Day 2…Needful things for Quilters

12 Days of Christmas 2

Day 2…one more…believe it or not…after I write this post I have to finish my shopping!

Today’s Needful thing is a Quick Quarter for making flying geese…I have made this chart with finished sizes along with the cutting chart…Then attached with each chart is the quick quarter for marking the double stitching lines….In the photo I am showing both sides of the chart…and you can see the no waste method I use for making flying geese!!!…I have made these and have them priced at only $5…they will be on sale for $4…We only have 69 of them left  and they will be gone…so order one if you want to make sure you get one!  If you want to order here is the link:  Flying Geese

DSCN0875The winner from yesterday is:

Janet KayDecember 22, 2013 at 5:01 pm

I use the the #22 and #24 size needles too and they give the perfect end product to one’s quilting project!

Janet…please email us your address  and we will get your prize out to you….needles and some fabric!

NOTE TO THE WINNERS: We have only sent out the first two winners so far…we are waiting for product and/because of the Holidays…Do not worry after Christmas we will get them all out to you!  Santa will not let you down!  Now to get that shopping done…

94 responses to “Day 2…Needful things for Quilters”

  1. Debbie Avatar

    Nice quilting tool,

  2. Karen in breezy point Avatar

    That’s one of my favorite methods too. Your party looked like a blast–Merry Christmas!

  3. Stephanie Zito Avatar

    This tool looks wonderful! I’ve always had problems with my geese.

  4. Marilyn Avatar

    This looks like a very easy way to make geese. Have a very Merry Christmas!

  5. Kris Dauth Avatar
    Kris Dauth

    This is also the way I make my flying geese. It’s nice that the measurements for the fabric requirements are all together. Hope you get your shopping done!!!

  6. janet Avatar

    Wow! another great gadget. Not sure how you keep doing it all. Merry Christmas….jmh

  7. Gina Avatar

    This is a great tool, it has saved me!

  8. Audrea Constancio Avatar
    Audrea Constancio

    A girl can never have too many tools…quilting/sewing tools that is.

  9. Amy Avatar

    Great reference tool! I am ordering this!

  10. Carol Eberhardt Avatar
    Carol Eberhardt

    happy last minute shopping! I am glad for now that the only snowflakes I see are coming across this page! No waste flying geese … great technique!

  11. barefootquilter2 Avatar

    What a great tool & yardage chart! Now the birds can all fly in formation! Will have to try this as mine typically veer west or east or have lost their nice pointy “beaks.” Shopping , wow, good luck!!

  12. Arnette Jasperson Avatar
    Arnette Jasperson

    Would love this tool…Merry Christmas to all of you…

  13. Kerri V Avatar
    Kerri V

    This looks like a great tool. My flying geese never seem to fly as they should. Merry Christmas!

  14. Nancy Avatar

    I have the quick quarter ruler and it is great.

  15. Sandy K Avatar
    Sandy K

    I think I need this tool and reference sheet. Thanks.

  16. Sheila S Avatar
    Sheila S

    I have made my geese that way and you’re right-it is easy! The chart looks like a good thing to have also. I’m also STILL shopping !!!!

  17. Rose Avatar

    Yikes…..good luck with your shopping……this looks like the perfect solution to my flying geese problems. Merry Christmas to you and yours and thanks for your great blog suggestions.

  18. Lynn in Madison Avatar
    Lynn in Madison

    Oh you’re reminding me that I want to make a quilt in 2014 with a gaggle of geese. And making 4 geese at a time is just perfect. Happy Holidays!

  19. Vicki H Avatar
    Vicki H

    I haven’t used this method yet. looks great.

  20. Laur Benthien Avatar
    Laur Benthien

    Looks like a great tool!
    Laura in Rockford

  21. Rita Avatar

    What a great tool!

  22. Sue Dollhopf Avatar
    Sue Dollhopf

    I need to try the quick quarter. Looks like a helpful tool.

  23. Sheila Plock Avatar
    Sheila Plock

    Wow something else I need.

  24. Janet D Avatar
    Janet D

    The tool looks very helpful. Can’t wait to try it.

  25. Carol Avatar

    Perfect tool for me. I am enlarging a BOM by adding a flying geese border…it would make it “sew” much easier.

  26. Sandy Kipphut Avatar
    Sandy Kipphut

    I have tried this method for making flying geese and it is awesome.

  27. KathyE Avatar

    I definitely need this. I have always had a love/hate relationship with flying geese! This would make it so much easier. Thank you for all your tips.

  28. Kris Kayser Avatar
    Kris Kayser

    I love the 12 days of Christmas! I want Santa to bring me all these gifts!

