SBOW…more info….

I have had a few questions regarding the wool SBOW…

The paid in full customers have NOT paid for the finishing kits.  This was not included in the price because I did not have the quilt finished to know what to charge…so even if you paid in full for your 13 block you still have to send us an email or order from the site.  

You may also want to order the 2″ “triangles on a roll” to go with your finishing kit…I think  there are about 720 or so in the quilt but using the Tri’s on a Roll make this a lot faster without losing accuracy.

The quilt finishes 86″ x 86″.  

Thanks and I hope you all have a nice Holiday weekend!

6 responses to “SBOW…more info….”

  1. Rosemary Redhead Avatar
    Rosemary Redhead

    As usual, you are up bright and early!

  2. Deborah Kuchta Avatar
    Deborah Kuchta

    Please Add the triangles to my or der of finishing kit. Thank you

    Deborah Kuchta 219.241.4066

    Deborah Sent from my iPad

  3. marlene Avatar

    I did know it was not part of my paid in full but I still want the finishing kit and if I didn’t pre-order it before I would like it now. You have my CC info already and I also want the triangle paper so please add that. Thanks, Marlene Mason

  4. gijane279 Avatar

    Thanks for the information I will call and give my info

  5. gijane279 Avatar

    All set I just spoke to Sandy at the shop and she has my information! Thank you again for the wonderful project and thank you to Sandy for her assistance on the phone! 🙂

  6. Jean Hurtado Avatar
    Jean Hurtado

    Yes,I would like you to send me what I will need to complete the SBOW. Please include the 2″ triangles on the roll. You should have my charge card on file so use it toward the finishing kits. I love the wool quilt, Lisa. It is wonderful.

    Jean Hurtado 411 “D” St. Cayucos, CA. 93430

    Sent from my iPad

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