Please delete

Please delete or disregard my last email… I am working on my Moda post that is not scheduled until the 24th… And I accidentally pressed publish instead of preview…I was running out the door to get my hair done and screwed it all up… So please forgive me for all this interuptions and just delete my draft…

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  1. Avatar

    Kind of figured that out– Will do. But it looks beautiful and I want the kit and fabric


  2. lori Avatar

    How are you doing on your quilt along quilt?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I have all my blocks done…but I want to do a major post about everything I missed…so I will still do that when I get back from teaching on the cruise ship…LB

  3. Mary Andra Avatar

    LOL been there done that. Wishing you a great day. Hi to Nick.

  4. Mary Marge Avatar

    I just went and bought the Homestead Gatherings FQs. Can’t wait to see them – and can’t wait to order yardage in March! My kinda fabric!

  5. Catherine Avatar

    Thanks for the sneak, sneak peek! LOL!

  6. Elizabeth “Liz” Schraeder Avatar
    Elizabeth “Liz” Schraeder

    done, but have to be honest I peeked and can hardly wait for the full post!!! hugs

  7. Donna Avatar

    “P” = Perfect! Love your new fabric!

  8. Sue H Avatar
    Sue H

    Your fabrics are ALWAYS wonderful! I too love your little houses fabrics and Hospitality quilt! You are truly inspiring!

  9. Chris Avatar

    Sure wish I was on that cruise with you……have the greatest time! Love your Homestead Gatherings.

  10. janet moilanen Avatar
    janet moilanen

    I love your mini alphabet design! Perfect size for a baby or wall hanging.

  11. Susan Luker Avatar
    Susan Luker

    Love the new fabric and your blog!

  12. Chris Matsche Avatar
    Chris Matsche

    Love you fabrics.

  13. Jackie Stevens Avatar
    Jackie Stevens

    I have long enjoyed your blog and design ideas. Check in often to see what is going on.

  14. Judith Walleser Avatar
    Judith Walleser

    do you have the mini alphabet kit available in the new homestead fabric line?

  15. Jeanne Murphy Avatar

    Thank you for downsizing the alphabet quilt! I will purchase the pattern and thank you for a chance to win. I hope this is the right blog to comment for that. It’s nice when all you perfect sewers show that you are human too!

  16. Marcia Elliott Avatar
    Marcia Elliott

    I love your little alphabet quilt and your new fabric line.

  17. Sue Couts Avatar
    Sue Couts

    Love Love your new fabric, Love cruises too! Hope you have/had a great time……

  18. Donna Avatar

    Looking forward to finding the new Gatherings line at my LQS. I’ll add it to the other Gatherings I’ve stashed for the next quilts.

  19. Brenda Hulsey Avatar
    Brenda Hulsey

    Oh I love, love this fabric! Wonderful!

  20. Cathy G Avatar

    Love your Gatherings Quilt! Beautiful!

  21. Tanya Quilts in CO Avatar

    I like how you reduced the alphabet and made a smaller quilt which will be perfect for a baby quilt. I was thinking the exact same thing!

  22. KatieQ Avatar

    Your new fabric definitely got it right. “There’s no place like home.” Enjoy your cruise.

  23. Linda Milward Avatar

    Have a fab time .. 🙂

  24. Margi Avatar

    Just when I thought I had found my most favorite Primitive Gatherings fabric here comes another…that I love already. It is so so sweet.

    Thank you for the pattern, and have a wonderful time on your cruise.

  25. Anita Avatar

    Have fun cruising! Love the new line!

  26. Suzanne Golden Avatar
    Suzanne Golden

    Love your mini abc quilt

  27. nancyangerer Avatar

    Love your fabric!

  28. Thunder Avatar

    love the little house, no place like home 🙂 and I think the little alphabet quilt is Adorable.

  29. Carol Avatar

    Glad you got the letter P it looks perfect !!!. Cute kids quilt.

  30. Melody Avatar

    So much gorgeousness in this post

  31. Laura G Avatar
    Laura G

    Love the new fabric…just gorgeous!

  32. Debra Avatar

    love your little quilt

  33. Laura Taylor Avatar
    Laura Taylor

    Love your post and your fabric! Hope your cruise was wonderful! I love cruises, but have never combined one with quilts -the best of both worlds. Your new kits are terrific – thanks for the preview and the blog!

  34. Carol Avatar

    So excited about you new fabrics! Thank you for the chance to win one of the five prizes!

  35. Carol Santos Avatar
    Carol Santos

    I like the home-i-ness of your new line. The houses are cute. Thank you for all your hard work in making a new line of material!

  36. Chris Matsche Avatar
    Chris Matsche

    Love your new line. Thank you for the chance to win.

  37. Debbie Vuist Avatar
    Debbie Vuist

    Lisa you are such a talented designer! I love everything! Love the new fabric and the quilt with the house in the middle of it. Cute little alphabet quilt and love the idea. Have fun on your cruise!
    Debbie Vuist

  38. Fran Threewit Avatar
    Fran Threewit

    I LOVE your website – and fabrics and quilts, the whole deal! And it is because of the “hopping” that I discovered you! Thanks so much!

  39. Theresa Avatar

    Thank you for the chance to win such great fabrics !!

  40. Shauna T Avatar
    Shauna T

    lovely, love all of your fabrics

  41. Janet Knapp Avatar
    Janet Knapp

    Absolutely love your new fabrics…so special. J.K.

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