Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks vol.8

Look what I have here!!!…I have a block in the book and my name is on the cover! Page 59…Quiltmaker sent me 5 copies…and I am going to give away 3….so lets see…the first three people who can comment me with a guess of what my Dad did for a living wins a copy!!!  None of my employees can win and they better not tell…I will post a pic of my block with the winners….The issue goes on sale November 19th.


147 responses to “Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks vol.8”

  1. SallyM Avatar

    I will guess that he was a mailman!! And congrats on being on the cover.

    1. MaryH Avatar

      I thought your dad worked at the foundry.

  2. Jackie Barron Avatar
    Jackie Barron

    I’m guessing your Dad worked on a dairy farm.

  3. Brenda Avatar

    I will guess he was a craftsman of some kind.

  4. Peggy J Avatar
    Peggy J

    I’m going to guess a cheese maker.

  5. Shirley rutledge Avatar
    Shirley rutledge

    I think he was a auto mechanic.

  6. Linda Vince Avatar
    Linda Vince

    Good Morning- I think your dad was a farmer.

  7. mbdquilter Avatar

    Your dad was a superlative car painter. Best in the Fox River Valley – second to none.

  8. Tammy Avatar


  9. mbdquilter Avatar

    Didn’t see if this was posted or not – your dad was a auto painter – best in the Fox River Valley! Awesome dude.

  10. Sue Avatar

    Wasn’t he in construction?

  11. Barbara D. Avatar
    Barbara D.

    I think he was a carpenter. Congrats on the book!

  12. Pam Mickey Avatar
    Pam Mickey

    I’ll guess your dad was a plumber? And congratulations!

  13. Becky in Georgia Avatar
    Becky in Georgia

    Well, I’m interested in the answer. Don’t think that I am right, but will say that he built cabinets. Congrats!

  14. Judy W Avatar
    Judy W

    I think he was a farmer.

  15. quiltermary Avatar

    Was he an electrician?

  16. Maureen Avatar


  17. Melanie Scharch Avatar
    Melanie Scharch

    Congrats Lisa
    Was your dad a soldier?

  18. Debbie G Avatar
    Debbie G

    I have no idea, but will guess that if your family is from WI, that he was a farmer. If I don’t guess, I can’t win, right??

  19. seeshesews Avatar

    Your dad was a brick mason.! (Stone mason)

  20. Fran Avatar


  21. Carolyn Boutilier Avatar
    Carolyn Boutilier

    I am thinking your father was a salesman .
    Carolyn B

  22. Pat dubois Avatar
    Pat dubois

    A teacher?

  23. Mary Jo Avatar
    Mary Jo

    Policeman? Thanks for the chance.

  24. Linda Kramer Avatar
    Linda Kramer

    I have no idea, so I’ll guess what my dad did, installed floor coverings?

  25. Laura Benthien Avatar
    Laura Benthien

    I guess he worked at the paper company

    1. Sewmaggi@verizon.net Avatar

      A stone/brick mason!

  26. Jan fruit Avatar
    Jan fruit

    He worked in the mills.

  27. Mary Kastner Avatar
    Mary Kastner

    My guess he is a carpenter. Thanks for the chance to win and congratulations on getting into a great magazine.


  28. Brenda Hanes Avatar

    A preacher man!!!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      These are good answers so far….you are in the vicinity, he was a blue collar worker….but none of these 19 comments are correct yet!!!

      1. mbdquilter Avatar


    2. Kathy W Avatar
      Kathy W

      I believe he restored and painted cars.

  29. Rosemary Redhead Avatar
    Rosemary Redhead

    Congratulations Lisa!
    I think your Dad was a mechanic. He was also the love of you life.

  30. Sandy Kipphut Avatar
    Sandy Kipphut

    Lisa, Congrats on your block. Was you Dad a milkman?

  31. Kay B Avatar
    Kay B

    Was he a painter? Love 100 Blocks, glad to see you have a block in it this time.

  32. Mary Avatar


  33. Nancy Pleimann Avatar

    He was a great Dad who raised a great Daughter. Nancy P.

