Day 4…Needful things for Quilters

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Day 4…I swear this countdown makes the days go even faster!!!…Today is one of the items I certainly do not want to live without ever again…I love this iron…I have one at home, one at the lakehouse because I do not want to iron with a regular iron ever again…I hate filling the water…and I do not have to do it much with this iron…Now there is also a big difference between these two irons and that is that the Pro, the purple one…is NOT under pressure like the white one is…which is a big deal to me…I want to be able to fill it immediately when it needs water…not have to wait.  This iron has immediate steam and LOTS of it!!!  It has a trigger like a gun for steam..Here is the write up from the manufacturer…

“Continuous high powered steam makes this steam station ideal for everyday ironing or special projects. It has the patented Microsteam 400 strainless-steel soleplate for perfect steam distribution. The precision tip reaches difficult areas like collars, seams, and around buttons. Extra large continuous anytime fill water tank holds 33 ounces for up to 1-1/2 hours of ironing. 1800 watts equals fast heat up that is ready in 3 minutes. It also has vertical steam that is ideal for removing wrinkles from hanging garments, drapes and for smoothing and shaping sewing projects. Extra long 6 foot steam cord and extra long 12 foot power cord. No Auto Off.”

Now I am offering this iron at the best price I possibly can…because I want you to have one…please be in no hurry to get your iron as I again…do not know how many quilters are going to order and how many Moda has in stock and they will have to order…and we have to wait to get them in after the 12 days is over to know how many to order….thanks again for your understanding of this and supporting not only my shop by Moda also.  To order your iron please click here.  STEAM STATION

I can say I had a great time at the party…and  Iwas not over served like last year…I baked and baked appetizers all night until Santa came at 10pm…I will show you more pictures after I take a nap…I just finished the dishes and now I NEED that nap…parties are a lot of work!!!!  Here is a photo of me and Santa…to hold you over…LB


113 responses to “Day 4…Needful things for Quilters”

  1. Brenda Avatar

    I have never seen a steam station. it looks like it would really be a time saver. Noy something i can afford right now.

  2. Pam Avatar

    Like the dress! I have tried these irons and are great for getting a great press…would love one in my sewing room.

  3. Sandy D Avatar
    Sandy D

    There are two things I like the sound of on this iron. The great steam, not having to fill as often and no automatic shut off. Nothing is more of a time waster then having to wait for the iron to reheat.

  4. Kathy Avatar

    Mr. & Mrs. Claus, they look rather dashing!!!!! I am in the market for a new iron…hmmmmm now to justify this purchase. I’ll put it on my list for 2014. I’ll bet your party was a blast.

  5. Barb G. Avatar
    Barb G.

    Sounds like the party was a blast! I’ve used these irons before at my local quilt shop, they ARE fantastic!

  6. Kathy Roloff Avatar
    Kathy Roloff

    This looks like a fantastic toy! Irons are so important in our lives, and this one has all of the greatest features.

  7. lorene holbrook Avatar

    Christmas is celebrating with family and friends. so glad you had a great time! love your reviews of things. is it too late to add to my christmas list? Merry Christmas!

  8. alice tignor Avatar
    alice tignor

    It is great to know of a iron that works. Thanks.

  9. suejean1 Avatar

    Great photo of you and Nick. I am sure everyone had an awesome evening. I like your hair long, looks good on you. Merry Christmas!

  10. Mary Avatar

    I have this iron and bought one for a gift! Love it!

  11. Sharon Avatar

    I love to iron. I need this iron. Cool iron! You and Santa look very happy together!

  12. Ann P. Avatar
    Ann P.

    Cute photo! Merry Christmas.

  13. Angela Avatar

    Awesome iron……love the picture,,,,,,Merry Christmas!!!

  14. Darcy Avatar

    This iron looks amazing! Thank you for,the chance to win.

