Summer BOW update…please read all of this…comment if you wish

As long as I had to talk to you about the SBOW I thought I would give you another tease…Linda is actually quilting it and she says its her favorite quilt that she has done for me so far…so with that said…here is the peek…

lisa bongean/primitivegatheirngs 2014 SBOW
lisa bongean/primitivegatheirngs 2014 SBOW

I just love these blocks…now here is what I wanted to say…We are getting some of our very loyal walk in customers MAD at us about not being able to prepay for their the SBOW. Some of them to the point of calling my girls Bitches! Really???? These girls are anything but Bitches!!!  They try to explain and reason with the people who don’t understand how it works…just because they may not like the fact that they can not manipulate it to how they want it to work does not make my girls bitches!  By the way..this was not everyone who was upset but just two of them and they call themselves quilters??? Remember girls…this is supposed to be FUN!  I know I personally could not take this from customers…I guess that is why I am stitching and designing.  But remember we are all just trying to do our jobs the best we can…and they are just following the rules of the program.

Now we have set up the PREPAY OPTION for those being shipped  for the following reasons…

If we have to enter the cc numbers for all those SBOW going out each week it costs a lot of time/which is labor…this is eliminated with a prepay….we have no one working up in the store for hours on end running people through who walk in the door…we have time for you…we are there to help you with anything you wish..

The discount we have given is NOT on the SBOW it is on their shipping costs.They have to pay at the minim $56 more than the girls who can walk in our door, so we have taken off about $15 for this…and because the volume of our shipping goes up so much during the summer, we get bigger shipping discounts and we are just passing this on to those who have to use the shipping method and cannot walk through the door.

I am sure they would gladly give up a shipping discount to be able to walk in our door each week…now don’t take that as I have a big head…but I just hear it all the time at shows that they wish they could come to the shop just even once…

We do not have the room or want the pressure of trying to keep track of blocks if you do not come in to pick them up each week…we give out the FREEBIE each week so you do come in and don’t miss it…you have the options to prepay for the following week if you know you are on vacation or something and cannot come in…We want you in the shop each week…we want to see you, visit with you, help you with what you are working on and hopefully you may purchase a little more than just the SBOW…that really is why I do this…it is not a secret…our business slows down dramatically during the summer…I still have the same bills and the same payroll as the rest of the year and 8 years ago started the SBOW to make sure I didn’t fall short…and so far it has worked.  FYI.. we cut 1800 freebies each week we have the material cost and the labor costs for this…everyone who purchases each week in the shop gets one as well if you order online.  Now 1800 freebies…think about that…they are free to you for being a great customer, they are not only for those who are in the SBOW’s.

I also know that I have upped the price this year on the wool appliqué one…but really it is the much more reasonable than previous years…you will be finishing your quilt each week.  At the end you will not only have 12 blocks…you will have 25 and an optional reasonably priced wool appliqué border which I have discounted for everyone.…which by the way just contains scrappiness of the quilt and harmonizes everything for a wonderful quilt.  You will love this quilt!  I can see it entered in shows winning prizes!!!

We try so hard to run a great program…we never want anyone upset with us or think we are not being fair…We work with a lot of people who lose jobs, and other situations which come up…We love our customers…Try to put yourself in our shoes…we are talking about 1000 customers for this event.  This is kind of a nightmare that we somehow figure out how to work it…we have hired extra college girls to help us and this gives them a good job instead of bar tending until wee hours of the night…or flipping whammies at McD’s…

Hopefully this will reach those who are not happy with us and they will understand a little better and maybe apologize to my girls…but to those of you who continue to spend your hard earned bucks and totally understand that we are here for you… know that  we appreciate you!

One more thing…I will be posting a little more about the pieced SBOW…some think it is patriotic…but it has blacks, pinks, browns, grays, dull greens all the colors as well as reds and blues, so please don’t judge it from the 1st weeks blocks…its fun and awesome to piece it…plus their will be a bonus with the leftovers!

Now just because you read all of this…I am going to show you another block…sorry can’t help myself…Stitch On my friends….LB

PS…I am trying to get the 10th Anniversary Stitch-Along done now that Quilt Market is over…so that will be coming soon too…free online patterns for all!IMG_1204

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  1. Lin Avatar


  2. quiltedcrow Avatar

    Very Pretty. Another winner.

  3. Joyce A Avatar
    Joyce A

    Absolutely beautiful, so glad I am signed up to get the SBOW. Thank you for designing this for us!

