This is just an update on the SBOW’s

Shipping has begun and will be finished on Thursday.  The first two weeks are always the longest…We also have about 50 CC declines…If you notice your card has not be charged by FRIDAY, you might be one of them…please call the shop at 920-722-7233 and give us a new number or tell us to run it again…It takes about 4 days to ship them out of PG.  We will start calling on friday about the declines…You know the drill if you have done many of these…if you are NEW to the SBOW…PLEASE, PLEASE…PLEASE be patient…they all do not get shipped out on Monday. We have had a couple of emails and phone calls concerning that we did not charge their card yet and they are worried we didn’t get their order…so again..if this is the case by FRIDAY please let us know.  I love the enthusiasm!!

The VALDANI threads will NOT be shipped this week, They will be shipped next week.  Valdani has shipped us 16 boxes and they take their sweet time coming through customs…so we put off shipping until the majority of the threads arrived.  There may be a few missing from your shipment.  We have notes on your orders what is missing and will ship them as soon as they arrive.  Valdani makes and ships threads every three weeks from Romania.  We needed to order 300 quantities of each color and they can’t produce as fast as we all would like…lol…but remember we WANT you to have those threads as fast as you do.

A couple of ???s on the FREEBIE…they are included in ALL SBOW’s including the pieced one.  They are not in BOM’s as you would only get 3 and the BOMs are a previous commitment….sorry…If you are not in a SBOW you can purchase online each week to get the freebies too.  (min purchase is $16).

Thanks and hope you are excited as I am about these quilts!!!…here are the blocks shipping this week…LB

I will be getting the quilt back today from Linda(Miss AWESOME quilter) and will get the binding on and in the shop for next week!








22 responses to “week1-sbow’s!!!!”

  1. Stephanie Avatar

    Ok. So, after the last post I called the shop because I was wondering about whether I could qualify for the summer freebie and purchase the finishing kit. I talked to them about the $16 minimum purchase online and they agreed that a $16 purchase would get me the freebie patterns. I purchased the finishing kit and have placed two large orders since. Now I’m reading that i need to purchase $16 online EACH WEEK. Having put in those fairly large orders after my conversation with the shop, do I still have to purchase an additional $16 each week? Have to admit, I’m more confused than anything else. Please respond. I did the right thing once and called the shop, but what we discussed seems to be different from what your blog post is now saying. HELP!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      I forwarded your email to the shop…and I apologize for all this confusion…the freebie blocks/kits/patterns are FREE with a $16 purchase each week…we probably did not ship your orders out yet…maybe you will want to cancel it and spread your 2 large orders out. If you asked the girls if all you had to do is purchase $16 to get the freebie…they probably answered yes. The weekly freebies are a marketing campaign to keep the shop busy throughout the summer, that is the reason we give away 1800 blocks each week and offer a finishing kit as an additional purchase. I try to explain things as clearly as possible but I guess sometimes things get lost in all these words…so hopefully we can work this out the way it is supposed to…thanks for your patience and sorry this was not explained clearly to you when you called. 920-722-7233 ask for Judy P or Emily

      1. Stephanie Matz Avatar
        Stephanie Matz

        Thanks much! I’ll call tomorrow and we’ll sort it out. I was looking hungrily at some of your wool anyway! So glad I found you. I’ve been using your designs and wool through my LQS for years without really knowing it! This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship! HA !

      2. Stephanie Avatar

        Jessica took care of me nicely, thank you!

  2. Cat Avatar

    Wow, your SBOW is so nice. I love the scrappiness of the quilt. Thanks for bringing us beautiful designs, fabrics and putting all together too.

  3. gijane279- Liz Schraeder Avatar

    Thank you for the update… I’m looking on the positive side, knowing the time frames for shipping means (to me)I have to get busy and finish my stitch along block and my Small Treasures, “Lil Gem” quilt… Yep your keeping me in “Stitches” but I’m loving every moment of it. And by the way, I loved the challenge of making my first Small Treasure Lil Gem, as soon as I finish the hand quilting I’ll snap a picture and send it to you. Love and hugs from SoCAl Liz Schraeder

  4. Pam Avatar

    Wow! You are awesome! Thanks for the update and I can’t wait for the SBOW to show up on my doorstep. I love the design and all the pics you’ve posted for this beautiful project. Thank you for all the hard work from all of you making this work for so many people. Know that it IS appreciated!!

  5. Dana D Avatar
    Dana D

    Received mine today – so excited!! You’ve outdone yourself once again…it is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  6. Juareen Castillo Avatar

    So excited! The first BOW arrived!

  7. Carrie Avatar

    I always about fall off my chair when you give the numbers of how manys blocks, sbow and freebies you sell and give!! It really puts it in perspective, you and your staff are amazing! Thanks for being so generous!

  8. Robin Horner Avatar
    Robin Horner

    I feel rather dumb but I am unable to find the thread list for the SBOW on the blog post for May 8th. Am I looking in the wrong place? I can’t wait to start this project. Your work is scrumptious Lisa! I’m doing Words to Live By and loving it!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      it is on the Shop Blog…on May 8th…sorry
      make sure you are signed up for both!!!

  9. Betsy Avatar

    Can the complete pattern for the SBOW be purchased?

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      We do not yet have a full pattern ready for the SBOW…it usually isn’t ready until FALL market in October, but since we are so far ahead on this one it will be ready way before then…will post when the pattern is ready! LB

  10. Janis Avatar

    Does the pattern come with the weekly shipments or do we download it somewhere? This is my first BOW!

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Patterns are included with your fabrics!!!
      We only put patterns on the blog if they are FREE..LB

    2. lisabongean Avatar

      Patterns come with.

  11. Kathy Avatar

    Mine arrived. GORGEOUS! This is my first year to do participate in the SBOW. So Happy I enrolled.

  12. Meme Avatar

    Lisa, Kudos to you and your staff! I just finished putting the first block of SBOW together, now the hand work. Your staff is awesome to cut each piece of fabric and wool, making sure we have exactly what we need. Thank you, thank you. Can’t wait for the next block. This is my third summer to do SBOW, and this is my favorite.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Thanks for the kind words…they work really hard!

  13. Dianek Avatar

    I received my 1st block of the SBOW on Saturday and I also have it ready to hand stitch already. I do have several of the past SBOW stored in boxes (I will finish someday) and I am determined to keep up and finish this one in a timely manner. It is beautiful!!! Thank you for all you do.

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Thats the attitude!!!LB

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