  29. Barb G. Avatar
    Barb G.

    What a great tool for making flying geese!

  30. Jane Avatar

    Great way to do flying geese!

  31. lorene holbrook Avatar

    I love flying geese. love making them too! anything to make it easier……

  32. Susan G. Avatar
    Susan G.

    What a neat way to make flying geese. Your instructions look easy to follow too.

  33. Brenda Avatar

    Looks like a useful tool. Flying geese give me trouble.

  34. Angela Avatar

    What a great reference tool to have! Merry Christmas!!!

  35. Lisa Avatar

    I have so enjoyed learning about the notions that make quilting easier. I have a lovely package of goodies ordered to help me get a good start on my projects in the New Year.

  36. Paulette Doyle Avatar

    Wow!! This tool looks fantastic…if I don’t win one, I might have to buy one!! Thanks for the chance!

  37. Karen Avatar

    Looks like a good way to make flying geese…thanks for another great post!! Good luck with your shopping!!

  38. Sandy Avatar

    I am going to be said to see these posts come to an end. Maybe there can be a once a month new item or favorite item. I have so enjoyed this, even the items that I’m familiar with. Thanks and enjoy your shopping.

  39. Cheryl Keown Avatar
    Cheryl Keown

    Looks like another wonderful gadget.

  40. Mary Harwood Avatar
    Mary Harwood

    Another must have!

  41. Jane Z Avatar
    Jane Z

    I am in need of flying geese help. I think this would definitely be the right needful thing for me!

  42. Steph M Avatar
    Steph M

    Nothing better than making flying geese easy!! Great tool! Thanks for sharing!

  43. Lori Albrechtsen Avatar
    Lori Albrechtsen

    Hmmmm….I’m curious about this! I would love to try it! Thanks Lisa! I love your 12 days this year and last!

  44. Sue kraft Avatar
    Sue kraft

    I’ve used this method before but only when the pattern called for it. I would use it more often if I had the chart — I don’t want to do the math. I’ll order this one!

  45. Cecilia Avatar

    Great tool! I love making flying geese this way.

  46. Darcy Avatar

    I definitely need this. I am currently obsessed with Flying Geese. Thanks for another chance to win! This is going in my cart, just in case.

  47. Leanne Avatar

    Another great thing to add to my tool box!

    Happy Holidays,

  48. Kathy Avatar

    I have had this tool for some time. It really comes in handy. Good luck shopping!!!!!

  49. Mary Ellen Avatar
    Mary Ellen

    I have really learned a lot from your 12 days of needful things! It has been fun! I know those pressing sticks are wrapped up under the tree waiting for me to open! Would not have asked for them if you hadn’t posted about them! Thank you

  50. Sally Hurst Avatar
    Sally Hurst

    Just ordered the quick quarter tool and flying geese chart. Your tool looks better than the one I use, so I think it will help me get my flying geese finished perfectly. Thank you for all you do to make our quilting lives simpler!

  51. eileen Avatar

    Another great idea. Merry Chistmas

  52. Sue P Avatar
    Sue P

    Hum my I could making flying geese with this tool. I try to avoid geese as much as possible

  53. DaisyS Avatar

    Simple, easy way to make flying geese! Thank You!

  54. Maggie Reintges Avatar
    Maggie Reintges

    That’s a great way to make flying geese. Thanks for doing all the math for us!

    1. Renee Avatar

      I have this tool and I love it!

  55. Lori Neisler Avatar
    Lori Neisler

    What a handy tool, and something I need. Thanks !

  56. DianeK Avatar

    I have this tool. You can never have enough helpful tools like this one

  57. sandy Avatar

    Anything to make it easier sounds good to me. Thanks for all you do.

  58. Barbara Black Avatar

    Love this! Merry Christmas!

  59. Pat Briggeman Avatar
    Pat Briggeman

    I do not have this but it looks wonderful and helpful. Have a Merry Christmas!!

  60. Joleen Avatar

    Merry Christmas! This looks like another thing I NEED…… I just placed my order, I can’t wait for all of my goodies to arrive!! Thank you for all of the great suggestions.

  61. suejean1 Avatar

    Looks like a cool tool. Hope you had a successful shopping trip. I just finished making my 3rd and last wool stocking from the Primitive Christmas pattern. So happy to have them done in time. Have a wonderful Christmas.

  62. babareeba Avatar

    Looks like something I could definitely use, so I ordered one for me and a couple of others for gifts. Thank you I have been enjoying being inroduced to new products I have not seen.