  4. krismichk9 Avatar

    I am sorry others are not being nice to your “girls”. I always look forward to your Summer BOMs and have done one of them each summer for the past 3 years. There are many more of us who are understanding than not ;o)

  5. Marcy P Avatar
    Marcy P

    The summer bow is great as well as your shop. I live in Colorado and can only do mail order and your customer service is the best. Yes, once in a while I have had a problem and guess what– you have always fixed it. You wouldn’t be in business this long with out great designs and great customer service. Chin up girlfriend and don’t let one rotten egg spoil the whole basket.

  6. Pam P. Avatar
    Pam P.

    Holy smokes!!! I think you all must be angels to put up with that kind of nastiness! And you’re right – I wish I was lucky enough to walk into Primitive Gatherings, even just once. Ordering online is nice too, but shipping charges really add up – I think this is my fourth year doing the SBOW (sometimes pieced, sometimes wool). Wow, if I could pick up my blocks every week then I could afford to do both 🙂 Big hugs to all of you for all that you do!

  7. Linda slauson Avatar
    Linda slauson

    I am so glad I was able to order this quilt online. It is gorgeous!! Like another lady mentioned, I wish I could just once come visit all of you in person. Please don’t let a couple of rude people discourage you.

  8. Teresa K. Avatar
    Teresa K.

    WOW, really?!! Why do a couple of nasty girls have to pee on our good time? Isn’t life just like that…I’m in my 50s and I still am learning how interact with those that are never happy and don’t want anyone else to be either! Maybe the best lesson learned is that they are truly unhappy people – you got in their way today and got kicked …tomorrow it will be someone else…ugh…I agree with Pam – you all do a fantastic job with SBOW and all our treasures that come to us in the mail (YES, DO I EVER WISH I WAS IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD…ever think about a Chicago area store…or maybe a franchise….hmmmm….is cloning working yet?)….Lisa, you’ve done so much for the quilting community – even in the midst of some very heavy suffering – and 99.9% of us love you and appreciate all you & the gang do – I’d say that’s pretty awesome!…..xo

  9. Babs Williams Avatar
    Babs Williams

    I am in Georgia and have talked to the ladies in your shop numerous times. They are so patient and kind on the phone. They certainly don’t deserve to be spoken to in this manner. So sad to think anyone, especially a quilter, would do this. As you stated, I do wish I could walk in the shop each week. Thanks to you and the shop ladies for making my shopping experience a positive one!!

  10. Ramona Avatar

    I very much wish I could stop into the shop each week to pick up my SBOW and get the freebe in person. I also wish I could take classes and sign up for make and takes and see the new designs from quilt market. I wish I could use every coupon in my coupon book. I wish I could attend the anniversary sales and the Christmas open houses. I live in Canada and not only is the shipping cost prohibitive but add to that the exchange rate on the Canadian Dollar (currently 13.5% on every 1 US DOLLAR) and we also have to pay an additional 13% of taxes (5% goods and services tax and 8% provincial sales tax) on the canadian equivalent price and sometimes the Canadian Post Office adds a $9.50 handling charge for parcels they deliver. You do the math. I would rather pick up my SBOW but cannot – so I suck it up and order online – and feel very fortunate to be able to participate in the SBOW because we have nothing like that in Canada. Be grateful for what you have! I know I am grateful to be able to participate! Many thanks for great designs, a great program, and a great shipping department!!!!

  11. Avatar

    Wow! I wish I was close enough to stop by each week for the pattern!!!! Great Great Great!! diane in Los Angeles

  12. Kennette Avatar

    You go girl!! Working in Retail is sometimes not very pleasant. Love what you do. Keep it up!!!!!!!

  13. Joan Savoie Avatar
    Joan Savoie

    Wish I could stop in each week, but NH is a little far for a weekly road trip lol. Blocks are beautiful and I can’t wait to get started. Thank you, thank you for shipping!!!!

  14. Joni Avatar

    Again the others are correct – I love to go into my local shop & show / pick up my new blocks ! My shop does not do wool So in order for me to participate I also have to do mail – I’m glad that is a option for me 🙂
    I think I would make the ladies apologize or not allow them to participate in the weekly project !
    Your staff was nothing but friendly when I called & asked all my questions ! I did end up & ordered the whole shebang !!!
    Thanks So much can’t wait for it to start arriving 🙂

  15. pdroberts Avatar

    Your quilt is absolutely wonderful. Thank you for your great designs.

  16. stacy Avatar

    Wow Lisa! listen to the majority they are right. I am lucky that I can come to your shop a few times a year I’ve ordered online and shopped in your booth at many shows. You and your staff are some of the hardest working people I’ve seen and those ladies go out of their way to be helpful. You have a wonderful staff who doesn’t deserve such crappy treatment. Luckily the cranky quilters are few and far between! Keep up the awesome work and ignore the idiots.