  34. Rosemary Redhead Avatar
    Rosemary Redhead

    I need to change my answer … your dad “painted cars, he loved cars, he bought smashed up cars and lovingly brought them back to life. Your father loved what he did.”

  35. Sewmaggi@verizon.net Avatar

    Did he deliver fuel to farmers like my dad?

  36. Sue Rogers Avatar
    Sue Rogers

    I think your dad was a fireman

  37. Coleen P Avatar
    Coleen P

    Perhaps he worked in a paper mill

  38. Paula Bergan Avatar
    Paula Bergan

    I think your dad worked in the steel manufacturing

  39. Cynthia Wood Avatar

    I think he was a musician

  40. Leanne Sant Avatar
    Leanne Sant

    Lisa, Congrats on making the cover! Besides your Dad being your hero, did he work as a building contractor?

  41. Carolyn Avatar

    Was he in the Navy? He was obviously a loving and caring Dad!!!

    1. Gloria G Avatar
      Gloria G

      Your dad was a mechanic and loved working on cars.

  42. Bonnie B Quigley Avatar

    I am guessing mechanic — congrats on the cover!!!

  43. Maggie Reintges Avatar
    Maggie Reintges

    Since you’re in Wisconsin maybe he owned a dairy farm and made cheese curds! That’s one of my favorite memories as a kid going on vacation to Wisconsin and getting a bag of cheese curds!

  44. Nancy Stevens Avatar
    Nancy Stevens

    I think your dad was a carpenter.
    Congrats on being in the magazine and on the cover!!

  45. Paulette Doyle Avatar

    Was your dad a security guard?

  46. Kay Naugle Avatar
    Kay Naugle

    Congrats Lisa! Your Dad worked for an automobile company, either GM, Chrysler, or Ford!

  47. Juleee Avatar

    Was your Dad a factory worker, maybe at one of the big auto mfg companies? Congrats on making it into the book.

  48. SallyM Avatar

    I’m going with working in a paper mill.

  49. Diann Avatar

    My dad was in the US Air Force – From an Airman to a maintenance officer

  50. Karen S. Avatar
    Karen S.

    Your dad was an automobile painter, congrats on the cover!!

  51. SallyM Avatar

    Or maybe he worked at the candle factory?!?!?

  52. Ellen Avatar

    Was your dad a truck driver?

  53. Debby K. Avatar
    Debby K.

    Your dad worked in the paper mill.
    Enjoy your day. 🐝

  54. Janet Avatar

    farmer…I’m married to one…makes us pretty creative!!!

  55. Pamela Tasker Avatar
    Pamela Tasker

    I never win anything. I would love to win but I could never guess what your dad did because I guessed everything already listed and you denied all of those. But what I do know is that he was a good dad because look at you ! your accomplishments show that he was loving , giving, and was a good example for you to follow. Your name on the front of a magazine ! not everyone can say that. Your fabrics, your patterns, your QUILTS ! Wow ! your many followers. Congratulations Lisa ! I appreciate that you want to share that will off of us ^;^. Pam, Dexer, MI.

    1. Pamela Tasker Avatar
      Pamela Tasker

      Whoops sorry that is Dexter, Michigan.

  56. Pat Avatar

    Did he work for the postoffice?

  57. Leanne Avatar

    Congratulations on making it on the cover! Your dad cabinet maker.

  58. rosa Avatar

    Congrats,cover girl!!Carpenter,I married one!

  59. Coleen P Avatar
    Coleen P

    He may have been a sawyer.

  60. Dawn Avatar

    Your dad was an ironworker.

  61. Coleen P Avatar
    Coleen P

    A truck driver

  62. Susan Avatar

    I believe he was a letter carrier. Don’t ask me why, just a wild guess!!

  63. Diane B Avatar
    Diane B

    was he an iron worker?

  64. Paula janssen Avatar
    Paula janssen

    Your dad was a great dad and I thought he was a auto mechanic. Congrats lisa

  65. Betty Lockhart Avatar
    Betty Lockhart

    A mill worker?