  15. Sheila Plock Avatar
    Sheila Plock

    Santa and Mrs. Claus look so festive. Bet the party was so much fun! Never heard of a Steam Station but if it is purple and made by Rowenta it has to be good. Will put it on my wishlist. Merry Ho ho ho!

  16. Mary Kastner Avatar
    Mary Kastner

    The picture is really cute. It looks like you had a great time at the party. Your iron looks awesome. Thank you for the chance to win. merry Christmas!


  17. Leanne Avatar

    That iron would be great for wool applique! My Christmas list is getting longer 🙂 Love the picture of you and Santa…your apron is soo cute!
    Enjoy your nap,

  18. Stacey larson Avatar
    Stacey larson

    The iron might be $299.99 but the picture is priceless you two look so cute omg I am going to need to drive up by the last day and pick stuff up yes this is another NEED I’ve added thanks Lisa

  19. Jakey Avatar

    Lisa your pic is adorable!! Thank you for sharing. The iron sounds fantastic!!!!

  20. Leanne Sant Avatar
    Leanne Sant

    I’m sure my great Grandmother (who was a quilter) would have sold the farm and gave away her chickens for a Steam Station! Certainly will be on my must have list.

  21. Becky Romero Rabalais Avatar

    Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Claus! Merry Christmas!

  22. Pam Hintze Avatar
    Pam Hintze

    Sounds like a great iron. Merry Christmas .

  23. Cheryl Avatar

    Fabulous iron. Merry Christmas!

  24. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    I have 2 Rowentas – a travel iron and a larger steam iron that I love. This one looks like a power house!

  25. Barbara Avatar

    Looks like it’s another must have on my list. Thanks for the info on it.

  26. Angelia L. Avatar
    Angelia L.

    I really don’t like filling up the iron with water all the time either! So now I have a spray bottle filled with water and use that to spray my fabric when I need steam… for me. Cute Mr. and Mrs. Santa!! Merry Christmas!

  27. Sher Avatar

    Looks like a great iron. All of the needful things are perfect gifts.
    Wishing you a terrific Christmas with family.

  28. Sandy K Avatar
    Sandy K

    This iron will be on my list for next year. I better start being good now.

  29. Vicki H Avatar
    Vicki H

    I have never heard of an Iron Station either. Looks interesting.

  30. Sylvia Avatar

    Best needful thing so far this year. Bet I’d have to be really good to earn one of those.
    Merry Christmas to Mr. & Mrs. Santa.

  31. Mary Avatar

    Wow! This looks like a great iron. Glad your party was successful!

  32. Janet Kay Avatar
    Janet Kay

    This iron would be a fantastic Christmas gift to use on all your special quilts!

  33. Bonnie B Quigley Avatar

    You and Santa are a great team !!!!! AND – a steam generator iron + a quilter —- talk about teamwork!!
    I have one so won’t need another, but absolutely couldn’t live without it. MERRY CHRISTMAS, Lisa + crew

  34. Lynda Malloy Avatar
    Lynda Malloy

    Looks like a great party! Wow! My list for Santa just got bigger! The iron sounds super!

  35. Lori Neisler Avatar
    Lori Neisler

    Finally, a steam iron that’s easy to use. I certainly iron more quilty items than clothing now but it looks like it would be good for all-cotton clothes too. And, I like the vertical steam option. Merry Christmas!

  36. Pam H Avatar
    Pam H

    Love the photo of you and *your Santa* This iron looks fantastic! I had an opportunity to use one of these once and really liked it. It’s been on my wishlist ever since! Looks like a great party…Hope you also had a great nap 🙂

  37. Tina McFadden Avatar
    Tina McFadden

    This iron looks awesome! What a great addition to any sewing room.

  38. Stephanie Zito Avatar

    Sounds and looks like your party was a blast!!! Love, Love, Love Rowenta Irons!

  39. Janice Mc Laren Avatar
    Janice Mc Laren

    That iron would certainly be an up grade to the Rowenta I have.

