Up coming classes…and other stuff….

Just want to let you know of a few upcoming classes I am teaching and maybe you can join in on all the fun…

I had to move a class of mine to April 16th…10am -2pm…It is a wool appliqué class $40 includes class and kit and will be right here in Menasha!  I will be teaching Primitive Penny Mat…You will learn how to make a better blanket stitch as well as stitching the edges of your pennies and attaching them with a nice clean look to your mat. Please call the shop and sign up if You want to join us…920-722-7233IMG_0426

In June 11-14 I will be teaching at the Minnesota Quilt Show, in St Cloud MN at the River Edge Convention Center…..I am teaching a bunch of classes on wool appliqué!!! Click here to see if you can come!  MQ Quilt Showimg06

These pics are from the Cruise…I met a bunch of new ladies and as always had a blast teaching them some wool appliqué and embroidery stitches…It was so fun!IMG_1034 IMG_1033 IMG_1037 IMG_1035 IMG_1029 IMG_1076

My friend Mary Fons has a new book coming out….I am jealous of this marketing! See videoimages-1

8 responses to “Up coming classes…and other stuff….”

  1. Sandie French Avatar
    Sandie French

    Oh, how I wish I lived closer…(I’m in grants pass, OR)…all the ladies are having so much fun in your pictures, and i could have sworn I saw me in there with you….but, alas, we have a little group here that does your projects and that will just have to do! Keep up the great designs…hopefully we will see you in Portland!

  2. Janet O. Avatar

    Absolutely love that penny mat. Wish I was going to be in the neighborhood!

  3. Cheap Car Insurance Fashions For Women Over 65 Avatar

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  4. Anna Avatar

    Hey Lisa, been thinking of you and sending (((hug))) vibes your way. Do you know if you will be teaching at the Quilt, Knit, Stitch in Portland or just vendoring??? Can’t wait!!!

  5. Michelle Avatar

    Fun, a cruise?  I missed that.  Do you have any planned for the next year or so?  If I start to plan now, it could be a possibility.  LOL

    Thank you for sharing.


  6. Jakey Avatar

    OMG, I Loved Mary Fons’s video!! Thanks for sharing. Love rhe cruise pics too, saw some of my favorite people… Hi Jan, Michelle, and Mary! Looks like you all had a blast!!

  7. Karen Avatar

    Can you do a video showing us how to make the penny mats like the class you are teaching in Menacha? You are not teaching any classes in my area?

  8. DaisyS Avatar

    Oh I agree with Karen. I wish I could take your penny mat class, but I am on the west coast. I have watched your videos on Fons and Porter, follow your tips throughout the year and read all your Twelve Days of Christmas to pick up all your wool stitching tips. I have purchased several of your wool kits and really enjoyed stitching them. A video of the penny mats would be the best. A fee base one would be fine with me to learn more from you!

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