Tiny Treasures Club…featuring Tara Lynn Darr’s book…Small Treasures from Scraps

I just wanted to send everyone an email and talk about this new club we are so excited about!!!

I was watching the “Crows” all last week work  gathering fabrics, cutting, stitching and figuring all the details for this club…They tenderly selected every single bolt with loving care…as they raced to the shop to raid it before I do for my SBOW’s…..I want you all to see how sweet the first few treasures are turning out….autumn berriesautumn berriesautumn berriesgirls retreatgirls retreat playdateThese little kits will make awesome weekend projects…you can piece, quilt and bind them and  show them off at work on Monday or your weekly stitching group!!!..I am signing up as well because every quilt in this book is awesome…no duds….My mini wall will be full by the end of this club!      You also will receive 20% off the book when you sign up for the club….All the info to join the club is here on our site…Small Treasures

23 responses to “Tiny Treasures Club…featuring Tara Lynn Darr’s book…Small Treasures from Scraps”

  1. Lori Albrechtsen Avatar
    Lori Albrechtsen

    I love ALL of these, but what do you do with these little quilts when your finished with them?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Fold and stack in a cupboard…hang on wall…table mats…doll quilts… the possibilities are endless

  2. Alice Tignor Avatar

    Love the little quilts. They are my favorite quilts!

  3. pdroberts Avatar

    If this new book is as good at Tara’s first one it will be marvelous. I am hooked on her little quilts. Have made three out of the first book and love them. She is a super designer. And with P>G> fabrics they will be just great.
    I am ordering the book tomorrow because there are two patterns I want to use my coupon book on too. Lisa you are the greatest. P>G> is possitively grand!!!!!! Thanks so much for your inspiration. Pat

  4. Judy Avatar

    Lisa, are these mini’s machine pieced or hand pieced? Thanks!

  5. Janet O. Avatar

    I made six of the ones from the first book. I can see I need to check out the second book, too! Beautiful little quilts shown here!

  6. Sue Avatar

    Beautiful quilts

  7. Candee Abraham Avatar
    Candee Abraham

    Does this club meet in person or mail order too?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      It is being done by mail so that anyone can join in in the fun! Thank you jessica

  8. gijane279 Avatar

    Took a deep breath and decided I’m going to challenge myself… the challenge for me won’t be in the ordering but in the doing them!!! And miniature no less. I’m so excited can hardly wait to see what the “crows” have pulled together for my delights.

  9. Cindy Avatar

    All of them are really cute! How difficult is the pattern and cutting?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Not difficult at all. Just follow step by step, and Tara writes great directions. You are using charm squares for these quilts. Thank you jessica

  10. Marge Berg Avatar
    Marge Berg

    What is the finished size?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      All the quilts will finish at different sizes, however all of them are under 26×26. Thank you Jessica

  11. Tammi Avatar

    So love the kits ready to go for small projects. Will the backs & binding be included?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Bindings will be included in the kits. Thank you Jessica

  12. DaisyS Avatar

    Absolutely Love them in your fabrics….

  13. […] Tiny Treasures Club…featuring <b>Tara Lynn</b> Darr's book…Small <… […]

  14. Sue Email Avatar
    Sue Email

    These are awesome! I’m going to have to try making some small blocks. Can you tell me where I can get the pattern for the SPOOLS wall hanging I see on Pinterest but can’t seem to find anywhere in your blog. I want to make one to hang in my sewing room. Much appreciate all you offer. Thank you

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  15. Alice Moore Avatar
    Alice Moore

    Lisa, I love your black sewing table and cabinets in your studio. Did you have those made and can I get the plans anywhere?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Tracey’s tables…look them up on the web!

  16. Paula Avatar

    Lisa, did not know where else to leave this: Would you care to post some more 6 1/2″ Scrappy Blocks. I copied off the 12 you have posted. Thanks Paula in KY

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