  40. Nancy Avatar

    That Santa…. he has his arm around your waist! Snowing again on my screen. I’ll have to be content to come here and look at this for Christmas. Warming up here in the east… 60’s tomorrow! I’m originally from Milwaukee and I want SNOW!!

  41. Sheila S Avatar
    Sheila S

    Oh WOW! What a great sounding iron. I really appreciate all the neat things that you are showing. Most I have never seen. I wish this could be a daily feature-not just at Christmas! There are so many tools that we obviously don’t know about unless someone puts it out front for us.

  42. Carol Renee Avatar
    Carol Renee

    Looks liken the party was a lot of fun. The steam iron sounds great. I have never used one.

  43. Jayne Avatar

    I have heard awesome things about this product. I steam personally with envy of those who are fortunate to own it already. Santa???

  44. Cheryl Keown Avatar
    Cheryl Keown

    I feel a good iron is one of the most important pieces of equipment for a quilter and this looks like a great one.

  45. Katn Avatar

    What a nice iron, I actually love the ironing process as I am quilting. I hope you told Santa that you have been very nice this year!

  46. Glenda in Florida Avatar
    Glenda in Florida

    I didn’t realize that there was an option of not having the pressure. I used one with pressure at a charity sewing day,and having to wait to refill had me puzzled. I think I understand now, and you are right–without pressure is the way to go.

  47. barefootquilter2 Avatar

    That Rowenta S.S. looks like the ticket to same fabulous pressing. With that 6 ft cord, a water tank that holds over 1 QT of water and no auto shut off, one could get a lot of serious travelin’ done!
    You & Saint Nick make a cute Ho,Ho. Sounds like you lived to talk about it!

  48. Sandie Avatar

    This looks wonderful. This is the prize I want to win!

  49. Paulette Doyle Avatar

    Fantastic iron!! Thanks for throwing my name into your give away Santa hat!!

  50. Charmaine Avatar

    Sound like a fun party! Thanks for the chance to win the iron 🙂

  51. Laura Benthien Avatar
    Laura Benthien

    Another item I wish I had! Thanks for the chance to be gifted!
    Laura in Rockford

  52. Jean Nolting Avatar
    Jean Nolting

    Cute dress. Cuter Santa. Would like to win the iron.

  53. Julee Avatar

    Great picture of Mr & Mrs Claus. Sounds like the party was a fun one….would like to win the iron. Thanks for all the great giveaways.

  54. Lisa LK Avatar
    Lisa LK

    Great pic, looks like fun! Thanks for your review of the iron, hard to justify the expense without input from other quilters.

  55. Marlene Avatar

    Wow, what an awesome iron! I’ve been looking for one with really good steam and this looks like it! Blessings, Marlene

  56. Karen in breezy point Avatar

    Hmmm. Sounds like I may need one of these–my Oliso seems to have some sort of virus and has been puking on my fabric!

  57. Denise Avatar

    As Selfish as this will sound ~ I want this Iron!! Not in my life time I think!! I love to Iron and this would be such a joy to have. Hints do not seem to work in my home!! 🙂

  58. Barbara D. Avatar
    Barbara D.

    Wow! This little iron looks awesome. I want Santa to bring me one!

  59. Patricia Streeter Avatar
    Patricia Streeter

    I have one that is about three years old and LOVE IT. Next time the professional model – would love INSTANT steam. Everyone should find a way to order one. You know Santa – its Christmas and Birthday for the next (fill in the blank) years. Merry Christmas to all.

  60. Donna Sparling Avatar
    Donna Sparling

    I have Iron Envy!!!! You not only have one but 2! You are a lucky girl! I have put it on my wishlist from Santa (hubby). You and Santa look cute together! Thanks for the chance to win something!

  61. lynnrodby Avatar

    I think this is a great improvement to have less pressure. It’s so nice to have an iron like this!
    Happy Holidays, Lynn

  62. Emilou Avatar

    Hi Lisa, what a most wonderful iron. Amazing we have come so far in technology to have such an efficient tool for our quilting. Thanks for all your suggestions. Blessings and smiles, Emilou 🙂

  63. Sandy G. Avatar
    Sandy G.

    This sounds like it would be so wonderful to have. There’s nothing like a great steam iron to make your sewing going better.