  63. Cheryl Avatar

    Another useful product. Happy Holidays!

  64. Audrey G. Avatar
    Audrey G.

    Such cool shortcuts for complicated but pretty blocks. Still not my favorite, so this tool looks necessesary!
    Thank you!

  65. Cindy Avatar

    I haven’t tried flying geese. Sounds like this tool would make it easy for beginners like me. Thanks for the great info!

  66. Susan J Avatar
    Susan J

    I think this is a great tool-quick and fool-proof with the the chart and guide-wish I could’ve been at the party!

  67. Emilou Avatar

    Hi Lisa, oh pick me, pick me!!!! Flying Geese is my second most favorite block!!! Sure have been enjoying all of your most wonderful tools. Merry Christmas with blessings and smiles, Emilou 🙂

  68. Charlotte Avatar

    This is a great method for making flying geese.

  69. Cathy Cavagnaro Avatar
    Cathy Cavagnaro

    I have not tried this method for flying geese. Very clever! I look forward to trying it.

  70. Liz from Carlisle Avatar
    Liz from Carlisle

    Wow – that looks like such an easy way to make flying geese.

  71. Sandra Avatar

    Quick quarter is amazing. Love the fast way to make flying geese!!!

  72. usairdoll Avatar

    I have used this tool and use this method, the no-waste method for making my flying geese. Your chart will make it all very handy.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  73. Angelia L. Avatar
    Angelia L.

    Very interesting tool….looks like an easy way to make flying geese! Thank you for sharing!

  74. Cathy Weatherford Avatar
    Cathy Weatherford

    Would love to try this easier way to make flying geese

  75. christelle Avatar

    I would love anythng helping me to do more accurate flying geese!

  76. Marjan Avatar

    This tool is indeed an eedful thing for quilters, a must have.
    happy X-mas

  77. Sharon Bennett Avatar
    Sharon Bennett

    This is another great tool! I’ve had mine for a couple of years… and also bought some to share with fellow quilters… they love it too! Good luck with the shopping and wrapping… Christmas Day is drawing near! 🙂

  78. Susan Avatar

    That looks like a great tool! I would love to get one! Hope your shopping goes well!

  79. rosa Avatar

    I haven´t used that tool and use this method to make geese and anything to help to go quick is fantastic.This tool is a fabulous helper.Merry Chriatmas and have a great Christmas Eve!

  80. Nancy E Avatar
    Nancy E

    I make my flying geese using this method and it would be so great to have a cutting chart and the quick quarter to use, Each time I do flying geese I have to calculate what size I need to cut. Merry Christmas!!!!

  81. marie Avatar

    Any help i can get in accuracy would be appreciated.

  82. Kathy Avatar

    This sounds like a definite needful thing for someone who loves Fluing Geese! Back to wrapping! Merry Christmas!

  83. Dee Avatar

    I definitely can use this – hope this is my lucky day – course, tomorrow I will be placing my order the goodies you have recommended. Thank you for all the sale items.

  84. Mary Kastner Avatar
    Mary Kastner

    You have come up,with some terrific tools to show us this year. The chart looks very efficient. Thank you for the chance to win and happy Holidays to you.


  85. marlene Avatar

    Another wonderful tip. I just ordered this tool, among other things so I am looking forward to another Christmas when these all arrive. Many thanks – Merry Christmas and Happy shopping! Sounds like you are feeling much better than you did a week ago.

  86. Sandy G. Avatar
    Sandy G.

    What a great needful thing. That looks like a great way to make flying geese. Merry Christmas!

  87. Pam H Avatar
    Pam H

    I’ve never seen this guide before. It looks pretty useful, or as you say, needful. If it doesn’t end up in my mailbox, I might just have to order this one. Merry Christmas eve#

  88. Karen Herrick Avatar
    Karen Herrick

    I love this method of flying geese. Looks like a great tool, making quilting easier for us all!

  89. […] The winner from yesterday is: Susan JDecember 23, 2013 at 11:22 pm […]

  90. Jill Avatar

    Any tool to help make flying geese quicker and easier sounds good to me.

  91. Donna W Avatar
    Donna W

    This is a great tool. Thanks for all of the tools that you have been showing us. Merry Christmas.

  92. Pam Hintze Avatar
    Pam Hintze

    This tool makes marking so easy.

  93. Connie R. Spalding Avatar
    Connie R. Spalding

    So disappointed that this tool is out of stock…we were out of state and without our computer so I couldn’t get my order to you before they were sold out…will you ever have them again….I SOOOOO WOULD LIKE ONE!!!!!
    I use flying geese in so many of my quilts.

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