  17. Judith Avatar

    I am thrilled to be able to order the SBOW online and think the previews are just beautiful! I’ve done the last two years with the wool and thoroughly enjoyed them! Thank you, Lisa, for providing such great designs and I’m sorry your girls had to deal with unkind quilters. Your shop has always been helpful when I’ve called and done whatever they could for me as a customer.

  18. Julee Avatar

    I’m ready to start, now…….but will gladly wait for it to arrive in about 2 weeks. Anxious to see it quilted and what you have done for the freebie this year. I’ve always said everyone should work retail once in their life and they would appreciate and understand the workers much more… You’re doing a great job and like the other I wish I could come and shop in your store.

  19. Charmaine Avatar

    Thank you for everything you do for us quilters. You’re so generous with us—how could anyone complain? And to call your hard-working employees a name like that, well shame on them. Personally, I dream of one day going to your store to shop, and I’ll be sure to thank your employees. Keep up the good work!!!!

    1. Catherine Avatar

      People! UGH! Can’t live with them can’t shoot them. I’m sorry to hear this is happening. I would LOVE to be able to come to your shop. I only get to your booth once a year, not nearly enough. I wish I could drive up there for a class with you. Don’t let the few spoil it for the ones that enjoy Primitive Gatherings be it in person, by email or while vending.

  20. GabiP Avatar

    Sorry your gals had to deal with rude customers. Quilting should be fun – that’s why I got into it – that and a chance to be creative. Keep up the excellent work!

  21. Sandy Avatar

    Oh could anyone be mad at you? Can’t wait for the SBOW and know how much more work it is. Everyone should be understanding instead of nasty. You guys are GREAT! Keep up the good work!!!

  22. Patricia Avatar

    You rock!! Some people never learned how to behave … Others have a toothache … Others just plain have a mean streak. So sad they are.

  23. Martha C. Avatar
    Martha C.

    Your employees are always so nice and accommodating. I have called numerous times. Wish I could come in your shop just once, let alone weekly! Thanks for all you do for us quilters. I have never seen an owner consistently send words and gestures of appreciation for her customers like you do, Lisa!

  24. Amy M Avatar
    Amy M

    People are messy! Don’t let the few grumpies get you down; there are hundreds of us that love what you do and are happy about how you do it. You are an amazing artist and generous as well. Blessings, my friend.

  25. Debbie St.Germain Avatar

    I just love this quilt and the appliqués, it is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see how Linda has quilted it. She always does such beautiful work on your quilts. I don’t know what is wrong with some people, sorry you had to deal with that.


  26. pam w. Avatar

    It is a beautiful quilt and I am very appreciative of all you an those in your shop do to help everyone enjoy the quilting life. Some one who is so rude is not a quilter at heart. Patience and a forgiving heart-an biting your tongue!! will get you through.

  27. Sherryl Avatar

    This will be my first SBOW and I am so excited – it is absolutely gorgeous! Lisa, you are so talented and your employees are top-notch! I browse your website every day to see what new items or blogs you have posted. Keep up the awesome work!!!

  28. Teri LaVoy Avatar
    Teri LaVoy

    I’m so sorry that there are unhappy quilters out there. I participated in your SBOW a couple of years ago and although I didn’t understand how things went and sometimes I received it delayed, I always looked forward to my package and appreciate all the hard work your staff does. Keep up the wonderful creativity and good work.

  29. Ann P. Avatar
    Ann P.

    It is so sad that people treat employees the way these women did. I bet they would not call you that to your face. You do so much for everyone. And I am one of the people that would love to come into your store and shop every week. Also, I assume that the walk ins still get to use their punch cards while we do not as internet shoppers. Keep up the great work and tell your employees each and every week how wonderful they are. Thank you Lisa!

  30. Becki Pender Avatar
    Becki Pender

    Lisa, I am so sorry to hear of this comments about your staff? NOONE deserves to be treated like that. You and your staff are the BEST!!!

    1. Gwen Avatar

      I just love love love the love birds., can hardly wait to see more

  31. Lona Avatar

    Lisa, Coming to your shop is on my “bucket list”! Thank you for all that you do! I look so forward to your SBOW and check your website daily for inspiration! I order frequently from your website. Anytime that I have had a question, your staff has been kind on the phone or sent me an E-mail. Please extend my thanks to them, also. for doing a great job. I am sure that as much as you travel, it is great to be able to leave your shop in capable hands. It is good that you have their back. Keep creating and quilting and don’t let anyone rob you of that joy! 🙂 Also, thanks for the free anniversary pattern that is yet to come. I know it will be so fun!

