DSC_0792I want you all to know who my “boss” is….please read this article… Mr. Moda

Todays blog post is coming right up!!LB

9 responses to “JOY…”

  1. Phaye Avatar

    Thank you for sharing this story of the man and family behind Moda

  2. Audrea Constancip Avatar
    Audrea Constancip

    You have me curious now!!!
    Audrea TX

  3. Audrea Constancip Avatar
    Audrea Constancip

    What an awesome story! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Susan G. Avatar
    Susan G.

    Love this story. He seems like an awesome man to work for.

  5. Karen in breezy point Avatar

    I’m all about good lighting! Early this year I was told I had the beginnings of cataracts, but they weren’t enough to do anything about. I can tell they have progressively become worse because I need more and more light! The Stella lights sound pretty cool(and they look cool!).

  6. Kris Dauth Avatar
    Kris Dauth

    What a neat story about a man who has had a great impact on the quilting world. Thank you for sharing, Lisa.

  7. Cindy Avatar

    It warms my heart to hear stories like this!

  8. DaisyS Avatar

    It sure is true how quilters are so compassionate, caring, and giving!

  9. Pat Avatar

    Hi Lisa, I am curious about an earlier post. Did I read that if your working with VERY small pieces of cotton you starch the fabric before you cut? Sincerely Pat Simington

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