  64. KathyE Avatar

    Now that looks like something we should all have. My wish list is getting longer and longer.

  65. Janet Avatar

    There’s nothing as wonderful as STEAM when ironing, fusing, or just plain pressing! Thanks for the heads up on this – Can’t wait to get one!

  66. Lisa Avatar

    I really like hearing about your favorites. This helps me when making purchases and I have to admit that my wish list is growing rapidly this week.

  67. Nancy O Avatar
    Nancy O

    Merry Christmas. It appears everyone was having a wonderful time. That iron is awesome!

  68. Cecilia Avatar

    I’ve never seen an ironing system like this before. I love using steam when I’m ironing, but my iron has started leaking and I hate when I get water spots on the clothes. This looks like it would be great to us. Great picture.

  69. Jane Avatar

    I think it’s time for a new iron. Loved the party pictures.

  70. stampinmumz Avatar

    I could not do with out a great steam iron!!!!

  71. Karen Avatar

    Sounds like an amazing iron!! Another great item found by you!! Thanks for sharing!!

  72. Robyn Brown Avatar
    Robyn Brown

    Definitely something to add to my wish list.

  73. stacy Avatar

    What a great iron. I like lots of steam too. Thanks for sharing the party pics- looks like you had fun.


  74. Kris Dauth Avatar
    Kris Dauth

    What a nice looking Mr and Mrs Claus! I’ve never seen this iron before but it sounds amazing.

  75. Renee Avatar

    This iron looks great! It seems like I am always adding water to my iron. It might be time for a new iron.

  76. Janet D Avatar
    Janet D

    Looks like the party was a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing the pictures. The iron is awesome.

  77. Kim Kopac Avatar
    Kim Kopac

    I really like your 12 days of Christmas – I am finding out so many great ideas. I actually went to buy a new iron and when I got to the store (in Brookfield) they told me the coupon did not apply to that iron and they were sold out aarrrggghhh. I can hardly wait until I am up around the store again so I can buy a lot of the items that you have me excited about.

  78. Susan Avatar

    Wow! That looks like a fabulous iron! It isn’t in my budget right now after buying Christmas gifts for 5 boys but I can dream!! Looks like your party was lots of fun!

  79. Susan G. Avatar
    Susan G.

    Wow, now that is the iron to own. Looks like you had a great party with good friends and family.

  80. Cindy Avatar

    Cool iron!
    You guys are crazy funny…good times!

  81. Charlotte Avatar

    Your party looked like a lot of fun. I can see why you would need a nap. The iron looks like a BMW of “irons”.

  82. Alice Borge Avatar
    Alice Borge

    What a fun party! The food and fashions look fab! What a wonderful iron. I have the pressurized version, which is wonderful, but early on, I released the steam valve to empty the reservoir before it cooled and I blew out a ceiling tile. It is funny now, not so much when trying to find ice and burn cream. To not have to wait to add more water would be AMAZING! I am dropping Santa a note right now! I promise I have been good!

  83. Pamela Miller Avatar
    Pamela Miller

    Great looking iron. We are so lucky to have all of these wonderful tools and appliances available for our use.-our ancestors would have loved to have had any of them when they were sewing and making quilts. Fun looking party and I really enjoyed your pictures.

  84. Pat Briggeman Avatar
    Pat Briggeman

    What a fun looking party! The iron looks like a wonderful addition to any quilter’s equipment. Would love for it to be mine!!

  85. Linda Frihart Avatar
    Linda Frihart

    That iron would be heavenly. For some reason I love to iron. Even as a young one I preferred my own ironing of my clothes even though my mother had a lady who ironed for her. As my mother said too often, it takes all kinds or types.