  32. Harriett Murray Avatar
    Harriett Murray

    I am so sorry to hear what happened. I worked at a quilt shop & have heard complaints that were hurtful too. It’s just so hard to believe that any quilter could be so rude! I am one who lives a long way off & would looovvveee the opportunity to come each week. How lucky & blessed they are! I just hope to get to your shop at least once in my lifetime! Keep the faith, I have always been treated with the utmost respect & courtesy anytime I have talked with your employees. Even when one of my bom blocks went missing & finally showed up! Thank you for all of your time & effort to make my quilting experience fun! A BIG thanks to the ladies in the shop.

  33. Patsye Knight Avatar
    Patsye Knight

    Dear Lisa, I’m proud to use your designs, as they all are very original.
    This BOW is delightful, love the embroidery detailing as well as colorful settings.
    Thanks for sharing and continually creating! This is my 3rd BOW !!!
    Sincerely , Patsye K.

  34. Robyn Brown Avatar
    Robyn Brown

    Wow! Just Wow! I cannot believe that people behave this way.This is only my second SBOW with you because I only just recently discovered your store online (I live in Tennessee). I am thrilled to be participating and only looking forward to a very long sewing/shopping relationship with Primitive Gatherings in the years to come. I appreciate the hard work you ladies put into this and I so love the care put into the kits, the customer service offered by your staff and the lovely designs. I have no complaints. Please don’t let a couple bad apples ruin it for you.

  35. Kathryn Casavant Avatar
    Kathryn Casavant

    Oh that is so pretty! When can we sign up for it? Sorry your girls are getting some bad people to work with.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      It on our site under NEW and Blocks of the Month!!! Don’t wait…it will fill up…LB

  36. suejean1 Avatar

    Lisa, what you have shown us so far of the SBOW is awesome. I can’t wait to make it. Thank-you for everything you do. I was fortunate to visit Wisconsin last week and able to make a stop at Primitive Gatherings. Your workers were extremely busy but still helpful. My sister-in-law that brought me over bought her first wool project. 🙂

  37. DaisyS Avatar

    Oh, how I would once just love to visit your store! The lucky people who are able to pick up their kits and take classes from you in person! I can’t imagine anyone being so mean as to call your girls at the shop such terrible names!

    I work in a similar industry where goods are schlepped to shows for sale, orders taken at shows and online, and then packed and shipped. We all work very hard to make each order as perfect as it can be and to cater to everyone’s needs. And yes, there are always those few, no matter how hard you work, that you just cannot please and act like you owe them something.

    Today after I came home from work, I just wanted to again take a peek at the beautiful, wool SBOW you currently have offered. I love the scrappy look and your wool is just so wonderful to work with. I don’t need another project, but I think your post today has spoken to me! Don’t let those naysayers get the best of you! There are many more of us who adore your work and support you and your team, than there are of them!

  38. Ann Wissbaum Avatar
    Ann Wissbaum

    Amen Lisa! Some people are just never happy no matter what. Those ladies have no idea how lucky they are to be able to come into your shop. I only get to shop from you online and at a couple of shows during the year.
    I am so excited to start this years SBOW. The sneak peeks look great. Of course I love your designs. You have such talent. Kudos to you and all your staff – it has to be a great deal of work to manage these SBOW.

  39. Debbie G Avatar
    Debbie G

    You and your staff are nothing but awesome. Thanks for all you do for all of us. I have never participated in any of the BOW projects but I get the program. How dare 2 “bad apples” try to spoil a good thing for the others that get it? Shame on them!!

    1. Debbie G Avatar
      Debbie G

      Oh ya, I live in WI but about 3 hours away. I get there maybe once a year if I am lucky!

  40. Brenda Avatar

    Very pretty quilt. Wish I could afford to do this one. Sorry people were rude and unkind to your workers. People need to think before they speak.

  41. Renee Avatar

    It is disappointing to hear that a couple people were so inconsiderate and unkind to your staff. I have always received wonderful service from everyone at your shop and I am so grateful that you have such great projects for us to do. Thank you to you and all your staff for everything you do to help me and all your customers!

  42. Michelle Devitt Avatar
    Michelle Devitt

    Wow what a couple of nasty ol’ women, you have the best staff in the world. I love to come up to your shop and “house” with Jan many times a year. The girls in the shop have always been great to us even when we ask the impossible. Pass on a hug to them and we will see you all in July. thanks for the great looking quilt I just might finish this one LOL.

  43. Janet Avatar

    Oh, no, I’ve been telling myself I can live without this one (saving for Asilomar), but this set of “peeks” did me in … I’ll be ordering it in a minute.

    As for those customers, seriously? And you’re right, they’re not REAL quilters. Your staff’s always been wonderful (and I always have TONS of questions).

