Block 11 Wool Summer Block of the Week-Sunflower Gatherings

We have a new cutting diagram for the branch on Block 11.  This is what happens when I use my block drawing and Teri, the graphic genius,when she redraws everything nice and pretty makes the branch one whole piece and I didn’t…You have plenty of wool, so no panic here…. This is what I did with the pattern you have…I flipped it over, traced the three branches and then added a bit for to lie under the birds..See how it fits on the wool below.  Here is a new cutting sheet for this block. click PDF IMG_9775 Block 11 Cutting Sheet

I have been stitching up a storm…Part 3 Stitch Along will be posting soon!  Hope you are have a great summer…its going by way too fast for me!!!


3 responses to “Block 11 Wool Summer Block of the Week-Sunflower Gatherings”

  1. CJ Reed Avatar
    CJ Reed

    Okay — just making sure I did not miss something. Part 1 of stitch along was the wool version. Part 2 was the cotton version. Part 3 is up coming. Is this correct. I only want to do the wool version. I am just making sure that I did not miss part 2. Thanks, CJ

    1. lisabongean Avatar

      Part 2 Had parts for the wool version. See the block with the wool center…Part 2 is the brown border and the half-square triangles. In Part 2 I sent out the cotton version too. Does this make sense?

  2. gijane279-Liz Avatar

    Thanks Lisa, I know what you mean by summer is going to fast… it’s been zipping right along for me too, I’m glad to see this post since I’m a bit behind on on my Primitive Gathering projects so I needed this to remind me to get busy 🙂 or should I say busier!!! LOL hugs Liz

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