  66. kathelmn Avatar

    Auto Body Repairman

  67. Colleen Avatar

    Just a Guess, but did he work at the paper mill?

  68. Christie Avatar

    Your dad painted cars. I remember you telling the story when you spoke to our guild. It was before respirators were required. See….I was listening 😉

  69. babareeba Avatar

    a furniture maker

  70. Nancy fischer Avatar
    Nancy fischer


  71. Debbie St.Germain Avatar

    Worked in a cheese factory?


  72. Melanie S Avatar
    Melanie S

    I think your Dad was a truck driver. Congrats on the block.

  73. Susan P Avatar
    Susan P

    I think he restored cars

  74. Peggy W. Avatar
    Peggy W.

    I am going to guess that your Dad was a fisherman. I know…that is far fetched, but you do live in the lakes area.

  75. Peggy Avatar

    I think your dad was a carpenter!

  76. Karen in breezy point Avatar

    Auto worker?

  77. Marlene Mason Avatar
    Marlene Mason

    Lisa, I believe your dad was an auto body repairman and painted cars. I love that you are on the cover and that I can say you are the most unaffected personality I have had the pleasure of knowing. .

  78. Vicki H Avatar
    Vicki H

    I believe you dad worked as a carpenter.

  79. Sandy K Avatar
    Sandy K

    Was your dad a fireman?

  80. Mary Burchyett Avatar
    Mary Burchyett


  81. robinttttt Avatar

    I will guess your dad was in the dairy business. Maybe as a milkman.

  82. Kim Kopac Avatar
    Kim Kopac

    Was he a firefighter?

  83. Sharon Nejedlo Avatar
    Sharon Nejedlo

    Worked in a paper mill?

  84. Lisa Mikel Avatar

    Was your dad a farmer?

  85. Rosemary Avatar


  86. Cindy Avatar

    Auto body painter

  87. Barb Jenson Avatar
    Barb Jenson

    Lineman for the power company!

  88. Judy Avatar

    I’m guessing a police officer

  89. Helen Avatar

    I really don’t have a clue but a guess is an accountant. maybe? love your website and projects. Will look forward to the book! Thanks for sharing it. Helen

  90. Denise Cabral Avatar
    Denise Cabral


  91. Sharon Avatar


  92. Diann Smith Avatar
    Diann Smith

    On the job in an automobile factory?

  93. woolensails Avatar

    Last guess, did he work for the Menasha packing company.


  94. Jakey Avatar

    Congratulations Lisa!!! That’s wonderful. Did your father build guitars?

  95. sandy Avatar

    I think he restored vehicles.

  96. suzanne Avatar


  97. Jackie Avatar

    I have no idea but will take a wild guess. He worked in the dairy industry.

  98. Kalynn Avatar

    Not that I know, and I am a very bad guesser so I could say a janitor – like my dad, or a lineman – like my husband.
    Congrats on the book – love to win

  99. Kim Avatar

    I am thinking that you Dad worked for the railroad.

  100. wendy Avatar

    Looks like several people knew he was a car painter. I’ll go along with that but I think he also loved and worked on motorcycles. Congrats on the magazine.

  101. Lori Albrechtsen Avatar
    Lori Albrechtsen

    Car salesman???

  102. Jackie R. Avatar
    Jackie R.

    First of all, congratulations on being on this great magazines cover!
    Second, only guessing. My hubs is from Wisc. where cheese & beer brewing was once huge. May I say in a broad guess that he may have worked in either of these industries? 🙂

  103. Marcia Schanzmeyer Avatar

    How about owned a hardware store?

  104. Frances Avatar

    Congrats on the magazine! I will guess that he was a carpenter.

  105. Mary C. Avatar
    Mary C.


  106. Yvonne Avatar

    Just a guess but was he plumber?congrats on being on cover

  107. Kim F. Avatar
    Kim F.

    Congrats on the block published. I would guess he was an inspector for dairy farms

  108. Sharon Meek Avatar
    Sharon Meek

    I am going to say a farmer which makes you the farmer’s daughter. LOL Thanks for the giveaway!