  44. Meme Avatar

    Kudos to you and your staff! Nothing but the best, every time I call from TX. No one deserves such ugly comments. Maybe it is time for the sign, We reserve the right to refuse service! I have worked retail and it is a very difficult job. It takes one bad apple to ruin it for everyone, please know you and your staff are loved and appreciated.

  45. Fran Bianchi Avatar
    Fran Bianchi

    I live in California so I can’t come into the shop, but someday…..I’m going to get there! I’ve ordered the last 3 SBOW projects and love each one more then the last. I can tell you that I appreciate the opportunity to order online and save a little money on shipping by pre paying. I have never had a problem or issue with anyone in your shop. When I do have a question, my emails have been answered in a timely and informative manner. You have a great staff working for you and it’s too bad they were subjected to such behavior! I’m fortunate that I can visit your booth at Road to California, but still wish I could stop by the shop and take advantage of everything you offer your walk in customers. Thank you for all you do for your customers near and far….you are the best!

  46. Karen Avatar

    Love, love, love y’all … every one of you (or as we say where I live, all y’all) … who make the SBOW work for all of us who can’t pick up in the store. Maybe those other ladies were just having a bad day or even a bad life. Kudos to the girls and you for taking the high road. Can’t wait to start them!

  47. gijane279 Avatar

    RUDE RUDE RUDE!!! That’s what I have to say about those two called your staff names no excuse! Seriously to complain when they have the privilege of living close enough to your shop to stop in weekly… Good grief!!! I have called your shop several times over the past couple years and have always had wonderful service even when I’ve managed to find the dumb question. As a psychology teacher I had once used to say “don’t let the dismal “Bitches” get you down”. Shame shame shame on those two…. Now on to the happy; Lisa you are amazingly talented and I absolutely love the SBOW and am anxiously awaiting for the date you start mailing them out. Your generosity with every kit that you do is the reason I have become a very loyal will repeat customer. And if I had to guess I would say that’s why you’ve achieved the successes that you have with Primitive Gatherings and I know that while you’re the brains behind the Biz it still takes a wonderful staff to support all of your ideas and pull off all that you do. Sending you much love and lots of hugs from Southern California. Liz. P.S it’s still on my bucket list hit the Harley Museum and then ride out to your shop (thanks for the heads up that they were so close)

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Now I know who you are!!!! Met you in Vista!!! right?

      1. gijane279 Avatar

        Yes that’s right took your “SNOW” wool appliqué class at Fat Quarters QuiltShop.

  48. Audrey G. Avatar
    Audrey G.

    Wow, retail can be full of stress…BUT, those Bi-otches…cause me to spend so much more money than intended!
    Seriously, they can sell you your own shirt in that store! Walking in your store, located between my job and home, is nearly a divorce waiting to happen. Those “B’s” have gotten to know what I like, and direct me toward the newest and hottest sellers of the week! Sheesh! If only they weren’t so accommodating and friendly, I wouldn’t walk out of there with half my grocery money spent! Thank God for Aldi’s! You really need to tell those “B’s” to be less eager to show off your new creations! Uh, and the clubs and classes…these always seem to run late as we can’t part from their awesome personalities. Imagine they never treat us as though we are a problem!

    Kudos Lisa for standing behind your shop girls. They are the face of your business, and do a better than great job. The grouchy gals that misspoke while blowing off steam, have a bit of crow to eat. They can go find another shop this awesome if they don’t like yours. There are plenty people who want to be included that get told the blocks are full…

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      lol…this is funny…LB

  49. stacey larson Avatar
    stacey larson

    Lisa and Staff: I have been an online customer and had the amazing opportunity to be an in store customer and whomever the Bitchy women were that came in and could not keep their unpleasant non warranted comments to themselves are better of not being within your “family” of customer and admirers. You work hard, your family and staff work hard and as a fellow business owner in a totally different business it is not worth letting those get the best of you. There will always be “those” that you just can’t make happy and it’s only because they are unhappy about themselves. It took me having open heart surgery that made me realize (i’m not perfect yet but better) that it’s just not worth it. There are millions of us who love who you, your family, your staff, of course let’s not forget mama terri – and the whole Primitive Gathering Bunch. And those are the ones who count. I can’t wait to come over the summer – Let it go – they aren’t worth it. You are amazing and so is your family , staff and you’re creation. Keep up your amazing work! And thanks to the staff for all their help.

  50. Betty Putzka Avatar
    Betty Putzka

    Hi Karen I also really like that, but I just can’t justify another full sized wool kit project when I haven’t finished the two from years back. I like the cotton part well enough to just get that, but I don’t need another kit… At least that’s what I keep telling myself! Are you going for it? You have been finishing stuff! I’ll call about the socks tomorrow. Good night! Betty

    Sent from my iPad


  51. Janet O. Avatar

    My “finishing” rate cannot keep up with your amazing “creating” rate! This quilt is gorgeous. If I didn’t still have a box full of patterns and kits from your visit to Utah over a year ago, I would be signing up!
    I don’t understand some people. Even if you are frustrated and upset, do you have to resort to name calling? Seriously, did we never grow up?