    Love your party pictures. What a fun theme for all of those grown ups.

  86. Sally Hurst Avatar
    Sally Hurst

    This iron looks amazing! I’ve had a Sussman gravity feed
    Professional iron for over 30 yrs but I think it’s time for a new one.

  87. DianeK Avatar

    I am still using an old iron I have had forever. These look wonderful.

  88. Terry K. Avatar
    Terry K.

    have to add this iron to my wishlist!

  89. Tana Avatar

    The ruffled shirts crack me up! I bet that iron works like a dream….. Have to put it on the wish list for when my current iron give out.

  90. Marlene Avatar

    Thanks for including the video on Veterans talent. So true!
    A new iron would be the highlight under my tree…would love one this year as my outdated one just died. Best wishes for a Happy Holiday!

  91. Debbie Avatar

    What a awesome tool for quilting, I have to tell Santa about this, there is room in my stocking!

  92. Toni R. Avatar
    Toni R.

    Thanks Lisa for sharing your fun party pics with all of us – looks like fun was had by all! And thanks for bringing this iron to our attention. Would love to give it a try……

  93. Cathy Weatherford Avatar
    Cathy Weatherford

    added to my wish list. Looks like you all had fun

  94. Gina Avatar

    Oh boy, I really need one of these!

  95. Jane Avatar

    Iron looks wonderful, and thanks for sharing the pics. Looks like it was a fun party!

  96. Prissy Avatar

    I’ve loved all of you wish list items, many are new to me….but this iron is just over-the-top on the wishlist! Mr. and Mrs. Claus are just too cute!

  97. Barb O Avatar
    Barb O

    I would love to have this iron!!! I need to talk to Santa quick!

  98. Janan Avatar

    I bet you asked Santa for something special for Christmas!!!!!

  99. marie Avatar

    Looks like a great item! Merry Christmas to all the staff at Primitive Gathering!

  100. Sharon Bennett Avatar
    Sharon Bennett

    You guys are such a great couple! Love your dress! Merry Christmas!

  101. Carol Larson Avatar
    Carol Larson

    Looks like a GREAT iron. I sure could use one of these.

  102. Marsha Bohling Avatar
    Marsha Bohling

    Love all the pictures. Looks like a great party! I will have to add the iron to my wish list. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

  103. Marilyn Avatar

    Looks like a fantastic iron. Thanks for the chance to win one. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  104. Donna W Avatar
    Donna W

    Wow, this looks like a great iron, and will be added to by wish list. Merry Christmas.

  105. Steph M Avatar
    Steph M

    I believe a good iron is a MUST in the quilting corner 🙂 I have a hard time using anything but Rowenta…..this iron sounds even better!! Would LOVE to have one! Thanks again for all your needful things (and now some of MY needful things), my list is getting longer!
    BTW…the pictures are great…looks like a fun party – are those camo boots Mrs. Clause has on her feet under her dress?? 🙂

    1. lisabongean Avatar


  106. sandy Avatar

    Gee Mrs Claus, will you piease tell Santa that I have been a very good girl and would love one of those irons for Christmas…please, please please.

  107. Joleen Avatar

    Here you are helping us with our Christmas lists, (which are growing longer every day!) but you haven’t shared with us what is on your list? This iron looks like a wonderful addition to any sewing room!

  108. Sue kraft Avatar
    Sue kraft

    Looks like a great party. Yes, they are a lot of work, but the pictures and memories are forever.

  109. […] The winner from yesterday is marieDecember 22, 2013 at 9:09 am […]

  110. Katherine Avatar

    Looks like everyone had a fun time at your party! Guess I have to add this iron to the wish list too. Thanks for sharing your list of needful things. I haven’t seen some of the items before.

  111. Marsha B. in Kansas. WI native Avatar
    Marsha B. in Kansas. WI native

    Merry Christmas! Lisa, you’ve been such a good girl it has knocked that Santa’s beard right off! I agree about irons & steam, thanks for all the tips!

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