  109. Denise Avatar

    A dad. 🙂

  110. Janet Avatar

    Postman. Congratulations on the block, I enjoy your blog!!

  111. Rosemary Avatar

    your Dad was a farmer!!

  112. Cindy Avatar

    I think your dad worked in one of the paper mills. Electrician or machinist

  113. Kim Avatar

    How about him being a dairy farmer!

  114. Mary Ann Owens Avatar
    Mary Ann Owens

    Your Dad was an ice fisherman.

    1. Judy Avatar

      I think your dad was a milk driver. Jude L.

      1. Judy Larson Avatar
        Judy Larson

        I think your dad was a milk driver.

  115. Mary Avatar

    Congrats, fun to see your name in a cover and I bet you get a cool coffee mig with your block too! My dad was a civil servant but loved tinkering on his motorcycles and when younger raced flat track. Guys love their engines and cars….perhaps yours too?

  116. Ann P. Avatar
    Ann P.

    Can’t wait to get this book. Congratulations! I think he was a mechanic.

  117. stacy Avatar

    Lisa- your dad was a truck driver, a commercial fisherman on the side and sold cars in his spare time! How’s that for a guess? Congrats on making tthe book – you continue to be awesome! It was nice to see your booth busy in Houston.

  118. CJ Avatar

    I guess he was a fisherman ! Hope I win !

  119. Sharon Tseu Avatar

    Woo hoo!! He worked at the Neenan Foundry for 30 years! (found his obit on a genealogy site).

  120. Debra Avatar

    I believe I heard he was a fisherman….hope so!

  121. Kathy Avatar

    I;m going with restoring cars……that occupation like quilting requires great patience, skill and knowledge to create a true work of art. I know, my husband is restoring his 65 chevelle and I tell him all the time it is like building a quilt. Congrats on the magazine…I need to buy this magazine…only if I don’t win. HEHEHEHEHEH

  122. stacy Avatar

    Butcher; baker, candlestick maker? Or foundry worker? ♡

  123. Sandy D Avatar
    Sandy D

    I am going to guess he was a race car driver.LOL but congrats on being on the cover.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      You are really correct too! He was the figure8 champion and won many races in a row one year …..do you know what figure 8 is? Where they can crash in the intersection!

  124. katie Avatar

    I’m guessing he was a fishing guide and caught a lot of fish.

  125. Brenda Stroud Avatar
    Brenda Stroud

    I’m going to guess that your dad was a house painter. Can’t wait to see the magazine!

  126. deb kerns Avatar
    deb kerns


  127. Becki Pender Avatar
    Becki Pender

    Hi Lisa. Your dad was a mechanic and did some body work.

    1. Debby Avatar

      Your dad painted cars!

  128. Kris H Avatar
    Kris H

    My dad was a plumber… so that is what my guess for your father! Congrats on the new book!

  129. Toni R. Avatar
    Toni R.

    Hi Lisa – congrats on your success, well deserved! Your dad was a factory worker, machine operator.

  130. Janice Mc Laren Avatar
    Janice Mc Laren

    Teacher? Just a guess.

  131. Hanske (The Netherlands) Avatar
    Hanske (The Netherlands)

    Many people from Little Chute have ancestors from Dutch origin. There names are sometimes corrupted. Probably yours is too. Nevertheless I think your father had no typical Dutch profession. My guess is pizza maker or airbrush painter of big trucks.

  132. Hanske (The Netherlands) Avatar
    Hanske (The Netherlands)

    Many people from Little Chute are from Dutch origin. There names are sometimes corrupted. Probably yours is too. Nevertheless I think your father had no typical Dutch profession. My guess is pizza maker or airbrush painter of big trucks.

  133. Janet E Avatar
    Janet E

    Hi Lisa, i guess that your dad worked at a paper mill and enjoyed hunting.

  134. Vicky C. Avatar
    Vicky C.

    He worked on a dairy farm!

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