  52. VickyC Avatar

    Some might say, “what happened to make some quilters act this way?” I just think they have always acted that way!
    It’s so surprising that we can’t just let things go…there must be rules for every game, and this is just a game!

  53. Cherie Shaeffer Avatar
    Cherie Shaeffer

    When I signed up for sbom and prepaid for the finishing kit I did not realize that I could prepay for whole project
    Is there any way to go back in a prepay for the balance due to help out with reducing the work of running my card
    Let me know how you’d like to approach this issue and get this prepaid for the Benifit of all concerned

    Also do I recieve the bonus as we’ll for prepaying.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Yes…to all of your ??? Please call and talk to the girls…920-722-7233

  54. Dale and Cheryl Sapp Avatar
    Dale and Cheryl Sapp

    Dear Lisa and Staff:

    I too am one of those online customers who would so like to be a walk-in customer instead. I paid full price, finishing kit and threads for this SBOW.

    It is just Magnifiscent.

    Currently I am working on Bertie’s year which I will be making into my very First quilt. The SBOW will be my second. Always I have questions along the way and always answers them in a timely fashion. You have a Great Staff.

    Lisa, I fell in love with wool applique after purchasing and making a small sheep ornament which was offered a couple years ago on a Christmas Blog. Throughout my life I never thought I would make a quilt. Now at 64 years young it is my strong desire to delve into quilt making.

    In the past year I have noticed that many designers after 10 years in the business need a change or going out of business. I admire you so very much because after 10 years you are becoming better and better. Your Love of what you do Shines through your work.

    Have a Great Day,

    A very appreciative online customer,


    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Thanks Cheryl…This is why I do still do this…so at 64 one can still discover that there are still things they can make with their own hands and enjoy the process and find a new social adventures…quilting is the best! My favorite part of what I do is teaching…Some simple tips learned in a class advance their skills and their desires to want to create and stitch more!

  55. Betsy Avatar

    Lisa will there be a pattern to purchase instead of doing the BOM weekly?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Yes…in fall

  56. mtneedle Avatar

    Well said, Lisa! You’ll always get my business. Thank you for all you and your girls do!

  57. krislovesfabric Avatar

    This will be my first SBOW and I am very excited…it looks spectacular. Thank you for your care to online customers and the prepay shipping discount, I am in Indiana so a bit far to walkin but I hope to visit your shop someday with my quilting bestie…I worked in retail as a teenager and remember the bad apples that used to think it was fine to vent and be cruel. There is a lot of stress in today’s world, I wish your quilt shop could be a shelter from that as we often look for relief in our quilting projects from that very thing. Keep doing what you do, you are loved.

  58. Connie R. Spalding Avatar
    Connie R. Spalding

    Lisa, please tell your “girls” that they are not and have never been “bitches.” Both you and your staff, as well as your wonderful designs, wools and fabrics are the best anywhere. I only wish I lived in Wisconsin so I could be in your shop on a regular basis. I have a favorite shop in Michigan which is in Bellaire and my other favorite shop, of course, is Primitive Gatherings. I continue to shop online and via phone with you because of your wonderful designs and because of the wonderful people who work with you. I worked in retail for several years and dealing with people who are the true “bitches” (and not the sales people) is very hard. Please tell your staff that they are wonderful employees either working on the phone with them, answering emails to the customers (which Emily has done quite frequently to me lately) or just simply being a testament to your business. It is because of all of you working together that makes you and your business so successful. I wish I could tell all of you in person this message, but hopefully, my comment will suffice for this time. I WILL GET INTO YOUR SHOP EVENTUALLY AND WILL TELL ALL OF YOU THEN….THANK YOU FOR ALL THE YOU DO AND….ALL OF YOU ARE WONDERFUL!

  59. Kathy Avatar

    So sorry your girls had to deal with a few rude people. I have to say I think this quilt will be my favorite. It is so pretty. I’m going to try real hard to actually work on this one as it comes out!! or at least start it. 😉 I love getting the package in the mail each week, it’s like getting a great Christmas present every week.

  60. Rose J Avatar
    Rose J

    The customers who actually have a reason to come to your shop each month are the luckiest people in the world. I would give anything to be able to do that. I look forward to the Houston show every year just to spend time in your booth. This will be my fifth year to do you SBOM and last year I did have a problem receiving one freebie twice and when I called your shop the lady who answered the phone was so very nice and helpful. I love the magic you and Linda create and I wish I could spend one day with the two of you watching you guys do “your thing”, hey that sounds like an idea for a contest!!!!!!

