APQ Quilt-Along….color decisions…I hope you didn’t think I was going to keep you waiting long…



As soon as I saw the quilt and had to make a decision on how I was to make It  I new I had to make it dramatic using blacks as my backgrounds…so scrappy blacks and then I thought…ok…lets go with black and cream/tan….that will make a neutral quilt that everyone will love, especially men…whom I am surrounded by in my life. So black and tan it is….the directions stated I needed 20 backgrounds or light per pattern…It was pretty easy to pick them…I chose mainly smaller prints and a few medium size prints…all black with shades of cream/tan/brown accents to them…See the 2 photos of the 10 blacks each…



Now in the second photo…do you see the second black that had the gold?  I love this print…so guess what happened, just like that…we are going to have black/cream/butterscotch because…that will make it much more interesting!!! Now off to pull the creams and butterscotches.   Did you notice?  I picked 21 of each of everything…did you count them before i mentioned this?….Here is some of my advice…If you buy a kit and it has many fabrics like this one….I suggest adding 1 or two more of your own fabrics to it.  Why?  A couple of reasons…First-You have now made the quilt a one of a kind…not the same as the 100 other kits that were made… you have added your personal fabric to it.   Now it is unique.  Second, reason to add…lets just say the fabric requirements were not exactly perfect or were very tight and had no room for error…I know you never make a cutting error…but now by adding a fabric or two you have eliminated that issue also.  To me it is a NO BRAINER to add extra fabric to your kit.  If you do not have any that work…oh darn, you might have to SHOP for another FQ (or 1/2yd my preference)…bummer huh…This is just a suggestion…not a must…but it’s what I would do…so I have 21 blacks/tans/butterscotch instead of 20, also keep in mind you might want to collect 1/2yd from now on…they are much more versatile… like for this quilt if I had a FQ stash it I would have had to go shopping..if I needed FQ’s I could cut the half yards in half…and so on…This is why we sell 1/2 yds in our booths…I know I get a few who want FQ’s but hopefully I can change the world…yah right!!!!

IMG_0502IMG_0494IMG_0495I will end up with  21 blocks…but it can go in the sampler quilt with all the other orphan blocks I have made…if it gets made, which it usually does…so NOW all my fabrics are picked…now whats next?

Saturate each fabric with Magic Sizing..it can be this one here or the heavy…I buy whatever is on the shelf and all of it…You also can use your homemade starch if you wish…I use the sizing because it does not flake or build up on my iron.  Spray it generously, let it sit and soak in a minute and then Iron it dry with your iron.  This is really a pain…but SO worth it when piecing little pieces.  This shrinks you fabrics NOW instead of when you are building your blocks…I have lots of different brands of fabric here-meaning some will shrink more than others.  It is amazing to see how some of them will shrink right before your eyes when you saturate them.  I have shown the two pics…see how wet it is and then I am ironing them dry.  Now I am all sized up and ready to cut!….come back for some cutting….Stitch On…LB



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I live on a lake in beautiful Butte Des Morts, WI. I have three sons: Lance (forever 29), Luke 33, Jake 32, and two grand-babies, Little Man and O-Bug. I've been married to the love of my life Nick, since 1998 when we started our crazy adventure together! I am a quilter, rugger, and gardener. I also love to cook when I get the chance. Thanks for visiting and supporting Primitive Gathering Quilt Shop where I try to bring you the best Moda fabrics and wool projects anywhere!

34 thoughts on “APQ Quilt-Along….color decisions…I hope you didn’t think I was going to keep you waiting long…

    1. No dear….this is from the collection…we could however pull some from the store for you…look at what you have and then let us know what you want…LB

  1. Lisa, You always have such wonderful suggestions! I purchased a bunch of Primitive Gatherings 1/2 yd. cuts at Hershey show…great idea…no shortages & lots of leftovers for another project. Wish I had your stash…sigh! Cannot wait to see finished quilt.

  2. Cool! It will be gorgeous and thank you for all of the advice! I love that you shared your thinking process in choosing the fabrics. ..food for thought for me.

  3. Any suggestions for a good Iron- I have a Rowenta that was rather expensive and it is now off my list after it spit out rusty water on my white fabric – GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. I love my little rowenta travel iron but when doing large piece of fabric or quilts it’s rather small. suggestions would be great. please. Can’t wait to “quilt along”

  4. I love your color choices, too. Looking forward to following along as a ‘hope to one day’ quilter!

  5. I was surprised initially with the color choices. I had guessed black, but thought a cheddar (or butterscotch–love that name) would be in the mix, along with lots of color. This will be so striking in the 3 colors!
    I got a chuckle from your description of adding in your own fabrics to a kit. You are entertaining along with being informative.
    Okay, I’m convinced. When time to stand in line at the cutting counter–and my pocketbook–allow, I am buying 1/2 yard cuts. Makes sense.

  6. Love you fabric choices. I think it will looks so gorgeous. I must ask though… What is that you have on your spray starch? It looks like a diffuser of some sort. I have never seen it. Thanks!

  7. I just love, love your colour choices. It is so you. I need a lesson in using the sizing. Do you spray a whole half yard with it or do you cut your fabric in smaller pieces and then spray?

  8. I love the addition of the butterscotch, your fabric choices are beautiful Lisa!! Thanks for the reminder about the magic sizing, I had forgotten that tip!

  9. I too love your colors and am interested in the spray nozzle on the sizing and would also like to know what kind of iron you use as I too have had trouble with my Rowenta spitting sedements and do not like the Reliable, both of which were costly.

    1. The spray nozzle is from a spray paint can…any Home store that sells spray paint…I have the Rowenta Steam station…will talk about this in an upcoming post…LB

  10. love the blog and love the fabrics! I used your tip last year for the handle on the starch, love it and have one at my upstairs clothing iron and one in the sewing room!

  11. Went shopping at the Tinley Park, Il show…your booth was the best!! It was a candy store! 🙂
    Jess was helpful as always!!

  12. I knew you would choose black for one of your colors! I also thought you would choose a complementary color that would be a little different and love that you decided on the butterscotch. Making this quilt will get us through the long, cold January and February in Wisconsin

  13. Lisa, I love your fabric choices, especially the one with the gold. It adds just the right “punch”. I agree with you that buying 1/2 yard pieces is a great idea. If I really like a particular fabric, I always get at least one yard. No regrets there. Loved looking at your fabric stash-one can never have too much fabric! Have a great Thanksgiving! Pam

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