  6. rosa Avatar

    Wonderful projects.Thanks for all the pics.Have a fun weekend!!

  7. Sharron Avatar

    Hi Lisa: I have the same question as Sharon in Oswego. Do you have pattern? kit? or is it a class project?

    1. Nancy Avatar

      It’s on Lisa’s store website. You can get the pattern or the pattern with the kit OR just the kit. 🙂

  8. Janet O. Avatar

    Looks like such fun! I love that pattern, but I doubt I would get that much done in two days. : )

  9. Patty Fowl Avatar
    Patty Fowl

    Loved the pictures so much, I had to order the kit (had been lusting after it for awhile). Does the pattern suggest thread choices? Was not sure what to order and don’t have many Valdani choices here in sunny, HOT Arizona!

  10. Linda B Avatar
    Linda B

    Wow! They are soooooo gorgeous. Great job everyone!!!!!

  11. Linda Biondo Avatar
    Linda Biondo

    Beautiful! Where on your site can I find the pattern/kit? “The kind of life you will have isn’t determined by what happens to you, it’s determined by your reaction to what happens to you.”


  12. seeshesews Avatar

    Thank you Lisa for a wonderful two days of stitching. About the third thing out of my mouth when I got home was — set up a table in the living room because I am going to stitch!!!. . .and I did! I had to come home to rest! I’ll have a beautiful table mat, and I’ll remember our class and retreat every time I look at it.
    Kathy Garms

  13. Janan Avatar

    Love this project, it reminds me of wildflowers.

  14. Roberta Avatar

    They were very talented. Looks like they did a great job with their stitching. Very inspiring. I have this pattern and had hoped to get it done by now! ~Roberta

  15. Donna Pierpoline Avatar
    Donna Pierpoline

    Loved all the pictures! Very inspirational and motivational!! Can’t wait to
    get started

  16. Steph M Avatar
    Steph M

    I have this pattern started…..seeing these pics has given the itch to get working on it. What a beautiful table runner.

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