  61. Lorrie McD. Avatar
    Lorrie McD.

    Absolutely stunning……can’t wait! The customers who are close enough to be able to come to your shop are SO lucky. As I live in Ontario, Canada, it is not in the realm of possible at this time! I miss shopping in person, as my favourite local quilt shop closed last June. Keep up the great work – there are way more of us who are happy with your shop and staff, whether online, on the phone or in person!!!

  62. Gail Barabasz Avatar
    Gail Barabasz

    It is a beautiful quilt. There is no excuse for bad behavior.

  63. Tamara Avatar

    I agree with Gail no excuse for bad behavior. Shame on them.

    P.S. I’m late to the Lisa bandwagon. What is a SBOW?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      It is our Summer Event…Summer Block of the Week…SBOW…this will be our 8th year…we send out a block each week or you pick them up…the also is a surprise free block each week that makes something at the end…so kinda getting two quilts for the SBOW…join in look on the site under new for Sunflower Gatherings or Opposites Attract…our two projects…LB

  64. Diann S Avatar
    Diann S

    Lisa it pains my heart that you feel you have to explain to your dedicated following. There are so many angry people in this world and feel it necessary to take it out on others. If only they could walk in our shoes.

    As retailers we have to deal with these people gracefully. A long time ago I had a landlord tell me that there is a place for us all in heaven where we will no longer have do deal with “customers that are always right” and be treated with the respect that they expect from us.

    If it was such an issue to them, what would have been so hard for them to just go home and pre-pay online and have it mailed to them instead of showing their true selves in public Then they could have had it their way without embarrassing themselves.

    Embrace the love of your following and let these people go . . .!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Amen… Well said!

  65. Nancy Avatar

    As the previous gal said, there is no excuse for bad behavior. If I were one of your gals (would you hire me at 70+?) I would take my can of air freshener, spray the air where these nasties stood and take my broom and sweep the floor where they stood and forget about them. For every one of those nasties, you have hundreds of loyal fans of your work and your shop. This is another beautiful design Lisa. I would do it except I’m a ‘little’ behind on my previous three SBOM’s. I love them all too. My favorite freebie was the little basket quilt which is finished – totally!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Your hired!

  66. Robin Avatar

    Really??? I can’t believe people are like that ~ oh wait yes I can ~ slap them with a stick!!!
    Your girls are the best ~ they always help me with whatever I’m working on and them some!!!
    I Love coming to your shop ~ keep your chin up and just smile
    Kudos to you Lisa for having your employees backs and letting those nasty customers know you will not tolerate that in your shop.

    Beautiful blocks by the way!!!

  67. SuzK Avatar

    so very sorry to hear your staff was treated so poorly – there is never an excuse for that. Love the new projects. Hoping I can talk my son into buying the pattern for the 2014 SBOW when it’s done (sadly, not in the budget this year). Your SBOWs are very generous, particularly with the freebie that comes along with them and your staff is incredible.

  68. Miriam Avatar

    I for one feel bad for your girls who were cruelly attacked with those words. As you said we are quilters, and honestly, I have never met a one who would act like that. Why would they even call them names.? I have called your store MANY times and have been treated with such respect, and patience and professionalism . I couldn’t thread my Juki, and this woman talked me through the whole process….wow. I’ve been blown away with your beautiful quilts, and yes they were a bit pricey, but I understand why, and I’m feeling proud that I was able to be part of the BOW this year…..please tell your girls that I appreciate the job that they do.

  69. grammy18 Avatar

    What your girls experienced is one of the reasons I closed my successful yarn shop 18 years ago. People can be so rude. Please don’t let them get to you. Unfortunately the people that are rude will not figure out that it is them you are talking about. The way I had dealt with them is to be happy I didn’t live with them and had to deal with them daily.

  70. Anne Manly Avatar
    Anne Manly

    Whoa! Someone must have had their panties in a real wad to make such fools of themselves! You and all your girls/guys just hold your head high and know that sooner or later people like that will have to answer for their mistakes. It would be such a treat to have the opportunity to walk in just any old time I wanted to! I’ll be there one of these days – but in the meantime I’ll keep on ordering online/by phone and thanking my lucky stars – and whoever I talk to – for all the help I’m given. Thank you for all of the inspiration you have given to so many of us.

  71. Sally Parrish Avatar
    Sally Parrish

    I’ve never done this before and am looking forward to a great summer. So sorry about the “grumpy” customers. You have so many customers that love you and all you do please don’t let “those” people hurt you.
    An excited new (happy) customer, Sally

  72. Jakey Avatar

    The blocks are beautiful Lisa! I always enjoy getting sneak peaks. Thank you and please thank your girls for all their hard work, enthusiasm, thoughtfulness, and inspiration. My gift to myself each year is flying to Wisconsin just to see all of you, spend time with friends, and visit your shop. Hugs, Jakey

  73. Lois Walker Avatar
    Lois Walker

    Hi Lisa and Staff! I can’t tell you how excited I am to do this SBOW! It’s my first time doing something like this. I just love your patterns and have shopped on line several times, I WISH I could just stop by your shop! My dream is to someday come and visit at least once! Hope you all know how much we love your inspiring patterns and fabric! It brings joy to so many of us and beautiful hand made items to enrich our lives. Pray you don’t let some “ladies” bring you down. Anxiously awaiting my FIRST block! And thanks for giving us more peeks of the quilt! Sending a hug and a huge thank you for all your hard work.
    Lois from Owosso, Michigan

  74. Donna Roh Avatar
    Donna Roh

    I live in Fredericksburg Va. I would LOVE to shop in your store I can’t so I shop on line or call your store. Every time I call, even with my (new to wool) questions, I have NEVER had any lady on the phone not go out of her way to help, make sure I understand and encourage me. I check your sight daily, I’ve joined three blocks of the month and ordered kits and thread and wool and patterns. I am looking forward to the quilt expo in Chantilly Va at the end of this month to visit your booth, Lisa will not be there,I checked with the helpful lady on the phone in the shop, but I will enjoy meeting the person representing your wonderful shop. I have worked retail for better than thirty years as a designer, it is mind boggling, how some people will treat employees!! Just close your eyes and picture them naked walking out the door, you can only laugh…. Thank you Lisa for all the fun I’m enjoying Donna

  75. Jean Gerretsen Avatar
    Jean Gerretsen

    I love your store, just went to it on Monday. The ladies you have working have ALWAYS been the friendliest and most helpful I have met in all the quilt shops I have been in. I am fortunate enough to live within about a 2 hour drive and enjoy your shop each and every time I get to come. I wish I was a more proficient quilter, I love the peeks at this new quilt, but have a mile long list of projects already–many of which are from your shop.

  76. Cindy Avatar

    Your staff is amazing!! Customer service is awesome every time!! 🙂

  77. Donna McCormack Avatar
    Donna McCormack

    Can I still sign up for Summer SBOW applique ?

    1. Miranda Flinders Avatar
      Miranda Flinders

      I would love to do this and it would be my first applique from you, but I have
      a friend at my quilt shop in Gilbert, Arizona—Cutting Edge—who will help me as she as done many of yours. Do you think I can?

      1. lisabongean Avatar

        U bet…especially if you have help…but please read my directions!!!LB

  78. Nancy Foland Avatar
    Nancy Foland


  79. Barb Conboy Avatar
    Barb Conboy

    Hi Lisa, no excuse for rudeness, if the tables were turned bet they wouldn’t like it! Love the sbom can’t wait all of you are awesome and some day I’ll get to your shop and meet you hugs Barb

  80. Maddy Mccaslin Avatar
    Maddy Mccaslin

    I’m so sorry to hear that someone would call anyone that name, especially your girls. I have been to your shop and wish I could come every week, but live more that 100 miles away.

  81. Julie Green Avatar
    Julie Green

    You and your staff ROCK, don’t let the meanies get you down ! They are just unhappy people who like to try ad bring everyone to their level !!!! Stay as you are and say hello to your staff of ladies for me !!!

  82. Donna McCormack Avatar
    Donna McCormack

    Julie Green has it right. I think those meanies are unhaappy with their lives. We all think your patterns must come from a special place with a special heart and life. Don’t ever stop . Would love to visit your shop someday. Donna mcCormack.

  83. Denise Avatar

    Some day I hope to Visit the shop! I think someone hit it on the nail that these ladies are not very happy with life for what ever reason! Quilting should be fun. Maybe a sign should be on the door that says “Quilting Should Be Fun”
    Denise W.

  84. Germaine Avatar

    I am always impressed with your responses to adversity. You deal with uncomfortable business issues in a very professional, direct, and even manner. Your quilts are absolutely genius.

  85. Sandra Prater Avatar
    Sandra Prater

    I bought your flower garden crazy table mat pattern and kit from Primative Gatherings. I have started cutting it out etc and am confused about the step on fusing the interfacing on etc. I guess attaching all the background pieces together. Is the interfacing put on just to hold it together while you see the pieces together? Do you have a video or tutorial showing it? Help😀. Thanks. I called the store but didn’t get much help.

  86. Patricia Avatar

    Thankful for your great talent and WONDERFUL customer service.

    So sorry that some people cannot see the abundance of life

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